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How good is this game, really?

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its fucking amazing. One of my all time favorite games,

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bretty gud
Very unique atmosphere and style. Can get pretty hard though. The sequel improves upon some things like the save system and rescuing.

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The delay it has for a response after giving commands to other mudokons can be frustrating, especially if you have already played the second one.You learn to work around it by timing the commands earlier and stuff though.

One of my favorite games, please play it.

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I remember getting excited for this game, its sequel is worth grabbing too, god damn those mudakons are ungrateful dicks.
Its tough at times, many secrets hidden away in its dark depths but ultimately rewarding, like many series it was at its best in the first few games. Sadly no more Oddworld for us.

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Abes Oddysee and Abes Exodus are well worth grabbing indeed but I tried Munches Oddysee and found it very underwhelming, I've gotten into the first 15 mins of Strangers wrath.. does that game pick up to be off note or should I leave it be?

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I really liked the first two. Fun twitchy puzzley fun. Definitely try if you can.

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I actually just started Stranger's Wrath about a week ago. I'm about an hour or so in. So far it's really good. It definitely has the "odd" vibe to it and the different types of live ammo makes for some interesting ways to get bounties.

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the 2d ones are among my favourite games of all time.
I really love the mechanics, the hand-painted backgrounds still look gorgeous, and just the whole universe is fantastic.

lot of love for oddworld games.

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It's an incredible work of art all-around. The environment is amazing -- every screen is breathtaking. The characters and races are all inspired. The story is simple yet original and effective. The music is 100% perfect for the game in its minimalist but haunting style.

The only blemish on the game is the fact that if you want to pass all the challenges (not just the main route), you need to be patient and work with the limited checkpoints. The sequel was too much the other way. There was really no danger of losing too much progress, so the sense of precariousness was lost. All they had to do was add checkpoints after each individual "room" or set of rooms encompassing the same task, and the games would have been fair.

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Paramites, More than 1 aren't much fun, you had better run.

Damn these were pretty n' atmospheric backdrops

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I sort of enjoyed it, but got bored of it half way through. It's worth trying out though!

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I'd like to find a copy of exodus, I got Odyssey a while back thinking it was the first and I can't play it before I play the original

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Bless you Gog, also Oddbox should be on steam with all 4 games but not half as cheap as this.

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Strangers Wrath is pretty fantastic. It's drastically different from the other games though and other than a few tips of the hat it barely acknowledges them but I think if you look at it as it's own thing rather than a sequel to the Abe games it stands up a lot better

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Exodus is the sequel to Oddysee, game series was supposed to run 'Character name Oddysee then Exodus' Much got his Oddysee but his Exodus was cancelled.

Also.. they are remaking/reimaging the games? hope that doesnt suck.

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Pretty good stealth game. Would play again.

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