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>top is now an universally used design, even by Nintendo
>bottom is now remember fondly only by nostalgic N64 fans

When exactly the controller of the N64 was superior?

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nobody ever liked the n64 controller

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I can use both controllers fine, same as most people.

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>top is now an outdated, misguided design that has been relentlessly and lazily copied over and over again
>bottom was a revolutionary concept that accommodated both 2D and 3D gameplay and has been retired because it has been improved upon by future generations

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I always found the dualshocks to be uncomfortable because of the sharp angle between the handles and face. Also stretching for the analog sticks gets tiring. I have medium size hands so I shouldn't be stretching on a japanese controller. Really we have Microsoft and Sega to thank for modern controller design. Also nintendo only copied the dualshock layout for their classic controllers because it made sense to prioritze the dpad on a controller made for retro games. Every other nintendo controller has prioritized the analog stick while Sony still makes me stretch for the analog stick.

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>Really we have Microsoft and Sega to thank for modern controller design
In what universe you live anon?

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This. Dualshock only finally became acceptable with the PS4, and I have pretty big hands, so it's not a matter of reach, it's just a matter of them stupidly sticking to 20-year-old designs.

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Sega pioneered the general structure of a controller using both a d-pad and an analog stick, while Microsoft was the first to utilize a layout that had two analog sticks in an offset fashion that has become standard.

How young are you?

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>>top is now an universally used design, even by Nintendo
No. Literally nobody except Sony uses symmetric analogue sticks. Everyone else uses asymmetrical analogue sticks resembling the N64's analogue and C-button placement.

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Who the fuck cares retard, i'm talking about design!

SEGA design is death!

Dual Shock has survived for many generations and now is a fucking standard!

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>Dual Shock has survived for many generations and now is a fucking standard!
A standard literally nobody except Sony uses.

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I'm talking about design, too. Sega was the first, and Microsoft perfected it. Sony has just been retarded enough to stick with the same design for 20+ years, and you stupidly equate stubbornness with being right.

Just because one popular company refused to innovate for two fucking decades doesn't mean the design "survived", you fucking maroon.

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There is nothing wrong with symmetrical analog sticks. The main problem with the dualshock was just the shape of the controller that they stupidly refused to change for 20 years.


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>There is nothing wrong with symmetrical analog sticks.
They're gay, though. Imagine the two analogue sticks are penises. When you move right and aim left at the same time, it's like the penises are touching. This is impure. Asymmetric analogue sticks prevent the penises touching.

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>SEGA design is death!
Not really.

NiGHTS 3D Pad -> Dreamcast -> Xbone -> 360 -> Xbone

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He probably meant to say that X-box controller design is a standard today.

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>X-box controller design is a standard today.
Why, because of the Switch's controls? Are you going to tell me that the DualShock was standard right until March of this year thanks to the Wii U? If we're talking unit numbers then the DualShock 4 has a far greater presence than either XB1 controllers or the Switch/Switch Pro.

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The second analog stick on original DualShock was completely useless outside of Ape Escape though. It wasn't until 6th gen where people started figuring out that a second stick can be used as a camera and arguably Nintendo using the C-buttons as a camera in Mario 64 is closer to the modern use of the second analog than the PS1 DualShock is.

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Sega/Nintendo introduced shitty beta single analog joypad, a design dead by the time of PS2
Sony literally invented dual analog joypad, a design adopted by EVERYONE still today
>"t-that doesn't count! shitty design!"

Really /vr/, REALLY?

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Looks like Nintendo went from copying Sony style controllers to microsoft controllers.

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These look pretty symmetrical >>4264805

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But that is objectively wrong

>pioneered the dual analog stick FPS control scheme in Alien Resurrection and MOH Underground
>Ace Combat 3 uses right stick for camera
>Gran Turismo 2 uses right stick for analog throttle/breaking
>spyro sequels used the second stick for camera

Plenty of games.

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N64 Controller is the prototype
Top only exists, because of the SNES and the N64 Controller

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>N64 Controller is the prototype
Is a dead concept, so what?
>Top only exists, because of the SNES and the N64 Controller
Yeah, no

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Well yeah, it is dead, no question, but you can't dismiss its role in videogame history. And while nintendo didn't invent the joypad, the button layout of the SNES-controller was undeniable influential for gamecontrollers today.

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The four button layout was the only thing they got right. After the N64 controllers failure.

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Look at this handlet.

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Dualshock was the worst twin stick controller though, PS4 controller is the first one that's even ok.

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How is it a dead concept? As the guy above said Nintendo used the C buttons in the same way the the right analog stick is used today, you can see how the Gamecube controller was basically a refined version of the N64 controller.

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>pioneered the dual analog stick FPS control scheme in Alien Resurrection and MOH Underground
Goldeneye did it three years earlier. It required two controllers, but it plays exactly like modern games.

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>Goldeneye did it three years earlier. It required two controllers
N64fags in total denial

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>How is it a dead concept?
Have you seen joypad for home console with only one analog AFTER the Dual Shock? Tell me anon

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Dreamcast, which pioneered the analog stick being where the dpad usually is.

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How is that wrong? Literally half the game's control schemes are various dual analog configurations. You obviously need two controllers because each one only has one stick.

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You guys do realise that Medal of Honor was a GoldenEye clone, right? As in, Spielberg was watching his son play GoldenEye and that gave him the idea for pitching the game?

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Because holding that thing with one hand is awkward as fuck and not how it was designed or even usable

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>Because holding that thing with one hand is awkward as fuck
Is holding a Wiimote awkward as fuck, too? Because where do you think the Wiimote's design came from?

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That's a completely different system and was intended that way from its inception, so shut the fuck up.

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>That's a completely different system and was intended that way from its inception, so shut the fuck up.
You literally hold the centre handle of the N64 with one hand. That's the entire point of its design.

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Sony do not invent anything, they just make the bidding.
1994- They take the pad of the Snes and add two more button that only Nintendo had before, L2-R2.
1996- Nintendo released the N64 in June 1996, and its pad with 1 joystick.
1997- Sony released the DualAnalog in April 1997 with 2 joystick.
1997- Nintendo released Starfox 64 in April 1997 with 1 rumble pak.
1997- Sony released the Dualshock in November 1997 with 2 vibrators

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Listen here you little shit, the question was "Name a controller with one analog stick" and that is exactly what was answered, so go get raped by a paki.

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All right, i get it, you're retarded

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>dreamcast happened before dualshock

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Most people only have two hands.

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good lord...

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PS controller is horseshit. Fucking horse are greasy slippy shit, the button layout of the digital cross is ugly and causes blisters. The grey ´color is disgusting, the black one is disgusting too. The button icons are ugly and dumb. The n64 controllers is playful in colors and usage. The z trigger feels good in shooters. The analog stick is excellent, and figuring out how to use the pad for each game is a little adventure. Its kinda the opposite of each other. Sony doesnt understand gaming and nintendo does understand games except for their fucking censorship and 20 different consoles. Fuck nintendo. And fuck sony even more, shit companies...

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Nintendo doesn't invent either

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That was designed with NES/SNES emulation in mind. You could plug in an asymmetrical gamecube controller that was released a decade before for modern games.

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Say what you will at least N64 has a useable dpad

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>only used by Microsoft
>has become standard

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You couldn't find an image for an actual Dualshock? Why the fuck would you put one with the joysticks from ps4?

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I really wish this fucking meme would just die already. You have to be seriously fucking retarded to think the N64 controller is hard to use.

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>You have to be seriously fucking retarded to think the N64 controller is hard to use
Think about who you're dealing with, though.

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Eh, I think the youngsters that are buying it because it makes them look cool are more
responsible for this shit. It's too foreign from the precious controllers used to 360noscope and they give up after 5 minutes of trying it and write up a nice shitpost about how autistic they are.

But hey I like what you're saying too. That is equally as true my friend

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But Microsoft controllers copied Sega controllers

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>replying to your own post, the same post you've made in every nintendo thread to create the illusion that other people agree with you

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kek, except you're wrong, faggot

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>being triggered that hard by people that disagree with what i post so I make 20 threads a week shitting on anything and anyone that isnt N64 and ruining a otherwise great board

Fucking cancerous scum

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I think you seem more triggered than anyone. Did your mum run out of vodka again?

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The funny thing is that you retards actually believe it's one person making all these threads. /vr/ is an N64 board now, get with the times baby boy.

Also, daily reminder that pic related represents the average Sony fan's level of intelligence.

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It's the dual analog released prior to the dualshock.

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The Xbox was literally the Dreamcast 2.0

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my thumbs like this controller.

but my eyes hate it so much...

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The PlayStation controller is just an expansion of the snes controller. It became the template for modern controllers because it was good.

When the n64 came out, there weren't any standards for controllers for 3d games. It looks weird but this meme of not knowing how to hold it didn't exist back in the day, most people didn't mind it. It lost to the ps style controller because they tried to reinvent the wheel when they already achieved perfection with the snes controller. Hindsight is 20/20

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The issue, once again, for you brain dead apologists, is that the design of the controller is bad, not that anyone is bad at actually using it.

You morons take the piss out of the DualShock for nonsense reasons like "segmented" dpads but seem completely flummoxed that anyone could dislike your controller for any design reason.

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this controller is godly

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The dual shock was invented in 1997, a full year before the Dreamcast's release.

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It's true. Had it not been for Sega, we wouldn't have the perfect controller today, which is the Xbox One controller.

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The fucking psx didnt have dual analog controllers. It was a snes controller with extra LR triggers

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Why don't blame SONY that they change design from that picture.
Why they mix that in to N64 controller to be dualshock.
And most of analog gamepad today come from SEGA design not SONY.

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They used this because prioritizing the dpad made sense for this controller's purpose (retro emulation). There was no reason for Sony to keep prioritizing the dpad with the PS2 and beyond. Playing any FPS or other twin stick game on a dualshock gets very tiring after a couple hours.


Analog stick is on top, that's a big difference. It's more reasonable to say they copied an xbox controller and just moved the face buttons.

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My hands are big enough for me to control the analog sticks without moving my hands so it's good

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Sega was fucking retarded with one analog stick on the Dreamcast. It was alright on the Saturn but it should have been clear that another was necessary with how useful it was on the PS1

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Lol 360 was better

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Not really man, because every time I try to push the X button, my finger slips to either the start button or the middle button. They're too close to each other.

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>Implying I have an issue with the DualShock

I dont have a problem with either controller, they both do what they are intended to do

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Jesus, the n64 controller is so fucking retarded, especially when you're into emulation and don't know the button combination to activate the c-button on a 360 controller.

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>stretching for the analog sticks
>I have medium size hands

Pick one and only one, babyhands.

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>Jesus, the n64 controller is so fucking retarded, especially when you're into emulation
>into emulation
I think I see what your problem is.
>and don't know the button combination to activate the c-button on a 360 controller.
Wow. Okay then. I haven't emulated the 64 on my PC in probably over a decade but I simply mapped the C buttons to the controller's second analogue stick, not sure why you can't do the same. Of course if you're playing a game that uses them more frequently and precisely like a fighting game then you'd have to go with using the 4 face buttons and 2 right should buttons for the A, B, and Cs set.

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Didn't to to reply to 4267846, sorry about that.

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Yeah, because the ps1 controller couldn't do exactly the same thing as the N64 when it comes to accommodating 2d and 3d gaming... In fact, it does it better, because you don't have to move your hand from one prong to the other.

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The z-trigger was a good move, and one of the reasons why the Xbox Elite Controller is good now is because of the buttons on the back.

The c-stick and dpad could have really benefited from being full sized, and they should have had the "z-trigger" on the back of the controller more similar the n64 controller, or just added two regular shoulder buttons since the z-button was offset and weird to press.

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It's such a shame Panasonic canceled the M2. I would've like to had seen another console used the N64 controller design.

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Forgot my pic.

>> No.4268678

>d-pad and buttons on opposite side of controller
>start and select in the middle where it's easy to press with your thumb
you are literally retarded

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If N64 is so good, why does it need hundreds of threads telling how everyone and everything else is the reason it is looked bad upon?

>> No.4268806

It's the Trump of consoles

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Huh. I'll admit to being a pleb on this one cause I had never even heard about those before.
I wonder why did they change the form of the analogs, then?

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Nintendo never make anything best because Sony can wait and stolen everything then make it better by their technology and money.

>> No.4269640

you are retarded and sony does suck

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I think SONY never change dualshock design because they away win the market share.
If they lose I sure they must change their controller design to appeal to customer like other company away do.
I know Dualshock are better then N64 controller but I can say N64 controller better then PS original controller.

>> No.4269739

I have a dual analog and the sticks are still convex like the dualshock

>> No.4269971

The slim version of the xbox controller is my personal favorite and i will explain why.
First the analogs, have the best position, both are very comfy for me.
Second, the white and black buttons are perfect for fighting games, just like old sega controller.
Third, the back and start buttons are very easy to push. In some controllers like the NGC you need to change the position of one of your hands, and
Fourth, the L and R buttons, they feel the different pressure and it has only one of each. Except for the PS controllers i feel very unnatural to push the upper buttons like the Z of the ngc. The R button have a c form, so it is not easy to get your finger out and push the Z buttton. I know that i should use 2 fingers for that buttons but i lose handling if i do that.
Is just my opinion and i understand is a very personal point of view.

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>nobody posts best controller

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It's basically a NeGcon with an extra axis and no analog buttons.

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Actually that pad on the sidewinder is analog. It's missing a left d-pad.

>> No.4271338

You didnt need two controllers dingus. Just change it to solitaire.

>> No.4271349

Post it please would you?

>> No.4271541

How will you use two sticks without having two controllers?

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>especially when you're into emulation and don't know the button combination to activate the c-button on a 360 controller.

you use the second analog stick. what else would you possibly use? C-buttons probably literally means Camera-Buttons. I don't know that for sure but C-Buttons were always used for camera/point of view. guess what the right analog stick is for.

>> No.4271809

Try playing something like Clayfighter with a stick for buttons

>> No.4271849

Ocarina of Time is not even obscure.

>> No.4272071

Never heard of this, thanks.

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dualshock is a bootleg of the best controller ever


>> No.4272210

>Actually that pad on the sidewinder is analog.
No, it's not. It's an 8-way POV hat. I have a Dual Strike in my closet. It's actually pretty shitty to use, the shoulder buttons feel like ass and the x-axis is not a very comfortable motion for the wrists.

>> No.4272225


I'm a 90's kid who was frustrated by that design and my friends would all make fun of me back in the day for being the only one who owned an N64 (They were all PS 1 kids)

>> No.4274081

worked well for most nintendo games. i think starfox 64 probably had the best use of it. but mario 64 and mario kart 64 handled well. i did ok on goldeneye and turok with it.

>> No.4274092

>frustrated by that design

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This is why.

>> No.4274129

So you're saying he is a ps1 shitrat who lucked into an n64 instead of a ps?

>> No.4274140

No, I'm saying he's a butthurt Sony dickrider masquerading as one of the elder gods because he's still upset about not receiving an N64 for Christmas many fateful years ago.

>> No.4274145

Oh, okay

>> No.4274203


Top design is just a modified Super famicom controller.

>> No.4275440

The dumbest thing about the N64 controller was that parts of it were inaccessible in a given configuration.
>left+middle is fucking useless even though it'd be a natural fit for FPS games (d-pad would be loads nicer than the c-buttons for player movement, puts analog movement on the right hand for camera), and it's only because you have two action buttons, can't press R, the C buttons, A, or B
>left+right keeps the stick completely out of reach, even for auxiliary actions, can't press Z
>middle+right is the ideal configuration for basically every N64 game... but it really should have been the left+right configuration (so, stick on left), and you can neither press L nor use the d-pad for auxiliary actions

At least it's not particularly uncomfortable.
The stick's build quality is shit, though.
The three-pronged look made it stand out a bunch, so I can't fault it completely for that.

I'll bite. Every standard (eg, the default for the machine) home console controller (except for the Wii's and the DC's) after the the DualShock took its layout. The positions of the d-pad and left stick float around, and Nintendo went and used both sticks in top position.

6th gen had a few oddities regarding the rest of the layout -- the GC controller is slightly worse than the rest because it's missing an equivalent to L1, L3, and R3, although I really wish everyone else copied its 10/10 ergonomics, shit fits like a glove, just needs to be a tad bigger; the Xbox controller has no buttons in the L1/R1 position and has 6 face buttons -- after that, everyone else fell into line.

the N64 controller was a dead-end, while the DualShock basically is the first of the "modern" (as in current) game controllers

>Sega design is death
the Xbox controller is the DC controller (or rather, the Saturn 3D pad) with an extra stick to match the DualShock

>how useful it was on the PS1
it wasn't clear at all, barely anything used the second stick on the PS1

>> No.4275467

I agree that the N64 controller is retarded, but I think it's more accurate to say that it's the SNES controller that's been adopted as the universal design. The only significant change is analog sticks.

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reminder that when you compare the N64 controller to the PSX controller you need to compare pic related, not the add-on controller sony made you buy

>> No.4275835

the kids don't get this was the original controller. only reason sony slapped 2 sticks on a gamepad is because nintendo put a stick alongside a d-pad first

>> No.4275871

SNES controller << PS original controller
PS original << N64 controller
N64 controller << PS dual shock 1 2 3
PS dual shock 1 2 3 << GC XboX XboX360 XboxOne
GC XboX XboX360 XboXOne << PS dual shock 4
PS dual shock 4 << Switch controller pro

Come after was better Nothing strange.

>> No.4275904

>the kids don't get this was the original controller
Kids (like you) don't know DS became the standard controller for PSX, bundled with the console.
Why "it's not fair" retards?

Original controller for PSX was simply replaced during time

>> No.4275913


Really, there was a time when controls were not streamlined. Frankly i like those games more. They make you adapt to things. Isnt that what games are about... learning a new thing and getting gud. These days games are so similar its like youre not even playing a different game. Its all the same shit made for idiots. Iys like idiocracy.

I dont even like n64 that much, but the controler is not the problem, your ignorance is!

>> No.4275992

Launch of the PlayStation was 1994 and dual shock come at 1998
Who bought it in the first 4 years will never thought it was included.
I bought it after and it was very expensive for console control at that time.
Finally I only have one and I fight with my brother to use it every time.
Not because of analog stick since most games are not want to use it
But we just need dual vibration.

>> No.4276072

Say it again, but in english this time.

>> No.4276690

Someone probably replaced them.