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I like the effect, was actually explored really well by the art style in Soul Reaver.

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you know tomb raider is on PC right

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I personally can't stand PlayStation's affine texture mapping. Saturn managed to avoid most of the problems by mapping to quads instead of triangles, but the only mitigation that PlayStation can really do is tessellate the everloving shit out of geometry to minimize the effect and it never quite works.

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Yes yes no zbuffer and ducks go quack.

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Tomb Raider on the Saturn ran at 20 fps compared to 30fps on the PSX.

Later games with improved Gfx like Tomb Raider 4 and 5 would not even be possible on the Saturn.

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I'll take the zigzags over that garbage texture resolution.

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Wtf are you talking about the resolution is the same. Saturn technically had more Video Ram.

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Huge Saturn fan but the fact that it still got good games despite being such a clusterfuck taped together system is a true testament to Sega's outright tenacity.

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Either way the console versions are not the ideal experience, just play the PC versions.

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Pc Master race always wins, baby.

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Where those still using the same engine? It was already dated when 3 used it.

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Levels are still constructed out of blocks, yes.

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Damn they sure got their use out of it.

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Compare the white spots on the texture in both pictures. The one with zigzags has much more of them. It's pretty fucking clear that genesis had lower resolution textures.

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PlayStation version has higher resolution textures and smoother lighting (when played on newer PlayStation models; at the game's release the Saturn's lighting was a bit smoother due to the launch PlayStation's gouraud shading bug). Saturn version has less texture warping and longer draw distances but runs at a lower framerate. I consider it a wash, honestly.

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Who cares about 4 and 5 not being able to run on Saturn when those games were on Dreamcast?

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Tomb Raider 1 & 2 are better than the nuTomb Raider shit we have today.

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Yes they are. The Crystal Dynamics reboot ain't bad either.

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imagine tomb raider on n64

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fucking kek

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Dreamcast has a loud cooling fan which takes away from the immersion of exploring underground crypts.

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I'd like to Zig-Zag Lara, iykwim.

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why would anyone think that interpolated textures look good?

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I like the zigzags

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Modern emulation can fix the texture mapping, but nothing will ever fix the N64's low texture resolution.

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>being so new you've never seen this
Tripfags sicken me. Filtered.

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What, can't afford headphones? Turning up the volume will disturb mommy and daddy?

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It's all because Pillar of Dimension broke.

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You do realize that texture packs have been a thing for years in n64 emulation, right?

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You realize they are all incomplete and look like eye cancer, right?

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They do, but they don't even cover a tenth of the N64's library.

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Lara is the best vidya character, do you agree?

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is this the PC version?
because I don't remember being able to switch between weapons on the fly

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There are hotkeys for every weapon on pc.

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I loved TR1 but I could never get myself into TR2 or 3.
I watched a playthrough of 2 and, something feels off, I don't think I would have managed to go through it all.
Note that I'm also a weirdo that actually liked Angel of Darkness, though I completely agree that many parts are extra shit and it's a bugfest, but dat soundtrack doe.

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Try TR4, it's like the first but better.

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>Dreamcast has a loud cooling fan which takes away from the immersion of exploring underground crypts.

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Why couldn't the west have kept this direction?

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New generation of players.

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Doesn't TR2 have a bunch of hitscan human enemies instead of wild animals and dinosaurs.

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Yes and it's much better

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yes they do

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