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I have a pi2 in my living room on my crt tv for emulation/streaming and youtube in pixel because its been working a bit better lately on the pi and typically the youtube plugin shits the bed in kodi. I use raspbian and install retropie on top of that manually because it comes with some things I just haven't been able to compile myself/add to the desktop like the package management program it has and a few other things. Always wondered why retropie had a different menu set up in pixel since I am assuming it uses the same repos as raspbian and apt-get to install pixel. I could just be a fucking moron, though.

Anyways, just bought a new sdcard and installed raspbian, went to install retropie and when I try to launch it I get this:

[email protected]:~/RetroPie-Setup $ sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
Sorry - Raspbian/Debian Stretch (and newer) is not yet supported on the RPI

Distributor ID: Raspbian
Description: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.1 (stretch)
Release: 9.1
Codename: stretch

I googled, but I didn't find a workaround so I went back to my old retropie card. Can I just use apt-get to install the version of pixel that comes with the configs/menus raspbian comes with by default without doing it one package at a time or is there a work around I was just too stupid to find myself?

Pi general too I guess since why the fuck not.

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Nevermind, it seems I am a fucking moron.

Guess we will be waiting a while, but I am still curious about getting pixel to work/have the programs it does in regular ass raspbian in retropie, though.

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Why bother with Raspbian? RetroPi has its own Arch based distro.

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I believe retropie is based on rasbian lite but I could be wrong. Either way, I figured it out. Thanks tho

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