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Let's go back in time to the days before digital distribution was common.

Share pics of 3rd party mod discs, mission packs, etc

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All those mods, lost to time, like tears in the rain

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>500 levels
Are they all as good and creative as the original levels?

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Some were really good, some were shit-tier boxes with 10000 enemies and could not be beaten :P

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'Morecraft" :p

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I would have refused to purchase it or even just install on principle alone

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I dont even know what this one is

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Seems like die germans loved HL the most

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1500 levels!?!?!?!
I'll never need to play another video game again!

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There was a Official Playstation Magazine demo disc that gave you a free Half-life expansion. I sold it to some dude years ago for 15$.

>The only released addon was a port of Half-Life: Uplink released on a PlayStation Underground demo disc in the June 2002 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine.[7] This can be played using an undocumented cheat code discovered by the project leader of Half-Life: Decay's PC port. When entered, it causes the game to prompt for an expansion disc.

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In some cases, you could use GameShark codes to unlock full games on demo discs. There might be some missing assets like music or FMVs, but some of these demos did include a full levelset.

An interesting bit of trivia for anyone trying to hunt down cheap games that have become overpriced on the reseller market.

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Damn thats cool.
Never heard of it back then though where it would have fucking mattered of course.

I remember tips and tricks or someone similar kept that fake ass meme gameshark code in their book for showing lara crofts tits.

My friend and I bought a gameshark or XPLODER specifially for that shit

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>1500 levels!?!?!?!

Probably created by an automated level generator.

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Action HL
They Live

God damnit so many good mods are dead or unplayed these days. My fist is clenching with rage

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>Half-Life: Decay is an exclusive multiplayer cooperative mode for the PlayStation 2 port of the game where the players take on the roles of Dr. Gina Cross and Dr. Colette Green. They must work together with the assistance of the science team to seal the rift between Earth and the borderworld Xen.

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>Half-Life: Uplink
That was already a demo for the PC version of Half-Life

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Didnt say it was exclusive, just saying it was a cool free way of getting the expansion on PS2.

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>you will never scam retards by selling oblige levels
Why even live?

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sourceport babby here, how did people actually run these kinds of duke and doom extra levels?

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They usually am with a launcher or with doom you would run doom -file <name>.wad

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so this is before devs started prohibiting sales of mods in their eula?

how does this help the dev exactly anyways beyond muh ip control, this sort of thing seems great to me - maybe some of them were licensed?

sorry i was consolefag at the time

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>First was the fact that, in violation of id Software's EULA and Data Utility Licenses, user add-ons and editor utilities were being used to promote the sale of a commercial product. This immediately earned the ire of many authors, some of whose works explicitly denied the right to be distributed on CD but were included anyway. The discs include text files for levels that originally had them, and these can be viewed in the included frontend, but WizardWorks' copyright notices do not seem to exclude the WADs on the discs and thus seem to attempt to exert rights over others' properties.


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One more thing, more for level editors and stuff like that but still applies

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