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Face facts Sega fanboys. This company never made a single good game. They failed miserably. Nintendo always was and always will be better.

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They've made good games, just not as many. Don't shit on poor old Sega though, no reason to desecrate a corpse. Sony is the real cancer of the industry.

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0/10 you're trying super hard today.

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at this point I think the guy creating these shitty threads just wants to make nintoddlers look like the most obnoxious posters on this board

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Idk man
Genesis is far better than nes and snes
I like n64 tho
U gotta appreciate good shit like
Streets of Rage
Super hang on
Sonic 1
& Golden Axe

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Every day, your mother looks at you and asks herself, "why didn't I get that abortion?"

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>Every day, your mother looks at you and asks herself, "why didn't I get that abortion?"
Your mother never thinks that, because she dropped you off at the fire station after realizing she gave birth to a retarded child.

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> Loves the PS1 controller because it's the perfect size for his tiny hands

PlayStation Shit-Rat here. This comment is so true.

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What hurt you so much that you dedicate your life to trolling over video games? What's it like to worry that there are people out there enjoying things you're not? It's so surreal.

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>What hurt you so much that you dedicate your life to trolling over video games?
Where are you getting this from? I'm not even OP, I'm just saying you're a retard.

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Op is clearly trying really super duper hard to troll, just wondering why. Happy people aren't assholes, so when someone is being an extra big douche it makes me wonder what's eating at them.

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Well, they are so he's pretty much got all his work cut out for him

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What are some must have Sega Megadrive/Genesis and Sega CD games?

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Can someone explain the meme that folks who had a genesis as a kid were the 'poor kids' if the Genesis literally had the same price as a snes?

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A lot of black people bought it. Wasn't a maymay, young one.

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Columns sucks, Super Hang On is meh, the rest are great though.

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You're all wrong, Phillips was the definitive revolutionary game console company.

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Ok. I am in a bad mood so I am gonna respond to your shitty childish bait.

Space Harrier
That mega drive fist of the north star game
Shenmue 1 and 2
Every Single Yakuza game ever
Out Run
Daytona USA 1 and 2
The panzer dragon series
Altered Beast
Super Hang On
Jet Set Radio and Future
And those are the games I like.

Sega has made a shit load of stuff.

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Hey fuck you

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No clue. Genesis skewed a little older but I don't see how the two connect.

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> A dollar twenty-five to play daytona usa

Imagine that being set on an actual cabinet.

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it was still the same price, though

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Then black people bought it cuz it was the same coliur as their skin? The american snes didnt look good? I dont know.

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Genesis got steep price cuts. And black people bought it.

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Evidence? And SNES didn't get sales?

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is anyone kind enough to respond?

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I was there? And you can see old ads with the price on them...
>And SNES didn't get sales
Oh the underageb&.

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Yeah i had an SNES and a Genesis, but anytime I talked to a non-white person at lucnh, or went to a non-white person's house after school they always had a Genesis. Still pretty cool though since my one friend got me into some pretty cool games that I would have never know about like Shadowrun, Chakan, and Cadash.

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Try google for lists if genres you like and then try what looks cool. Think for yourself.

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>I was there?
I asked for evidence.
>Oh the underageb&.
Oh the memes

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Sonic 2
Sonic 3 and Knuckles (No, not Sonic 3, not Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3 and Knuckles)
Mutant League Football
Comix Zone
Ecco the Dolphin (or the sequel, if Ecco is too hard)

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Using "meme" as a do all noun is helping you out a lot.

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He doesn't owe you evidence. Primary sources get that benefit. Especially something so trivial that you can just google it yourself.

I remember Genesis being $50 cheaper, too.

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whatever that means

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Pathetic way to cop out of supporting a claim

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You'll live.

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Sorry I didn't spoonfeed you or talk in "memes" for you.

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That game is just a bad Rad Racer clone.

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>not talking in memes
You talk in nothing but memes, mate.

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You brought it up.

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The original Genesis was actually pretty expensive when it came out, at about $189.99 with Altered Beast, later Sonic 1, then after a couple of years when they released the Genesis 2 (the smaller version) it was about $89.99 for the base and $119.99 with Sonic 2. I'm sure if you're not lazy as fuck you could just look up the advertisements of Google and it would take 5 minutes.

I remember them always trying to cut prices with Genesis and that that shit when insane when the Dreamcast came out and they were slashing prices like crazy, probably cause their figured they were fucked let's sell as many of the systems that we can.

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Remembering something is perfectly fine evidence. You sound like the guy in another thread demanding people time travel to take photos of gaming magazines they read decades ago. You can simply choose not to believe them, but don't expect anyone to go to great lengths to obtain something just for you.

Anyways, the whole situation is ridiculous. I never heard the Genesis referred to as a poor console, so maybe it was regional.

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>Remembering something is perfectly fine evidence

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If you like manchild shit maybe.

Sega's only autistic franchise is Sanic, while pretty much every Nintendo IP is autistic as fuck.

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Ahaha, the memefag posted a greentext/reaction image post!

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>make a claim
>don't support claim
>shit on others for not doing the labor for them to support claim
Who is the one being lazy?

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I guess it's a viable strategy nowadays to stop making sense when you no longer have any arguments

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Yes that's true. If someone makes a claim and cites themselves as the source, that makes them a primary source and their claim is qualified.

You're free to find evidence to the contrary, but we have multiple people here with the same recollection which is far more evidence than you have, as well as answering your question perfectly fine.

I dunno, maybe you should take a debate class or something. Maybe get some discourse in some forums that aren't /v/. You're literally claiming that people's personal experiences are wrong, without evidence, and then trying to call their evidence non-existent.

And yes, because you're going to do it again, personal experience is evidence and you're trying to rationalize otherwise.

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I'm just explaining it to you. People speak from experience, it's how most conversations work. Again, you can be like this if you want, just understand why it rarely gets you anywhere and to most people it just looks like trolling.

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>tell someone exactly what to do
>you're shitting on me
Now you're just being an ungrateful shit.
Maybe I was right, you're obviously too fucking lazy to just type "us sega advertisements" into Google like I told you because I can't post more than once picture at a time on this board.

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That's his whole shtick. His goal is to get to a point where he can just say "see, no evidence!" and a reaction image and keep it going endlessly. If you actually do go all the way out of your way to find what he's asking for he will never respond and move on to another of his threads. Just re-read the OP if you have any doubt this is a fishing trip. You could set your watch by him around these parts.

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Yeah I know, it's retarded and I should know better by now, but I guess I'm bored enough to waste my time. Still surprised I didn't get called a faggot child or seggot or whatever the fuck equivalent shit there is

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Thats a pretty good point
Nintendo has shit like kirby, but every sega ip was fukkn badass and for real men

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You were the one that brought it up though? Are you retarded?

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It's common core. Yell in till you win the argument. It happens far too much on 4chan.

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Real men don't play video games. They get lives.

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>Real men don't play video games. They get lives.
>literally calling himself "not a real man"

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Real men aren't afraid of being judged by others and do whatever they enjoy.

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Idk senpai every chadbro has some form of vidya setup to fuk with here and there

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>Filthy Casual Cuckfirmed
You obviously never played these franchises...

>Sonic The Hedgehog
>House Of The Dead
>Streets Of Rage
>Virtua Fighter
>Fighting Vipers
>Virtual On
>Virtua Cop
>Crazy Taxi
>Golden Axe
>Daytona USA
>Ecco The Dolphin
>Jet Set Radio

I could go on and on, but I think I've already won. What does Nintendo has? Mario & Zelda? Lame. You Nintendrones can suck it.

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You're totally not him false flagging at all

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Sega made quite a few better games once you include arcade as you're supposed to.

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> Sonic
shitty hold right to win autistic game that punishes you for going fast

> Shenmue
aged like milk

> House Of The Dead

> Streets Of Rage
not as good as Final Fight on the SNES

> Virtua Fighter
bad Street Fighter II clone that aged like milk

> Fighting Vipers

> Nights
mediocre at best

> Virtual On
Bad game

> Virtua Cop

> Crazy Taxi
meh tier

> Golden Axe
snooze fest

> Bayonetta
overhyped tripe

> Vectorman

> Daytona USA
not as good as Mario Kart

> Ecco The Dolphin

> Jet Set Radio

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>shitty hold right to win autistic game
You just described Mario

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>underage Nintenyearolds shitting on everything that isn't Nintendo as usual

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Spoken like a true Sanic fanboy that just can't accept that Mario is better.

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Fuck off with your console war shit.

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Don't you ever get tired of talking to yourself?

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So wait, is your point that it never made good games or that Nintendo had better games?

Because if it's the former, then it doesn't say anything good about Nintendo, it's just better than the company that's according to you never made a single good game.

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FUCK off


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Snatcher for the Sega CD

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You just proved my point that you're a filthy casual. Which is no surprise, since all Nintendrones are filthy casuals for not exploring non-Nintendo consoles. It's that close mindedness which makes you fanboys filthy casuals.

False. Sonic is better because 1) Mario is a fat plumber with a pedo mustache. 2) Sonic is a speedy hedgehog.

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Go back to >>>/v/