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Thread for QUAD DAMAGE

Which game had the best Multiplayer?

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>Which game had the best Multiplayer?
3 Arena by far.

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Quakeworld has the best 1v1, team deathmatch, and team fortress mod.
Quake 2 has best ffa, ctf, and mods in general (gloom, action quake 2, chaos mod)
Quake 3 has CPMA

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Also for singleplayer I'd have to give it to Quake 1 even though I like Q2's hub maps that remind me of Hexen 2.

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Basically what >>4219502 said, though I prefer vanilla quake III to CPMA. Quake world is actually the fastest of the 3, and if you're a newfag you might not be able to git gud unless you have a quaker friend telling you how to, 'cause the fights are alway really short as soon as armor runs out.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the performances of my late-90s PC setup when it comes to Quake games in general -- GL Quake runs perfectly, so does Quake II, and Quake III has a decent framerate. Actually running windows 2000 with a 750MHz Pentium III, a Voodoo 3 3000 AGP and a Yamaha XG-based soundcard (not that useful for Quake but MIDI stuff sound great on it). There's the possibility to add a second CPU (the machine has 2 slot1 slots, it was meant to be a medium-sized server) but I think I'd be better off getting 2 1GHz slot1 Pentium III (such setup would totally blow in Quake III).

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you have your own containment thread

fuck off edgemasters

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Edgy opinion incoming but Quake 3 is the weakest Quake game imo. I really dislike the lack of movement options compared to quakeworld or quake 2 (no air control, high friction compared to q2, no stair jumps, no double jumps), and shitty netcode by modern standards. CPMA and Quake Live fix a lot of these things though and bring it up to par with improved netcode and movement options. CPMA lets you play with OSP and much better netcode too and QL brings back stair jumping.

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1 has the best single player, Arena has the best multiplayer, the N64 version of 2 is the most underrated and has fucking incredibly fun split-screen multiplayer.

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why quake 3 logo is squish

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>all these positive opinions about Quake 1

Where have all you correct and upstanding posters been all these years?

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avoiding the doom general

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pure cancer

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>vanilla q3 didnt have stair and double jumps
granted it was a while since i actually played anything with vanilla q3 physics, but is this really true? i remember differently
>quake live brought back stair jumping
i do know for a fact that you can do a lot of things with stairs in cpma, which could be described as stair jumping as well as rj:ing in stairs. quake live brought "stairs function the same as ramps" which i honestly didnt really like, as that made all those years of practicing stairs in cpma completely wasted time.

but in general i agree with you. vanilla q3 is honestly a little weak due to limited movement

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Quake 1 TF was pretty much awesomeness in a can.

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anyone know how to fix the software rendering on modern windows on q2?

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The QL version is just a very simplified/dumbed down stair jump/double jump and lets you double jump up ledges as well. I don't like how simplified it is either but it's still a big improvement over VQ3 movement wise. You can test the difference between VQ3 and CPM movement in defrag with a /callvote command and you'll realize how limited VQ3 movement really is compared to every other quake

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I like to call it the cancer ward

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i was gonna tell you to use yamagi then i remembered they got rid of the software renderer

why do you want it anyway

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playing the dos port of it in dosbox should work.

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looks nice than the BROWN gl renderer it has better contrast. im not using any sourceports though just vanilla quake 2 with the 3.24 unofficial patch so it has support for widescreen resolutions. Colors are still fucked in software mode even without that patch though so that isn't the cause
quake 2 my dude. quake 1 looks fine with opengl anyway

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my dude the software renderer makes quake 2 brown and ugly as fuck since there's no colored lighting
if you don't care about authenticity i would recommend a client like Q2PRO since it supports MP and SP, has a good amount of graphical customization, and supports non power of 2 textures in openGL mode
if you want crisp textures just put "gl_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_linear" in console

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yes, i know you meant quake 2. someone made a dos port of it.

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I find the GL renderer too dark I figured out how to fix the color issue though, you need to start task manager and close explorer while playing the game. age of empires 1 has that issue so I tried the same fix and it worked for quake 2.

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use qbism for quake2

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try vid_gamma

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For me, in a roundabout way, it was Quake 1 for Saturn. If you had a save file from Quake, and a save file from Duke Nukem 3D, inside DN3D was the unlockable game-within-a-game Death Tank Zwei. Up to 7 player couch mp of Scorched Earth-style gameplay, where all you are is a colored trapezoid.

So yeah, it's not Quake itself, but I still relied on its existence.

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I actually like vanilla Quake III for what it is. I'm better of actually playing Quake I or II than playing CPMA imo. Also, Team Arena is nice too.

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Have you never been in Quake threads before, friend?
Quake's a good game.

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I just got the three quakes today after dooming for months. 2 is just boring and 1>3 (singleplayer)

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Ayyy, I bought this box at an Office goddamn Depot when I was a teenager. It popped my PC FPS cherry.

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Office Depot had the best shooters. I got Tribes 2 and some Delta Force games from there.

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Yeah, I also got UT2004 from the Depot. Damn, the Depot was the patrician's store back then. I wonder what they have now. Last I checked, it was becoming WEW 10,000 BEJEWELED CLONES 4 U.COM.

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gotta learn the movement to enjoy quake 2 SP
it is a good game its just not your standard id shooter

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Quake has the best overall MP, with my favorite FFA, TDM, and CTF. Weapon balance is technically shit, but it works out great in the end.

Quake 2's weapons feel like a less-refined version of Quake 3's, but it has better movement and combat is overall more satisfying.

Quake 3 technically has the best-balaned weapons, but they lack impact, making them dull to use. It also doesn't have the movement and speed that makes Q1 and Q2 so gud.

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Quake 1 is my defining game of my teenage years. I will never forget struggling to play 2forts5 on Team Fortress in gamespy using AOL.

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Quake 3 Arena

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>Decide to replay Quake 2
>Been playing the same way since I was a kid; cautious, killing every enemy, getting every secret, and making sure all of my ammo is always topped off.
>Decide to speed through the game and see how it plays that way, ignoring secrets that take too long to do and not trying to get every kill.

Holy shit this is so much better. I'm basically a giant whirlwind of death that effortlessly strafes around hitscanners and shreds everything in a flurry of bullets, Hyperblaster lasers and Super Shotgun blasts. I don't even need the supplies in secrets.

It took me an a hour to get up to the mine hub, which is faster than I'm used to.

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that's how quake 2 should be played
going sanic speeds and gibbing strogg with ssg and rocket launcher

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I have the Steam version of Quake 3, any decent cfgs I should look into? Especially for 2560 x 1440 which I can't get to work right.

Also, do people still play CPMA?

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CPMA is the only Quake 3 related thing people really still play aside from Quake Live. Avoid the download for CPMA off the playmorepromode site it's missing a bunch of files and maps. The current one is the DEZ installer you can grab off https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0wfFzzjvCheTVVzSmdnQ1BLUms

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going through old quake maps is an interesting experience

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I love the personality old 90s Quake mods have.

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>there are 20 year olds have been alive as long as the doggo has been dead

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Mine has Age of Empires 2 and Battlefield 1942

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I remember reading a while ago about someone trying to clean up Navy Seals Quake's fucked up code to remove a lot of the bugs. Did anything ever come out of that? I never beat Navy Seals Quake, and a version that's been fixed would be nice for when I want to beat it.

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Does anyone know why there are no servers on the master list for this?

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there should be 2 or 3 team arena servers

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I like going fast but I feel dirty if I leave survivors.

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Quakeworld > Quake 3 > Netquake > Quake 2

It has the best netcode of all of the games and is great compared to modern standards which is generally fucking terrible. The standard for modern netcode is to add lag compensation on time windows that aren't even properly checked or synced. Quake Live has considerable worse hit registration than Quake 3 did. Amount of false positive in Q3 is basically nil, whereas it's exceedingly regular in QL. QL is absolutely abysmal to play online.

That's not to say that lag comp can't be done good but the standard is just to whip it in poorly and let the game fuck up all day getting no benefit and all the cons that come with it.

Q3 does have overbounce, but good luck with pulling it off regularly. Q2's movement is nice but the game balance is absolutely trash and the netcode is terrible outside of 5ms LAN. It also doesn't help that Q2's weapons are slow as dick which really is an unenjoyable experience when you can move at lightspeed.

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QL is much better than VQ3. The only reason to ever touch Quake 3 is CPMA because VQ3 netcode is atrocious. VQ3 balance is also terrible as well despite not being tiered and the balance changes in QL/CPMA are a must along with the movement improvements from both that VQ3 is sorely missimg. Both Quakeworld and Q2 have updated netcode while VQ3 is still the same old shit it was in 99.

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is not squish, it's 3d
the horns go around to the back horizontally

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I think the tourtured marine NPCs in Quake 2 are kinda cute. Their goofy sound effects, their silly animations, and the endless chain of them crawling in the research lab makes them oddly endearing.

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I see you rank QuakeWorld and 'netQuake' (a term I've never really understood) seperately. Assuming LAN network speeds do they even play differently? I know vanilla Quake was a nightmare over dialup, I experienced it myself, but let's focus on a lagless experience. In such an environment is QuakeWorld really any better?

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>no Quake I to IV compilation called The Quake Quadrilogy

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1 > 3 > 2 = 4

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lemme out

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quakeworld's physics are pretty different

bunnyhopping is far easier in quakeworld because i believe there's no friction when you land AND you don't slide down slopes

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Quakeworld is better in pretty much every way from a physics, netcode, and mod perspective. KTX is the go-to mod for any kind of tdm or duel mode and has lag compensation.

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i didnt change the renderer but setting the gamma to 0.8 and increasing the brightness by 1 and changing texturemode to gl_nearest has the game looking nice and easy to see like in software mode but with better lighting

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>synchronized "it hurts" :3

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do you guys know about the hidden difficulty on quake 2? it makes enemies attack faster and flinch less you have to type skill 3 in console and then map base1 to start a new game on hard+

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Quakeworld has been stated to be superior for multiple reasons, but the Netquake community is more casual than the QW community is. You'll probably still get your ass kicked the first time you join a server, but it's a lot more about random TDMs and FFAs than QW is.

Check http://quakeone.com/server-browser to see if people are on.

Also, http://quakeone.com has occasional 3wave CTF pickups if you've ever wanted to try it out. Watch their forums for announcements.

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last time i played netquake it was just 3 guys dicking around on the final boss map

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>Frikbots can easily be customized for team-based mods like CTF.
>Nobody has made a modern Threewave CTF bot with Frikbots as a base.

If I were to go crazy, I'd pay one of the few QuakeC guys out there that's left to make one.

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>why quake 3 logo is squish
Did your mother's clam squish your head on the way out?

>> No.4228607

>1>3 (singleplayer)
No fucking shit.

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CTF boys are mostly in Q2. I think it's lithium CTF where you have air control.

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>netcode is atrocious. VQ3 balance is also terrible
Incorrect and opinion disregarded.

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>Both Quakeworld and Q2 have updated netcode
Also just to let you fucking know, you can connect to any Quakeworld server out there with 2.33 and it's compatible for a reason because the netcode hasn't actually been updated.

If anything what's been added is client support for interpolation, entity prediction, packet dropping, qizmo proxy bouncing and compression.

Realistically for most players effectively all you really get is smoother moving people/items with framerate independent movement effectively capping at the standard 72FPS server side limit for packets. The server isn't changing anything network wise and the client still handles the send/receiving of packets effectively the same.

> is still the same old shit it was in 99.
You're in the wrong fucking neighborhood to be claiming something is bad because of it's age you shit eater.

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Why is the hammer the best Quake weapon?

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Because it sounds like a squeaky hammer when it hits enemies.

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>You're in the wrong fucking neighborhood to be claiming something is bad because of it's age you shit eater.
It's bad because it's shit and there are much better alternatives like CPMA.

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Post your favourite quake vids. This montage fucking rules:


>> No.4228946

lmao calm down m8

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There was an old QWTF montage I used to like watching. I don't remember the name, but there was one part where a song from one of the Matrix movies played after a Solider grabbed a Quad Damage and went on a rampage. It also had a kill count on-screen while he was going nuts with the Quad. It used to be hosted on Google Videos, but that's been dead for years now.

>> No.4229181


Can we also post regular demos? I finished watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM4mLn7ZR2s a bit ago. It's a fun little TDM game in Quake 1 between a polish and Russian team in DM3.

It starts off with the Poles controlling the Quad Damage and wrecking the Russians with it, but around the 15 minute mark, the Poles shit the bed and lose control of the Quad (and the Pent) to the Russians, who control it for the rest of the match. After that, the Russians basically lean house while the Poles are unable to do anything besides get the occasional frag. At the end, the Russians manage to seriously catch up and probably would've won if the match lasted another five minutes.

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What is it building?

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I haven't played Quake 1 DM in ages. Downloaded Frogbots, the latest ezQuake build, and went nuts. It's just as frantic and kick-ass as I remembered it was.

I had to knock down the bots difficulty to 7 though. By default, they're aimbots when they get the LG, which sucks.

I also tweaked the TDM config so that it has weapons stay and no TKing because I don't like weapons having to respawn and TK-on sucks with the amount of bots I put in a match.

>> No.4229839

Nintendo didn't like it when N64 games had loading screens

so instead it's building instead of loading

>> No.4229849

I am catching up on all the Steam games I foolishly wasted money on and most of them are garbage but it's time to try Quake 1.

What do I need to know before with regards to setting it up? I hear the Steam and GOG versions don't have the soundtracks included or whatever? I also heard I need to install Quakespasm but I can't find any information on how that changes the single player, seems to be map and mod focused. I just want to play the single player and the two mission packs on a modern system to start out.

>> No.4229853

quakespasm is just a modern renderer with higher limits on things. you just drop it in your quake folder and run it, easy as that. to get the music you will have to find a download somewhere and put it in the folder. quakespasm doesnt fuck around with the single player unlike darkplaces which uses quakeworld physics just breaks the game imo

>> No.4229856


Quakespasm add modern conveniences, like widescreen monitor support, but still keeps things vanilla enough that it's similar to the classic GLQuake (the executable that was often used back then for max eye candy). There's no reason not to use it if you want classic Quake, but updated so it plays well with modern systems and monitors.

>> No.4229860

I'm just curious... Why are Steam and GOG selling the game without the soundtrack?

>> No.4229864


Legal reasons. Nothing stopping you from downloading it online, though.

>> No.4229926

gog does include the soundtrack it has ISO files for the game and the expansions. The music actually works if you run it in dos, but for some reason modern windows doesnt like playing cd music during the game. You can rip the soundtracks yourself but its just easier to find it already done and everything.

>> No.4229997

GLQuake and Quakespasm are ugly because they have texture filtering that makes everything blurry.

The best looking one is still vanilla Quake but it can have performance issues in Dosbox. In that case you can use something like Fitzquake Mark V (actually includes 4 different exe files which use different APIs) that still look close to the original software Quake.

>> No.4230182

Quakeworld physics don't break the gane stop this meme. You can still run through the game in about 10 mins with netquake physics.

>> No.4230642

you can but the single player wasn't fucking built around quakeworld physics. darkplaces can suck a fuckin dick

>> No.4230645

gl_texturemode gl_nearest in console, you're welcome. Works for quake 2 as well. I wonder if there is a similar command for half life as its quake based and looks nice as fuck with the chunky pixels too

>> No.4230658


What HUD is this? It'd be good for my QW install.

>> No.4231002

For some weekend reading, Thresh's Quake Bible is a good read for thost starting out with Quake 1's multiplayer, whether you're playing with bots or humans.


The map strategies are mostly focused on dueling, but the parts before it are filled with good advice for beginners or those that need a refresher.

>> No.4231020

The singleplayer was never built around bunny hopping, rocket jumping, or nade jumping either. I personally use Quakespasm for SP but Darkplaces itself is a solid engine that gets unwarranted hate.

Yes but half life's opengl renderer will always degrade texture quality because it resizes non power of 2 textures and was never updated like Quake 1 and 2 were.

Worth mentioning that this guide is for NetQuake which is a completely different beast from modern Quakeworld duel. The control strategies are more in line with modern Quake 2 duel than Quakeworld.

>> No.4231025

That's the default nQuake HUD. It comes with an ingame HUD editor and you can use custom images from crosshairs as well.

>> No.4231029


I expect that things have changed over the 19 years Thresh wrote that, but the basics are still solid IMO.

>> No.4231032

The basic ideas of control are good but I would personally recommend Kovaak's Quakeworld guide to anyone interested in dueling.

>> No.4231042


Yeah, that seems to be better for modern dueling for sure! Thanks for posting that.

>> No.4231050

The more people playing Quake the better. It saddens me to boot up Quakeworld and only see 3-5 players in a server. If at least a quarter of the people that namedropped Quake MP for street cred played them the games would be much more active. There's no excuse when the first two games can be played for free.

>> No.4231071

I give darkplaces all the hate cause I got fucking sick of seeing people praise it as the be all end all quake source port. It's actually not that bad and I think its better suited to indie projects than playing quake on though. Im just so autistic I need my spasm or fitzquake at least

>> No.4231114


I only play with Frogbots. It's partially because of the skill gap, and partially because I don't like playing duel. I like good to crazy-sized FFAs and TDMs, but you're not going to be getting those on modern QW servers.

Though, really, as long as there's someone out there fragging something, whether it be human or bot, I feel the spirit of classic Quake will always live on.

>> No.4231130

I'm going to be doing a MegaTF PUG with some of the folks at /arena/ this Sunday and I'll post the info here if anyone is interested in joining. It's players of all skill levels and there's enough variety to where you don't have to be a movement or aim god to have fun. Hopefully we get a decent turnout at least on the level of Quake 2 Gloom or CTF.

>> No.4231150

Yeah but what the fuck is it even loading? Cartridge give you unlimited read speeds.

>> No.4231186


Some cartridge games have loading times. Ganso Saiyūki: Super Monkey Daibōken for the NES has terrible loading times for a cartridge game.

>> No.4231459

I can't bhop

>> No.4231463

Quakespasm doesn't work well with FPS > 72. It's a huge letdown for me.

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>when an enemy takes a quad rocket to the face

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So many to gib, so little time.

>> No.4232205

Quake 2 even had actual loading bars. At the time I hadn't seen anything else like that on N64.

>> No.4232253

It's decompression usually of graphics but can also be sound like in the case of street fighter alpha 2 where the game just stops for 2 seconds to load the sounds before a match

>> No.4232268

the editing/transitions of this video are god tier

>> No.4232498

I would be interested in that could you maybe post a zip file of the fortress mod folder with the maps and everything?

>> No.4232527

how I discovered quake
>be 8 years old
>February 1998 cold as shit and snowy outside
>get dropped off at new baby sitter moms coworkers teenage son
>he has a brand new gaming rig
>the only games I had played up to that point were console games or dos platformers on my 286 at home
>he is playing quake 2
>It's quake little dude you wanna try

that burned such an impression into my mind he was playing starcraft when it came out brand new the next month in march and I didn't even think twice about that game it was awesome but it didn't blow me away like quake did. I saw my cousin playing it a couple years later and was like hey that's the game my baby sitter had. I never forgot quake though I knew as soon as I had a computer that could run it I had to have that game. Man I was pissed at my mom though when she got a different job and didn't take me to michaels anymore hahaha.

>> No.4232610

Why isn't ezQuake saving my settnigs?

>> No.4232626

did you hit "save settings" in the config section

>> No.4232641


Well fuck. I'm used to games automatically saving after I exit a menu.

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File: 6 KB, 199x181, Headgibfinal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are Ranger's eyes so innocent looking when he's been gibbed?

>> No.4233669

>Thresh's Quake Bible
It's really an beginner level guide. Hell, Thresh would have been lucky to even hold his own again players years after because movement/aggro and aim just shit all over some of the more basic strategies.

Hell, he even writes that the stairs in DM6 is not only a good position but a strong position when it's in fact stupidly weak position. His reasoning is you have vertical and horizontal movement. Literally makes do difference to competent players who can quadruple air rock you, worst is that you're next to fucking wall the entire way, if you don't know how to move well enough to never have to use the stairs then you're likely going to be read in where you're going and you can't move on the ground without bunnyhopping fast enough to avoid a properly aimed rocket in that position. Ground movement can only really dodge straight on shots and at distance. Being on the ground can also net you an uncontrolled bounce rather than controlling your momentum.

>> No.4233695

Q3A > QuakeWorld > Q2 > Quake.exe > Team Arena > Quake 4


>> No.4233701

Netquake and Quakeworld have completely different metas so it's not really fair to compare. And Thresh was pretty much trailblazing.

Quake 4 with Q4max is so much better than VQ3 on a gameplay basis but is a technical mess.

>> No.4233717

Wow, that's sort of emotionally touching.

>> No.4233724


Dude, it was written in early to mid 1998 for NetQuake. Things have certainly changed since then. Give him a break.

>> No.4234356


This anon here. I've been loving this shit out of this for the past day or so. Quake 1 DM is so unique and good.

>> No.4235405

Post comfy hardware footage

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Quake Champion thoughts?

>inb4 Quake Chumpions

>> No.4235987

I've been in plenty that got shit up by "2 > 1 ALL CATEGORIES" fags and NESfag claiming 1 has bad design because it's impossible to avoid damage whenever ogres show up but claims he "beat" Q3 when he was 12.

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the kool kids play both

>> No.4236640

Not retro.

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But I spend all my time in the doom threads and I think Quake 1 is one of the best goddamn FPS games I've had the pleasure to play.

>> No.4236645

same, quake is cool

>> No.4237237


>> No.4237643


>> No.4237765

So how would you rank the quake series in terms of how dead the multi is

>> No.4237772

I did the same thing in doom 3 to make it better. No duct tape mod mind you.

>> No.4237819

Quake 4 is the deadest, even Doom 3 has more servers and people playing it. Quakeworld would be the second deadest since outside of duels and pickup games its a ghost town but pickups keep it alive. Quake 2 always has people playing FFA and other random team gamemodes but getting duels is tougher than QW. Q3 isn't really played outside of CPMA and various other mods but CPMA is pretty active. Quake Live is probably the most active but since QC went early access the playercount has more or less halved which os a shame because QC sucks dick.

>> No.4238701

any good youtubers that talk about quake?

I found this guy and he seems cool.


>> No.4239183

I love how demos let you watch old footage of the game back during its prime at any time.

Have this FFA in dm4 from 1997 as an example.


>> No.4239265



>> No.4239393

I don't like quake, but I like the Quake Engine Star Wars games.

Is this a wrong opinion

>> No.4239602


>> No.4239701


>> No.4239725
File: 21 KB, 320x438, 18j3h1di06j1yjpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From a single player point of view, I like Quake 1 almost as much as 2, my only problem with it, has always been most of the stages that Romero worked on. I've just always found them dull and tedious to play through (mainly because of the pacing and enemy placement), and I never look forward to Episode 2, since it's pretty much all Romero levels. I respect him for the work he did on Doom and Wolf; but it's obvious that he was past his prime on Quake, and was surpassed as a level designer by Petersen, Mcgee and Willits.

>> No.4240493

why is quaddicted missing so much shit? I thought it was supposed to be an archive like idgames on doomworld

>> No.4240514

i haven't been able to get on the site for 2 months now either

their security certificate is fucked i think

>> No.4240537

i can get on the site fine and everything its just missing most of the popular mods which i can understand if its for maps only but they have no problem hosting other mods.

Bunch of mods here though
anyone remember this site? it hasnt changed for over two decades almost

>> No.4240607

I would disagree. I still think he was a good designer he was just overambitious. Daikatana is actually one of the better FPS games from 2000 if you use the 1.3 fan patch. It just was a technical mess.

>> No.4240768

because planetquake is kill

>> No.4240802


they are the ones who bought the planet sites arent they?

>> No.4240860

It's funny you say that because I actually hate every Willits level in Quake, and look forward to Romero levels.

>> No.4240883

talk shit about romero all you want but i think he's a pretty cool guy

>> No.4240935


>> No.4240990

>Bethesda decides they need something to get quake champions popular
>"hey Tim, tell them you invented multiplayer"
>ok lol

>McGee and Romero both say he's full of shit

>> No.4240991

>Things have certainly changed since then.
Dude, that's the fucking point. I literally explained that and gave an example. It's useful if you have two complete scrubs who've never played but far less useful for online play and some bits of advice are just bad for beginners in an environment that would punish poor strategies based on outdated expectations. Every strategy in modern quakeworld should assume a player will hit you with near aimbot skill when possible and move around like a rabbit. You play like you're trading rockets and if they miss that's cool but the expectation that people can't aim well generally have you make poor decisions.

>> No.4240995


>> No.4241001

How can you hate Gloom keep? Or DM6?

>> No.4241004

>no champions

>> No.4241009

>no Strogg
I want aesthetic multiplayer techbase maps for quakeworld like ztn's Quake 2 maps.

>> No.4241021

>There are people who prefer Doom over Quake
I mean I'd rather fug most of the demons from Doom, but Quake is so much more fun imo.

>> No.4241028

degenerates like you belong on a cross

>> No.4241043

how about both are cool and fun and any sort of vs comparison is pointless

>> No.4241197

Eh, out of all the Willits maps Gloom Keep was probably one of my least hated. The thing with Willits maps that I'll always remember is that they had the same Romero bullshit but in the wrong places, Gloom Keep was no exception, especially when you had to fight off all those monsters in that constrained, but still boring, space. Willits is either fucking with me as a player or he's making the map obtuse as hell to navigate. I hate his sense of pacing.

As for McGee and Sandy: I really liked McGee's levels, but I don't have anything specific to say for his stuff, and Sandy's levels had some super fun design moments (like all the bits with having to resource manage the springs) if at the cost of sometimes losing where you are in the level.

Overall I'd say McGee = Sandy > Romero >>>>>> Willits

>> No.4241256

yeah i can't agree

>> No.4241480


>> No.4242416

Well he says Q2 has good FFA and CTF which is false so not really. Also the netcode is the worst of them outside of 5ms LAN. Vanilla Q2 based anything was bad because it used VQ2 weapon balance/speed which was fucking terrible.

Also, AQ2 was dicked by OGL with skin brightening also yet again bad netcode makes it shitty. If you were going to go that way there was the Urban Terror mod for Q3 that sort of fills that role. Both Quakeworld and Q3 have better CTF.
The only things Q2 did better than the other two was shove colored lighting all over everything, which is actually kind of charming in it's own way. It tried to present a less abstract singleplayer but it's weaker game than the others otherwise. And it had decent movement that was better than Q3 but without control like QW, albeit it's better movement also breaks it's gameplay so it's sort of a catch22.

>> No.4242440

>And Thresh was pretty much trailblazing.
No one suggested he wasn't.
It's like suggesting, sure heart surgeons in the 1800s were doing great new work for the era, but you wouldn't want one operating on you now because medicine even for the lower skilled doctors is considerably better.

>> No.4242470

I've played QWTF and Threewave CTF. Quake 2's various CTF gamemodes is still better. And unlike VQ3, Quake 2 has updated network protocols. I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue except "i dont like thing because its bad".

>> No.4242513

quake 2 has weapons of destruction xtreme making it the best just because

>> No.4243550
File: 2.19 MB, 1920x1090, 1492426417834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>16-man bot match in start.bsp or dm4

>> No.4245123

His tips still apply if you want to duel in netquake

>> No.4245143


Do they even duel in NQ? All I see are FFAs, the occasioanl Threewave CTF pickup, and old NQ mods.

>> No.4245151

its rare but i've seen it once or twice
netquake shouldn't even have players when quakeworld exists in my opinion

>> No.4245250

Anybody who doesn't say modded Quake 1 is a huge faggot

>> No.4245252

you're the faggot
1v1 and tdm is all you need

>> No.4245254
File: 536 KB, 381x512, 1433039194335.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ignoring secrets

>> No.4245256
File: 131 KB, 816x404, 1502322045520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4245270
File: 2 KB, 1152x648, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you know of this one quake mod I'm trying to find? You're twice as fast and need to shoot switches to open up the path as you're blasting ass around a complex obstacle course and if you stop moving you die, and the maps were mostly an outside setting with lots of slipgate fuckery going on. I remember playing it long ago, but no matter what sites I go to they don't have it and I'm about to give up my search altogether.

>> No.4245278

I've always liked Ahoy's videos

>> No.4245557
File: 743 KB, 1600x1200, Quake3 2012-01-30 20-00-33-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always found them somewhere between meh and sub-meh. So I mean I guess they aren't terrible and I don't recall him absolutely lambasting truth like many do.

Also what's with the terrible Q3 settings and video capture. It's like he doesn't even know what Q3 looked like and booted up a quickly downloaded beta release and just got some quick shots from that without realizing his gamma was all fucked up etc...

>> No.4245586

Also love his narration

>"Quake:ET and it's relentless action"
>literally shows a guy sitting there barely doing anything, ADSing like three guys slowly as he's saying this with a straight face.

>"enduring popularity of Q3A lead to release of QuakeLive
>"Quake's relevance proved difficult to revive. Q3 was already a decade old and past it's prime"
but you said... forget it, shoot me in the face now and be done with it.

>"reliant on id for support"
>"but it wasn't enough"
What wasn't enough, the nothing that was support wasn't enough? Nothing, nothing wasn't enough? Nnnnnooooo really?
I like how he tries to suggest that they really bothered to keep the thing breathing when their concept was, basically retool Q3, make some changes to make it shittier, constrain it and try to sell some minor perks to bring in extra cash to profit while they barely did anything. Especially when their target demographic was people who already owned the better version with more shit already in it and more viability.
Least they improved mouse input though.

>> No.4245615

I've tried to play Q1 and Q2 multiplayer, but there was no one playing, I've had better luck with Q3.

>> No.4245627

Try during weekend nights

>> No.4245630

There's always people playing Q2

>> No.4245746

It's a given since 3/Live are the ones that pushed the multiplayer first shit despite 1 and 2 having equally solid pvp modes. If you really want some action just hit us up with requests, I could probably hop on tomorrow.

>> No.4245823

yeah there is always people in the tastyspleen ffa server. and if you join elpaso or whales eye WODX servers people will join up if you wait a bit

>> No.4245827
File: 948 KB, 1920x1080, Honey022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting back into OG Quake maps was a good idea. I'll have to finish Honey this weekend.

Quaddicted focuses on broad mod packs which the func_msgboard mappers mess with or rely on. For example, lots of older maps from the early 2010s used Quoth (now at V2.2) to enhance base combat and add monster variety. Now we've got the new craze, Arcane Dimensions, which will be the next big custom Quake SP mod platform for years to come. Func might have some isolated weapons/texture mods if you poke around.

Speaking of stuff not on Quaddicted yet, Ter Shibboleth just came out and introduced some rich new themes for mappers (like a vague Asian pagoda style, a tropical resort, and faked Escherspace): http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=61507

>> No.4245868

QL is better than VQ3

>> No.4246067
File: 286 KB, 1200x1600, gggmanlives.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do you guys think of this review?


>> No.4246443
File: 1.16 MB, 1920x1080, Travail017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better than usual for GGGManlives. He doesn't have much unique stuff to say about AD, nor does he link to useful interviews about the mod, but it's a good way to introduce the project.

Gotta get through older maps/packs before I can really enjoy the new stuff, though. Travail's not done and I have Soul of Evil: Indian Summer to tackle after that. And Honey, of course.

>> No.4246547

Ahoy essentially is a superb presentation of a dry wikipedia article.

>> No.4246571

Why is everyone with the green tank model? To make his work that much easier?

>> No.4246582

its a setting to put everyone on an even playing field so every enemy is equally visible as you are to them. I kinda hate that shit about tourneyfag quake just turns it into a boring ass deathmatch against the same character model every time.

>> No.4246586

How does everyone feel about Quake Champions? I thought I would hate it but I am pretty impressed by it so far. I love how strafe jumping is back. Also what guys do you play as? I only really roll with Doomguy.

>> No.4246589

Pretty much. He never really goes into anything really insightful and glossed over the interesting stuff.

People force enemy models to Keel or Tankjr because they're closest to the hitbox and change their colors for visibility purposes.

>> No.4246612

I never tried it I got sent the beta key and never bothered to install it cause I was too wrapped up in the witcher 3

>> No.4246619

I never did the beta but bought the champions version on steam for $30 cuz I was in need of a Quake fix.

>> No.4246626

Hate the duel format, hate the netcode, hate the stacks, hate the speed caps, hate the matchmaking, and hate the lack of mods.

>> No.4246759

You forgot they make all the map textures 1x1 because apparently they're distracting

>> No.4246826
File: 190 KB, 480x480, 1465247929224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>A lot of gamers, including the QC devs, see Quake as being mostly about dueling.
>Ignore how fun as fuck FFA and TDM are in Quake 1 and 2, not to mention classic mods like AQ2, Weapons Factory, QWTF and its spinoffs, and Q1 and Q2 Threewave CTF.

Fuck you eSports faggots.

>> No.4246892

QC doesn't have any of those either and FFA gets stale after one or two maps.

>> No.4246964

everything gets boring after 1 or 2 maps though, I played WODX FFA on quake 2 the other day and I was squeeling I was having so much fun

>> No.4247010


I usually take a break after one or two FFAs to recharge.

>> No.4247043

same ive been switching between quake 2 and team fortress classic lately great fun

>> No.4247056

last time I checked TFC the most popular server was an anti bunnyhop server
might as well play MegaTF which has people playing it after 5PM PDT every weekend

>> No.4247065


You could say the same about TFC. Funhouse and Evil Soldiers have no bhopping caps, but they're only active on certain parts of the day.

Drippy's is basically for newbs and if you need a TFC fix while Funhouse is on an hour-long Avanti binge, ES is running a shitty CTF map or 2fort, or Botbusters is empty.

>> No.4247068

that anti bunnyhop doesn't mean shit desu they just made it so you cant fly around like quake and its more like counter strike bunny hopping you still get infected by methed out medics flying around the map

>> No.4247071

and what I mean by that is in quake 2 you build up speed just jumping in a straight line, in CS you have to alternate between your strafe keys and let go of W, Im fucking horrible at it though

>> No.4247086


Needing to learn bunnyhopping ins't nearly as important as people say it is in FFA and even TDM. In most cases you'll engage in combat before you can build up a decent speed bhopping. Rocketjumping and basic air control (like skipping the lava pit in Q1's DM2 and hopping to the Quad area in DM3) are far more useful and practical.

Watch a few Q1 TDM demos and you'll see that even high-level play, people aren't bhopping like crazy in DM3. You might see a little bit of bhopping in DM3's computer room if he doesn't need the supplies in it, but it's not really useful when you need to be on alert while entering places like the Yellow Armor cubbyhole, the Rocket Launcher room, or the Quad area.

That's not to say it's shit. Bhopping is great for speeding around and item-gathering in duels, playing Scout and Medic in TFC and going offense in CTF gamemodes. Bhopping is a much more situational skill that people hype it up to be.

>> No.4247103

I agree I am much more focused on cooking a nade to blow up in someones face cause I always play soldier, I love being in a gun fight with someone while priming a nade then popping it off at them its unbelievable satisfying

>> No.4247129


My grenade timing has deteriorated over the years. Sometimes I get spells where my grenade goes off almost right after I toss it and it blows up right in my face. A good grenade toss that sends an attacker careening face-first into the floor is very satisfying though.

>> No.4247142

going back to TFC made me realize how shit TF2 is, I always liked TFC better but not playing it for so long made me realize how much better it actually is.

>> No.4247147


How does Ter Shibboleth play? Most of the maps seem pretty large in the screenshots. Afraid it'll be a Shotgun or Rocket Launcher sniping-fest.

>> No.4247165

Man, fuck the Vore´s guided missiles, they are too fucking smart and make you run half a level before they explode against the architecture

>> No.4247178

don't have to bind jump to mousewheel to bhop in quake though

>> No.4247184


Circle-strafe in a circular or infinity-symbol shaped pattern and they're cake. The bomb will stay in the air while you lay the smackdown on the Vore. Once the Vore is dead, take a hard corner and the bomb will blow up. You can also do such turns to shake off the bombs while the little bastard is still alive if you want, but I find that breaks the game's rhythm a bit.

Another fun thing to do is to lead Vore bombs to enemies so that it hits one of them. This will piss off the enemy hit by the bomb and make him go after the Vore. Since most enemies have melee attacks and the Vore doesn't, she'll usually get sliced up before she can seriously damage the other enemy. It's common to see a single Ogre take a Vore down with ease once he gets in melee range.

>> No.4247246

First map pits you against base enemies first in medium-sized interior areas, then out on a beach leading to another building with some non-linear exploration. But you get nailguns and grenades quickly to snipe with, and hitscan damage from afar didn't seem like a concern since enforcers outnumbered grunts.

Other maps have fairly confined action.

Vores are just too vulnerable to infighting and snaking map layouts. They're most dangerous when perched up high and far away from the action, since their bombs can then float into you without warning.

>> No.4247470

this guy


>> No.4247485

>tf2fags always say tfc is too spammy
>but then they play a game with critical hits, invulnerability, and too much defense

>> No.4247486

>A lot of gamers
You sure? I thought the general view was deathmatch regardless of playercount

>> No.4247702

That's pretty cool tbqh senpai. Looks like a work in progress, needs more muzzle flashes. Do you need a monster rig to run this?

>> No.4247737
File: 2.46 MB, 512x512, f6112e9c72c7cd9d2466fc10c93dc7c36cd44c02c234f690971693952c08e6bc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTW I wanted to get into Q2 mods and I can't find Stroggs Gone Mad anywhere, been reading about that mod and it made Q2 pretty challenging. Anyone has it?

>> No.4248009
File: 152 KB, 1366x768, gayke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what maps have you got installed bros?

>> No.4248121
File: 33 KB, 1693x384, maps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

List would be significantly longer if I didn't uninstall every map I beat. I've probably beat around 2-3x this list.

>> No.4248125

Quake 3 InstaGib Freeze-Tag was THE BEST.

>> No.4249158
File: 1.37 MB, 1920x1080, Travail146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suddenly I really like Travail

I clear my list of downloaded maps/packs often, usually to keep myself within a good time range. Right now, I'm grabbing releases from 2007 through now, just off Quaddicted since that's been keeping up with anything published on Func_msgboard first.

Only old stand-bys are Insomnia and Beyond Belief. I've been using them for testing Mark V options.

That's an interesting list. I did those old Kona maps a while back but still need to finish with Nihilore. OG Koohoo doesn't really appeal to me, which is why I'm waiting to try Kaahoo. And Terra was all over the place, more than I'd like coming from czg (my first custom map experience was Februus Depths, by contrast).

I need to try VeniVidiFutzi and then FourFeather. MadFox's one of the less discussed mappers these days despite his variety in themes.

>> No.4249171

why do you deleted your maps? If its as fun as the base game I keep em installed. I couldn't imagine playing a really fun one then deleting it just cause I beat it then forgetting what it was called if I ever wanted to play it again. It happened to me and doom wads and deh files from the 90s I played deleted and dont remember the names of and it still bugs me.

>> No.4249175

It's not like I never re-download or forget which maps I really enjoyed. Part of the problem is I manage my storage like a miser, but that just comes naturally...my download speeds are usually good to great also. And there's much less custom Quake content vs. DOOM, and I've kept most of my DOOM stuff saved knowing this.

>> No.4249390


It's possible to dislike TF2 *and* TFC, you know

I'd rather play literally any other goldsrc shooter than Prime2Win Classic

>> No.4249465

I'm the original poster of that image and you basically described why I delete maps for me.

For those of you who haven't played A Roman Wilderness of Pain I HIGHLY recommend it for the pure "fuck yourself" difficulty.

>> No.4249518

>Do you need a monster rig to run this?

>> No.4249593


I love all the weird and/or cool experiments that people do with the Quake 1 and 2 engines.

>> No.4249620

isn't quake injector running on Java?

>> No.4250104
File: 62 KB, 634x362, Laser_Cannon_-_Black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is she so perfect?

>> No.4250123
File: 73 KB, 1024x576, 24383219056_0145300507_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is she so perfect?
That shit looks gay. Now this, this is a real weapon.

>> No.4250165

>that earthquake effect during final boss fight in Q1 Dissolution of Eternity
Who the hell thought it'd be a good idea?

>> No.4250169
File: 224 KB, 1000x912, Shub-Niggurath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Were there more pathetic boss in the entire genre?

>> No.4250186

Shubb isn't really a "boss" in the conventional sense. It was basically a maleveolent, psychic demon capable of corrupting and controlling other creatures, therein running an inter-dimensional empire and using the combined strength of the creatures it controlled to do its bidding. The fact that Shubb is basically a lame, worthless sack of shit is sort of fitting -- it isn't supposed to be a physically powerful entity, it's more of just a giant brain. The heart of the entire operation, if you will.

>> No.4250248

quick google search links it

>> No.4250336

The final boss of weird quake-clone Chasm: The Rift https://youtu.be/giKhIEZmLL4?t=116

>> No.4250675

At least there you actually teleport inside the thing, in Q it's just a cutscene.

>> No.4250698

I can't get quakespasm to play the OST
any help with this? I have them in id1/music
Can't get it to work on both linux and macos

>> No.4250767

Quakeworld cup

>> No.4250845

For anyone who knows engines here, do lightmap shadows baked into the map cost anything in performance? Is it "free" static shadows, where the only cost is time in calculating light maps and compiling the map?

>> No.4250859

>do lightmap shadows baked into the map cost anything in performance?
Yes, cause they're aditional textures put on top of the actual objects' textures. With such technique, the world was initially rendered in two pass. Later on graphic cards with multitexture capabilities appeared and were able to render it in one pass, but in software rendering, it still requires 2 pass.

>> No.4250880


Is it just me, or is the Supernailgun REALLY satisfying to use? I barely ever use the Thunderbolt in Quake 1 unless the game gives it to me before the SNG, because there's something so pleasing about perforating enemies with booming report of that rapid-fire quad-barrelled death dealer.

>> No.4251072


I feel you. It's firing sound is so good and its firing animation is cool.

>> No.4251091

I remember beating this boss just by shooting at it and got a game crash.

>> No.4251106


Then your game was hacked/bootlegged/altered/etc.

Shub Niggurath, the final boss isn't actually a monster. It's really more of a piece of furniture. The telefrag kill that you're supposed to defeat her with is not an actual kill, it's a scripted event that occurs when you perform the correct event (walking into the teleporter when the spike ball is inside of her). Shub Niggurath herself is no more "destructible" than a wall or ceiling in a proper version of the game.

>> No.4251120

i heard some people accidentally got the quake betas when they ordered

maybe that's what he played

>> No.4251126


Which would fall under the "etc." category of my post.

Either way, the likely reason Shub Niggurath can't be defeated by direct damage is that it would just make the level pointless. Why fight your way through Shamblers and Vores if you can just shoot her to death from the entryway?

>> No.4251460

>Why fight your way through Shamblers and Vores if you can just shoot her to death from the entryway?
Because that is boring as?

>> No.4251462

g_quadfactor 4

>> No.4251782
File: 85 KB, 400x519, 1429530917702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would like to get into quake gaming but I want to know what are the essential source engines and do they work on Quake 2?

>> No.4252065

Quake 2 Pro and R1Q2 are the recommended clients for Q2. Yamagi Quake 2 for singleplayer

>> No.4252296

Also R1Q2 works for singleplayer as well and supports CD music.

>> No.4252975

R1q2 is fucking annoying it fucks with the brightness all the time. You have to set vid_gamma in console or else the game will just keep making itself dark if you try the slider. It has a nice protocol that allows for http downloading which is fast but other than that I wouldn't waste my time with it. Sometimes I use it to download a new mod in game but switch back to quake 2 after.

Don't even waste your fucking time with quake 2 ports just get the 3.24 unofficial patch. Just drop it in your quake 2 folder and boom you got vanilla quake 2 with modern resolutions and music support.

>> No.4253016

nigger do you not know how to save your config?

>> No.4253026

There must be an autocfg for R1q2 I have to delete because my setting vid_gamma 0.7 is saved. Console tells me the gamma is .7 but it's way darker then if I change it to 0.7 again it goes to how it is supposed to be. I have it saved as .7 though so it's R1q2 that is being the massive faggot. Also it doesn't support my laptop reolsolution 1366x768 so it's gay 3.24 does

>> No.4253029

do you not know how to set custom resolutions either?

>> No.4253051

No since you're the expert can you please tell me

>> No.4253089

set vid_forcewidth
set vid_forceheight
merry christmas

>> No.4253265

That didn't work D:

>> No.4253334
File: 118 KB, 700x1000, about to take down clan ghost bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


is Darkplaces Engine,quakespasm, or DirectQ any good?

>> No.4253523

download r1gl if you haven't

>> No.4253546

yeah I was using default gl renderer with the r1q2 executable. On my desktop its no problem but im trying to get this to run on a laptop thats only got integrated graphics but it should be able to run quake 2 at least 60 fps. when I fire the machine gun my frame rate just dips to like 15, I have the same problem on team fortress classic when I shoot a rocket, those fancy weapon glow effects like to kill my fps, cause the game runs fine in software mode

>> No.4253564
File: 286 KB, 670x535, 1503575808952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's fun
customisations cool
added sad

>> No.4253625

Are they really trying to add the DEEPEST LORE into the gams where plot whas compared to the plot of a porn movie in terms of importance?

>> No.4253673

Quakespasm and DirectQ are pretty good.
Darkplaces is useful only for grafix (stuff like full dynamic lighting, normalmaps, high-poly models, etc).

>> No.4253676

QC got a plenty of technical problems but pretty damn fun to play nonetheless.

>> No.4253701
File: 149 KB, 766x616, adjudicator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the advice. I will stick to Quakespasm and DirectQ.

>> No.4254031

If you want to play multiplayer, use nquake and just dig througn the pk3s and delete the texture replacements

>> No.4254120

your integrated graphics card probably has shit openGL support which is why both of those games have performance issues
happens with new AMD cards as well

>> No.4254168

Yeah I had it narrowed down to shit open GL support myself but I was wondering if there was some sort of third party faster driver for it. Or at least a way to turn off some of the fancy effects. It is pretty hilarious watching a couple rockets bring the game to its knees though

>> No.4254173

I don't remember the R1Q2 commands but Q2PRO has a menu that lets you turn off effects like shadows and dynamic lights as well as an updated openGL renderer

>> No.4254198

yeah Ill have to pull up a list of the console commands I am sure that its in there.

>> No.4254214

Has anyone been playing quake 2 lately? I have been playing deathmatch every night playing on tastyspleen just like the good ol days. I was surprised by the amount of people playing, it has more people on there than doom. Also for anyone who might be interested in multiplayer here is a very convenient server browser you can use to find games.

>> No.4254228

Yeah I play it from time to time. Has more players than Quakeworld.

>> No.4254391

I like Darkplaces because it has a cool mod launcher.

>> No.4254413

Its 2017, they don't make them crack jokes and memes at least.

>> No.4254418

there are unironic quake champions lorefags so it seems to be working

>> No.4254423

Quake 3 had background on characters, even Quake 2 had voiced protagonist and cutscenes.

>> No.4254487

So for Quake 1 is it normal for track02 to not play at all in source ports other than vanilla? Like all the other music plays just fine but for whatever reason I just can't get the demo play music to run automatically.

>> No.4254624

does bitterman say stuff other than HUUUU HUUUU OWWWWW I never actually bothered to watch the cut scenes.

>> No.4254626

He comments on landing in opening cutscene.

>> No.4254628

he does say some shit in the opening

>> No.4254631


>> No.4254635

he says like 5 lines in the intro then never talks again

>> No.4255197
File: 899 KB, 1920x1080, quake000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A good amount of people playing Quake 2 LMCTF right now if anyone is interested. Just type in "connect" in console and also put http://q2.dieslow.net/yertleskinpak.pak in your lmctf folder if you want team colors

>> No.4255424

UT2k4 us sweet af, i still got a copy, probably still has some servers online idk

>> No.4255440

i am interested but tomorrow i need to sleep now

>> No.4255467

i'm not that anon but I just finished a bunch I am fucking trash at this but it's still fun just taking a break probably going to play some more actually

>> No.4256090

awesome we should get some QUAKE GENERAL (anon /vr/ / /v/ I.P servers) going weekly or like bi-weekly idk.

>> No.4256146

to be honest there are so many empty servers lying around that it almost feels like a waste to make your own
i know someone who could set up a server for q1 or q2 for obscure mods though

>> No.4256485

can only get mods populated when u already have a good standard playerbase... like air buccaneers for UT2k4, that was such a fun mod but quickly decreased in popularity.

Ut2k4 was the best for custom content. Any populated assualt server would have 2 teams competing to complete a ridiculous wipeout-esque obstacle track using vehicle to pass checkpoints. You even had some rpg invasion type mods. You would usually download these mods through the server without having to do any modding manually. These type of mods would be populated more than the OC. The total overhauls like red orchestra (didnt play that one) and air buccaneers would require the player to execute a seperate exe from ut2k4 with a seperate server list, making the mods obscure over time.

>> No.4256494

are there any good mods for quake?

Also i meant like we do a weekly /v/ or /vr/ quake lobby where we populate a server, using 4chan like gamespy lol.

Also check out gang garrison, it's free and about 100mb or so and is a 2d team fortress game, multiplayer online. I think /v/ or /vr/ would enjoy faffing about with this find :p

>> No.4256538

we could play gloom one night its kind of like natural selection but for quake 2, I would also be down with coop I love the single player. Quake 1 has tons of single player content. Quake 2 my favorite mod is weapons of destruction xtreme WODX its just a normal deathmatch mod except each weapon has like 5 variations, like the rocket launcher has a speed rocket mode, a cruise missile you can fly around the map and smash into people, a missile battery that eats your ammo, a fire missile that causes DOT if they get hit by flames, shotgun has variations like bullets that stick to surfaces than explode, or a freeze ray, the rail gun has a ton of variations one being that posideon that shoots 3 rails at once but isn't as accurate. It's just so crazy and a lot of fun to play its been my favorite since the gamespy days.

I can host the server myself if you want I was planning on running a dedicated quake 2 server

>> No.4256553

sounds good but be warned i am on a budget 5 euro p.c until like next month (got a gtx 960 sitting next to me, waiting for a decent build to put it in, my mum's gonna give me a decent build cause we're a pc family and she's awesome like that :) )

I have been getting lag in even the most simplest of games, but that could be an error on the network side of things, there are like 50 rooms in this flat/complex all connected to one master gatewat and have been having on/off succes faffing about with manual settings, as an access point, it seems to get high speeds (32 ms 1.30+ mb/s on speedtest) but after every five minutes of great connection it just starts to lag out and the google has become shit when looking for answers to stuff.

>> No.4256573

do i need to torrent quake 2 or is their an official (free) download?

Also, when i get a better build you can bet i'll be playing UT2017, it's out now and permanently freetoplay with heavily supported mod community. Basically Unreal are doing everything right that gaming in general has been doing wrong (dlc, paid mods, closed source, gimping, paying for unlock codes for prelocked

tfw you know bethesda started the whole DLC abomination by introducing horse armour as a mini expansion pack, deviating from the standard pc expansion pack rule of thumb that every expansion pack must bring at least half the content of the OC game in addition to the OC.


I actually think the guys behind unreal are genuinely the guys who r gonna save gaming in the long run.

>> No.4256582

Tim Sweeney still in charge? He is a good guy. I recommend trying to find the gog installer for download, if you can't I can try and find you it or upload it myself. Gog version is great though has the music which is essential and included the netpack extremities addon pack

I play on my shit laptop with integrated graphics and it works just fine, my desktop has a 960 too but I still play on my laptop cause portability.

>> No.4256723
File: 2.93 MB, 960x540, gloom3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quake 2 has/had one of the best mod scenes of all time and lots of games stem from Quake 2 or Quake 1 mods.

If you want to play gloom mod, you need the full copy of Quake 2 because it has textures not included in the demo version. I made a zip file with Quake 2 starter + the .PAK file you need for the full game a while ago so you can just dl it here

>> No.4256732
File: 721 KB, 1920x1080, quake017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also I've been doing weekly/bi-weekly game nights for random arena fps and we've had a somewhat decent turnout but it has been dying out.

>> No.4256786

i had no clue about this all I have been playing lately is quake 2, doom and TFC though

>> No.4256868

Cheers! will download in a bit :)
Awesome, i'm just back onto PC after a long run with the xbox 3shitty. So i will be definitely interested in doing more multiplayer community shit in the long run as it's a great way to communicate and faff about online.

Did somebody say, OG Team fortress? I was so stoked for team fortress 2, only to regret it ever coming out, cause team fortress one seems way better with nostalgia glasses in mind, but, i'm correct right? team fortress 1 is way better?

>> No.4256871
File: 2.06 MB, 1920x1080, ezquake046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OG team fortress would be quake team fortress, not TFC which was originally a half-life mod turned into a standalone game

>> No.4256896

wow TF has its roots in quake??? that's quite marvellous, i didn't know as i was young when quake came out. I recall thinking quake 2 single player was somewhat scary (off putting?), but i shat way more bricks fighting the first pack of wolves in tomb raider. I even came back to the game after my mum had finished a save just near the final boss (and i was a teen at the time) only to shit another load of postponed bricks as the last boss of that game was some scary ugly bitch motherfucker. Boy it felt so good to pump it down with a shotgun lol. I think i hijacked my mums save too, oops.

anyway i knew team fortress had roots in half life which was probably the best modded game out there. I mean we got Gmod in hl2. yathink, following this pattern, half life 3 will be a very decent game, but another milestone in endgame mods, i mean, portal was absolute brilliance and the physics aspect brought brand new physics to gaming even. We never had portals before hl2 lol, well yeah, there r portals in quake, and the physics do translate... maybe portal was inspired by quake? fuck it im high on weed and gonna go signal ufos with a friend in maybe half an hour or so. i've seen the black knight sattelite up close that thing is a four dimensional craft that can levitate and fly into space and emit a light halo. But nasa says its a space blanket.

also sorry for not being retro enough to know about quake team fortress. is it worth checking out today? or would half life tf be more fun?

What do you think is the best TF?

>> No.4256906

MegaTF for quakeworld has pickup games every weekend around 8PM EST and is the best in my opinion.

>> No.4257068

I hate that ezquake hud cause it clashes so badly with the low res textures I still use classic crappy quakeworld hud lol

>> No.4257080

theres better looking hud replacements but i'm too lazy to download them

>> No.4257124

I dunno if anything can be better than the classic HUD I love that thing, same with duke3d hud haha

>> No.4257139

Why do you think TFC has weapons like the normal+super shotgun and nailgun?

>> No.4257484 [DELETED] 

>wow TF has its roots in quake???
Why do you think the Demoman grenades bounce and arc, among other such similarities exist between the TF series and Quake? That's right, this black scottish alcoholic pirate king multibillionaire demolitionist is a descendent of the Quake Ranger.

>> No.4257489 [DELETED] 
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnogamenotalk.com%2Fcontent%2Fuploads%2F2011%2F07%2F17317_Demoman-07.jpg&f=1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wow TF has its roots in quake???
Why do you think the Demoman grenades bounce and arc, among other such similarities exist between the TF series and Quake? That's right, this black scottish alcoholic pirate king multibillionaire demolitionist is a descendent of the Quake Ranger.

>> No.4257494
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnogamenotalk.com%2Fcontent%2Fuploads%2F2011%2F07%2F17317_Demoman-07.jpg&f=1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wow TF has its roots in quake???
Why do you think the Demoman grenades bounce and arc, among other such similarities exist between the TF series and Quake? That's right, this black scottish alcoholic pirate king multibillionaire demolitionist is a descendent of the Quake Ranger.

>> No.4257568

I think the question we need to present to this guy is why do you think TFC is called Team Fortress fucking CLASSIC if there was no predecessor to it.

>> No.4257595

Then what was Team fortress 1 called? lol

>> No.4257602

team fortress

>> No.4257603
File: 66 KB, 612x574, 1488176721148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Team Fortress (nicknamed Quakeworld Team Fortress)
>Team Fortress Classic
>Team Fortress 2

Valve bought / licensed id Tech 1, mixed a bit of id Tech 2 and their own stuff into it, and decided to port and remake Quake 1 multiplayer and Quake Team Fortress. These were known as Deathmatch Classic and Team Fortress Classic.

>> No.4257606
File: 578 KB, 1920x1080, sshot0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone ever play the digital paint 2 mod for quake 2 back in the day? It was fun as hell and a nice change from normal fps. After the quake 2 source was released the digital paint made their own fork and standalone version of the game which is all but dead now. I would really like to convince the digital paint 2 community to come back to the quake engine as I believe they would be able to increase their player base because their standalone is dead as fuck. It's actually a really fun mod though has the bunny hopping of quake but also implements the trajectory and projectile speed of paintball and it had really fun maps with lots of stuff to take cover behind and hide behind. It would just be nice to play some casual rounds of paintball again and I dont think that can ever happen on their standalone client. :(

>> No.4257635

TFC was even called TF1.5 for a while

>> No.4257775
File: 49 KB, 500x341, 51ZBCQV4NTL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to play Quake 2 a lot in the late 90s/early 00s. I stop playing around I want to say 02/03 because after that I got really into UT04.

I remember one day my dad bought me this pack at a Best Buy or a CompUSA. I was so happy to get it because it was the full game unlike the demo I used to play. The funny thing is that I actually never beat nor even touch the expansion packs for it. heck I never even touch that netpack of Q3 which I have no idea what that was. Not sure as to why, I guess back then I did not understand a lot of things. I still have the CDs somewhere, I remember never giving those away.Years later, I think in 09/10 I found my old CDs and actually beat the game for the first time. I have yet to play the EX pack for it, maybe one day I will.

I actually never played Quake before and it never dawn on me as a kid to try it. I had very little knowledge about it or desire. Other games at the time caught my interest.

anyone own this or still have the original copies of the games?

anyone else has a similar memories?

>> No.4257789

I have a copy of quake 1 I never owned them back in the day just pirated them lol though some kid gave me a burned copy of quake 2 which was just the quake 2 directory burned to a cd but it worked no music though :(. I would love to own a quake 2 cd though just for that soundtrack. It's sooooooo good, I swear half the people who say quake 2 is boring don't have the damn music going haha

>> No.4259075

A friend gave me a portable version of Quake 2 back when I was a kid. I played it so many damn times I eventually managed to find all secrets but I also enjoyed using cheats to make the enemies fight each other and create "tournaments". The solve survivor would get a BFG right into the face as reward.

Never got into the multiplayer nor played the expansions, but man did I try to pirate them back then just to fail miserably. Quake 2 was my childhood/teenage years defining game for me. It wasn't until recently that I've been playing Quake 1 and the expansions. Quake 2 and the expansions are next.

>> No.4259368

Sleep deprivation fucking up my Google-fu. Thanks a lot, anon!

>> No.4259679
File: 2.41 MB, 400x220, belt of 10 defense.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any single player story based mods? all I know is one call After the Fall.

>> No.4259757

Dawn of Darkness

>> No.4259902

i'll be up for it when i upgrade pc, can't say i'll commit to anything but i guess it's good to have on teh desktop shortcut

yeah ut2k4 rocked, actually wasted more time of my life on that game than battlefield 2142 (man 2142 was the apex of online fps gaming hands down. 2142, anyone?)

hope they dont ruin 2143 and call it a sequel lol. The epicness of 2142 man, it had some specific formula... the mothership base capturing, like your whole base could be commanded and steered and had defenses and offenses and it was like team fortress but with floating fortresses. :)

>> No.4261203

what made this different from standard quake aside from being one weapon only

>> No.4261213

there was more than one weapon there were a few different types of paintball markers and you had a shitty pump action one for your desperation weapon. It was pretty much the same as quake though, just the maps were more made for dodging and cover, the movement and bunny hopping is the same. The guns made just such a massive difference though using slower projectiles which have an arc and trajectory changed the game so much, you had to lead shots or aim up and of course since it was paintball it was 1 hit kills. The standard mode was CTF too which was fun as hell.

>> No.4262003


That actually sounds pretty cool. Standard instagib in games like Q3 and UT99 is pretty boring with all of them using hitscan weapons.

>> No.4262362

The Seal of Nehahra is a landmark in terms of the modding community.

>> No.4262445

>NIN will never compose for a new Quake game
>Trent Reznor will never voice Ranger again

>> No.4262905

the drummer for NIN composed the doom 3 theme

>> No.4262912

love this intro so much

>> No.4262926

He did music for Quake Champions too.

>> No.4263314

Wait, you're telling me all the HUH sounds were made by Trent Reznor?

>> No.4263389

same sound in quake 2 as well

>> No.4263391

forgot to cite source

>> No.4263497

Anyone down for some OpenArena?

>> No.4263532

Why play OpenArena when you can play Quake 1-3 for free?

>> No.4264113

Quake 2 tournament
will be on next week as well

>> No.4264139

where do I find a pastebin for the best mods for 1?

>> No.4264152

MP or SP?

>> No.4264154


>> No.4264163
File: 119 KB, 808x687, quakeinjector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get Quake Injector and play all the 4 and 5 star episodes/maps.

>> No.4264229

Caught a couple of Q2 matches on there, was a nice watch. Thanks for the link, m8.

>> No.4264515

Seriously though, TF2 is a scam that's perpetuated by the sales of hats. It's fun until you realize that everyone on your team is a 14 year old. I feel bad for the people that bought it.

>> No.4264528

is there and quake 3 version? I'm trying to find maps that I remembered playing at lan parties back in high school 7 years ago, but don't recall the names.

>> No.4264574

lol yeah I played it briefly when it was F2P and was suprised to find that there was more content in the microtransactions than in the actual game itself.

Also people who bought it didn't it come bundled with hl2 with portal?

oh man that looks fun. Multiplayer maps too?
Fortress map looks tight

>> No.4264601

what is the limit of star would you go to try a map?

>> No.4264608

Try that again anon, you almost made some sense there.

>> No.4264675

Because Quake3 maps and game modes are boring now.

>> No.4264712

Sort by user ratings instead. Quaddicted's webmaster and editor (spirit + negke) plus some other dude give the star ratings, but they're much less useful than reviews and user ratings. You can check entry pages on Quaddicted for more info anyway.

SP only, sadly. QuakeOne and affiliated sites focus much more on QuakeWorld stuff.

>> No.4264714

I know Quake excels at MP, but I think the SP is pretty good, Q1 SP is one of the best games ever.

>> No.4264743

ioquake3 is the preferred way to play Q3A these days, right? I'm not touching Live.

>> No.4264950


qw > q4max82 > q3a > q3ta > q2

cpma > reflex > xonotic/nexuiz > openarena/alienarena

>> No.4264957


Both Q1 SP and MP are some of my top favorites in their respective categories.

>> No.4265209

Nobody plays Q3A nowadays. Just CPMA.

>> No.4265230

almost same as me but i would switch q2 and q4max just because q4 is so fucked up on a technical level and has nothing else to really offer
also because q2 has the most functional movement tricks in any game despite no air control and maintains the sound meta of qw

>> No.4265237

Actully there are quite a few populated vanilla quake 3 servers. There are people who enjoy vanilla quake 3 more than CPMA.

>> No.4265250

Most of those people hang around Quake Live nowadays although QL is stagnating since they put a price tag on it for some mind boggling reason.

>> No.4265359
File: 860 KB, 1920x1080, quake063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EU tournament starting in half an hour
they're usually way better than the NA players ;_; so it should be good

>> No.4265893

QL died for me the moment they made it Windows-only.

Fuck post-Carmack id.

>> No.4266851

Damn, I love the aestethics of that game but I can't get over on the engine's limitations

>> No.4266934

how do you compare quake modding to doom modding?

the same or is it night and day difference.

>> No.4266951

quakeC exists and you dont have to use weird undocumented languages made by autistic germans

>> No.4267046
File: 997 KB, 470x320, Capra Demon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if someone wanted to get into modding, which game would you recommend they go to?

Doom or Quake?

>> No.4267058

doom if you have 0 experience and don't even know what a brush is. quake if you do.

>> No.4267069


>> No.4267403

You're pretty limited when it comes to doom modding.

>> No.4267404

>Modding a mod

>> No.4267726

It's a little bit more than just a mod. Nowadays though Quake has fancy stuff like trenchbroom while HL is the same old tools but buggier now since valve doesn't give a shit.

>> No.4268746

I heard that the modern CoD games still use the Quake engines.

>> No.4268853

they use heavily modified id tech 3

>> No.4269035

expect CoD3 and Advance warfare.

>> No.4269776
File: 798 KB, 1920x1080, quake013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quake 2 LMCTF tonight at 10PM EST

>> No.4269781

forgot to link the mod

>> No.4269787

thats fun as shit but sometimes I wish there was normal ctf nights instead of just instagib

>> No.4269795

lmctf is normal ctf with an offhand hook
you better be there

>> No.4269812

i will be if I am at home at that time I got some errands to run tonight but I might be home by then and ill defs play some quake2

>> No.4269813

as a lad I played q3dm17 instagib 1v1 for hours and hours and hours

>> No.4270483

Q2 lithium was the best multiplayer, with grappling hooks and shit. You had to have a decent ping though.

I played so much q2 that q3 just felt like shit.

Single player was never worthwhile on any of them

>> No.4270491

Why so salty? Other than silly "not muh SSG" posts, Quake usually has positive treatment there.

>> No.4270531

it's common sense that both games are good
people trying to stir up fights are pretty dumb

>> No.4270541

Can I play Quake 3 in 1080p without fucking the aspect ratio and FOV or should I stick to my CRT?

>> No.4270562

just set your fov to 130 and it will be fine

>> No.4270585
File: 232 KB, 800x600, genarena_drp12_800x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Generations Arena?

>> No.4270591

neat mod
wish they released that patch they promised like 10 years ago

>> No.4270594

Not really, no. The HUD will still be stretched and your weapon model will still look weird. Even the sourceports like ioquake3 don't fix this.

Just play Quake Live, it's the essentially same thing, you can even re-enable the gore by downloading a patch on the workshop. And QL is more active anyway.

>> No.4270598

cg_crosshairsize 24x32
cg_gunoffset (x,y,z)
there you go
nobody uses default HUD because its shit

>> No.4270612

What's your favorite source port for Quake 1?

I know Quakespasm (and its forks like vkQuake or Quakespasm Spiked) is the king and the vast majority of modern SP maps are tailored for it, but what about the outliers? There's Qbism Super 8 which expands on the original 8 bit software renderer so it can run in widescreen resolutions and support modern map packs like Arcane Dimensions and then there's also Mark V etc.

DarkPlaces hasn't got an update since 2014 and it was mostly a relic of its era IMO, kinda like jDoom/Doomsday for Doom, just shitty 3D effects that don't really work with Quake's aesthetics and nowadays people are smart enough to see that, so it got the boot pretty much. Still, it has some cool features, like support for high res fonts/HUD.

Yeah I'm mostly playing SP.

>> No.4270652

Quakespasm is my go-to sourceport for SP and nQuake/ezQuake for MP but darkplaces isn't bad. There's a decent number of arena shooters built off of darkplaces.

>> No.4270780

those other games built on darkplaces work because they were built on that engine it doesnt look out of place like when you play quake with bloom and other stupid fucking modern effects

>> No.4270801

I enjoyed Q2's second half much more than the first.

>> No.4270884
File: 722 KB, 1920x1080, quake029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quake 2 LMCTF tonight starting in about 15 minutes. If you want to join download the mod at http://www.lmctf.com/ and type in "connect" in console. Then bind a key to +hook for the grappling hook.

>> No.4270895

nevermind it's in one more hour

>> No.4271068
File: 102 KB, 605x1140, Cannot deploy here New constrution options.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


what do you guys think of DirectQ?

>> No.4271550
File: 236 KB, 1000x912, Shub-Niggurath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4271627

I'm always baffled at the focus on dueling in Arena FPSs. That is literally the shit that scares away most potential players because "i'll never be that good".

>> No.4271638

Lack of CTF upsets me. FFA is fun only in short bursts. TDM is boring. Sacrifice is terrible.

>> No.4271643

"literally" the shit?

>> No.4271652

Bleh. Too many people around me say literally.

>> No.4271658

What's the best way to play quake nowadays? Can someone post the guide?

>> No.4271679

I often have the thought that id software confused the failure of Q3 Team Arena as people not liking CTF and similar modes, when it was actually because plenty of free mods already existed to provide similar content.

>> No.4271710
File: 1.43 MB, 800x3848, 1476783249877.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4271721

thank you

>> No.4271886

Because its the best gamemode with nobody but yourself to blame if you lose.

>> No.4272069

what a worthless guide
doesn't even mention nquake

>> No.4272165

This is all hopelessly outdated. Recommending Tenebrae lolwut. DirectQ etc are also all discontinued.

Modern SP ports are pretty much Quakespasm, Mark V, Darkplaces. Quakespasm gets the most support. Grab the latest build here:


It's the only engine that can run all of Arcane Dimensions maps. No Nehahra support though, so you might want to keep MV or DP around for that.

>> No.4272209

you have nobody to blame but yourself if you lose a FFA

>> No.4272214

team arena is shit that should have been in the base game, Unreal Tournament was way better than quake 3 in regards to content

>> No.4272552

quake 3 was a joke in regards to content
hence why tons of people stayed with q2

>> No.4272562

speaking of Unreal games

when will the unreal engine 1 be open

>> No.4272736

FFA is the mario party mode

>> No.4272763

I stuck with quake 2 because quake 3 ran like shit on a 56k modem and quake 2 was extremely playable

>> No.4272931

What about FTE? Besides some custom SP maps it's the most reliable for me

>> No.4273249

>Update coming soon
The worst part is the cunts have been internally playing a consistently up to date version for the last 10 years, they just won't release it until it's 'done'.

>> No.4273252

Pointless. Why anyone would port Quake to an inferior graphics mode is beyond me.

>> No.4273254

why directx have to be so popular

fuck michaelsoft

>> No.4273264


Technical experiment and apparently DirectX has better performance than OpenGL does on really old computers.

>> No.4273273

my card handles older directx games better than old versions of opengl

>> No.4273568
File: 13 KB, 321x240, 1503134225563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




what the guy say at that timestamp, does that still apply nowadays?

>> No.4273581

Quakespasm works fine for me on AMD but goldsource stuff lags sometimes especially Sven Co-op.

>> No.4273751

same here my laptop with integrated graphics is much better at running direct x

>> No.4273865

The original Quake was the most fun on LAN. Second best was QuakeII + TheEdge. Never really liked part three... very well made game but I don't enjoy it.

>> No.4274217

>I stuck with quake 2 because quake 3 ran like shit on a 56k modem and quake 2 was extremely playable
It's more the opposite. Q3 ran better on dial-up than Q2, it runs better on everything that isn't 5ms LAN.

>> No.4274225

not really

>> No.4274347

that is why I always got insane rubber banding no matter how good my connection was? Quake 3 was unplayable. Quake 2 might not have been perfect but I never once rubber banded around the map.

>> No.4274405


To a certain extent, but you can still wrest control if you plan it right. Even a single Quad can put things in your favor.

>> No.4275484

You probably had your rate setting wrong. You can have lightspeed internet and the game will still have unplayable lag if rate is set to 4000. This is so for all Quake engine games.

>> No.4275772

Quake 1 had that nice A E S T H E T I C to it, as well as the top-tier level design all around.

I can't remember a bad level from it.

>> No.4275801

I know how to set my damn rates. They even made it foolproof so you could select your connection speed in the options and it would set the rate for you quake 2 even has that. 4800 is a proper rate for a 56k modem though I even tried others I'm not an idiot. It didn't matter quake 3 just ran like shit on dialup and quake 2 ran without hiccups. If you had the means to do it today I would say go see for yourself but I dont think anyone has a modem on their pc anymore.

>> No.4275804

>I dont think anyone has a modem on their pc anymore.
Not the guy you're replying to, but my PC still has an integrated modem.

>> No.4275824

damn really? thats crazy mine only has integrated ethernet and the last PC i owned before that was the same thing. 2011 was when i got this computer I have now and 2008 was when I got the one before that

>> No.4275834

It's a 2010 chinkpad so this computer isn't that new.

>> No.4275847

>not having a 2009 gooktop

>> No.4276112

>nobody but yourself to blame if you lose.
I'd argue that's part of why its always going to be niche. No average player wants to accept that its their own fault they lost. They want to blame someone else for it to make them feel better about themselves. Its why MOBAs, CS and OW are popular.

>> No.4276565

I like it the way it is. If I ever wanted to get another thinkpad it'd be a guenine IBM one, with a pentium or pentium II, and I'd install OS/2 Warp 4 on it.

>> No.4276595

I just want to point out that casual and comp CS are two completely different gamemodes. Pub servers were just 32 player clusterfucks while there's actually a good amount of strategy and tactics in CS.

>> No.4276705

yeah I never realized how much there actually was to counter strike before I got into playing it myself. It's a game of money management more than anything.

>> No.4276736

Q2pro or Q2online?

>> No.4277047
File: 407 KB, 706x719, 1427953963477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what kind of laptop?

>> No.4277159

everyone uses q2pro or r1q2 client
mostly q2pro nowadays

>> No.4277183

Acer aspire 5734z. It's got a mono speaker haha, it was my moms and she got it so full of malware and shit and wanted a new one so I took hers and reformatted it and it runs great now.

>> No.4277195

very oldskool website made by the man who saved daikatana

>> No.4277205

I always wonder why anyone never recommends tyrquake... Is like anyone knows it exists. And is a really fast port for what I had tested. It even has a port in retroarch multi emulator for playing the vanilla official games

>> No.4277220
File: 39 KB, 500x500, 1457622064230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that oldschool goodness

Absolutely beautiful

>> No.4277223
File: 12 KB, 97x102, berserk2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

definitely saving these for future use

>> No.4277225

also worth checking out

>> No.4277238
File: 137 KB, 680x678, 1462369877873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accidentally through clicking around I've found some old file archive for old games


I wonder what secrets and lost gems it hides

>> No.4277334

I've played on his serve before

>> No.4277471

i've played against him in daikatana

>> No.4277475
File: 1.93 MB, 1920x1080, daikatana006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4got picture

>> No.4277479

does anyone ever play that? Like as bad as it was I heard it actually had a really solid multiplayer. I own it on gog and would totally install it if there were games on the weekends and stuff

>> No.4277485

I just checked to see if they had an old quake 2 version of digital paint on there and they don't :'( I think im going to go sign up for their forum and ask them to give me an old build to run a server. Digital paint was soooooo fucking fun

>> No.4277591

yeah from time to time
the singleplayer is actually a lot of fun with the 1.3 patch and sidekicks off

>> No.4277656

I will play it soon then been on a hard retro fps kick lately, been playing through the quake 2 single player and some multiplayer.

Quake 2 single player is actually really good I understand how some people say its boring but thats only after you have already killed everything and if youre running around in silence it kind of sucks so you gotta have the music going too.

>> No.4278009

Jeez bruv'nor, no need to get defensive, I only brought up rate because it is an incredibly common problem people have with Quake engine multiplayer. Not everybody who tries to help (though I suppose it's a couple of decades late for that) is talking down to ye.

>> No.4278129


With Daikatana, there's actually some pretty solid gameplay and level design buried in it. You just have to disable the sidekicks because it plays a lot better with just you kicking ass and slog through Episode 1.

>> No.4278198
File: 1.63 MB, 1543x6138, Play Doom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a version of this for Quake? I played Doom and absolutely loved it, now I really want to see what's next.

>> No.4278256


Simple guide:

1. Get Quake 1.

2. Download Quakespasm at http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm

3. Add the "id1" folder in your Quake folder to your Quakespasm folder or add Quakespasm to your Quake folder.

4. Have fun.

>> No.4279050

Episode 1 is fine after you get past the dragonflies and frogs

>> No.4279974

These simple guides always leave out the important step of updating Quake to version 1.06. I know 1.07 and 1.08 were just DOS exe updates but 1.06 changes the PAK files, doesn't it? If you just slap a source port on Quake 1.01 you're sure to have problems down the line.

>> No.4279989

One thing I really like about the classic Quake trilogy is that they're all essentially completely different games. None of them really obsolete each other since the experiences are all so unique.

>> No.4280292

is quake 4 any good?

>> No.4280376

SP was made for consoles in mind and feels like COD-lite but the multiplayer with q4max is awesome. Shame its a technical mess.

>> No.4280391
File: 749 KB, 606x550, 1503598712666.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4280404

well i just played through quake 2 for the first time in at least a decade. still holds up pretty well, but its kinda easy. i also have a disk that has a bunch of modding tools and extra maps and shit on it. played through those as well and some are hit and miss some good. Any really good maps/map packs/tcs for Q2?

>> No.4280409

poor ql player vs an actual q2 player

>> No.4280414
File: 1.98 MB, 500x443, 1503600833110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4280434

The majority of Q2 mods are multiplayer but there is a decent amount of retro SP mods. I can't remember the exact name but there was this first person action RPG that I think was called Dawn of Darkness.

>> No.4280452

i find it amusing that you complain about weapon balance for the only game in the series where using more than 3 weapons is viable
such an uninformed opinion

>> No.4280461

go to the retro FPS thread and follow the guide

it's easy as fuck

>> No.4280703

What are some of your essential tweaks for Quake?

scr_ofsx "-3" - gives better view of the weapon model
r_lerpmodels "0" - removes the horrible wobbly animation tweening
r_lerpmove "0" - removes the horrible floatiness the movement otherwise has
r_particles "2" - makes particles square-shaped, makes the visuals look more wholesome
gl_texturemode "3" - removes the awful blurry texture filtering

>> No.4280884

Anyone know some good Singleplayer mods for Quake 3?
>inb4 CoD

>> No.4280895

Star Trek Elite Force

>> No.4282319

Not very. Multiplayer is okay, but it's just a clunkier Q3 with a lower framerate, no real identity of it's own. The single player totally screws up the Quake 2 setting (can't even get the colour of the sky right, much less sv_gravity) and has stupid realism trends that were popular at the time.

>> No.4282709

Anywhere you're getting the pak files from should already be Quake v1.06, with pak0 and pak1.pak last modified October 1 and July 12 1996 respectively.

>> No.4282715


If you have a old versions of Quake pre-1.06, it's easier to download 1.06 than to get the version you have patched to 1.06.

>> No.4282905

Frogbots are god damn cheaters with their selective spawn.

>> No.4283020

8 bit textures look horrendous in OpenGL, yuck.
I prefer software for Quake 1.

>> No.4283024
File: 399 KB, 1262x1410, Quake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4283124 [DELETED] 
File: 3 KB, 195x258, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: hipster trolls pretend Q2 is any good

>> No.4283137

it's hardly a clunkier q3 when it has way better movement options
you need q4max for it to not be a mess though

>> No.4283805

>QII campaign better than QI
Quake II's campaign is a mess, that's why they choose QIII to be deathmatch only.

>> No.4283863

I prefer Q1's SP to Q2 but its far from a mess. They chose Q3 to be deathmatch only because they were lazy.

>> No.4283905

Chances are no but has anyone here played or seen the Quake 1 arcade machine?

>> No.4284017 [DELETED] 

the only thing worse than the doom general is the eceleb general, and both belong on /vg/

>> No.4284184

the eceleb general has not been a thing for ages, you salty sam

>> No.4284963


>> No.4284967


>> No.4285567

Why is there no /vr/ Quake night? We got 3 retro games with thousands of potential mods and it would be a good way to get SP fans into the multiplayer.

>> No.4286185
File: 752 KB, 1920x1080, quake035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quake 2 LMCTF tonight at 10PM EST
All you need is a copy of Quake 2 which you can get from http://q2s.tastyspleen.net/ or https://mega.nz/#!EAxAlSwa!9v0PQ7QgN60mXDptMqWXvdAC2srSCnb7pGPqZojG2QI
and the LMCTF mod itself which can be grabbed at http://www.lmctf.com/download.html

>> No.4286289

I'd consider Q2 multiplayer to be better than the Q1 one. Better balanced, at the very least.

>> No.4286440

what does the quake symbol stand for?

>> No.4286447


>> No.4286448

A nail or Shub Niggurath.

>> No.4286483

Where should I start out with Quake? So far I've only played the first singleplayer episode of Quake 1 and very little multiplayer

>> No.4286490

Start out for MP or SP? You'll need a client for one and the other.

>> No.4286493

idk I guess both?

>> No.4286503

For Quake 1 SP use Quakespasm, for Quake MP use nQuake. For Quake 2 SP you can use Yamagi Quake 2, KMQuake2 with all the ugly effects turned off, or just the 3.24 patch. For Quake 2 MP you can use Q2PRO which you can download off Quake 2 starter and for Quake 3 I use Quake3e.

>> No.4286506

This anon read the lore.

>> No.4286507

thanks, so which one do I start out with for multiplayer?

>> No.4286508

Probably Quake 2 since it always has people playing regular deathmatch which is good for noobs. DL it here >>4286185

>> No.4286510

I wanted to like Quake, but between the droning music and the camera tilting I was too nauseated to play much.

>> No.4286515

thanks for the link but I'd rather just buy it on GOG. would anyone be willing to trade it to me on GOG for a Steam game of equal value or slightly greater value? I don't have any money on gog right now but I have some extra in my steam wallet so might as well spend it.

>> No.4286517

Why would you buy it when almost nobody that worked on it will get money from it? The GOG versions of Quake dont even come with the music last time I checked so you have to pirate them anyways.

>> No.4286530

>Why would you buy it when almost nobody that worked on it will get money from it?
I mean that's usually how games work, the money just goes to the publishing company

>> No.4286628
File: 900 KB, 1920x1080, quake041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

starting right now if anyone is interested

>> No.4286770


>> No.4287052

The GOG version of Quake 1 comes with disc images you can rip the music from.

>> No.4287736

someone ought to make a new quake thread after this one kicks the bucket

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