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How do I get the best performance I can out of DOSBox Blood? I'd really like 100 fps at 800x600 native minimum. I remember somebody posted a guide or something once but I can't find it. I think it was a post on the gog Blood forum. Pls help.

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You don't.

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Increase cycles

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Last SVN of Dosbox
Dynamic Max cycles
Output Openglnb if you have a good GPU
No scaler

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for build games, I always set fps cycles to "auto" in the config file. always makes them run perfectly.

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In the Dosbox config set cycles to auto.

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Try this


some people claim it does wonder, does nothing for me.

Otherwise try different output methods and other various DOSbox configs and see what works best for me. At 800*600 I get 60-80FPS

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Get Blood Crossmatch instead, it's an eduke32 mod and I don't notice anything wrong with it, unless you consider high resolutions and smooth fps a bad thing.

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Why not use BloodGDX?

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>Last SVN of Dosbox

Is there a link that I can find this stuff?

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Not as much ew as dosshittybox.

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>download latest clean SVN of DOSBox
>breaks CD music and no longer plays


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>I don't notice anything wrong with it
I hope this is bait. How fucking retarded you have to be? It doesn't even have rocket jumping. How can you say there is nothing wrong with it if it doesn't have a fucking rocket jumping? And I won't even start with dozen other things that are wrong with this garbage.

GDX is ok though.

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GDX will never be recognized for how impressive it is because autists on here won't accept any source port without a complete source code even though it's pretty much a perfect replica of Blood already.

I also hate how anyone who praises it is automatically assumed to be someone who hasn't played the original on DOS. I for one can't wait for further progress on BloodGDX and I think it's the best thing that has happened to the game in a long time.

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Can you tell me how to get the best midi version out of Duke Nukem 3D DOSBox? Right now it's on one of the shittier ones rather than the best high quality one. HALP

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>Duke Nukem 3D DOSBox
Why? Unlike Blood, Duke has a good port.

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Go away please.

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Nah fuck you.

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