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We can all agree this is the best Mario Kart right?
The best handling and map design. Best multiplayer too

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>SMK still has an active competitive scene with world championships every y ear
>the others don't

That should tell you everything you need to know

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>any mario kart not DS
>not CTR

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Mario Kart Double Dash has logitech wheel support so that one

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>ctr is good

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Yeah, that mode 7 muhstolgia trumps all around better design.
Even without that I'd still put my vote towards Double Dash. I went into it as a full skeptic after avoiding it for years (picked it up used for less than $20 around 05 or 06) and was surprised by how great it actually was, easily my favorite in the series.

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MK64 has the best Battle Mode. That's it. Otherwise the track designs are lacking.

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>he doesnt like ctr

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Sorry for disliking a game thas has all the same problems that had Mario Kart Wii

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If we could all agree, there would be no need to create a thread for this.

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I'm so sorry CTRs skillcap is too high for you anon

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The only thing DD suffers from is that it made so many now classic tracks that they feel so old and outplayed. Wish there was a patch or something to add a fuckton of maps. Everything about double dash is great and actually requires some level of skill

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Absolutely correct

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>SMK has an active competitive scene

wait what

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But Mario/Luigi/Peach raceways are the peak of MK circuit design.
And I agree with OP about MK64 having the best handling.

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>The best handling and map design
I'll give you map design,but subsequent games all improved on handling. Just because it's the handling that you're most comfortable with (probably because it's the game you've played the most) doesn't mean it's the "best".

In my opinion, Mario Kart 8 has the best handling. Moving the karts just feels completely natural. In MK64 and DD, the whole cart swings out weirdly in the opposite direction that you are steering. It makes it feel super awkward to avoid hazards. Sometimes the best way to miss a banana peel is to actually steer towards it.

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>nostalgia: the post
I'm a pretty hardcore nostalgiafag, but even I have to admit that MK8 is where its at.

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nah, MK8 is the best. The lack of bots and music while in 3-4 players really hurts mario kart 64. There's no better battle mode in the series though, i'll give you that.

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Hahaha oh wow.

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No. The AI is rubberband bullshit, there's a tiny number of tracks and they're not even all good, it looks like ass, and it simply isn't as fun as you remember it. Exceeded by pretty much every other entry in the franchise, and on N64 specifically Diddy Kong Racing is better in essentially every way.

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>The AI is rubberband bullshit
>having trouble with the AI at all

Gyatto gyuddo dude.

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> MK64
> The best handling

Actually surprised someone with an IQ of 70 is able to use a PC.

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>Actually surprised someone with an IQ of 70 is able to use a PC.
Welcome to the 21st century, anon.
There's a thing called Facebook, you might find it funny.
>not the best handling
Explain yourself?

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Who said I had trouble with it, numbnuts? You can have mastery of a game and still acknowledge its flaws; in fact being intimately familiar with the mechanics makes recognizing flaws much easier. Making CPU characters exceed the normal in-game limitations for things such as speed is bullshit, a moron's idea of difficulty.

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Seriously just get good.
Go beat the ghosts on the raceways time trials, then come back.

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I did that shit back in 1998, retard. Maybe spend a little less time on vidya, it's clearly distracting you from your GED studying.

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I don't think anyone has to explain how shit the handling in MK64 is. It's so unnatural and imprecise.

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2. MK64
4. MK8
5. MKWii
6. MK7
7. SMK

3. MK8
4. MK7
5. MK64
7. SMK
9001. MKWii

1. MK64
4. SMK
6. MK8
7. MKWii
8. MK7

3. MK8
4. MK64
5. MK7
6. SMK
7. MKWii

I put in dividers where I think there are tier gaps. MKDS and MKDD are good at pretty much everything. MK8 is great except for battle mode. Every battle mode from wii onward is terrible due to them changing balloon mode from survival to shitty timed mode. MK7 just feels like a lesser version of MK8 (with one exception: rainbow road in MK7 is one of my favorites in the series). MK64 has some awesome tracks and by far the best battle Mode in the series, but I dock points for the racing multiplayer being bad (which is odd given how fun multiplayer battle is). SMK holds up well in the battle department and not much else, I used to rank it second best for me and MK64 third but I eventually managed to get the nostalgia goggles off and realized they're both heavily flawed but fun games. MKSC just feels like a worse SMK, and MKWii had so much potential but is ruined by the horrific controls (and shitty battle mode which is present in MK7 and MK8 as well, but those games have good controls and about the same quality of track design).

Obviously this is all prett subjective; I could easily see someone liking SMK best. I think the only things about the series most people agree on is that battle mode after MKDS sucks and the controls in wii (yes, even the Non-motion controls) are terrible.

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lol that tldr

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>having ADHD
this isn't the doom general

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>at a party
>spot a vidya corner with a N64, MK64 and a bunch of people playing and watching.
>ask if I can step next
>get told to wait in line
>notice one of the guys, the one who's dominating the game, is the only one aware of the mini-turbo, the rest just seem to be playing the game casually, trying to pick up items and not get smashed.
>finally my turn
>crush the fuck out of everyone right at the start of the race
>show the big guy what MK64 is all about
>I end up 1st place with like 5 seconds of advantage

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>at party

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"Active" might be too strong a word. The championships are really small, have crowds of maybe 20-30 people, and it's literally just two people playing regular 150cc difficulty.

Pretty boring to watch.

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>1. MKDS

Good control/handling, but snaking was terrible. Especially in online play, where you HAD to do it because everyone else was doing it.

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Even without snaking I felt like the controls were as good as the series has seen. Double Dash would be #1 if you could hop.

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>showing your power level at a party

just relax and have some fun anon

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>mario kart thread
>short man syndrome CTR fan comes into the thread

every time

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>Worst Rainbow Road
>Introduced the Blue Shell, the worst power-up in Mario Kart history

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MK8 > 64 > SNES > Everything else > shit > double dash.

Sorry can't beat the jazzy sound track.

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He's right though, MKDS isn't retro and it's the only one worth discussing (snaking is godly and you're a shitter if you complain about it)

CTR is truly the best kart game in existence.

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You just keep spamming your opinion and maybe it'll become fact one day.

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What is your picture trying to prove?
That archive hasn't been around as long as /v/

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>SMK, MKDD not worth discussing

This just shows how idiotic are CTR fans.

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I think every Mario kart except super circuit (which is just Super Mario Kart with worse maps and field of vision) is worth discussing, honestly. Even Wii with its shitty controls has some fun value.

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Just replayed it on a N64 and holy shit. This game controls like a tank, is slow as fuck and the graphics are eye cancer inducing. MK64 aged very poorly and every MK after it is a major improvement.

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Fucking leave.

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Dude I love Super Circuit.

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I like the graphics/artstyle but that's about it. But hey, to each his own.

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I still play it with. (4 way only way). But it's not that good. The next one on Game Cube fucking turbo shits on it.

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This game is garbage... DS fixes all of the issues though for what that's worth.

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What makes the multiplayer racing in 64 bad?

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Major complaint: Screen too zoomed in even with camera out as far as possible. This is fine in single and even 2 player, but 3/4 player is almost impossible to see anything this way.
Minor complaint: No music
Minor complaint 2: Random ass bombs on the track instead of just leaving the tracks the way they are in single player

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>mfw you have no face

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get fucking good

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MK64 is the greatest multiplayer game of all time

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> most people agree on is that battle mode after MKDS sucks and the controls in wii (yes, even the Non-motion controls) are terrible.
I don't see the issue with wii gc pad controls. Elaborate

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