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Blood Death Wish is one of the greatest games ever made, fuck it might as well be the best imo. Are there any Blood mods this fucking kino?

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As far as Im concerned, vanilla Blood is just a platform to play the real game, Death Wish

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Yeah, it really was incredible. I've played through it twice, I think I'm gonna give it another run 'cause it's so fucking kino.

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fucking hands man

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>Implying doomfags will handle the difficulty level of this mod.

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Might wanna hold off on that, chief. A big update is coming out for it around halloween.


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Aw fuck yeah. thanks for the head's up dude

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But really, why the fuck do Build Engine games have so many fucking hitscan enemies? Literally artificial difficulty.

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What's so awesome about it? I haven't even started regular Blood yet.

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I thought he was working on a whole new episode, I think he told me he had like 4-5 maps for it, but this only has 2 new secret stages?

Still cool though.

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Is Blood the best FPS of all time?

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I don't know man, the mod does indeed have some spectacular level design, some levels go above and beyond the vanilla ones, but I don't really think it's greater than the core game overall.

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Great level design, great use of the build engines capabilities and limitations, amping the combat up to 11 so that you can really enjoy how spectacular firefights can get when you're swarmed by enemies.
I'd elaborate more but I don't want to go into too much detail, it's better if I don't spoil it for you. It's free to so it's not like you have anything to lose from trying it out.

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Doom > Blood> Duke > shadow warrior > rest

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I wish devs could make a game like this but with a modern graphics engine - they just don't get it anymore.

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Blood doesn't have many hitscanners. Only half of the attacks of the shotgun and minigun cultists are hitscan.

Now Redneck Rampage on the other hand...

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>No keycard hunting
It's shit.

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I'm glad Half Life killed the shitty keycard-hunting design of old FPS games.

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it was dead before half-life

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Name one successful (2+ million sales) FPS before Half-Life that didn't use keycard-hunting.

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Yeah because forced in game cutscenes that you can't skip and have to rewatch everytime is so much better.

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Unreal was a very obscure game.

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No FPS before Half-Life had 2+ mil sales except Doom.

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a lot of people did buy half life to play better games like team fortress classic and counter strike though

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But Team Fortress was a Quake mod.

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not at all

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Its pretty dope, but damn the mod truly is stingy with the health


I was just starting the second episode, guess I could lay it down for a while until this comes

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One of the best for sure.

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Goldeneye did.

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>but damn the mod truly is stingy with the health
That's the only problem with it. It means you have a lot less freedom with your combat for most of it and have to go very carefully. Hopefully the new update fixes this.

Although I only played on Well Done so

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what would be the equivalent of this mod for the other classic shooters? I think for Quake it would be Arcane Dimensions

Doom has a shitload of truly amazing wads, I dont know wich one would be the best equivalent

For Duke the demake of Duk Nukum Forever perhaps?

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>Doom has a shitload of truly amazing wads, I dont know wich one would be the best equivalent
I've played many of them. Imo scythe 2 is just on another level. Every time I go back to it I love it. I think it's my favourite single player fps experience ever hands down.

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Magazines hyped the fuck out of Unreal, specially the graphics. In what universe was it obscure?

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Doombabby universe :^)

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Golden Eye had keycards bro.

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The original unreal was hyped for its engine but not nearly as many people knew about it as quake 2 or half life the other huge FPS games at the time it wasn't even until UT came out that I realized there was a game called unreal and I did play it back in the day

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>Arcane Dimensions
I'm downloading this now, thanks dude. Fuck yes.

Yoooo NESBro, just realised it was because of you that I ever played Death Wish, your recommendation way back in /vr/ '13. Time flies, just wanna say cheers my dude.

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tru but it was the first fps to have unique objectives for each map

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So is vanilla Blood+Deathwish the best way to play Blood these days?

I was doing some research and I saw BloodGDX released not sure how decent it is though.

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I wish someone would make a Blood mod that gives the cultists AI comparable to the best shooter deathmatch bots.

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what is the best episode?

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BloodGDX is brilliant. It's still in beta though so there are some minor bugs that are still being ironed out, mainly minor clipping issues. The current polymost renderer also doesn't have the pixel shading qualities of the original, but the guy is working to fix this as well.

DOSBox Blood advantages are that it obviously doesn't have those GDX beta bugs and it has the pixel shading which adds to atmosphere. GDX advantages are that it has super smooth framerate, has much higher native res, widescreen support and perfect mouse aim.

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Blood didnt have pixel shading.
what you probably mean is how they handle sector lighting

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Quake does have keycard hunting.

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i'm playing through HL2E2 for the first time and this shit is annoying me no end, even on FIRST playtrhough. It's terrible. In retrospect Half Life probably was the single most cancerous FPS ever created.

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> the first fps to have unique objectives for each map

Yeah, no, it wasn't.

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At the time it was an amazing achievement that picked up something the Build games and Unreal had done a bit of, and really ran with it. I won't blame HL for the fact that it opened the door for game developers who realized that designing cinematic setpieces was in many ways easier than inventing consistently fun unscripted gameplay.

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Cont. Also, I'd say that HL did a good job of doing fun gameplay even in unscripted sequences. Many of the fights against human soldiers were excellent because of good level design, AI, weapon design, ammo supply pacing, and so on, rather than because of scripted sequences.

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There were human enemies in Half-Life?
I thought it was only aliens and robots.

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Yeah, there were US military soldiers and some sort of ninja special ops assassin women.

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half life and half life 2 both have very good gameplay and the level building for those combat scenarios is usually very good. that's why they're good games. but the in-game unskippable cinematic shit is really fucking terrible and it's much worse in hl2 than it is in the first game.

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RR gets a bingo: he has hitscan enemies AND broken aiming.

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What's up with Blood and weird, fake-looking nature scenes? I love Blood but man, the non-indoors, non-city parts of levels always look like movie sets. Even Duke had more natural-looking stuff in, for example, The Abyss. Build Engine outdoors stuff always looks sort of abstract, but in Blood it's particularly that way. And I fucking love Blood, don't get me wrong. It's one of my favorite games of all time.

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Whoa, cool. Post Mortem episode it is for me then. I never get past the second map because first was just too boring, does the episode betters up later?

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not at all

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He specifically said Team Fortress Classic, which is the goldsrc version

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Haven't played this, but I'm a big fan of Blood, and I've been playing a ton of old SW maps recently. I'll give this a spin, since I've seen it mentioned quite a bit by now.

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Gosh, that sure is an impressive level of strawman. It appears that whoever wrote this failed to see the irony of who was actually flaunting their supposed knowledge. It's actually quite funny.

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Everybody is talking about Deathwish, but did anyone play Bloody Pulp Fiction? How is it?

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Have you played mine ? :3


There aren't that many good SW maps honestly. Like, maybe 15-20 tops to my knowledge.


IIRC I tried it a long time ago. It was a pain in the ass to install (but maybe they updated it since then), only to find out it wasn't very good.
But honestly maybe I'm mistaking for another mod.

RATM and French Meat are okay too.

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Bebe's first fps

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They're already hitscan so I don't really think you'd enjoy it too much, though plasma pak did nerf the shotgun cultists a tad bit with the shitty dynamite attack.

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Do you have any level in mind when you say that for reference? Do you mean like the forest areas of ep 4?

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the fuck are you talking about? shotgun cultists always threw dynamite, even before plasma pak. plasma pak however added ackolytes, the green cultists that only throw dynamite.

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Are you sure? I know it added the ackolytes but I always recall that when I played the game as a kid the shotgunners never threw dynamite. I never owned any of the expansions so I always figured it was cause of that. Maybe I'm just misremembering.

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They don't throw dynamite on easy mode.

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Ah fair enough.

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Episode 5 is great. I really like the first level, can't believe you found it boring. Overall I'd say it's my third favourite after episodes 1&2. It's not very interesting thematically for the most part but it's not an episode really about atmosphere. It's more just about gameplay.

...It does have the single worst map in the entire game though "The Ruined Temple." Idk how they decided to release that pile of shit as a finished level in a retail game. I mean it's sort of fun with how non-linear it is. It's basically an open playground and you can approach it however the fuck you'd like. But fuck me it's such a mess.

It also has the best secret level in the entire game, "The Forgotten Catacombs." Very unique level, great gameplay and that one is also quite atmospheric.

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Name an older FPS than GE to do what GE did then

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Dark Forces

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Rebel Moon.

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what are other mods/fan creations for Blood?

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>being this confused about Atari/Warner
>Recommending CM

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It's an old version. I'll make an update that replaces that with bloodgdx

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GOG/Steam versions are just retail version file dumps offered by people who don't give two shits about consistency as long as it somewhat works and thus sells. The Steam version is even missing the Redbook soundtrack, for fuck's sake.

I still recommend getting a real One Unit Whole Blood CD image (or an actual CD if you still have a CD ROM drive) and installing that through DOSBox. Then you either play through DOSBox OR drop the BloodGDX files in the same folder and play it natively. BMOUSE is necessary for the proper mouselook in the DOS version and you might also want to install DOS32A for better performance. You'll also want to do a few DOSBox conf tweaks, like memory size, machine and output type, etc. I can post the specifics if you want.

The redump IBM PC Compatible database has a couple of genuine dumps of One Unit Whole Blood, and that's what I'm running.

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saved, thanks anon
dumping my doom one

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yeah and remove BloodCM entirely because it's not worth mentioning at all seeing as it's not Blood but rather a shitty Duke mod and the guy who made that is pic a faggot.

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I have this autism that to this day prevents me from enjoying vanilla (i.e. non-source port) old FPS games with mouse. Not to mention they become piss easy that way.

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I've got the version of Blood on Steam, is it the same or worse than the GoG version?

>> No.4258697

LOL, must be kidding. Duke and SW run circles around it. Blood's league is Redneck Rampage.

And I've only talked about Build engine.

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Except for the fact that gog actually puts effort into their releases and includes soundtracks you're wrong. GoG even includes the images for games with CD audio. so just shut your fuckin mouth

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how is BloodCm on Eduke32? is it close to the original? is there deathwish on Eduke as well?

>> No.4258745

It's the same, but
>Giving money to the jews at Atari who refuse to do anything with the Blood IP.

Should have just pirated it.

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What are the best Blood levels (originals and mods included)?

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No, no


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If I've never played Death Wish should I just wait until October for v1.4?

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I didn't, playing it right now

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Yes, the forest areas, and also what I've seen of Death Wish.

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needs an update but still useful info. thanks.

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Did you play the German version?

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Doesen't GOG pack some crucial game resources into a .gog archive so games can't be played with a source port?
I remember that being an issue some time ago.

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I have a few questions:
>A) why did you post this picture
>B) why is it named Banjo-Kazooie
Please elaborate.

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its a picture of a bear and a bird, get it?

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what is your favorite references in blood?

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Rosemary's Baby + the Gone with the wind reference:

awesome 2 in 1 combo from completely different planets. patrician af.

Duke Nukem strung up is pretty cool too. I like how Duke finds a dead doomguy, then caleb finds a fucked up duke.

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it's the only game I know of that references the Phantasm movies, even if it's very brief and easy to miss

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>Go to replay Blood to give it a second chance after beating it years ago.
>Think it's pretty boring even though the level design is nice.

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All .gog files are just ISO or BIN/CUE images renamed. Not an actual archive. You can see how the images get mounted by examining their DOSBox .conf files.

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I must have miss it then but I know that the cultist are a reference to the Lurkers for the series.

>> No.4264329

>finish first episode of Blood
>Cultist Language in credits
I honestly thought they were speaking Italian

>> No.4264584

you can take screencaps in blood?

>> No.4264610

I disliked Deathwish.

>> No.4264614


Assuming it actually comes out, yes.

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how come?

>> No.4265606

Morningside cemetery and funeral home

>> No.4265656

You're a fucking toilet m8

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how does one get into the modding scene for blood?

>> No.4268508

Is this really that great? Are there any youtube videos demonstrating it?

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Where can I download Blood for free?

>> No.4268725

no clue but I got it from GOG a lot time ago. it is dirt cheap I bet too.

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>> No.4270691

How do I get this running?

>> No.4270696

all I did was place the files in my Blood folder and it ran right away.

I have no clue what is your situation?

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Each episode starts off strong and gets progressively weaker but they're all interesting. Maybe 2>1=3>4...but they're all good

>> No.4271320

Isn't there an update coming out like next month?

>> No.4271908

Aside from Deathwish any other good level packs out there?

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Running BloodGDX, this webm is 60fps.
Has anyone else had this issue? I can't seem to get this game to play at 60fps like I see in other videos.

>> No.4273197

Set the FPS limit to 60 (or w/e you want it to) in the launcher OR turn Vsync on. It's right there front and center right beside your resolution.

>> No.4273223

I have done both, alternated and together, to no avail. I'm not going to make a post without trying the obvious family.

>> No.4273357

Have you enabled interpolation in the settings?

>> No.4273372

Just did. It's notably higher now, but jittery/jagged. I can only imagine I've overlooked something else too

>> No.4273384

what time period does Blood take place in?

>> No.4273394

It's probably engine/renderer problem. Should wait for optimizations.

>> No.4273402

That's a shame. Here's hoping. Thanks for the help.

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BloodGDX is excellent, but the dev is such a fucking asshole.

>> No.4273809

>Blood takes place in 1928. The game documentation does not specify a specific year, and the developers described the game as not having a set time period, but the game's sequel Blood II: The Chosen takes place in 2028 and states that it has been one hundred years since the events in Blood. Although the backstory was not delineated within the game itself, the Monolith website, the Blood manual, and an accompanying text file presented the few facts known about the precursory events, such as Caleb's relationship with Ophelia.


>> No.4273903

This seems quite common in the world of programmors, the only difference is he says it

>> No.4273919

The other guy seems like a dick as well to be honest.

>I am waiting on answers to the rest of my questions though.

Maybe he just wants to be left alone. Does he really even owe answers to anyone? I notice this entitlement from users is getting more common and it's put off many a dev in all areas.

>> No.4273926

I've emailed M210 with some bug reports, he seemed like a chill dude. Don't take his posts out of context.

>> No.4276024

yeah that sounds about right.

>> No.4277896

Is this THE best mod ever for ANY game?

>> No.4277938


Yeaaaah...That right there proves he's never releasing the code and that this was all a huge fucking waste of time.

>> No.4278493

French meat is pretty good.

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is this one good?

>> No.4280506


Not him, but no. No it is not. Unfinished, over-hyped, and completely abandoned by its creator. Death Wish is as good as it gets, and even then; it could be sooooo much more if Blood didn't have intentionally crippled BUILD utilities. Jace Hall really was a piece of shit for making that decision, enhanced MAPEDIT or no.

>> No.4280525

That has to be the stupidest name for a mod.

>> No.4280529

i played it till the train level
first few levels were decent but that fucking train level was so shit i dropped it

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im making a game which a few people have said feels a little similar to blood. check it out:


i am now reinstalling blood. good thread op, fucking amazing atmosphere..

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>> No.4281081

It's definitely up there, easily the best build engine game expansion by far, official or fan made. Such an ambitious project, utterly fantastic. I love that it came out in 2011 or whatever too so many years after bloods release when nobody was expecting it. Also amazing that it was made by just one guy.

>> No.4281098

Bonafidr passion project through and through.

>> No.4281126

Stop shilling your shit here and while you're at it maybe you should get a proper artist.
Those visuals are cancer-inducing and besides the broad theme at best it's nothing like blood at all.

>> No.4281131

It's not like Blood but it looks sort of charming anon, I'll check it out. Don't mind the asshole above.

>> No.4281430

really? does Jace Hall still work for monolith?

>> No.4282924

Make sure you get the expansions because those are awesome as well.

>> No.4282949 [DELETED] 
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>> No.4283042

chill your tits princess

cheers np

noice. thats a rly old version (the prototype) btw

>> No.4284319

plus the update next month.

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File: 50 KB, 640x478, tumblr_oqb50nsBDe1s95hkno1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

E1M1 on Well Done with all secrets


>> No.4285416

I hope you faggots don't play the build games with auto aim enabled.

>> No.4285434

How the fuck do you hit the hornets in SW otherwise? By shooting rockets at the floor? Dangerous and a waste of good ammo dude.

>> No.4285437

You turbofist the shit out of them, always works for me. Either that, the uzi or gas grenade works great.

>> No.4286993

post more

>> No.4287025


Can we discuss why the best Blood MIDI track didn't even make it into the game and was only discovered in the leaked alpha version?

>> No.4287027

Get ready to cringe

>> No.4287034


>> No.4287054

I have a very good playthrough of Blood on my HDD, with all secrets and kills, and a subtitle commentary.
I'm pretty sure I downloaded it from youtube, but I can't find it anywhere (probably channel deleted).

Where can I upload it (it has MP4 and .srt files separately) so that it displays sbtitles properly and does not buthcer the video quality?

>> No.4287080

so i have a folder setup with blood and various mods in sub folders but every time i run BloodGDX and start any vanilla episode it gives me and error that it cant find e1m1 or e3m1 etc in the Blood\RATM folder, which makes no sense why itd choose that one randomly, opening up any custom ini from a folder works fine so its just for the base retail game episodes

>> No.4287096

Does Death Wish work with BloodCM?

>> No.4287121

Sounds more like a cut Duke track.

>> No.4287179

Looks good to me. The more Blood stuff people are working on, the better.

>> No.4287246

Cranking the bump mapping to 11 is good but I can't cum to these anymore unless they've broken off the bloom and motion blur dial and added a buttock soundtrack, sorry.

>> No.4287251

>that color palette

>> No.4287286
File: 155 KB, 480x640, 1505663801620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looks good to me.


>> No.4287402

Should I wait until that October update to play this?

>> No.4287420

Maybe they thought it felt too upbeat, I certainly think it doesn't have the same horror atmosphere as the other tracks.

>> No.4287421

Yes but not really that great, you will suffer some visual bugs.

>> No.4287443

This is almost as bad as the Doom HD remake.

>> No.4287873

It is. Anyone who says otherwise is just a contrarian. Instead of dpoing its oen thing it tries to stay as close as possible to the style of the original game, so it looks more like an official expansion pak than a fanmade episode.

Not to say it's the best, of course Death Wish blows everything else out of the water, but it's up there.

>> No.4289378

who knows

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Who do I believe?

>> No.4291591

/vr/ consistently offers contrary opinions so wildly divergent from each other that it's basically physically impossible for both to be accurate. See any discussion of vanilla Thief vs. Thief Gold for a prime example.

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Play the one that was actually finished and had multiple updates to address any lingering issues it had.

Unless penis jokes are your thing, then knock yourself out with RAtM.


My opinion is the only true one. All other divergences are mere heresies crafted by the unworthy and unfaithful to lead the people astray.

>> No.4293798

what is the creator up too nowadays?

>> No.4295567

Of course not. Bloodcm is an eduke32 mod, nothing more. It looks like blood but that's it (and even then is packed with audiovisual glitches and other weird discrepancies). That shit won't even run cryptic passage; it only exists within its own exe. Bloodgdx however will run death wish and other expansions just fine.

>> No.4296570

that is very neat.

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>Deepwater Jew

>> No.4298043


>> No.4298206

is zblood supposed to be a joke?

>> No.4298979

Why remake Blood? Why not just do mods and shit?

>> No.4299817

So uh, update when? It's October already.

>> No.4300698

good point, but I think he will update it sometime this month.

>> No.4302251

Is he seriously going to release an updated version of this?

>> No.4302341


Yes, and it will be glorious.

>> No.4304208

Just finished 2/3 episodes of Death Wish. Fucking amazing. Never could've thought you could do all of this on the Blood engine.

That The Thing reference level, that boss, holy shit, scared me shitless.

That Secret Spooky World level, it's so huge and keeps you entertained all the way through.

Runs perfectly in BloodGDX, don't use DOSBox for this, seriously. Make sure you're running the latest version of BloodGDX though.

The whole Mothership level was a mistake, pitch black vents where you have to navigate using automap and a key hidden in a corpse in a room that you can visit only once.
Just... feels like a nosedive in an otherwise amazing commercial quality level map pack.

>> No.4304926

>The whole Mothership level was a mistake, pitch black vents where you have to navigate using automap and a key hidden in a corpse in a room that you can visit only once.
Yeah I have to agree I actually got stuck thanks to that retarded key in corpse part and had to replay the entire level
Also you're going to really enjoy episode 3 especially if you like silent hill

>> No.4305382

What are some essential horror movies to fully appreciate all the references in Blood?

>> No.4305405
File: 9 KB, 346x344, 1454967551880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't use DOSBox for this, seriously.

>> No.4306171

Fuck dude, that The Room level was amazing. And I just loved exploring all the nooks and crannies in that boardwalk level.

Will the 1.4 version be even better?

>> No.4306308

The Simpsons

>> No.4306345

>Runs perfectly in BloodGDX, don't use DOSBox for this, seriously. Make sure you're running the latest version of BloodGDX though.

Before making such claims you should probably play it how it's intended first.

Two things were already reported not working properly for Death Wish using GDX. The fog effect glitching in the Silent Hill map, and some dynamite throwing guys not throwing dynamites and jumping into water.

>> No.4306443

>some dynamite throwing guys not throwing dynamites and jumping into water
Which ones?

>> No.4306457

I don't know the name of the stage, but anon reported it, it's that stage with lots of staged cutscenes, and the big devil face launching fireballs. There is a part with a path in a middle, lava each side, and further along some higher grounds with dynamite throwing guys

>> No.4308065

I did not notice this, I will go back and look.

>> No.4308825

Better yet, has anyone made a full list of all references in Blood?

>> No.4310476

Are there any notable mods for the other Build Engine games (aside from Duke obviously)?

>> No.4310501


Not many. Shadow Warrior was gimped in this regard (something about unacceptable slowdown if they kept CON) and Blood was completely fucked up the ass: no source, locked-down toolchain.


No. I checked several years ago and found only piecemeal lists.

>> No.4310673

i unironically think blood is the worst out of the big three build engine games

it's just complete bullshit and every fucking weapon seems to be specialized for soemthing

>> No.4310714


That's OK.

>> No.4310773

Is there any shame in playing Blood on the easiest difficulty mode?

>> No.4310779



>> No.4310925
File: 72 KB, 800x800, 1405621652799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only sourceport of Blood is being made with libGDX
Why god, why?

>> No.4311912

>and some dynamite throwing guys not throwing dynamites and jumping into water.
Dunno what part anon's referring to but it would not be unusual for ackolytes to jump into water upon seeing you. Blood AI is such that it will walk towards the last place it saw you. If cultists see you and there's a drop in front of them with no barrier they would walk straight towards it and fall down, even if there's water beneath them. From what I'm hearing it doesn't sound like something like that wouldn't happen in the original game.

>> No.4311920
File: 911 KB, 422x585, 1421976904826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because god is autistic and loves John Carmack more. So.....How'd you like Doom sourceport number 12,903? I bet that'd hit the spot!

>> No.4313571

Just play it in DOSBox, ffs.

>> No.4315387

That's bullshit though.

>> No.4315724

how do you kill the hands? they give me the most trouble.

>> No.4315756

Sawed-off, Tommy, dynamite, speay, alt flare, napalm launcher, pitchfork. In descending order of inefficiency and/or overkill and/or safety.

>> No.4316432

Each weapon is specialized for fun

>> No.4316441

>every fucking weapon seems to be specialized for soemthing
Exactly the reason why I like this game.

>> No.4317992

I tend to play games on the highest difficulty that doesn't involve respawning, but it's understandable because Blood is HARD.

>> No.4318975

Do Blood mods work in DOSBox?

>> No.4320506


>> No.4321134

Why wouldn't they?

>> No.4321709
File: 334 KB, 350x350, 1415478661049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a showcase of different mods, some pretty cool stuff if you ask me.


>> No.4323624

Awesome link. Thanks for posting.

>> No.4324512

there is a weapons mod for Blood! I had no idea.

>> No.4324605

Those pistol stand-ins for Tommy are retarded tho. Even if there's no reload for the pump-action shotgun it's not as glaring an issue as those Serious Sam-esque revolvers.

>> No.4325168

why are there two types of revolvers though?

>> No.4326361

unless someone steals it

>> No.4326423

One seems like an upgrade for the other. Both look ridiculous. They should've made them as alternatives that shine in different roles, like with the shotguns.

>> No.4326696

at least the fanning action is cool though

>> No.4327551

maybe instead of duel wielding the same weapon, you actually wielding each of them?

>> No.4327845

Never played Blood. What sourceport does everyone use? That can play mods?

>> No.4327862

>What sourceport does everyone use?

No source ports exist. The source was lost. People play it using Dosbox. There's a Russian remake but the physics aren't quite accurate to the original game

>> No.4327978

juicy post

>> No.4328674

Not from what I've seen in the gameplay videos. Either way if Caleb is able to fan it this fast he'd be better off turning his pitchfork into an industrial drill.

>> No.4328693

There are some "source ports", but there is technically no ACTUAL source port. The quality of those is debatable.

You can also play it in DOSBox.

>> No.4330537

Is the October release out yet?

>> No.4331421

Different poster. Would also like to know about this. Have there been any updates at all?

>> No.4331884

I bet we will not get it this month.

>> No.4333090

Has he even said anything?

>> No.4334205
File: 499 KB, 500x281, 1413418344231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.4335221


>> No.4336703

about time,hope this guy does more things

>> No.4338126

If this thread archives before the release someone needs to start a new thread for it when it comes out.

>> No.4339157

I will keep that in mind

>> No.4340524

I'm sure somebody will do it.

>> No.4342074

How do you run mods in Blood if you're playing it in DOSBox? I wanna try this out when the updated version comes out.

>> No.4342110

User made map packs usually come with an INI file, so you run them like this:

blood.exe -ini modname.ini

>> No.4342801

So... like... drag and drop the .exe file with the .ini file onto the DOSBox icon? Or are you saying this needs to be done with command line shit?

>> No.4342817

RatM is the third best fanmade episode after the almighty Death Wish and Bloody Pulp Fiction. Fact

>> No.4342835

BloodGDX. Yes

>> No.4342936

I can't get plasma pak installed on blood gdx,
it won't show up in the menu

>> No.4342963

Winfags were a mistake. It should've been mandatory to install wangblows from DOS once you learn how to do it. I finally put aside some time to study differences between MS DOS commands and typical Linux userlands and it's like going back 20 years, feels great.

>> No.4343105

Nigga, are you bad with the computers or what?

You just put "blood.exe -ini dw.ini" (for Death Wish) into the autoexec section of your DOSBox conf and that's it.

Or if you want to be creative, you can make a BAT file with the same string and launch it through DOSBox, same shit.

Spend about 15 minutes on this here wiki and get familiar with DOSBox:

>> No.4343107

Just buy/torrent the One Unit: Whole Blood edition, it includes Plasma Pak and works great with BloodGDX.

>> No.4343140
File: 233 KB, 568x590, 1493842011691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did

>> No.4343763

So, you don't have post mortem and cryptic passage in the menu or what?

>> No.4344660

I tried playing post mortem too and one of the cultists holding the key just wasn't there

>> No.4345304
File: 201 KB, 317x275, 1430108951692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are the best levels in Blood?

>> No.4345318
File: 892 KB, 1010x674, SON OF A BITCH MUST PAY!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4345456

All of Death Wish. Not even kidding.

>> No.4345521

Sorry I'm retarded, I was playing death wish, post mortem is the plasma pak episode

>> No.4347191

eh... some of the later stages in each episode aren't quite on the same level

I'm also not a huge fan of episode 2 with all the space station shit, it seems like it doesn't fit

>> No.4347735

>I'm also not a huge fan of episode 2 with all the space station shit, it seems like it doesn't fit

Yeah, that felt off to me as well. Wasn't Blood supposed to be set in the 1920's or something? How come you've got Star Wars like space ships and modern office buildings with computers and everything? Maybe that episode is supposed to tie in with Blood 2 somehow?

But whatever, they're fun to play.

>> No.4349126

So Halloween it is, then.
I hope it's as good as you guys say. I haven't played the original game since I was a kid.

>> No.4349273

>Wasn't Blood supposed to be set in the 1920's or something?

Yeah, exactly. I wonder if the designer of that mod even realizes that fact.

>> No.4349285


Death Wish is absolutely set decades after the fact. I think at one time he may have meant it to tie in with Blood 2, but frankly it now works even better replacing it altogether.

>> No.4350852

Is there anything that explains the "story" of the mod?

>> No.4351093

Nigga, Death Wish plays fully voiced FMVs before and after each episode. There's way too much rambling IMO.

>> No.4351109
File: 676 KB, 2991x2244, 2005 was 12 years ago.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7 days before the update!

>> No.4351491

Just finished it- loved every second of it. The mothership level was not as bad as I expected it to be. Definetly enjoyed the hidden levels as well. When the update comes out I'll try to finish it on a higher than lightly broiled difficulty.

>> No.4351975


I read that these are being removed in favor of some extra stuff that happens when you're actually playing. The FMVs were a little goofy anyway.

>> No.4352874

any other levels or moments you liked?

>> No.4352930

Nah, I was talking to Bloatoid the other day and he's keeping them. You'll also no longer need to edit dw.ini to get them working. Some people were missing that bit.

>> No.4352984


RAD Video Tools aka the .smk video converter doesn't seem to work anymore for making the Blood cinematics, even when the frame rate, dimensions, etc. are identical to the ones I made before. I haven't tried it since 2011 and I guess something must have changed since then. I attempted to use a 2014 version of RAD Tools instead of the new version but no luck. I can't find anything earlier than that.

I was testing it out earlier this week and the .smk files simply don't play, even though I'm using the same method as when I made the FMV stuff last time. If anyone knows how I can get it working let me know (since not a lot of people are doing Blood stuff there's not a lot of info available), but I may just end up adding in-game content instead. If I can't have high-quality cutscenes I'd rather just leave it out, and I feel like the old FMVs are not on a professional level like the rest of the mod.

>> No.4353002

Are you Bloatoid? If so, put it as your name then, so that people won't get confused.

Anyway, you can download old versions of RAD Video here, see if that works:

>> No.4353038

This is where I got the 2014 version, and I didn't have any luck with that. Getting the videos to work for Blood is really sensitive for some reason. I couldn't even get them to work last time unless I made the movies the same dimensions as the original game's FMVs (320x200).

Back then I used something called SmkTools.exe but that won't even open on Windows 10 (even if I change the compatibility around).

>> No.4353085

Hmm, try getting in touch with the BloodGDX guy, he's reverse-engineered the FMV format, maybe he can send you a generic AVI to SMK converter?

You can find his e-mail address at the end of BloodGDX's readme file.

>> No.4353094


Your problem is Windows 10. Hate to sound like an unhelpful dick, but there it is.

>> No.4353127

I think the problem is converting to SMK2 rather than SMK4, which is why you need the old program. If Windows 10's compatibility thing worked this wouldn't be a problem since I know SmkTools.exe works on WinXP -_-

>> No.4353140

Set up a Windows XP virtual machine? It isn't that hard to do, honestly.

Or I dunno, take the files to some other computer that's still running a 32-bit system like the XP. Friends, relatives, office (those often still have XP machines around).

>> No.4354663

did something happen to modDB recently? I can't sign in and it's asking me to do it in order to view almost every page

>> No.4355820

no problems on my end

>> No.4357078

That dream level where you start in an office and it transforms into this like blood/flesh thing while getting chased by the shark enemies was also neat. I'm actually excited to replay it all once the update is released.

>> No.4357794

yeah that was fun

>> No.4357884

yeah it works fine now, guess it was just some hiccup

>> No.4359965
File: 9 KB, 63x106, 1420777915994.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4359993

Yeah, if he managed to resolve that cutscene thing mentioned above.

>> No.4359998


See, the irony is that for another sourceport of some completely different game, there was considerable progress made in reverse engineering the SMK standard. Then the guys at Smacker contacted them and were like "HEY GUYS PLZ STOP THAT NO REALLY HERES THE RAW FILES INSTEAD DONT MAKE US C&D KTHXBAI".

And that was the end of that.

>> No.4360003
File: 401 KB, 640x923, F90F6A33CBA84DC0A28C8DFC774786AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't think that Blood had much of a mod community for some reason. I'll have to check this out for sure.

>> No.4360039

Blood has a lot of great map packs actually, compared to the other Build games. You should really check out Bloody Pulp Fiction, Rage Against The Machine, Somewhere Under the Sea, French Meat, The Lost Episode etc.


>> No.4360061


Don't waste your time with RatM.

>> No.4360071

Why not? Played the first level for a bit and it was pretty cool, way more complex and detailed than your usual Blood user map.

>> No.4360085


Was never finished.

>> No.4360103

Oh, that's what you mean. Yeah, they only ever released "episode 1".

But who gives a fuck about the "story" never being finished in a Blood map pack.

>> No.4360108

>This fucking meme again
There's a whole episode from beginning to end, featuring some 10 maps and including op and ed movies. What does the fact that the other episodes weren't finished detract from the quality of the episode that was?

Just ignore the contrarians and see it for yourself

>> No.4360346

I found an old laptop running XP. Turns out getting the audio to play for these requires very specific settings, too.

>> No.4360350

So you got them working? Very cool, can't wait to see the new ones.

>> No.4360383

Don't expect anything too fancy ~ As the only dev, time spent making the cutscenes is time NOT spent making the levels, so I only set aside a few days for it. The new ones are more succinct.

>> No.4360401

Oh and btw, can I play DW with the CD soundtrack? Did you set appropriate CD tracks for all levels?

>> No.4360462

Yes to both.

>> No.4360470

Since you seem to be accepting questions...

What's your opinion on BloodGDX and did you playtest the new version of DW on it?

>> No.4360802

I haven't tried it myself yet, but from what I've in videos it runs really smoothly. GDX also has voxels that were never implemented in the retail version (like the one for the level-end switch).

DW gets some parallax ceiling (the "skybox") errors some palette 1 (white) errors in GDX but since I only used the built-in Blood assets I know the problem isn't on my end. Parallax ceilings in general look a little weird and stretched out in the footage I've seen. GDX is still being updated so that could get fixed later (last update was Oct. 2).

It's a shame the source was never released but GDX gets a lot closer than I thought anyone would, especially when most people back in the post-Unreal / Half Life period were trying to make 3D conversions of the game that always looked really rough.

>> No.4360836


>There's a whole episode from beginning to end, featuring some 10 maps and including op and ed movies. What does the fact that the other episodes weren't finished detract from the quality of the episode that was?

Because, when you promise something, especially with the amount of chest-thumping the fuckup author and his little team did, you goddamn well deliver it. And you *definitely* don't just abandon the project so other people come along later and wonder why the hell there are entries for episodes that obviously are not there (and in fact will never be made).

>> No.4360928

Yo dude, just wanna say I'm a huge fan and absolutely love Death Wish. Thanks a lot for making it and I can't wait for your new update. Hope one day if you get the time you can make a sequel. Cheers :)

>> No.4360965
File: 40 KB, 313x653, 9451n9n[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's also got animated voxels (see pic). You should really try it.

>> No.4361278

At which episode does Blood get fun? first episode is miserable with all the hitscanning cultists

>> No.4361294


What faggot complains about hitscan enemies?

>> No.4361320

nah youre totally right spamming quick save is fun

>> No.4361342


It sounds like you just fucking suck, dude.

>> No.4361357


>> No.4361547

If you play Blood like Duke3D or Doom you'll get lit up -- you have to be way more careful and make good use of TNT when playing a map blind. The default difficulty setting is tougher than that of its peers.

>> No.4361575

What are your guy's favorite levels in Death Wish?

For me it's probably the boardwalk level. I love the setting, going up and down the pier and exploring all the shops is just fantastic and the part where you get the key in the hotel is probably one of the best atmospheric parts of the entire mods. I only wish there were a few more shops/buildings scattered around the beginning side of the level, it feels just a little barren.

>> No.4361585

It doesn't, but the relatively few that is has have a surprising level of quality on average.

>> No.4361591


The Black Chapel actually fucked with me a bit. Not gonna lie. Extremely well set up secret.

>> No.4361725

I'm at the mercy of Mapedit's wall and sector maximums in that mission (along with many others).

>> No.4362001

Yeah I get you are supposed to use TNT a lot, but does the game ever get less reliant on that weapon? I've been really strapped for ammo every time I play Blood, not great at secret hunting either.

>> No.4362096

Blood's bread and butter are the shotgun and TNT. Always use the alt fire of the shotgun, it shoots two shells at once, doing double damage. Tommy Gun is for the mid to long range combat, since its accuracy is surprisingly good.

Also, crouching helps a ton in this game for some weird reason. Butchers always miss their ranged attack and cultists accuracy drops by like half. Basically, crouch every time you see an enemy.

>> No.4362132

If you find yourself low on ammo frequently you may need to save up your hitscan weapons for hitscan enemies as much as possible. For monsters like zombies 1 TNT bundle can take the place of 10+ Shotgun shells. Use the Spray Can normally until it's almost empty, then alt-fire toss it (has the same effect as throwing a full can). When using normal Spray Can, use it in 1 or 2 second bursts so the fire can do dmg/time.

Use Tommygun or single-barrel Shotgun at midrange on Cultists and Fanatics. If there's more than one use the Tommygun to quickly give everyone hitstun so you can find cover or take them out quickly.

Up close, always use double-barrel Shotgun until you're good enough with TNT to avoid close range splash damage. Both the Tommygun and Napalm alt-fires waste ammo so don't bother with those.

For very long range (or if you can duck around a corner) use flare gun, but enemies can still attack before they light up. The Voodoo Doll is good at this distance as well.

The Life Leech is most effective when you lay it down with alt-fire as a sentry. You can pick it back up with the Use key.

Tesla Cannon kills Gargoyles, Stone Gargoyles, Hell Hounds, and Cerberus really fast. It's bad against Gill Beasts and won't hurt Zealots. Enemies weak to Tesla are strong against fire. Butchers are weak to fire. Napalm launcher hurts everything but Phantasms. Phantasms need to get hit with double-barrel shotgun up close. Tommygun works, too, but it's a waste of ammo. Pitchfork works, but it's a waste of time. Gill Beasts don't have any weakness from what I can tell so use shotgun underwater (this stuns them up close, unlike Tommygun) and TNT on land. Shotgun alt fire can also stun Hell Hounds, Gargoyles, and Cerberus up close.

>> No.4362503

Is this still supposed to come out tomorrow?

>> No.4362625


Last time I submitted on Halloween it took so long to get approved that it wasn't available until November 1, so I'm sending it in today.

>> No.4363515

all the crouching and jumping necessary to play the game at high levels is a pain in the ass, but it makes it absolutely fucking crazy to watch

>> No.4363524


>> No.4363576

a lot of these I have notice over the years of playing blood but I never notice the Tesla Cannon not hurting Zealots or gill beasts

>> No.4363814


>> No.4363829
File: 248 KB, 1124x1204, 1504027668802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yeah baby, it's ON.

>> No.4363913

The new cutscenes are pretty awesome. Really cool how you managed to cram all that high quality artwork and footage into 256 colors.

The cutscene audio doesn't play on BloodGDX and the skyboxes are still white in those few levels. DOSBox is slow as molasses for me in 640x480, what do.

Which levels are the new ones and/or got heavily changed?

>> No.4363931

Might want to remove all the Mac trash files from the zip.

>> No.4363964

Some of the skyboxes are supposed to be white (palette 1). The original blood never messed with the skybox palettes or used palette 1 anywhere. Palette 1 is how I got the fog effect in dwe3m1.

The new levels are secret levels, accessible only by finding Key 7 like the old secret levels. I didn't want to make the new content part of the main level set because each episode was already pretty long and they all flowed into each other. If you can't find them I updated the walkthough to help everyone out.

I think the missions with the most changes are dwe2m3 (Mothership), dwe3m7 (Last Rites), and dwe3m8 (Dead End). It's hard to say, really — I've been poking away at the levels for so long that it's hard to remember what's new unless I watch a v1.3 playthrough on Youtube/Twitch.

A lot of changes, like removing some invisible walls and heightening ceilings to allow TNT-jumping, might not even be noticeable unless you were trying to speedrun or sequence-break. Other changes include quality-of-life improvements like making the wall cracks easier to hit, making switches at eye level for keyboard-only users, faster-opening doors on certain levels, water that flows in a certain direction so you can swim great distances more quickly, etc. Most people will only notice the big stuff but I thought I'd iron out anything that would make repeat-plays more enjoyable while I was at it.

>> No.4363970

Are 1.11 and 3.11 the only new levels?

If somebody wants to get to them quickly, press T and then type "mario 1 11" or "mario 3 11" and then press enter to go to those levels right away.

>> No.4363975

Seems like you used some different wav format for the cutscene audio which is compatible with DOS Blood but not BloodGDX. DW 1.3's cutscene audio played just fine on GDX. Oh well.

>> No.4363976

Fixed -_-

>> No.4364002

I modeled the new ones off the Cryptic Passage .wav files (8-bit sound), but it looks like my last DW set was 16-bit sound.

I replaced the .wavs with 16-bit versions so hopefully that fixes it. The file has been updated.

>> No.4364020

Still no dice. I've looked at the .wavs in foobar2000 and the format seems to be PCM lossless in both cases, so I dunno why it just doesn't work.

I assume you're on a Mac? BloodGDX runs on Java so it's cross platform by default, just try it yourself. Get Mac Java here:

>> No.4364075

I got GDX and tried all 5 wav codecs + uncompressed and none of them work. Maybe this is something the GDX dev could figure out. Speaking of which...

The white skyboxes in GDX are definitely some kind of weird error (on GDX's part). Those look fine in DOSBox.

>> No.4364124

If it works with the original game, it's GDX's issue. I'll let m210 know so he can fix it.
Problems with white skyboxes/sprites (it's pal 1, right?) is known and probably won't be fixed as long as polymost is used.

>> No.4364131

Seems like m210 is starting some work to fix the palette thing, see here:

>> No.4364150

Fixed the audio for GDX.

Turns out I can't can't have it work properly straight from After Effects — it needs to go through Audacity after that and export as an 8-bit PCM (after which you change the file extension back to .wav).

File updated on ModDB. Thanks for the late-night assistance 'yall!

>> No.4364162

Man, you're really dedicated and down to earth. Thanks for all your work, it's really appreciated.

>> No.4364248

Thanks dude, this is the best birthday present, I've always loved your maps

>> No.4364294

You should probably make some better screenshots, at least with the default gamma setting. The ones you have up there are ridiculously washed out and IMO look far worse than the actual game. Take some high res ones in 1024x768 or 1280x1024, I think Blood can also go all the way up to 1600x1200 if you edit blood.cfg by hand.

>> No.4364320

hell yeeeaaahhh nigggaaaa

>> No.4364461

Awesome. Looking forward to this after work.

>> No.4364483


>> No.4364525 [DELETED] 

Will these Death Wish installation instructions for GoG version work for Steam version?

>> No.4364587

Awesome man, can't wait to play this. Thanks so much!

I put up a couple of new episode playthroughs of Blood and Duke the other day if you're interested (Blood using GDX, Duke with EDuke32).


I finally have a new laptop with a 1060 GTX and I only really play old shit on it, go figure.

>> No.4364652

If only Boxer was still a thing, and DOSBox would make a fucking release. ;-;

>> No.4364698

>You'll also want to do a few DOSBox conf tweaks, like memory size, machine and output type, etc. I can post the specifics if you want.

Please do. Also where to download bmouse

>> No.4364714


As I recall, Blood's version of BUILD can utilize up to 36 MB of memory. So that'd be one setting to change, 'cause most only give it 16 or 32.

>> No.4364894

Nowadays Build mouse fix is recommended instead of Bmouse:

As for the conf tweaks, I think these are the most important:
output=openglnb //the fastest and doesn't filter the image
machine=vesa_nolfb //fixes the HUD flickering in 1024x768 and higher
memsize=64 //Build engine games can take quite a bit of memory, but this should be enough

Also use the latest ECE SVN build of DOSBox, the public 0.74 release is hopelessly outdated.

Pro-tip: to see in-game FPS, press T and type 'rate' then press enter.

>> No.4364979


>Also use the latest ECE SVN build of DOSBox, the public 0.74 release is hopelessly outdated.

Honestly each one of the DOSBox devs should take a hunk of wood to the face for allowing things to get this dysfunctional. That should not even need to be necessary if they weren't prima donna hacks locked in their little VOGONS echo chamber, immune to any and all accountability or criticism.

>> No.4364986


>memsize=64 //Build engine games can take quite a bit of memory, but this should be enough

Overkill for douk, my man; that version of BUILD can't utilize any more than ~16 MB of memory, as I recall. Hell, Shadow Warrior itself only ups that memcount by a bit (I wanna say 20 or 24?).

>> No.4364998

Well, upping your memsize doesn't have any drawbacks as far as I'm aware and 64 MB is needed for Blood anyway to reduce swapping.

>> No.4365005

Welcome to the open source development.

Whenever using some emulator or a source port it's always a good idea to check the SVN/dev builds first, because they usually don't give two fucks about updating the public builds. Be thankful you don't have to build it yourself, because that's also a thing in certain circles.

>> No.4365035

So it should work fine in DOSBox?

>> No.4365054

>The whole Mothership level was a mistake
You talking about the level that referenced Alien? I loved that fucking level. And the Alien reference was so fucking brilliant, I came three times, and I'm not even that big of a fan of Alien.

>> No.4365061


If I have to build it myself I usually don't use it at all. This isn't fucking 1995 and I'm no hobbyist programmer.

>> No.4365064


OK, fair 'nuff.

>> No.4365076

I knew doing some levels like that (and the one that preceded it) got away from the feel of the original game a bit, but I thought it was a shame that very few people were making sci-fi horror content just because it wasn't in the original game.

Mothership was a bit of a chore with the super-dark vents and what-not, though, so it got a lot of changes for v1.4 that open it up a bit and make it easier to navigate with less backtracking. I'd encourage anyone who didn't like it the first time to give it another shot.

>> No.4365097

Oh, and that key-trap is the first thing I fixed.

In fact, the door to that room now opens automatically after the pod reaches it. If someone dies for some reason after activating the pod ( but before grabbing the key) while playing co-op the level is still beatable.

>> No.4365101

Oh yeah how could I forget the damn Alien reference. So perfect.

>> No.4365109

What was the deal with the little town at the end of the boardwalk level? I thought you could get there, but nope, I eventually noclipped there, but there are no enemies or pick ups, just the scenery. Was it intended to be just a cool looking vista? Seems weird to waste so many sectors /walls on that.

This was my favorite level, btw. Really scratched my exploration itch for some reason, I think I managed to find all the secrets there. That strafe jump you need to do to access the secret level wasn't too obvious, but I eventually just tried it and realized that I could do that.

>> No.4365312

That town area is just for looks, but it only uses up ~20 sectors. Originally I was going to stick another arcade area there with an air-hockey table and do hanging lights between the sides of the alley, but I didn't have enough walls/sectors to make it look nice, even if I deleted the town area.

Here's about how far I'd get:

>> No.4365328

>I knew doing some levels like that (and the one that preceded it) got away from the feel of the original game a bit, but I thought it was a shame that very few people were making sci-fi horror content just because it wasn't in the original game.
I honestly thought it was great and that it was an excellent fit for Blood. Plus it went with Blood's tradition of referencing all kinds of pop culture -- not necessarily just horror movies (and Alien is sci-fi horror anyway).

I don't agree at all with earlier posts of people saying it doesn't fit. Blood is not really 1920s... it's more an 'alternative' setting, kinda like the first Robocop movie. It's like that movie Wild Wild West; it's set in the past sure but there are futuristic elements (for example the tesla canon gun). I thought the steampunk-esque aesthetic of your Alien level went with the game perfectly.

>> No.4365592
File: 170 KB, 800x600, blooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to try to play through DW tonight in the spirit of halloween. Join me if you guys wanna talk about the game and watch: twitch/jcr9001

>> No.4365838

Okay, using the gog version of Blood as a base, what's the easiest and best launcher that I should download to fix up everything?
I manually set up BMOUSE and got the right SVN build of dosbox and did a bunch of config tweaks years ago, but lost my game install.
What's the quickest way to get a base gog version all fixed up and ready for deathwish?

>> No.4365989


Can you make a small patch that removes palette 1 in the skyboxes of levels 2.8, 3.6 and 3.11, so that it doesn't bug out on GDX? I mean, the effect is very minor, it just turns the sky slightly white, but it seems to be very hard to do in the Polymost renderer which BloodGDX runs on.

>> No.4365991

Is there a step-by-step guide for setting up and running the new version of this in DOSBox?

>> No.4366004

Jesus, just read the readme files like everyone else.

>> No.4366023

It's more than that -- one of the final areas in the game is completely black because palette 1 isn't supported. I didn't make the levels with the knowledge that palette 1 would be a problem since it works in DOSBox, the GOG build, etc. One of the cutscenes even shows 2.8 with the proper appearance.

The GDX guy said he's working on it but maybe I'll add something.

>> No.4366079


I just checked through the map set and palette 1 is all over the place, not only in dwe3m1 but the ship in dwe2m6 and the entire second half of dwe3m8 as well as some other places and anywhere I used it on sprites. The tower in dwe2m8 is almost impossible to see from a distance with anything other than the white sky and like I said if I changed it the cutscene wouldn't match.

Anyway, I don't have any time left to fix all this stuff for now. I set 10-31 as my goal date and now that I've hit it I have to work on other things I've been putting off while I did Blood mapping. If it would only take a few hours I'd do it but this would a lot of time and I need to move on to other projects.

I'd say to just keep encouraging the GDX dev for now. I'm not sure what about the renderer has anything to do with a palette (maybe because pal 1 inverts the shadow values?), but hopefully he can figure it out!

>> No.4366082 [DELETED] 


I just checked through the map set and palette 1 is all over the place, not only in dwe3m1 but the ship in dwe2m6 and the entire second half of dwe3m8 as well as some other places in various levels and anywhere I used it on sprites. The tower in dwe2m8 is almost impossible to see from a distance with anything other than the white sky and like I said if I changed it the cutscene wouldn't match.

Anyway, I don't have any time left to fix all this stuff for now. I set 10-31 as my goal date and now that I've hit it I have to work on other things I've been putting off while I did Blood mapping. If it would only take a few hours I'd do it but patching this completely this would a lot of time and I need to move on to other projects.

I'd say to just keep encouraging the GDX dev for now. I'm not sure what about the renderer has anything to do with a palette (maybe because pal 1 inverts the shadow values?), but hopefully he can figure it out!

>> No.4366091


I wouldn't bother. Bug is clearly not on your end.

>> No.4366114

Polymost is Ken SIlverman's rewrite of Build as a true 3D full color engine. It's got some minor problems with palettes and skyboxes, from what I've seen. This renderer is included in many ports of Duke 3D. M210 based his work off this and the leaked Blood alpha source code. The AI is also reverse-engineered though, to surprising accuracy, since the alpha had only basic AI.

>> No.4366317

>The AI is also reverse-engineered though, to surprising accuracy, since the alpha had only basic AI.
It seems to be a common misconception that since the leaked alpha code was used to help with code assembly that BloodGDX is only accurate to the alpha. This isn't the case at all. The alpha code was only really used as a guide to help with decompiling the 1.0 retail release. Functionally BloodGDX is somewhere between retail 1.0 and 1.21 (current beta bugs and polymost renderer aside).

>> No.4366336

>BloodGDX is only accurate to the alpha
My post never implied that.

The alpha source code was probably used for the basic features, like various Blood specific rendering quirks and formats, but weapons/AI were reverse-engineered. Here's one of the recent posts from M10 on the AI accuracy in BloodGDX:


We obviously can't know for sure what's what because BloodGDX is closed source.

>> No.4366352
File: 16 KB, 811x179, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This post
I think people often complain about shit that they think is specific to GDX when it actually happens in the original game. Countless times upon fighting Cerberus at the end of E3 he'd end up running around in circles; it was pretty much my standard way of killing him.

>> No.4366354
File: 2.93 MB, 640x480, DOSBox 2014-06-15 21-21-55-960.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4366356

What about the tommygun cultists falling into water in the starting levels of Death Wish Episode 1? They notice the player, start walking towards you and then fall off the high ledges they're on right into the water.

>> No.4366362

If there's no barrier in front of them preventing them from falling there's no reason why that shouldn't happen. Same thing happens all the time in E5 Aqueducts for example unless you kill them before they fall into the water. See >>4311912

>> No.4366425
File: 141 KB, 640x400, kn7SdGd[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M210 seems to have fixed the palette 1 issues in Death Wish. That dude is alright!


Here's an imgur album if you're not registered and can't see all the pictures:

>> No.4366426

>I finally have a new laptop with a 1060 GTX and I only really play old shit on it, go figure.
I have a desktop with a GTX 970 and so far this year I've played retro games almost exclusively. While my friends have been playing the new Dishonored, Wolfenstein, Destiny 2 and what not I've been busy with Blood, Dungeon Siege and Darkstone.

That wasn't really part of the plan, but oh well.

>> No.4366505

For me the music is REALLY LOUD in DW, while it's fine in the base game. I double-checked my sound settings and messed with volumes in setup/in-game but it didn't seem to help. Did I miss something about the config files?

>> No.4366506
File: 1004 KB, 2560x1080, scree0039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, but cutscene at the end of the 1st episode is still silent. Are you sure you didn't forget to convert this one?
Also, if you still have any deisre to fix some bugs in the future, there are some untextured sectors on the ceiling.
Thanks for the great work.

>> No.4366683

>trying to play DW
>Blood keeps crashing in Dos Box
>try bloodGDX
>rendered is fucking awful and ruins the atmosphere

whew lad

>> No.4366791

If you're using the CD audio you can't adjust the volume slider for the music in DOSBox Blood (don't think CD music is supported in GDX, could be wrong). Switch to midi music and you'll be able to put the volume lower/higher. To do that you have to edit your conf file, give 'switch to midi music dosbox blood' a google and you should find a gog thread result.

>> No.4366879 [DELETED] 

literally no one played it in day setting

>> No.4367042

I got dw1b working last night (file updated) but dw3b is still not playing. Of course these all work fine in DOSBox and I've been exporting them the same way, so it's a mystery why they didn't all start working at the same time.

I'll fix the ceiling thing.

>> No.4367060

Some people are experiencing this weird bug where the second cutscene in an episode is missing audio, even just the vanilla Blood cutscenes:


>> No.4367065

Oh, and here's the explanation from M210:

>hm, there is sounds in end cutscenes, but in subwoofer only :) At 2.0 system it working fine, but not in 5.1....I will fix it

Basically, if you're using a 5.1 setup then you will run into this bug. Should be fixed in the next release, along with the palette 1 thing.

>> No.4367078

Fixed ceiling. Attempted the sound again for dw3b.wav but no luck. vOv

>> No.4367082
File: 490 KB, 2560x1080, scree0038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't bother. It's GDX's problem and m210 knows about it. It'll be fixed eventually.

Not sure if a bug, but there is a floating candle.

>> No.4367093

That secret carnival level in the first episode was fantastic.

>> No.4367096
File: 208 KB, 790x589, Hidden Candle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That IS a floating candle. Oops!
It's odd how I can glaze over something like that -- I've played that map dozens of times. Doesn't help that I couldn't see it in Mapedit because I have other editor stuff in there (see pic). File updated.

>> No.4367109

Indeed, one of my favorite levels. All those statues, damn. And that ball room, holy shit.

>> No.4367113

Thanks! I wanted to make the spinning platforms for that one attraction more elaborate (so it didn't just look like a bunch of rectangles), but Mapedit didn't like it and the sectors glitched up really badly.

The whole back section that connects the two rides is new in v1.4 so you can grab 1 attraction key of your choice without going through the ride it if you want. There's actually a way to skip most of the park entirely if you're good at TNT-jumping. I opened up a bunch of stuff in v1.4 that allows sequence breaking even though most people will just play on the path laid out in v1.0.

>> No.4367116

Are there any places I can download Death Wish 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2? For autism reasons, mostly.

>> No.4367161

No. They're extremely close to v1.3 anyway. If you want to see what was changed there are details in the dw-readme.txt file.

>> No.4367164

I noticed that before. I liked to think it was spoopy magic :O

(honestly thought it was intentionally on Bloatoid's part, just a subtle little spoopy moment)

>> No.4367213

You're playing ultra wide? Must be nice.

>> No.4367232

I really enjoyed the secret cathedral in the cave, as well as the rooftop battle with the gargoyle in E1. Tonight I'll play E2.

>> No.4367258

Yeah, it's pretty cool. Won't go back to 16:9.

>> No.4367307

God fucking dammit, dude. Made me shit my pants again. I was prepared for the jumpscares on the Black Tower, but after the first one, which you've changed to less loud, I thought you decided to get rid of them. The second one caught me completely unaware.

>> No.4367323

I thought the second one would be better if I didn't do the same thing earlier in the level XD

The hard part was keeping myself from using jumpscares more often, but like in films the more you use it the less impact it has.

>> No.4367334

>I thought the second one would be better if I didn't do the same thing earlier in the level XD
That's exactly what I thought. Well played.

>> No.4367625


Both of these are bugs/limitations in the original AI. The Cultist thing probably wasn't fixed because they're not designed to be fucking cliffside snipers (shotgun and tommygun are both technically mediocre long-range weapons; though the shotgun much moreso), and the Cerberus is either constantly taking damage from lava (which is confusing the hell outta its AI) or much more likely is *right* on a sector boundary (major fucking no-no in BUILD no matter the version; a noted side-effect *is* actor AI becoming totally fubar'ed about what sector it is actually in).

People are simply forgetting the AI limitations of 90's games, in my opinion.

>> No.4367639

why are you so mad

>> No.4367734


This. I think the reason it got to me, though, is that the Black Chapel reminds me of a terrifying and inexplicable dream I once had (this was before I knew anything about Deathwish, though).

>> No.4367745


Not mad, just really really emphatic. No sense in pegging things as bugs that ain't (though I'm still extremely dubious that GDX will result in dick diddle shit of benefit to the Blood community, long-term).

>> No.4368124

what the shit


>> No.4368129

does it run with brutal doom

>> No.4368141

Eh it's better than ZBlood.

>> No.4368191


>Replacing flare gun with a revolver

Fuck whoever made this mod

>> No.4368205


I'm deeply amused that one of the people who spends all their free time shitting on BloodGDX once made this and unironically thought it was good enough to show to people

>> No.4368286
File: 51 KB, 1717x428, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently he just wants it to be open source. Anyway can we just ignore the negativity please? It's been a cool thread so far.

>> No.4368290
File: 113 KB, 740x740, 22-39-28_350602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4368309

Its aesthetic kinda looks like an old FMV Goosebumps game we played back on Windows '95. That was actually second scariest game I've ever played in my life (second only to PT).

I mean... look at this shit. Wtf.


>> No.4369539
File: 47 KB, 522x472, 1487343777709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a slight sound delay when playing, but everything else is fine. It's a bit annoying. What am I doing wrong?
I ran the setup.exe on dosbox just fine.

>> No.4369551

>this thread is still alive

Oh shit new Death Wish update with 2 new maps.. so, how do you get to them?

Also what happened Bloatoid, last time I asked you said you had about 5-6 maps in the works for another episode?

>> No.4369845

I doubt I'll ever have time to make another Blood episode the length of any that are present in DW (12, 11, 12). I skimmed through some of my old maps to see what I could salvage as DW secret levels, that being 2 (after many alterations). Then I had to make the 2 transition levels, which are new but they're so short I don't like to advertise that I made 4 new maps instead of 2.

I was going to make a 3rd secret level from scratch (so each episode would get a new one), but I never found the time and ended up doing more tinkering with the current level set instead.

>> No.4370556

I gather from the readme that I just need to click on the "DW GOG" file to start this shit, correct?

Where exactly do I unzip the files to?

>> No.4370869

I'm pretty sure I'm getting fucked colors. Monsters look right, but I think the buildings and terrain and shit seems to have jacked colors along with the weapons. How do I go about fixing this?

>> No.4370901

I believe that every variation of DW installation requires you to just drop everything in the main /Blood folder.

Do you have a screenshot? If you're referring to GDX vs DOSBox, GDX's colors are very desaturated.

>> No.4370909

I'm running it in DOSBox. I can't get a screenshot right now because my computer just went full retard and I need to fix other shit before I can do that.

Also, is there a way to run it in a window instead of full screen?

>> No.4370939


You've done more than I ever could've dared to hope for. Rest. Relax. Play some douk Caribbean or something.

>> No.4372130

fuck that. chain him up and get him working on death wish 2. then death wish 3. then he can have a break for a week or two before beginning death wish 4. then death wish 5. and so it goes.

>> No.4372184

Any way to get DW running through Steam (ie. click on Blood in steam and it'll launch DW)?

>> No.4372197

Go back to /v/.

>> No.4372730

what do you guys think of this weapon mod?


>> No.4372747

Blood's already got way too many weapons.

>> No.4372761


Looks mostly redundant.

>> No.4372796
File: 68 KB, 500x563, Ash-Evil-Dead-Bruce-Campbell-e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only weapon mod I want is a chainsaw arm and a shotgun in the other hand from Evil Dead.

>> No.4374334

Thanks for the update, dude.

>> No.4374435

The only IRQ settings that works for me is 7. If I select any other number, the sound won't play and gives me an error when you test the sound in setup. Sound in the original Blood plays normally, however, when I try to run Death Wish, I get an error in sound.cpp - playback failed, possibly due to an invalid or conflicting IRQ. According to the readme, the fix to this is to change the IRQ in setup until you find a number that works, which is however not an option for me due to only one setting actually working at all as mentioned above.

Any ideas how to fix this?

>> No.4374569
File: 625 KB, 1920x1080, scree0007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found misplaced texture.
If you're going to fix this one, you can as well wait a bit. I may find even more.

>> No.4374571

Have you changed it in Dosbox config as well?

>> No.4374676

Update your DOSBox to the latest ECE SVN, this will fix many of your issues.

>> No.4375087
File: 75 KB, 800x600, DW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god damn Death Wish is pure kino, just found the new secret level for ep1 and it's pretty gud.

>> No.4375372

Does this work with 64bit Win10?

>> No.4376681

i never played blood, what is wrong with CM?

>> No.4376729

it's not blood. at all.

>> No.4376891

In a way, it is. Technically speaking, it's 5 original Blood episodes ported to EDuke32. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.4377179

Jesus Christ, I'm playing the original Blood on the highest difficulty and I don't think I've ever savescummed this hard in my life.

>hitscanners behind every corner
>short on ammo
>short on health

Is there any way of turning auto aim on? Feels scummy playing with mouselook, crosshair AND autoaim. I was thinking of turning Y axis mouselook off to make it more Doom-like, but I think that would screw me out of certain dynamite throws. Build engine games were made with mouselook in mind, right?

>> No.4377185

*turning auto aim OFF, not on

>> No.4377198

Add -noaim to blood.exe at launch.

And if you're playing BloodGDX, there should be an option in the in-game menu.

Build games are really bullshit without autoaim though, since the enemy response times get almost non-existent on harder difficulties and the only real solution to this is just shooting in their immediate direction as you see them and hoping your shots land.

Also, Blood levels are pretty short, so don't save scum. Just hit space when you die and restart the level. You'll get better at the game and it will be something worth bragging about instead of "oh I finally save scummed my way through the game on extra crispy".

And don't forget to CROUCH and JUMP all the time, AI starts missing if you do.

>> No.4377313

guys im about to play blood for the first time, what is the recommended difficulty for scrubs like me?

>> No.4377317

I've just finished setting up BloodGDX for the first time.
Is the game supposed to be kinda choppy/stuttery?
It runs in stable 60fps and I have vsync on, but it still feels weird.

>> No.4377321

The lowest difficulty. If you find the first two levels too easy (unlikely), then switch it up.

>> No.4377327

BloodGDX works better with v-sync off. It can use interpolation, so there won't be any screen tearing.

Also, it's running on Java. Exit Chrome (or w/e browser you're using) to improve the performance.

>> No.4377446

I know its a small ass change, but the new spook when you go in the chimney at whisper peak got me good

>> No.4377497

For me it actually runs worse with no vsync.
I guess it's supposed to be like that, since no matter how much I lower the settings, the performance is just as sluggish.

>> No.4377512

Set your frame limit to 0 and turn off v-sync. BloodGDX uses frame interpolation so at least on my end it runs super smooth like this, and my machine is nothing special.

>> No.4377567

I'll try that. Also, is the "screensize" option just for changing the hud, or does it do anything else?

>> No.4377595

It can also make your viewport smaller (this was helpful back in the 90's for performance reasons). Try the -/+ buttons.

>> No.4378398

No. The mechanics are completely different and you are an absolute fucking shithead.

>> No.4378407

*And that's only talking about the mechanics, NOT even mentioning all the other ways that pos Duke mod is a visual and audio abomination in all ways compared to the real game. Get the fuck off of this board you fucking cunt.

>> No.4378447

Just about halfway done with Ep.1 and so far, this is everything Blood 2 should have been. Loving the level design, and the way the scenery in some levels will drastically change when you least expect it is really cool. The fact that only one person made all of this is incredible. >>4374334

>> No.4378458

lol, somebody popped a vein here

I wasn't even talking about the mechanics, wtf. It's just another version of Blood, 'nuff said.

>> No.4379078

im playing blood right now on a fairly good PC using DOSbox and the game still lags sometimes, am i doing something wrong?

>> No.4379397

Play in 320x200 like a real man.

>> No.4379398

extra crispy is intended for coop
i play on well done

>> No.4379426

What's your resolution?

320x200 or 320x240 will run fullspeed on anything, but is ugly as sin. 640x400 or 640x480 should run almost lag free on the better machines. You're a fatcat if you can run 800x600 or 1024x768 fullspeed.

Fuck, can't wait for that BloodGDX update that fixes Death Wish related bugs.

You can also set up a virtual machine and run Blood fullspeed in very high resolutions, but it's really a nightmare to set up. OR you can downgrade to Windows XP 32-bit and play Blood natively with VDMSound. I've actually got an old XP laptop lying about, but I'm too lazy to bother.

>> No.4379690
File: 40 KB, 800x600, mapedit_000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need mapedit guru's help. How do I make a white fog? Palette 1 only makes textures white.

>> No.4379837

thank you guys, i found out that it was running at 800x600 for some reason, im running it 320x400 full speed now and i dont think it looks ugly at all.

>> No.4379852

the only weapons i liked were the revolver and the pump action shotgun

>> No.4380236
File: 115 KB, 559x844, fog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While in 3D mode in Mapedit, point at a sector surface and press + or - while holding the "D" key. This changes the Depth Cueing aka automatic shading based on distance. Normally this makes things darker as they move away from the camera, but with palette 1 that changes to white. Try setting the base shade for all the surfaces in your room to something like 20 and then mess with the depth cueing to get a better idea (see image). In many user maps, when someone doesn't want to shade anything in the level, they'll set the depth cueing really high on the normal palette to fake it. Most people don't bother with white fog because it's too much trouble to do it correctly:

Any sprites you want to show this fog effect have to be pal#1. If you want the player, enemies, and other things you can't set the palette on to blend in with the fog, the sector itself needs to be be lit with pal#1 from the 2D mode settings. This makes it an X-Sector and you only get a set number of them before Mapedit crashes. Some things that appear automatically, like sprites for shotgun shell damage, will not be lit with pal#1 and may stick out. You'll notice in Death Wish I make sure the player doesn't have either of the 2 bullet weapons until moving out of the white fog sections, and that I had to keep the fog areas simple to keep the X-Sector number within limits.

>> No.4380319

this is the only thing stopping me from playing it, GDX is way better for controlling and aiming. but the shading of the dosbox version nails the horror atmosphere of blood

>> No.4380769

The Thing mission in Death Wish is fucking brilliant, just when I thought this map pack was overrated.

>> No.4380782
File: 109 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does Blood GDX have to use shitty java?

>> No.4380787

Is it worth playing Blood on DOSBox or do you guys feel a source port is mandatory at this point?

>> No.4380805

What does it matter? It works just like it's supposed to

>> No.4380814


>> No.4380824

Thanks. Another question:
>the sector itself needs to be be lit with pal#1 from the 2D mode settings
How do I do that?

>> No.4380850


>Just about halfway done with Ep.1 and so far, this is everything Blood 2 should have been.

I know, right?

Blood now has the sequel it always deserved.

>> No.4380852

Depends on what you personally value

Because there's no "conservative" source port of Blood yet, purists will usually opt for DOSBox. Personally I can't live without GDX's mouselook, so I stick with that

>> No.4380857
File: 518 KB, 495x680, 76459670255871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Approach the dog kennel
>A bunch of thing hands burst out of the hound corpse

>> No.4380926
File: 26 KB, 641x456, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.40.17 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how smooth GDX is but I still use DOSBox because the colors are better and there are no technical issues. I'm not sure why GDX's color palettes are somewhat desaturated/dull. There are issues with sprite transparency, too, outside the parallax and sound issues. I've played Blood without smooth mouselook for years so that doesn't bother me.

2D Mode, hit Alt F5, go to "FX...", Under "More Lighting" set:
X Colored Lights
ceil pal2 = 1
floor pal2 = 1

You'll know you've created an X-Sector when a gray box marking the sector normal/Z-motion, etc. appears.

Here's a link to the help guides I used in the past. These answer most questions:


Link is good till 12/6/17.

>> No.4381092

Great. Thanks again.

>I'm not sure why GDX's color palettes are somewhat desaturated/dull.
Because polymer uses opengl shading instead of shading tables. D3D Megaton and SW Redux both have the same problem.

>> No.4381269


what do you use to make maps or for general modding?

>> No.4382040

Mapedit comes with the game and it's essentially everything you need to make maps with standard resources. I bet Bloatoid didn't use anything else to make DW.
There is also a bunch of tools like editart, that will allow you to add new textures, sounds, animations and voxels to the game.

>> No.4382128

Polymost actually, but yeah, this renderer applies true hardware accelerated shading instead of relying on look up tables.

Same thing as DOS Quake / WinQuake vs GLQuake. Things never become washed out because you've got a shit ton of colors to use, but the shading is smooth instead of a gradual one with hard edges.

>> No.4382130


Can't re-skin enemies, though. For whatever fucking reason.

>> No.4382136

Why? You can just replace enemies' sprites. Bloodlines did that.

>> No.4382137


I never figured out how, m80.

>> No.4382378

Does the difficulty setting in Blood change the damage and reaction time of enemies, or only their number? Just finished the first episode on difficulty 5 but all the hitscanning monks made me savescum way too much for my liking. Thinking of just swallowing my neckbeard pride and playing through the rest on difficulty 3 for the sake of smoother experience.

>> No.4382384

I recently replayed Blood on difficulty 1 without using quick saves at all and had a lot of fun. YMMV, of course.

>> No.4382387

Blood has never been a forgiving game difficulty wise. My advice would be to learn the maps and enemy placements. Enemy placement is important especially on Extra Crispy as the enemies will absolutely destroy you if you don't know their placement. Another piece of advice is learn to leap-frog the enemies and to bunny-hop strafe them. Caleb's speed is a major advantage against the cultists.

Also, to be fair, Extra Crispy was designed as a difficulty for co-op. If you make it to a boss fight, you'll notice the game likes to spawn two of each boss (except maybe The Hall of the Epiphany, but I'm not sure). Can you beat it in single player? Sure, absolutely! But you can do a lot of things, like drive hot nails into your favorite body parts or listen to polka music.

>> No.4382401

Gave e2m1 a try on difficulty 3 and lord, the difference is night and day. Went from dying and reloading 100 times a map to comfortably going through the map saveless on the very first try. The most pleasant change to me is not having to peek out from behind a corner to try sniping the monks one by one anymore.


>> No.4382943

Is there a video or something showing the differences between dosbox and GDX? I've seen some vids of GDX and it looks good, but I keep hearing people saying it ruins the game's atmosphere.

>> No.4383021

difficulty 5 is intended for co-op
the manual states this
i like well done, pitchfork starting
also the first episode is the hardest in blood, just compare the health and ammo drops in the e1m1 to e6m1

>> No.4383073
File: 40 KB, 680x653, 1509988709045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what's the reason Blood's source code wasn't released?

Is it some shithead manager who has no idea what they're holding onto going "reeee give money reee!" and they don't know what the fan community even is?

>> No.4383113

E1M6, The Great Temple, is a nightmare to pitchfork start. Hardest map in the entire game to do so

>> No.4383123

I use GDX and think it's pretty great, the worst thing about it is that there are some graphical effects used that will apparently never be completely fixed for it, but on the plus side it's highly scaleable, so you can play at native resolution with 144hz in widescreen, or you can tone it down to your choosing if you think it looks too smooth.

>> No.4383172

why can't gdx do pixel shading?

>> No.4383191

Is the game intended for pitchfork starts?

>> No.4383534

No. Some levels (like boss levels) are nigh impossible without accumulating weapons before that.

Pistol/pitchforking starts are a weird neckbeard thing IMO. Some people just don't know how else they can challenge themselves. I mean, you have to use cheats to even be able to pitchfork start a level in the middle of an episode. It's mario episode# map#, IIRC, e.g. type "mario 1 3" to go to episode 1, map 3 with fuck all ordinance.

No matter the game, some maps are designed to be played in a continuous episode, being balanced around what weapons/ammo you could find in the previous maps, but there are also stand-alone map releases (like for Doom or Quake). I don't think Blood has (m)any of the latter.

>> No.4383543

Why can't a cat bark like a dog?

Classic Build vs Polymost is like WinQuake vs GLQuake, it's just a very different renderer, and while IT IS technically possible to emulate the software rendering look in OpenGL nobody really does it because it's seen as a step backwards. Think about it this way, why go for fake shadows which are calculated from colormap look up tables instead of true hardware accelerated ones? What's even the point of going for an OpenGL renderer at this point? Most engine developers (include Ken Silverman himself who wrote Polymost as an update of his Build engine) would laugh at the idea.

I know the original paletted look is appealing to some nerds, but it's just not gonna fly really for the mainstream audiences.

>> No.4383563

I made sure I could beat all mine on EC from pitchfork start B-) Of course, this means if you're never dying then you'll probably end up with too much ammo at some point. Win some, lose some :-/

On regular Blood's EC mode I usually get wrecked unless I brought over supplies from the last level.

>> No.4383571

Exactly, you can't balance it around both ways. So IMO it's silly to expect episodic content to be beatable if you play it out of the order.

>> No.4383573


If you die though don't you end up on pistol/fist/pitchfork start anyway?

>> No.4383580

No, the game remembers what you had at the start of the level.

>> No.4383609

Where did you see that?

I just tested that out in DOSBox and GDX in DW and original Blood on difficulty 1 and 3. Always restarted after dying with nothing but pitchfork.

>> No.4383661

Yeah, I got really interested in this from this thread and never tried the original Blood so I bought it off GOG. I spent the last 4 hours doing everything I can to get it to work and it's still being a pain in the ass. I think I'll just go play Duke again instead.

>> No.4383664
File: 452 KB, 637x633, 1338180336103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play Death Wish E3M6
>Barely kill cerberus by the skin of my teeth with 15HP and no ammo
>Door opens up to reveal a bunch of hitscan cultists 30ft away

>> No.4383692
File: 33 KB, 500x654, 1496894796335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw those kikes at atari will never let the source code be released

>> No.4383828

I wouldn't be surprised if they lost the source code somehow.

>> No.4383910

how is modding a game using the build engine compare to doom modding?

>> No.4383924

Thanks again for the update, dude.

>> No.4384104

>playing blood for the first time
>reach final mission of episode one
>this starts playing
i didnt even care about the story, i just wanted to kill monsters and fuck around, but when i heard this song and caleb shouted "Show yourself" i went full berserk on those gargoyles

>> No.4384107

forgot to link

>> No.4384215

Is that tweak that fixes the palette screwups in GDX for Deathwish on the current release, or is it going to be on the next one?

>> No.4384231

>why go for fake shadows which are calculated from colormap look up tables instead of true hardware accelerated ones?
Because it looks better? GDX's OpenGL rendered looks dull and washed out compared to the hand crafted shading tables. The only reason GDX doesn't support it is because it will require shaders support, and polymost can't work with them.

New release will fix most of the problems with DW. Wait a couple of days.

>> No.4384243

Jace Hall, the original programmer and project leader for Blood still has it and is very much eager to release it. He was in fact campaigning for its release and revival of Blood a few years back.

But he can't. The current IP holders cockblocked him. They asked for $1 mln, IIRC, lol.

>> No.4384259

How did you get 21:9 resolutions to work?

>> No.4384270

Good job on getting covered in mainstream media, Bloatoid:


>> No.4384290


I'm glad that there's a Blood mod so good that even mainstream media is covering it. They even mentioned BloodGDX so more people are likely to play it.

>> No.4384323

GDX natively supports it.

>> No.4384330

New thread:

>> No.4384558

He wasn't campaigning to release it actually. He just wanted to make his own modern closed source port.

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