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Better than every other game in the FF series (procluding tactics), and one of the very few actually worth seeing through.

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None of the Final Fantasies are any good.

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>Better than every other game in the FF series
I can't wait. I intentionally do not read anything about games, and I have not played this one yet. I am running through FF Tactics one more time, than this was next on my list. Thanks. I was pondering this or Chrono Cross.....which I did years ago for a developer ending....

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>None of the Final Fantasies are any good.
FF9 and the original Tactics are masterpieces. Everything else is straight up shit.

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Nah. Tactics is alright but not technically Final Fantasy.

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>I can't wait. I intentionally do not read anything about games, and I have not played this one yet. I am running through FF Tactics one more time, than this was next on my list. Thanks.
You'll enjoy it dude, definitely play FF9 next. I normally don't like turn-based JRPGs of this style, but FF9 surpasses even my standards.

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>Tactics is alright

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It's Tactics Ogre with a Final Fantasy skin.

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>it's another SNES fag pretending his favorite childhood game was relevant episode

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>Final Fantasy Tactics is good
Where does this meme come from?

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>retard joins thread
>starts talking shit on FF9 and FFT with no argument
>turns out to be a TO faggot with no taste
lmao big surprise

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>Where does this meme come from?
Playing the game, faggot child.

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But FFT IS Tactics Ogre, they are the same shit.

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It was made by the guys behind Tactics Ogre. It plays and looks exactly like Tactics Ogre, with a few tweaks. Even its story directly incorporates elements from Ogre Battle (the Zodiac stones). Come on now.

Also IX is too slow to be really good, plus it still has the series mainstays that make it painful to play as an adult. I'd say V is the best Final Fantasy, and the only good one, because even though the story is retarded (like all FFs) at least it doesn't take itself seriously and the gameplay is extremely flexible in a way that provides for many unique challenges, unlike most FFs.

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>It's Tactics Ogre with a Final Fantasy skin.
I liked TO and OB64. It is closer to Shining force, but I like that too.

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lol fucking mod deletes my post. must be a hardcore SNES faggot.

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Tactics Ogre is like a boring and autistic version of FFT that's about twice as long and twice as depressing.

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Whatever you say, kiddo. Same director, same engine. Same game.

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At some point I came to realize that Matsuno is not the reason why FFT and Vagrant Story are good.

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>two games being similar means they are part of the same series

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Kys you underage faggot

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>Kys you underage faggot

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>Better than every other game in the FF series (procluding tactics)
Do explain how exactly it is FFIX the best?
And while you are at it do tell me how FFIX is "criminally underrated" game when it has sold millions of copies, is well received in FF fanbase and is one of the highest rated FF games everywhere?

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I'm not gonna argue anymore, I've obviously won. Kid.

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>Better than every other game in the FF series
that's the correct one.

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>And while you are at it do tell me how FFIX is "criminally underrated" game
Stop right there homosex. When the fuck did I ever say anything about the game being critically underrated? You have reached a level of delusion and retardation where you are attacking arguments that don't exist, solely because you are so assblasted about the success of a game you dislike that you assume my opinion. Nothing in my statement even implied that the game "critically underrated", I said the game was great because it is. If you can't appreciate the atmosphere, quality and overall design of FF9, that's fine, you're entitlted to your opinion. Some people enjoy smearing shit on themselves too, that doesn't mean it isn't retarded.

Now I could give you a whole list of reasons for why the game is good, but let's be realistic, there's no point in doing that when your biases and pre-conceived notions have already blinded you to the point of using strawman arguments.

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>hates FF9
>likes FFV

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Tactics Ogre is more serious in tone, but I wouldn't call it boring... the branching paths were more fun to explore than FFT's railroad fedora plot that ends up just like all the Ogre Battle games (church = evil, disregard politics destroy demons). If only it was more balanced. Thankfully the PSP remake fixes that.

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>FFT's railroad fedora plot that ends up just like all the Ogre Battle games
OB64 and FFT are so damn the same, you ask one if it wants ice cream, they both say yes.

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job system is a million times better than learning from items. And the battles are 5 times faster. Just compare using the "escape" command.

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Now if only it was better than FF9 in every other way and actually had amazing music, graphics, art direction and atmosphere.
>job system is a million times better than learning from items
Wrong. Learning from items provides so much more customization and control over your character.

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allowing 5th gen was a mistake, but threads like these are a nice reminder why nothing further should be allowed

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>allowing 5th gen was a mistake
lmao go to bed grandpa

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I don't really see how OB64 is the same as FFT. I mean, I'm assuming you're obviously not talking about gameplay, because they're very different, but even when it comes to plot the tone of OB64 is different. It's not focused on bringing down the dominant religion, but rather on myths that predate the dominant religion. And OB64's primary relationship is openly homoerotic, there's nothing like that in FFT.

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final fantasy 6 turns to shit when the world of ruin happens

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>so much more customization
Customization that was directly limited to where you were in the story.

This is about as nonsencial as saying the sphere grid in 10 allowed freedom when every character was going to be the same by the time you got to penance.

>amazing music
On top of being subjective only final fantasy 8 has had songs that were garnered worldwide acclaim due in part to the use of one of them in the olympics.

Why does that even matter. On /vr/ of all places.

>art direction
Look I like Itahana and all of his art for the chocobo spinoffs, and that's exactly where his art designs should stay. The biggest graphical juxtaposition of the entire series lies with 9 which looks more on par with the aforementioned spinoffs and less in line with a mainline.

Not even a little bit. The worlds ravaged, wars are fought, three characters have deep interactions with the events that are directly affecting your party and yet the tone never lifts higher than being a road trip for 60% of the game.

Like I like FF9. And because I like 9 it's why I will mention it's faults. Anybody who's pretending 9 was perfect given how many flaws to gameplay (trance) and story (necron) was there as well as rather subpar visuals for some fights (soulcage) are letting the fanboy in them rebel way to damn hard.

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>say something positive about FFIV
Go kill yourself nostalgiafag!
>say something negative about FFIV
Go back to FFVII you underage piece of shit!

>say something positive about FFV
Kill yourself you pretentious hipster piece of shit!
>say something negative about FFV
Fuck you, it has the the best version of job system and is the most fun FF!

>say something positive about FFVI
Kill yourself hipster, FFVII is where it's at!
>say something negative about FFVI
Kill yourself you FFVII fanboy!

>say something positive about FFVII
You only like it because it was your first FF!
>say something negative about FFVII
You only hate it because it's popular!

>say something positive about FFVIII
HURR Squall is dead!!!1! R=U!!!1! DURR
>say something negative about FFVIII
You didn't play the game correctly and/or didn't understand it's story you casual piece of shit!

>say something positive about FFIX
FFIX is a slow piece of shit! FFIV / VI / VII is better!
>say something negative about FFIX
Fuck you, it's the best FF because reasons!

Seriously is there worse fandom than Final Fantasy fanbases arguing about their toys?

>tfw you genuinely like most the FF games (even if just for the nostalgia you have towards them) but want to strangle the entire fanbase to death

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>Learning from items provides so much more customization and control over your character.
only Zidane can learn Steal. Enough said.
> amazing music, graphics, art direction and atmosphere.
those are nice, but not the main reason why I want to play a game. FF9 gameplay is bad. FF5 gameplay is good. FF5 also has good music, graphics, art direction and atmosphere.

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Most video game fanbases are pure cancer. The same thing happens with other series, like Fallout.

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I love FF9, it's my favorite FF. The soundtrack is also amazing, nobuo uematsu even said in an interview at some university that he was most proud of his work on that game.

However, I wonder if all this new praise for FF9 recently is just because of the "sonic cd" effect (where people only like it because it's the largely ignored one that not many people played).

I've never heard anyone ever even mention this game until recently. Which is understandable. It came out towards the very end of the PS1 lifecycle, people were still hyped over 8 at the time. 10 was just around the corner. And people weren't interested in the fantasy setting and were more interested in the more futuristic setting at the time.

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nah you're just underaged

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>wahhh wahhh wahhhh I don't agree with your opinion, time for the obligatory underage default

This is literally the reee normie get out of vr. Also if born in the 80s isn't underage so you'll have to find a new "rebuttal"

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>And OB64's primary relationship is openly homoerotic, there's nothing like that in FFT.

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Tactics Ogre :LUCT has way more depths than its sister game FFT in terms of morality and raises questions of human ethics as it delves deeper into the dark side of war.

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>tfw pretending this game isn't fantastic has become a meme
It hurts, it really does.

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I love 9 but seriously fuck that treasure digging nonsense.

Also hate that I'm inclined to get 99 jumps or whatever on that jumprope at the beginning of the game.

Optional boss was weak sauce too.

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It's okay with a proper translation patch. You can at least understand what the fuck is going on finally.

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Careful you can get banned just for criticizing them. It happened to me.

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>most regressive game in the series
>linear as fuck
>FMVs and cutscenes every five steps into the game
>characters are all cookie-cutter classes and can't be customized
>fanfic plot with a crossdressing villain

This is totally not bait, you guys

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I want a FF5 remake but with 10's battle system. So long life if that ever happens.

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Yes "complaining about 4chan" rule is grounds for a 3 day ban. Surely we've become no better than R'ebbit.

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Is there a list or image somewhere that contains fun or challenging FF runs? I've recently finished a no-leveling run of 8 and 15 and that was really fun.

I just did a normal 12 playthrough and was thinking about doing some kind of challenge run in 12 or 5. Or if 1-9 have some interesting hidden mechanics I could uncover

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FFV four job fiesta I hear is fun.

>> No.4219265

looks pretty fun, but I guess you need twitter to get your job roulette?

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You could just write your own script for it if you want to avoid that. The concept isn't terribly difficult; you just need a few random selections. Perl 6 would actually be pretty good for this.

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try a no licence board run of 12, or get the zodiac version and play weak mode
people have completed FF1 NES with four white mages or a single thief
do a no augment run of FFIV for the DS, or a no sphere grid run of X, or FFVII LLNIIENACMO

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What the fuck you nerd, any random number generator would work, even a pair of dice could work

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>people have completed FF1 NES with four white mages or a single thief
What's the fun in that, you just run away from every encounter and beat bosses by spamming attacks with the Masamune.

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>you just run away from every encounter
yeah, if the game lets you
>spamming attacks with the Masamune
you mean the sword you get in the final dungeon?

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Alright, you use the silver hammer the rest of the game. Impressive patience, sure. But not fun at all.

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>beat bosses by spamming attacks with the Masamune

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. The weapon isn't obtained until after you set foot in the final dungeon.

Single-character challenges usually abuse BANE to kill bosses. There's a sword that can cast the spell when used as an item in battle, so any character can use this tactic.

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Interesting. But you'll till be praying to the RNG gods most of the run. Not fun.

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I hate seeing this kind of stuff and its sad that I've almost grown used to it. Just a bunch of whiny bastards who feel like they have to love one or two games in a series and shit on the rest. I can't understand it.

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Tactics is commie propaganda.

>hurr durr kill all the evil bourgeosie

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FFIX along FFIV and VI are literally FF for babies. Only pedos and manchildren enjoy it

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>Interesting. But you'll till be praying to the RNG gods most of the run.

Not really. It's not hard to get BANE to stick to anything. I think Chaos is the only enemy in the game that has insanely high resistances to those kinds of spells.

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This. They always go ballistic over any criticism.

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What are opinions

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Is there a mod for the pc version that makes it so the load times into combat aren't a nightmare? I could never beat the ps1 version because of them

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FF9 is bad. Really bad. I pretty much just rushed the last half of the game because it was so boring I just wanted it to be over.

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FF9 is one of my favorite games of all time, if not my favorite. It's simply magical.

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FFX is better, but it's not /vr/. Though honestly FFV is better than this too and it's /vr/, so either way, you're wrong.

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Statements that make people very angry.

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