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Why is it really this system in particular gets the most hate/love? I know it's got great games and all but is it really nostalgia that's just pushing it to even higher acclaim?

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>Why is it really this system in particular gets the most hate/love?
> I know it's got great games
You answered your own question.

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It's just bored shitposters. Mods should be ashamed of letting garbage like that stay up.

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t. PS1 shit-rat

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OP is just playing dumb, he wanted to make another N64 shitposting thread

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>failing to realize that mods haven't banned "him" already because it's more than one person
>failing to realize so many posts get made because it's one of the only consoles worth talking about

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>this is what /v/irgins believe
what's the matter, too poor to afford the switch so you came here to shitpost about the N64 after emulating SM64?

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>what's the matter, too poor to afford the switch so you came here to shitpost about the N64 after emulating SM64?
Not really, no.

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Millennials and their shitty fifth gen childhood should be banned from /vr/.

Worst threads on the board by fucking far.

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Both are retarded as all fuck.

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>thinking you can ban on 4chan
Why do you think so many come here in the first place?

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And yet instead of bumping a thread you care about you just keep bumping the threads you hate. Sounds like you're the retard in this scenario friendo.

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I'm not bumping it. Guess you're too new to know about the sage option, eh?

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>I'm not bumping it.
Lmao good one faggot child, you love this shit.

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>implying saging works

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its probably a mod shitposting, thats why its still up and on multiple threads

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What if I overall think Sony is a shitty company and Nintendo overall is a good company but I thought the N64 specifically was a poor system. With a few gems like original Bangai-O, Tetrisphere and Smash

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>I thought the N64 specifically was a poor system
See >>4265983

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Saging works fine. It keeps a thread from bumping with your one post.

However, it is not useful for thread control or sliding a thread off the board because this isn't /b. It's just polite if you double post something or are replying to a shitlord that doesn't deserve a bump.

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Even if saging actually worked, every time I reply to you I'm bumping the thread, so you are indirectly bumping it. Just go post in one of your faggot romhack threads or something, you can't win this war.

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But I disliked both the N64 and PS... so how does that apply?

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This pretty much>>4266104
It technically works, but almost without fail it's used passive-aggressively which always baits another response.

Saging is the virtue signalling of 4chan. That's why announcing you're doing it usually gets you banned.

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The library of good N64 games consists almost exclusivily of 1st and 2nd party companies. So basically the entire library is channeling fanboyism.

At the same time the library of great games extremely small. Attempts to discuss the library are often padded out with mediocre games that barely anyone played, like that non-mario RPG everyone mentions when someone says the console has no games in the genre.

So the fanboyism ends up being concentrated.

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>hehe, le ebin NES and SNES
>le ebin Link to the Past
>did you know that the dungeons have multiple levels?
Yeah, you're one to talk.

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EXTREMELY high non-shit to shit ratio.

Hated for what it doesn't have and how little it got. Love for what it DOES have, in spite of how little there is.

Despite it's narrow genre focus, the genres that it did heavily support are fucking AMAZING. One of the best systems ever for FPSes, racing games, wrestling, and 3-D platformers.

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>One of the best systems ever for FPSes, racing games, wrestling

Every major system after it was far better at those.

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>Nintendo overall is a good company
I'm mostly a Nintendofag, but come on now

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Yeah, it's polite. You never call out that you are using it.

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>overall think Sony is a shitty company and Nintendo overall is a good company
At least Sony still makes excellent TVs. Can't say much good about Nintendo anymore.

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>Can't say much good about Nintendo anymore.
Well, they have the only console worth buying in the current gen, for one.

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With all the kids back in school, the board is supposed to improve, not get worse.

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/vr/ will never be good again, too many /v/ shitposters mad about sixth gen not being allowed here and they falseflag fifth gen threads because that's the closest thing to their childhood.

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>he really bought a switch
Ooo im laughing my ass off over here

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The Wii U? Gonna take a lot for me to buy from Nintendo again after the BotW shit.

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>Nintendrone detected
I bet you bought a Wii too & it's add-on tablet controller, didn't you faggot? LOL

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If you can't handle v you're already an outsider no ones cares how triggered you are

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>I-If you can't handle /v/ then get out of the kitchen! XD
Found the proud /v/irgin

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Not at all.

It's probably THE best system for wrestling games, it's arguably unmatched for single-player FPSes (unless you count PC), and it's arguably only surpassed for racing games by (some of) the PlayStations (and the arcades if you count that).

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>admitting to being /v/
kys underage scum

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Because Nintenyearolds are the most obnoxious fanbase and have to shit on every other system instead of just being content with posting about theirs, so other idiots stoop down to their level and shitpost about Nintendo systems.

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>such a good tv/video game company that the only thing that makes their company profitable is insurance.

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Profit and the quality of the product don't have a correlation that usually benefits the consumer.

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What botw shit?

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Enjoy your visit to 4chan :)

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The game was pushed back and then turned into a mutliport. Add that game is trash and link is a cross dresser.

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It's a shit game that just tried to cash in on the open world meme. Nintendo has no soul or creativity left.

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>4chan is full of hardcore people like Anonymous and me, pool's closed! >:)

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What the hell, did a bunch of posts just get deleted from this thread?

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>pay big bucks for sony bluray player
>shits itself literally days past warranty, they shit down the authentication server for it too

Wow. Such quality. Don't worship companies.

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What I want to know is why is this thread and the other threads in OP's pic still up?

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You can shit all you want on any nu-nintendo console in my watch but I will not tolerate anyone shitting on good old Nintendo
nu-nintendo being anything after the GC

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The N64 had great games & graphics. However their controller absolutely sucks balls.