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Let's have an Alien Soldier thread.

Favourite force?
Favourite boss?

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That's none of your fucking business.

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Lancer Force and I don't know, maybe Epsilon-1.

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I wonder if anyone ever done a Null Force only run.

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This is a translated interview with the creator and some of the things he tried to do.

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>Favourite force?
Lancer force
>Favourite boss?
Destroyer Prototype

I did, so long the zero teleport is allowed.
I'm pretty sure that spider boss is impossible to beat without some long range weapon.

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Could be possible using this trick: https://youtu.be/r6Huyliuxe8?t=11m12s

Don't know how well that would work once the smaller spiders start climbing in, though.

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If your favorite boss isn't Sniper Honeyviper you're wrong.

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The game is ruined by the delay whenever you select a weapon. It takes like 2 seconds and it forces you to stay in place. It should've been instant because this game relies on twitch reflexes and fast movement.

Could've been good.

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Most overrated game on the Geneshit

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Nigga what the hell?
Anyway I don't know how effective could that be in a counter force scenario as it cancels hovering after one use and zero teleport too.

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I can't believe this game was made by two people.

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Cmon guys, show me YOUR force boss design.

Fucking Love this game.

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Does ANYONE know where I can find a hi-res image of this? I'm dying to making it to a poster.

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Lancer Force and pic related.

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is that the furry from contra hard corps?

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Yep it's a secret level in Contra Hardcorps where you play as a furry riding a horse.

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I fucking love the way this game plays. I cant even beat the first boss tho. Are there mechanics or stats that Im just not aware of in this game or something? I always lose to the time limit.

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Have you tried pressing the fire button?

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get to him with full health and zero dash through him

don't use homing or spread, they're both shit

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Bosses can only be damaged in the weak spot
Sometimes only certain weapons will damage it
Use Zero Teleport to phase through the boss
Use Counter Force to turn enemy shots into energy
At full energy, strike the boss with the Zero Teleport for heavy damage
Be attitude for gains