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What is your favorite Sega console?

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Probably the Genesis, but goddamn the Dreamcast is a VERY close second. I played my Game Gear a lot, but I have to admit, the games were shit.

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I honestly love them all, I'm a Segaphile. If I had to arrange them, according to how many hours I put on them probably

1. Genesis
2. Dreamcast
3. Saturn
4. Master System

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The one that came after the Dreamcast :^)

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I love them all equally, and cycle between them in phases. Actually I'm like that with pretty much everything

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>leaving out the SG-1000 and Game Gear

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1. SC-3000
2. Saturn
3. Master System
4. Mega Drive
5. Dreamcast

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Saturn, with genesis as a close second.

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The original XBox isn't retro.

Also the Dreamcast was fantastic.

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Saturn, Genesis and Dreamcast in that order. The quantity of innovative, interesting and otherwise boundary pushing games on the Saturn and their actual quality as games is what makes it the number 1 in my eyes.

I haven't got much experience with the master system.

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Sega Dreamcast. With the model 1 Sega Genesis being my second favorite.

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dreamcast or genesis

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>1. SC-3000
Why is it your favorite Sega console?

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MD > MS > SAT > DC > the rest

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Like the software, like the hardware. What more is there to it?

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But more than Mega Drive or even Saturn or Dreamcast?
What are your top 10 SG-3000 games that make you prefer it over the others?

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For me its:
1. Genesis
2. Saturn
3. Dreamcast
4. Master System

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>forgetting the SG-1000

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Pop Flamer, Sega Flipper, Starjacker, Penguin Land, Girl's Garden, and so on are all good. There's good Japanese arcade conversions and Sega properties, yes, but the software from other countries could be good too. Lots of interesting games from countries like New Zealand. Empire comes to mind. Burglar Bill is another good one. It's a unique system.

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In order, it would be like this...

1) Dreamcast
2) Genesis
3) Saturn
4) Game Gear/Master System (they're actually the same system, just one is a handheld version of it)

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>4) Game Gear/Master System (they're actually the same system, just one is a handheld version of it)

Except Master System has dozens of exclusives worth playing that weren't ported to the Game Gear.

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You can play all Master System games on Game Gear.

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Saturn has a nice controller but no games

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It has more games than the Master System or any other earlier Sega system.

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Maybe the master system but the genesis definitely has more good games than the saturn

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Yeah I didn't mention the Mega Drive. Earlier I mean earlier than SMS.

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oh ok I thought you meant earlier than the saturn

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>Saturn has no games
Spoken like a true casual. You obviously never owned a Saturn. Saturn has games like Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, Virtual On, Nights, House Of The Dead, Daytona USA, Mr. Bones, Clockwork Knight & so many other games. It's all worth owning the Saturn for.

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I wish i could afford the console and play shmups on it.

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game-wise it feels like the master system was the most lacking.

The Saturn has great games, but the majority of them were made by Sega themselves.

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I think that's why I like Sega so much, they made great games. I think I understand why Nintendo fanboys love the Wii & Wii U. 3rd party games were gimped, but the games made by Nintendo were great.

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What are some recommended third party Saturn games?

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Master System is great if you like platformers. It was the peak of Sega CS' creativity and talent.

1986-1996 was the end of a brilliant era.

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1 Genesis
2 Dreamcast
3 Saturn
4 32x
5 Master system
6 Sega CD

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Never owned one as a kid, but I went to my friend's house to play his Genesis and Dreamcast.

Wasn't until 8th grade where I bought a stack of games and a Saturn from a dude for $10. Then a Dreamcast for around $25 at a Disc Replay.

Either one of those.

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I'm in the market for a Saturn. How much is as high as I should buy?

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I've been looking too. Online ebay tends to have the best prices overall, so if you don't feel like looking locally then aim for $70 or below for a NA model while taking cables and controllers into account, though you could get a Japanese Saturn for a bit less.

Of course I'd love to be BTFO'd if someone knows where to get one online for even less.

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how is this? i don;t trust the chinese

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Genesis, as it is the only Sega system that I have games for.

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The white one

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See, the joke was my favorite Sega console is the non-existent one.

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>Master System

Guess I'm in the minority. There are just too SMS games I couldn't do without.

>Miracle Warriors
>Sonic 2
>Sonic Chaos
>Golden Axe Warrior
>Fantasy Zone
>Dragon Crystal
>Alex Kidd in Miracle World
>Aleste (Power Strike)
>Sagaia (Darius)

There were some more popular games I could never get into though, like Govellius, Psycho Fox, Phantasy Star and Wonder Boy. I guess those would be considered "essentials" for the platform as well.

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>Sonic Chaos over Sonic 1
>no Alex the Kid in Shinobi World
What the fuck, lad.

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Nope, that's about par for the course now. Prices have shot up in the past couple years because of all the e-celeb/journo memesters trotting out their twentieth anniversary retrospectives.

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Mega drive

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>Sonic 1/2 master system

I got both of these today..and man, compared to the genesis versions, they suck. The boss 'areas' with no rings, getting hit and only being able to get back 2-3 rings after collecting 50+...

But i did score this, which is a damn good SMS game.

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1. Mega Drive (including the add-ons)
2. Dreamcast
3. Saturn
4. Game Gear
5. Master System

I like them all, though.

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