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Let's discuss the classic sequel to Metroid. This thread of course is in no way related to other Metroid titles which may or may not be imminently released.

The most common complaint I see is the field of view is just too small. Do you think it would have been possible to make this game with tiny sprites like Super Mario Land did? Or is the detail of Samus' suit just that essential to the experience?

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Remakes are allowed on /vr/. You don't need to make a retarded stealth non-retro thread to discuss Samus Returns here.

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Without color the developers probably needed to rely on more detailed sprites to better grab consumers' attention, ESECIALLY since Metroid didn't have anywhere near the insta-buy recognition that Mario carried. It looked great and though there is the issue of a smaller FOV to work with I personally didn't feel it impact my playthough too much. Besides, if they went the SML route then people would complain about Atari 5200 tier sprites instead and it wouldn't look as good for ads.
I'm pretty sure he just doesn't want to talk about the remake at all really.

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>The most common complaint I see is the field of view is just too small.
Really, I would have figured the biggest complaint was the music

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While it's frowned upon to use save states, that's exactly what I did. I have the physical copy, but after 2 hours into the game my file disappeared from cartridge. Had this happen to me 3 times before I decided to emulate. Played it on PSP.

I didn't like any of the color schemes but it's sp00kier in black and white. The gameplay feels more subterranean that way. Aside from the three or so songs I don't remember this game having music, except for when it goes super quiet but for the glitchy effects thrown in for ambience.

The detail to Samus's suit is essential insofar as it's a graphical upgrade from the NES original. They could've used smaller sprites but I think they wanted to emphasize that you're a person in a suit and not a robot.

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Sounds like you have a dead battery in that cartridge.

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The graphics are also essential for the Varia suit, since they couldn't use colour to separate it from the normal suit the extra detail goes a long way in distinguishing it

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>The most common complaint I see is the field of view is just too small.

This is either a meme, or the people complaining about it are just making shit up. I own the game cartridge and replay it on a regular basis. Never once has the POV seemed too restrictive. The camera appears in front of Samus rather than being perfectly centered, so you can see quite a bit of what's ahead. The level design also has a sufficient ratio of ceiling tiles, walls and landmarks to keep you from getting lost in a large void.

If you want to talk about claustrophobic design, just look at Zero Mission. Samus can't even jump without hitting her head on the ceiling. Even more bizarre, they shoehorned the space jump power-up into this remake. There aren't any wide-open spaces to use it in.

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Why is Samus Returns so shit, and why is AM2R so great?

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Nah, the delusion is Metroidfags tricking themselves into justifying and defending their Samus Returns purchase so that Nintendo will make more shitty Metroid games.

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whatever sweetie

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So for the only thing I'm truly disliking is the fact that I can't customize controls. I would dearly like to swap the functions of the L & R buttons.

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The field of view never bothered me, I figured it was meant to make the game seem dark and cramped which adds to the atmosphere. I actually think it ends up being better than the first game in that regard.

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Metroid 2 >>> Metroid 1

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I like this one. It's the only Metroid game that feels like a horror game.
Best implementation of a save system too.

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Did you not play Fusion? Running into the SA-X was always pant-wetting.

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>why is AM2R so great
Because it uses the superior art of Zero Mission, via Super Metroid atmosphere
It really is the reamake Metroid II deserves
Only underage kids would think otherwise

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People were shitty on AM2R's atmosphere as little as a week ago for being too cheerful and high-tech looking.

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>sweetieposter prefers the more casual M2 remake


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Yeah but Metroid 1 is still good

Yes I also agree with this

Metroid 2 is my favorite Metroid game and one of my favorite games ever, fan games are shit and modern Nintendo is shit sonI didn't try either of the remakes

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>Underage newfag retard likes the sub-par unofficial rom-hack with stolen assets
Figures you would, sweetie.

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You're just upset a fan could make a better remake than your precious Nintendo.


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Whatever sweetie.

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Do you think talking like a tumblrite gets me mad? Because it doesn't. It just makes you look like a cumguzzling fruitbowl.

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Keep telling yourself that and your mom will die in her sleep if you reply to this post

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>new Mario is going to be a 64 rehash with retarded Sonic 2006-esque worlds
>new Metroid pales in comparison to a fan game
>new Zelda is a shitty Skyrim clone
>only successful new IP in the past 10+ years is a meme game about squids

Is Nintendo the most JUST videogame company currently?

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Nintendo is dead. The last truly good thing they did was the N64, and to a lesser extent the GameCube. The Wii ruined them as a company by conclusively proving that they could produce underpowered hardware with shit games and people would buy it. They were good once, but that time is long over. Unless something happens to dramatically turn them around, I will not be giving them my business anymore.

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Interesting question OP. If they had have tried to rework the gameplay to use smaller sprites they might have come up with quite an interesting game.

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>This is either a meme, or the people complaining about it are just making shit up

keep telling yourself that.

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Like Samus Returns is much gloomier, come on

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But the overall visual and audio style of the game is one of the reasons it's so great.

>it hurts to listen to and look at
which is good

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Oh look, it's the same IT'S OVER, NINTENDO IS FINISHED drivel that I've been reading online for the past 22 years. It just wish it would be trendy to hate on some other company for once.

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>possible to make this game with tiny sprites like Super Mario Land did?
Castlevania, too and from those two examples I'm inclined to think that miniaturizing sprites causes changes to physics that makes games feel different enough people would have just had complaints about that. Ultimately, "zoomed in" was probably the better choice although I personally never liked it. I actually have had a boxed Metroid II that I've only played a hand full of times.

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just finished z-factor today, had my fair share of metroid & exploration.
Iam quite sure samus retuns would only be a downgrade compare to this awesome hack so no reason to play it.

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I still like the cramped feeling. Makes the game feel scarier like you really are lost on a big black space cave.

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I really liked Metroid II's save system. No fucking around with menus.

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Nothing cramped about it. The placement of enemies and landmarks looks perfectly appropriate. The camera also appears in front of Samus rather than being centered.

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AM2R or Z-Factor, which do you prefer?

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>Only underage kids would think otherwise
That's the people who love remakes and fanshit like AM2R

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That's pretty awful
But nothing will top Shantae's terrible fov mixed with fast scrolling movement

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Sonic on the GameGear

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I never understood Sonic, you run as fast as you can through a level so you can skip and miss every detail
What the point?

inb4 Gotta Go Fast

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I think he's implying that Sonic on Game Gear has a low FOV. You don't actually go fast in Sonic 1 btw.

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Because you don't own 3DS.

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Why would you own a 3DS when you can emulate it?

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Apple gets this too

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A great game, held back by the shitty platform of the gameboy.

It would've been great on the NES or SNES.

AM2R and Samus Returns aside, I would really like a 1:1 remake with prettier graphics, no stupid melee counters or beam stacking cancer or zero-mission style controls added.

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So play it on the superboy.

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It's sad how much true this is.

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Not very?

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The Nintendelusion is strong in this one.

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I'm seeing a lot of low-quality posts in the past few hours on /vr/ today

is /v/ invading again?

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I'll admit Mario Odyssey is a 64 rehash, but honestly what the fuck could you do with Mario and NOT have it be accused of being a 64 rehash?

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It's the weekend

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it's just me sorry

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where were you when you found out Metroid was a girl?

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cant you make it like zelda oot or so, starting with peachs castle and move forward to bowsers castle
not so different from 64, tho

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Make it 2D

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They make those too. They're called New Super Mario Bros. Do those get poo-pooed too for being a SMB rehash?

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actually yes

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Well Nintendo just can't win it seems.

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An SMB rehash is fine, because SMB is a good game. Boring parkour simulators like Mario 64 shouldn't be rehashed, though.

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>Do you think it would have been possible to make this game with tiny sprites like Super Mario Land did?

Making Samus 8x16 pixels wouldn't be an improvement. But I'm pretty sure the programmers could have implemented awkward sprite resolutions like 13x22 or something. Basically, Samus could appear in a scale similar to the Classic NES version of Metroid for GBA. Tiles could likewise be in the area of 12x12 pixels.

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I fell like for Metroid 2 the smaller sprites would have helped since you often bump into enemies all the time in that game, plus having the ability to fight the Metroids at farther ranges could have made the Metroid fights more than just being bumped around while trying to spam misses at it's weak point. However i feel like Gunpei Yokoi wanted to show off that the gameboy wasn't just some portable downgrade to the other systems of it's time, and wanted to make detailed sprites of Samus and the Metroids to get attention for the game and his system. I'm sure this decision was cool for back in the day but it hasn't helped the game-play at all.

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I really appreciate the 2D callback sections that Mario Odyssey has, like when you merge into the wall and it becomes an 8-bit Mario platformer.

I don't know how many of those sections there will be, but stuff like this is what makes me absolutely adore the game and makes it much more than just a "Mario 64 rehash" imo

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