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This game any good? The hit detection seems sloppy and the bosses seem to go down to melee really easily.

Anyway, do you like this game? Are you a SHMUP fan or a non-SHMUP fan?

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Also seems like there's no point in choosing any other armor but Earth. Earth is just 10x better than the other armors.

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Sega CD version is better IMO. Hit detection is improved (at least for gems), and the music is remixed so it doesn't sound like it was recorded in a garage (although it's '80s as hell for something that came out in 1995). It's also way easier due to longer invincibility time and losing fewer points off your weapon meter after getting hit - I beat Normal mode on my second try, and I suck at shooters.

But yeah, fun game. Might try one of the harder difficulties tonight.

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Yep, PC Engine version was slightly harder.
You can totally cheese the shop system if you farm gems in one of the water levels with the bubbles then kill yourself and buy a continue, rinse and repeat. But I think that would be just cheating yourself.

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I like precisely because of how unlike a shmup it plays. It's designed to be a console game and it shows. Frankly the genre could use more fun console-ish mechanics like that.

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>called WINDS of Thunder
>WIND armor is absolute shit

earth > water > fire >>>>>>>>>>>> wind

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Anon, I don't think that's...

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any differences between jap and us?

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> and the music is remixed so it doesn't sound like it was recorded in a garage
shit taste

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PCE version soundtrack is INFINITELY better. Far too many stupid effects used on the Sega CD music and it sounds more 'overproduced' than the raw metal fury of the original. I'll give it points for voice acting the intro and the shop chick though.

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>Maxed out Earth armor
>Wrecking havoc on Bosque
>Japanese Yngwie Malmsteen is wanking off his guitar
>Comfy af

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it'd be easy to replace the music since they both stream it from the cd the same way.