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no sequel

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Doesn't need one, game's already perfect.

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Copyright hell, the IP is probably owned by Square-Enix, the devs are Treasure who right now are kind of MIA, and the publisher in the west was Nintendo.

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there are many Treasure titles that never got sequels. Like Light Crusader or Silhouette Mirage, for example.

Mostly due to the fact that they all got average or mixed reviews.

Mischief Makers was ignored because it wasn't a full 3D title and people overlooked it.
Critics asked for a sequel though because they saw it had potential and was a pretty good game all things considered.

maybe it would have been better to just release it on PS1.

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The controls would need to be different on PS1 though, since it only has 4 face buttons.

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perhaps so? I can't really comment on that because it's been several years since I played and finished the game and I don't remember much about the controls.

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It's trash like all Treasure games.

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You use A to jump, B to grab/throw, and the c-buttons are the jets.
You can also use the jets by double-tapping the d-pad, but you need both the directional and the jets to make some of the mid-air maneuvers.

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Boy, am I glad to see you Marina!

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ah yes thanks. now I kinda remember the c-buttons were for the jets and stuff.

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kill yourself treasurecuck

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>tfw no Dynamite Headdy sequel

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It would've been a much better game on the Saturn.

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The c buttons work better for the jets, the game was designed for the console. Also no loading times is always a plus.
Luckily treasure put out 3 really good games on both n64 and saturn

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>he didn't double tap the D-pad for the jets
What a pleb.

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Wish more people could play this masterpiece

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yo what was that one n64 game where you raise some robot girl

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what exactly d'you do in it? Is it like Princess Maker with a robot girl?

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>there are many Treasure titles that never got sequels
>Mostly due to the fact that they all got average or mixed reviews.
WRONG. Treasure promised their fans that every game would be new. No sequels, no remakes. Then, Treasure ran out of ideas and money.

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kinda except you give her items and books to raise stats instead of navigating menus.

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Doesn't need a sequel.

I'd kill a man for a level maker though.

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I swear if I ever become OBSCENELY rich I will find and purchase the rights so we can visit the Clancerverse once more

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This game has some of my favorite movement mechanics in any 2d game ever. It's up there with Super Metroid.

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Those mechanics look stupid and gimmicky as hell.

You must be a homo.

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Yeah, so you've never played the game. That was an easy opinion to dismiss.

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I don't need to fuck a man to tell if he's gay.

Just like how I don't have to play your shitty game to know it looks retarded.

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>I don't need to fuck a man to tell if he's gay.
How many paint chips in your cereal did it take to think this was an accurate analogy?

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>I don't need to fuck a man to tell if he's gay.
Yeah, you faggots tend to have great gaydars for obvious reasons but that doesn't change your status as a casual.

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>WRONG. Treasure promised their fans that every game would be new. No sequels, no remakes.

It didn't know that. I got my info from all the game entries on wikipedia.

But if it's true what you claim then that's not a smart business move which explains the lack of ideas and money perfectly. Sequels would help a franchise gain more reputation, more reception and more sales based on the original game release.

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We already got a sequel.

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Hurr, you fucking idiot

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I already took care of it.

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They did it probably because they were sick of constantly working on the sequels for certain Konami games and didn't want anything to do with being cooped up and making similar games for a long time.

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I guess you could say, Guardian Heroes is a prequel to Gunstar Heroes, I'm not sure if you care about the GBA sequel though.