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Tell me, if /vr/ is indeed so enlightened, then why is there no Sega Saturn emulation thread?
>which is the best emulator?
>how accessible is Saturn emulation in general?
>What is the most visually impressive Saturn game?

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Because most of the Saturn fans here own consoles, probably.

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Goddamn that game looks cool as shit
Tell me it has an English translation
I need a Saturn right fucking now

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because i already played the shite out of muh saturn back in the day

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It's called Dragon Force.
not only does it have an English translation, it's one of the best. by Working Designs, who localised the Lunar games and Albert odyssey.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Designs

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because original hardware is a lot better, and saturn fans being men of fine taste know how best to enjoy it.

both it and its sequel have translations.

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Check the wiki in the sticky.

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Mednafen if you can out up with it still being in beta and the quirks that come with that. Compatability is already rivaling SSF.

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>which is the best emulator?
Mednafen......(if the game you're trying to play works) Otherwise SSF.
>how accessible is Saturn emulation in general?
Very, unless you're a mongoloid.

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>it's one of the best. by Working Designs

Does not compute

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Mednafen is the best option you have.

I played some albert oddisey. I completely, unironically like the localization. I am not kidding at all. No shame either.

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>Very, unless you're a mongoloid.
Being Asian is of advantage since you can play all those Japanese games.

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yea it was released in the west by working designs.

the sequel was japan only but has an eng translation patch :)

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>not liking Vic "weeaboo killer" Ireland

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True weeaboos play in Japanese.

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Still an awesome game even now.

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I got an eight core AMD FX-8150 processor at 3.6 GHz and Nights: Into Dreams has slowdowns and the audio skips terribly. Did I compile this shit wrong or is it supposed to be that slow?

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Works full speed on my Intel 2ghz. You're just stupid.

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Thanks anon, that's very helpful.

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saturn emulation is perfect, i've beaten dragon force 1 and 2 on SSF without problems.
by the way DF1 is probably the best saturn game. Panzer dragoon zwei might be the most visually impressive.

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>playing Saturn games on emu
What's wrong anon? Too pro to get a Saturn and modchip?

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>>4201696 (OP)
>playing Saturn games on emu
What's wrong anon? Too poor to get a Saturn and modchip?

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Man if they released a port or remake or sequel in spirit to dragon force they'd have my money yesterday. I've never seen anything that captured the same feel ever since.

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A 100 pack of cdr and a real console. Idk if you need a mod chip, mine has one so I can't test without. Saturns are relatively cheap as far as retro stuff goes.

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>it's one of the best
>Working Designs

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>why is there no Sega Saturn emulation thread?
Because there's no fucking Sega Saturn emulation.

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I don't see how being retarded and having an archaic idea of localizing makes him a weeaboo killer.

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AMD CPUs are usually "More cores is more better" and have inferior single thread performance compared to Intel CPUs. Single thread performance is the most important thing when it comes to emulation.

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Yep, this, a high Ghz is more effective for emulation than multi cores.

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The best Saturn emu would be Kegasaturn, if Steve ever got the free time to finish it.

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I don't discuss Saturn emulation because I'm trying to trick bandwagoners that the Saturn is literally unemulatable so I can flip my collection for a mad profit on ebay. Mods delete this thread it's fucking with my livelihood.

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Ghz isn't a measure of how good a CPU is though. Newer 2.5 Ghz cores are better than older 3 Ghz ones for example. Using Ghz to compare CPUs only works if you're comparing two versions of a same model but with different clock rates.

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True, because newer processors can take advantage of modern SSE and AVX instruction optimization thingies.

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That's not just emulators, this is often the case for modern games as well. AMD CPUs just suck for gaming.

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Sure, but I kind of expected it to perform better than my dusty old dual core 2-ghz proc I had before, and it's not really any faster, which is why I was wondering if there's something else going on.
I'm running on Linux, and I compiled Mednafen with GCC 6.3.0.

Also, I would kind of expect multicore to be a good thing for Saturn emulation, since you're basically emulating a bunch of different cpus and chips; I'd expect it would be best to run most of those chips on their own core.

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Not even those, newer cpus just have better instruction per clock ratio.

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Ehhhh, not really. Low-level emulation relies heavily on making sure that tasks are performed in the same order that they would be on the original hardware, which makes it inherently serial in nature. High IPC and clock speed will be vastly more beneficial than a bunch of idling cores.

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