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This is Unreal

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Yes. And?

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And this is Quake.

Now be nice to each other.

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This is SiN

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Pretty sure it's real.

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Legitimately my favourite game.

>dat music
>dat atmosphere
>dat scale

Not to mention moments that will forever stick out in my mind - such as when you see the sunspire for the first time. Truly something special.

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>that music when you step inside
It's my favourite level in the entirety of video games.

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this is just Shit

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whats up with her leg

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How can other games even compete?

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Deus Ex used the unreal engine too.

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Fix your gamma/brightness settings.

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i hated this game, what's wrong with me? it just felt like a chore, all the weapons were boring, i don't know man

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The atmosphere is incredible and the weapons are all fun.

Kill yourself.

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same desu, I've probably beaten the first handful of levels a dozen times or more of the past couple years but it's never clicked with me

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And I am Turok

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I revisit it every year or two. It's like going back home.