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best game

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Voice acting for Ayame was hilarious. Still a great game.

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cant belive they put debug in it. is awesome

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I loved the bone breaking kill.

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hell yeah

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yeah the debug mode was fun, i remember not knowing what half of it was but the ability to speed around levels using that one powerup was great

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You can unlock that by getting 300 points on the first level.

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Love the first Tenchu. Game had sick atmosphere and music.

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It's a contender, I'll give it that.

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I think so too OP, but I get it when people whine about the issues the game has.

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What outfit is that?

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That is a gorgeous retrobutt.

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I played this for the first time 15 years after the fact and I think of it during quiet times.

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I want to play this game so bad but it's just so hard. I gave up at like mission 4 or whatever where there was, iirc, a boss fight at the start and end and inbetween was a huge area of archers and dogs. I can only imagine it gets harder from there.

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Supposedly, this girl is twelve during the events of this title.

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Sounds about right. It's a well known fact in the old days kids were sent to war and had to earn their living as soon as possible. Also younger girls are in their peak physical condition. It's why most Olympic gymnasts are 13-17. Makes sense for a ninja to be that young too since they do a lot of acrobatics.

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It's the alt outfit introduced in the US version and then re-release of the game in Japan, by entering a code.

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I was more surprised by the shapeliness of her ass

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She's 14 in Tenchu II and 21 in Tenchu.

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Tenchu 2 was better in some aspects.
As in storyline(by a mile), ambient sounds, voice acting included map editor, and third playable character. Also less glitches.

Tenchu 1 had better innitial levels, music, and thats about it. Also enemies could climb.

Wouldn't say they were the best games. Lots of flaws. Best of it's kind? Maybe, considering Splinter Cell has no soul, and MGS having some other issues and being more of an action game. Succesors of tenchu were meh and burried the series. But not the best game. I can name 5 games that are better than Tenchu.

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I need to play Tenchu 2 again.
The only thing I agree on with you is the fact that the ambient sounds are better. It loses to Tenchu on everything else.

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>It loses to Tenchu on everything else.
This 'everything' being...?

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Music, visuals, character design, story, AI, stage design, mechanics.
They basically tried to turn the second game into an anime stealth game. Giving that cliché story, making everything colorful (who the hell thought would be a good idea for a ninja to wear a pink skirt and a fucking blue ribbon) making 20 fancy unnecessary stealth kill animations, with stages full of nothing left and right. The low draw distance worked in the first Tenchu. They justified it by making it really look like you were out on a dark night. On Tenchu 2 you are on a plain bright day and you can't see shit.

I'm not saying it's a bad game. I like almost every single game from the franchise but Tenchu 2 is far from being my favorite. It just looks like they had too many hands trying to make that game.

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me on the right

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I Love the first Tenchu and leave the Lady alone.

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>Music, visuals, character design,
ok, I agree, partially. Models looked more ugly and were more pixelated in Tenchu 1 than 2.
Tenchu 1 had no story.
yep, thats right
Hmm how?
>Giving that cliché story,
Still better than no story at all.

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Yes, characters looked more pixelated but they actually matched the entire setting of the game.
Tenchu needed no story. I'd rather have none than having the whole season of an anime crammed into one game. It was unnecessary.
They focused too much into trying to "improve" everything from the first game that it ended up losing some of it's identity in the process.
They corrected it on Tenchu 3 though.

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>Yes, characters looked more pixelated but they actually matched the entire setting of the game.
Tenchu 2 characters matched setting also.
>Tenchu needed no story.
But it had story. And it was absurd. Some demon voodoo. And princess was anime as fuck, along with Rikimaru sacrifice. Put those rose tinted glasses off, man.
>They focused too much into trying to "improve" everything from the first game that it ended up losing some of it's identity in the process.
There wasnt much of an indentity, just a ninja simulator with little demon story behind. Still good phaze to introduce changes to the series. But of course you would be content with Tenchu 1,2,3,4,5,6, just with different missions, and enhanced graphics? No story no nothing? I really doubt.

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Well, feel free to enjoy whatever game you like the best. Tenchu is a good series regardless of your favorite one.

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> Tenchu is a good series regardless of your favorite one.
It's not a good series. They didnt innovate much after Tenchu 1 and 2, not to mention taking away the mission editor. Tenchu WOH was Tenchu 1 comeback with even more absurd story. Rest are shit.

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In this level, if you climbed to the top of the building instead of entering the battle, there was a golden ball right on top floating in the sky. Does anyone know what that was or why it was there?

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Huh, never noticed that. Is it supposed to be a moon?

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It resembles a moon, but you can only see it while you are standing on the highest point of that roof, nowhere else. You can point at it with the rope to climb, but you can't get to it (I never managed).

Maybe it's there just to mark the boss event, maybe it's a glitch or maybe it was going to have a different function but they just forgot it there.

If I had the game and PSX here, I would try to take a pic...

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yeah but you could get unlimited with debug, it was more liberating

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it lookz like yu choze ze wong pahty to crazsh

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Really weird.

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Looks like a typical PSX moon to me.

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Nice night.

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Yeah, that's the thing I was talking about. I haven't played this game for like 10 years... but yeah, not from the very top, but just from somewhere there.

It does, but it can only be seen from up there.

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Probably a draw distance thing, can't render it from the ground level

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Man I haven't played this game since it came out. I used to play the shit out of it, trying to unlock all the hidden items, using the debug mode to fuck around with the levels, enemies, even tried having two people play with the AI control shit. Ah man now I have to go back and play this.

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I prefered 2 just because of the level editor, being able to sit there and swap levels with your best friend and see if you could beat them was a great time.

Although I do specifically remember hating the way Rikimaru held his sword behind his back, and Tatsumaru was a bit of a fag. The way he would get into a sword fight and then start punching people was retarded.

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>name 5 games that are better than Tenchu.
Such as?

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Well, Diddy Kong Racing, Zelda. Mother.

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For example:
Super Mario World 1,3
Abe's Odyssee or Exodus
Final Fantasy 7
Resident Evil 4

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There is no way Starcraft, Abe, and RE4 are better than Tenchu.

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Oh, I thought you would name 5 ninja-based stealth games.

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Beautiful. There's more of this kind?

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Is it me or was the demo CD mission different from the actual game?

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I have yet to record more.

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Yeah, that's a 14-year-old butt alright

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This is a 14 year old Ayame.
The question is, which version?

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Also important, US...

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File: 1.66 MB, 800x600, JP panties Ayame.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... or JP?

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And while we're at it, the kid in the JP version is happily playing in the water.

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In the US version, not so much.

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no fun allowed

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Why did they change this?

And why did they make the US version fatter?

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>Why did they change this?
No clue. Really, no clue.
>And why did they make the US version fatter?
Is she? I thought the only changes were in the face and legs. Oh and the panties color.

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Yeah she looks wider. Maybe it's just a screen ratio thing.

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I used to love this game when it came out. I tried to pay it again recently and a couple decades of steadily improving controls and camera manipulation have spoiled me, I can't get along with Tenchu at all. Maybe I should just try harder to settle in and get used to it.

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I had the same problem. Saw a little gameplay on youtube and went to ebay and got Tenchu 1 and 2. Finally get it and it controls like a limp fish on land. Just gotta put in the time to adapt but it's a tough hurdle to overcome.

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Why is the motion capture for this game so over the top and goofy?

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>>4262910Alt-one, me and my hormonal colleagues found it surprisingly erotic.

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what non-/vr/ tenchu games are good?

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this man has it right
new tenchus are what dirge cerberus and KH is to FF7

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It's clearly the moon. The developers probably didn't think you'd notice and didn't want to waste resources on it?

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lol i can still hear it. i had such a blast playing this game with my buddy when we were like 14

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Wrath of Heaven/Returns from Darkness

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Yeah, I dunno. I guess they did what they thought would look cool? For a brand new studio, they could have done way worse I guess. Those cultists have the weirder animations ever.

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Tenchu 3 and Kurenai. And Shinobido, which is by the same studio, they kind of upgraded everything they could in the mechanics and engine. Has some newer flaws but it's a pretty enjoyable game.

Tenchu 3 is better than 2 IMO but people like to bitch about it.

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And then he kills his bodyguard.

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I wish there was a Tenchu game in first person with Thief 1/2's stealth mechanics and huge, sprawling levels.

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I thought Wrath of Heaven was pretty alright, I loved Tesshu's campaign despite how short it was. I'd also recommend checking out Shinibido: Way of the Ninja.

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A modern stealth game based on feudal japan has been my dream ever since I've played the Hokkaido level in Chaos Theory. Yeah, there's this game called Shadow Tactics but I don't consider commandos-like games to be stealth games but rather puzzle games

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muh boys

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Fuck yeah
I could use more Tenchu aesthetics

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Fresh OC

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Still popping this classic in my psx from time to time. Every mission Grandmaster. We played these games so much with my bestfriend when we were teens, good old times ;(

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Sure man, here goes one more.

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Make that two more.

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Last one I promise.

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Did that cat pay for a lap dance?

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No need to apologize, these are absolutely lovely.

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