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Spray your gif on me anons. Bonus points for uncompressed-ish and/or looping, but webm's are welcome too

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Not a great loop but there you go.

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Wah dis from?

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nice zig zag floor ps1 has best grafx

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Seems like this could be easily fixed by removing a frame or two.

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I didn't know there was such passionate hate for psx before I found this board.

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Muh gif.

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What's this one from? Looks arcadey

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Slipstream from Capcom, only 150 pcb's made.

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Chargin' Chuck might be my favorite Mario enemy.

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Love Starblade...I spent so much money on that game in my local arcade.

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The people who made these games were fucking wizards. How do you get graphics like this in '91?

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Was it actually that framerate originally or is that sped up or something? Looks like a good 30 at least.

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That might have been the ps2 version that comes with Tekken 5.

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It's pre rendered.

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Figures. Fml.

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What even is this? I'm assuming it came before Star Fox so why have I never heard of it?

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You never played Tekken 5, I take it?

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Starblade for arcade used Namco System 21 real-time polygons
Starfighters 1984 is pre rendered laserdisc footage. Starblade was real hardware.

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better vid of Starfighter that doesn't stutter

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swiggity swooty

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I like this thread.

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comin' 4 dat booty

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Too uncaring face to make a better one.

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there are 2 gif/webm threads up this one should be the gif thread imo

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Clever loop.

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Sorry. Couldn't be bothered to reinstall me olde Macromedia Flash and Fireworks to make AniGIFs. At least that's the way I used to do it back in the 2000's

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Sim City 2000

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Ok, it looks like a romhack of MK but what actually is it?

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Not loading for me for some reason but I'll guess Wacky Wheels?

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Does that have a panda in it?

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I'm confus. Is that a GBC or a NES?

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Why is it higher than it is wide? Just cropped? THat's what threw me off.

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Shit tier channel. These are infuriatingly bad videos. All his videos are emulated poorly and always using cheats because he's awful at every game ever made.

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yeah kinda stupid to make a video if you cant even emulate properly

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That's just the LD being played back without the game. They don't even mute the data channel in the audio.

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Defend Castlevania I now. You can't !

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Castlevania 1 is a good, solid game and a proof that linear game can still be god-tier one.

Did I do good?

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fuckin abos

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that is my favorite fucking move next to rolentos wire hanging

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shut up this counts

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That's because in hindsight the PS1 had some really garbage 3D capabilities. It surprises me that PC gaming at the time was actually considered inferior to that generation of consoles when even a moderate computer could dance circles around shit like this.
Only a couple polygon-based games on the system really shone on the system, and even then what they achieved was still ultimately marred by the limitations placed on them.

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At that time, you needed some serious cash to get a good PC though. If you wanted to keep up with all the advances in 3D graphics, we're talking about several upgrades in a few years. Graphics cards, RAM, processor speed, these were rising exponentially from late 90s to mid-2000s. Much easier to be a PC gamer nowadays.

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Glad Nago and possibly the other buddies are coming back.

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how do you make gifs?

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But how

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You don't.
They just happen

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Let's go away!

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Bloodlines is easily one of the best looking games on Genesis.

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>When no one on the team can make a touchdown

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Amazing how that can be so sexy.

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please God how do we get a revisit to this series?

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>dat ass

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It never occurred to me that skeletons could actually be female.

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>It never occurred to me that skeletons could actually be female

Or males of another persuasion.

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That, too.

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I always thought this was from a terminator game

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I have this saved as "an almost perfect run"

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pretty sure that's snatcher, which being kojima, means yes, it is a game based on the movies.

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I know it's from Snatcher, it's just that before I knew that I just assumed it was an actual Terminator game. But Kojima's a hack so it might as well be a Terminator/Blade Runner spinoff game.

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Can you guys help me ID this game?

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Possessioner for the Amiga 16

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Not the other Anon, but damn nigger you're good.

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Thanks man. Turns out it's kind of a generic eroge, but it has a cool opening sequence.

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this thread makes me so happy man, also, how do u export those gifs? are just video recordings from emulators and converted to gifs?

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It's not transparency, but a somewhat underused feature of the Genesis that can use sprites as masks to alter the colors of pixels under them into either a "shadow" (>>4236697) or "highlight" (lens flares in Vectorman) version of that palette color and potentially break the maximum simultaneous colors limits of the Genesis. It's not as versatile as transparency and color blending like with the SNE, but it can be used for neat lighting effects

Pic unrelated; it's just a reminder of Castlevania Bloodlines and other Konami Genesis games being mostly crazy portfolios of visual effects

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It's weird but that looks more visually impressive to me than modern games.

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That''s called trying too hard to fit in.

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*Snargin' Sneed

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I don't get it

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this game is pretty fun, but I really doubt it justified the hardware cost that much, and then it was just seen as a pac-man clone with somewhat fancy graphics

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I love this kind of info. Thanks.

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What game is this? Reverse image search gives me nothing except Pinterest pages full of "vaporwave aesthetic" art.

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So it's not really a retro game? Ah, too bad.

>> No.4242070

It came out in 1995 by Capcom.

>> No.4242071

It definitely is a retro game.

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This is why you don't spoonfeed retards.

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A real shame because I bet you would have loved it if it was old. But being made by someone recently taints it with indiecooties so you wouldn't be able to enjoy it and keep your retro cred.

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Neat, Star Fox on crack.

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It came out in arcades in fucking 1995 what the hell is wrong with you retards.

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Excuse me while I charge up my Kirby for a bit.

>> No.4242087

When you google it, the first results are a kickstarter for a revival or something.

The point is the first guy only plays games that are old.

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To be frank I don't trust indies to come up with a good arcade racer. I just don't think they are competent.

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Brazilian IIRC, and the absolute technical pinnacle of the Super Scaler games

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>We don't need no stinkin polygons
>EVERYTHING can be done with scaled sprites
>Scaled sprites the THE FUTURE

1990s Sega needed an intervention

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>We don't need no stinkin polygons
>EVERYTHING can be done with scaled sprites
>Scaled sprites are THE FUTURE

1990s Sega needed an intervention

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Indieshit fanboys are a riot.
It's like indieshit doesn't deserve its terrible reputation or something.

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Jesus Christ, I made a mistake OK? When I googled "slipstream game" all the relevant looking results appeared to be about this

I was curious about what console or arcade system it was on, and when it came out, because I thought it looked quite a bit nicer than most Outrun clones I've seen from the 80s and early 90s. Modern "retro style" games frequently combine effects that existed on different systems but not simultaneously on one system, so if it's not a retro game there might not really be an answer to the question of what system could have produced the same look.

>> No.4242128


It's on Sega's System 32, the last of the Super Scaler boards before they started naming them Model 1, Model 2, etc.

>> No.4242129

Where are you getting that idea? I just wanted to know if it was a game I could get for one of my consoles. If it's some kickstarter "indie" game thing, that's wouldn't be possible, hence "too bad."

It's a dumb mistake, but it's not my fault someone retardedly named their outrun clone the exact same thing as an older outrun clone.

>> No.4242141

Interestingly it also appears to be the last System 32 game released. So it's the last game on the last purely 2D-focused Sega hardware.

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How do you go about making clean GIFs? I want to make an animated GIF of the enemy character from Dorodon.

>> No.4244737


I use GifCam. http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/

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Not a lot of options, but it works very nicely Thanks, anon

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Nice call anon, simple but effective.

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That game is the most gorgeous legit spritework in any game.

>> No.4245206

mmm meat

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>that filename
>robotnik's face
>his action


>> No.4248343

Why would Robotnik save Sanic from falling in lava only to lock him into a lethal trap he himself constructed. This whole scene makes no sense.

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>> No.4248414

maybe he wanted to turn him I to a robotnik or put him in one of those animal holders at the end of the level

>> No.4248514

Classic super villain mentality. He doesn't want his nemesis to die by any means other than by his own hands.

>> No.4248528

Imagine if we had gotten this level of cleverness in the Saturn SotN instead of the rushed hack job we received.

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Eh, it's not that bad

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This looks beautiful, gbc??

>> No.4249132

Hope you die nigger

>> No.4249156

In wich part of sotn do you get to do that?

>> No.4249184


>> No.4249186

Too bad it's not a full cycle. Late at night you can see a UFO flying by.

>> No.4249205

To me, PSX graphics are timeless.

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Saturn version has extra enemies, areas, and Maria if you can put up with the lame frame rate and effects downgrade

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>> No.4249986

Cool Riders, Sega H1.

>> No.4250245

What game is that?

>> No.4250257

Capcom Slipstream for Sega's System 32 board, not to be confused with indieshit Slipstream on kickstarter.

>> No.4250303

It is fucking sad that Model 2 emulator is windows only.

>> No.4250345

Those are the saturn versions

>> No.4252364

The speed of the scroller is like ten times what it should be, this is a bad gif

>> No.4252407

You're supposed to be listening to "The Hustle" in your head while watching it instead of "Terra's Theme"

>> No.4252518

it's probably called knowing hardware limitations. nowadays you can do whatever you want graphics wise.

>> No.4252621

It's the only way you can loop it you dummie, if the floor scroll was running at the normal speed waiting for the loop point the gif would be 50MB

>> No.4252694

Since it's low color you could probably make a looping webm of it with more frames without the file size exploding. The trick is to play with the quantization so that it looks as crisp as a pixel-perfect gif.

>> No.4253007

My autism does not permit lossy loops even if the artifacts aren't perceptible to the human eye

>> No.4253034

Then set qmax to 0 which is lossless. It can actually work quite well for a lot of retro game clips because they have very limited colors and often have static or nearly static backgrounds with just a few sprites moving around. Even if the background is scrolling it can work well because the encoder understands that as a solid block of moving pixels.

>> No.4253059

4chinks doesn't support the lossless webm mode

>> No.4253140

It doesn't support VP9, but if you set the maximum quantizer to zero, even for VP8, the encoder has no choice but to give you a lossless rendition of the input frames. It's practically equivalent to gif in that the only real savings over raw frames will be in re-using the static parts that don't change from frame to frame, but you do get some advantage in that VP8 compression of still images is superior to gif, being about 20 years newer technology.

You do also have to think about colorspace though. I've been engaged in arguments on /vr/ recently about whether converting to YUV is "lossless" or not (compromise interpretation is that converting one way may be, but converting from RGB to YUV and then back to RGB is not), but if you carelessly let it drop into 4:2:0 you are essentially throwing away half your color information. So if you're trying to make "pixel perfect" webms you definitely need to specify 4:4:4.