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Did we ever decide if this image is true or not?

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Works on my machine :^)

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One of the things that triggers me about this kind of shit is that apparently RGBfags are too fucking stupid to realize that RF, composite, or s-video won't have wildly different colors from RGB provided the inputs have been properly calibrated with SMPTE bars. Yes, RGB looks better because it's sharper and free of crosstalk, but it's not magically going to provide a more saturated image unless your dumb ass skipped a step during setup.

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Would you say the fourth image is a fair representation, then in comparison to the others? As opposed to the fifth which is clearly staged

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The other four input types will have essentially the same luma, hue and saturation as the "RGB on PVM" image if the inputs have been properly calibrated.

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To add: the image is accurate insofar as it is what you would see if you switched input types with no additional adjustments to the display, but it is by no means a correct representation of properly calibrated results. This is particularly egregious given that PVMs can auto-adjust hue and saturation when fed a color bar signal.

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Look at how dark the scanlines are. There's no conspiracy here.

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The bedding disappears after you leave the house the first time. It has nothing to do with how it's hooked up. That's ridiculous.

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>missing blanket

what even

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That's not what the image is getting at, retards. Compare the quality not including the bedding, he clearly just walked outside the house between the RF photo and the next three. Oh no.

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Why wouldn't you use the exact same picture for every case? That's not very consistent or scientific.

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I don't disagree but it's dumb to act like it invalidates the entire picture/thread topic

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>people falling for the PVM meme

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Wait I don't understand what you are saying.

Do I have to adjust the Hue/Sat/Bri/Con/Sha everytime I change from an RF console to composite to S-video to component to RGB?

Or are you saying that it's not fair to compare the 4 left TV shots to the PVM shot because the TV was not calibrated?

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Yes and yes. If you're lucky you'll be able to save settings per input, or at the very least have multiple presets saved. That's analog signals for you.

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RGB literary has more color data. End of story, nothing to argue.

Are you retarded?

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>via PVM
Images 1234 are from some television he had, and the last one is from a PVM. He invalidates his point by changing display devices. Show us ALL of them on the PVM.

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Well, you are sort of right and you are sort of wrong.

In order to get the clearest image via composite you may have to reduce color saturation to prevent bleeding.

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>Are you retarded?
No, but apparently you are. You might want to read up on YIQ encoding and the rationale behind it, the purpose of the SMPTE color bars, display calibration fundamentals, and the like. Stating that an RGB signal transmits more information (no shit, Sherlock!) has nothing to do with whether or not video information is being displayed correctly. But you're not going to do that because you're a shitter who thinks he can stump people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

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That shouldn't be an issue if you're running at the intended chroma/luma levels as set with SMPTE bars unless your display has a real shitty color decoder and/or uncorrectable red push. Most instances of color bleed are caused by the color/picture controls being set waaaaay higher than they should be.

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This. I have a PVM and when I play Link to the Past via S-Video (don't have RGB cables for my SNES) it looks like the last image. Using an entirely different display is obviously going to affect the image quality more than the method of connection. It looks like the first four images were shot on a display with contrast and saturation cranked down, or perhaps a worn out CRT with too many hours on it.

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It's a meme picture, notice the settings weren't overdone on rf

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