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If you can achieve setup A is it worth it to attempt to create setup B?

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No, but it is worth it to create seteup C: consumer CRT with original hardware. You know, like how they were meant to be played.

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No, but get a Pi instead. Better emulation capabilities, more compact and you can even choose your UI.

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>Muh blur

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Only if it is a period accurate consumer CRT.

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Pi can't play Wii and Gamecube games tho.

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And nothing of value was lost.

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That's just a stupid thing to say, especially in regards to the Gamecube.

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I use a 2002 CRT, and everything looks pretty much the same as I remember it.

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It really isn't. Post-4th gen Nintendo is shit.

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whatever fagg

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k fruitcake

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There are some subtle color differences in how the video signal was processed between televisions in the 80s vs ones made in later decades.

RF adapters + old-ass "console" televisions are the ultimate evolution of the CRT fag.

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Setup A sucks, i'd go with a raspberry Pi and scart 240p pcb instead. Real hardware is always better since quality of emulation varies from game to game. Get real HW and flash carts.

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I think there's 3 types of CRTs worth really owning.
1. an RGB capable one that is up to 20" in size. Multiformat is ideal but you can't always get it.

2. A large 4:3 Presentation monitor. These are very rare so a large 4:3 JVC DTV or Trinitron will do, should have component-in at least.

3. a nice 4:3 PC monitor, at least 1280x1024 capable. 5:4 and 4:3 are both cool. 16:10 optional but don't hold your breath.

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>A large 4:3 Presentation monitor.
I've had three of these and they are by far the greatest way to play in the world. PVM/BVM fags can keep their little monitors, I'm a Mitsu/NEC man for life. The bigger the better.

Although they did make some big Trinitron SD televisions in the past... those could be quite interesting.

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I dont get how people can be nostalgic for sixth gens shitty 480i. 240p for older games means awesome pixel perfect 2D art, but 480i means dealing with the games interlace filter if it uses one to make 480i look less shitty which comes at the cost of blurrying the image, or turning it off if the game lets you and dealing with interlace artifacts.

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>>Although they did make some big Trinitron SD televisions in the past... those could be quite interesting.

They're breddy gud if you ask me. Best way to play games without getting into prosumer and pro gear.

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Is there a comparison pic? I'm interested in seeing this color difference.

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>interlace filter if it uses one to make 480i look less shitty which comes at the cost of blurrying the image, or turning it off if the game lets you and dealing with interlace artifacts.

The only games where this is an issue are ports from other systems, usually arcade. And it's more of a PS2 thing than a Gamecube/Wii thing.

Games like Metroid Prime or F-Zero GX look great in 480i.

Additionally, the good CRTs of the late 90s and early 2000s would easily resolve 600 lines of visible resolution and had a variety of features in their video processing to create a clear image.

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No, I mean BIG. That's a pretty good size TV, but I distinctly remember seeing some HUGE black Trinitrons in the front of repair shops in the mid 2000s that were probably made in the 90s. Some of them were part of the XBR line (pre-HDTV). There were some gigantic RCA televisions too. These things were all at least 40".

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>These things were all at least 40".
Bless the poor souls who try to get one of those things upstairs.

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One of them looked like this, but was even bigger.

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>reddit spacing
You have to go back

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AFAIK the biggest consumer sets were 40" and the only Sony ones that come to mind are the XBR line. I don't even think Sony made 38" sets so my 36" is only a step down from the biggest it gets. They did make a select few sets bigger than 40" but they're incredibly rare and out of grasp for 90% of us. For some reason though, information on the black 40" Trinitrons is hard to come by, but they did exist.

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I have looked for information on them for years but have only found scant documents. Some of the ones I saw may not actually have been Sony televisions because I saw other brands at the same time and may have mixed up the televisions in my memory. But I have owned several 36" televisions and monitors and these were definitely larger. None of them were the Mitsubishi AM-4201 btw. That's the one I want tho.

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I swear I can't find that kind of furniture anywhere now. I just want one with at least 4 spaces to put consoles in + glass door

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Or just use whatever TV you want to use + whatever video configuration works
RGB and CRTs are a meme.

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why do people use those tiny shitbox microwave tv's?

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It's called a stereo cabinet. Check thrift stores, got mine for $20

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that's funny, i remember in the 90's no one would claim nonsense like that with RGB being the only way if you were serious about gaming, people really get more stupid as time goes on

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>tfw have Setup B (American SNES)
Feels good man. Drive 5 hours to get my 14" Sony PVM for a steal.

Also have a 5" model that I want to move to my desk eventually.

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Don't live in a 1st world country, no thrift stores to be had.
I swear if I lived in a big US city I would spend all day hunting deals in thrift shops/salvation army

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>muh hobby
>muh RGB
>lool you're stupiddd! xDD
Does baby need a nap?

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I choose setup C.

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Ys it's worth getting setup B, most games on the Wii virtual console look like dark, blurry dogshit, not to mention every retro game looks absolutely amazing on a PVM, only envious poorfags would disagree

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Absolutely disgusting

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Setup C is LCD with OSSC/Fra|meme|ister.

The way it wasn't meant to be played™

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Visually there is very little difference between A and B.

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It really is nice to have some RGB displays, at least one or a way to transcode RGB to component YPbPr.

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>not a 50" 240hz HDTV with enhanced smooth motion and dynamic picture mode with a NES mini hooked up

do you even retro?

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>Jerking off to how sharp pixels are instead of playing video games

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Not really. Setup A would get a rating of 9/10 in my arbitrary system of setup goodness.

>native res
>good level of accuracy in emulators
>easy to use
>low (zero?) lag
>excellent image quality

Setup B is getting into some diminishing returns from A. You get maybe 1% better image quality, virtually no difference in actual gameplay, and both harder and easier to use for a variety of reasons.

Big CRT televisions can also be argued to have a more pleasing picture than a BVM which is so razor sharp it can make you feel like you're playing on a LCD sometimes.

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Composite is fine for 240 lines in screen sizes less than 19".

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Also if you are playing NES/SMS and other systems of that era you pretty much need composite to get an accurate image.

>> No.4193454


You could opt for something in the middle, like a good quality consumer set hooked up to your favorite consoles via Composite or S-Video.

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>mfw when I have setup A & B and all consoles hooked up to both sets

Feels good bruh

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This is a brainless thread.

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… nah. Only someone from a land without SCART would dare say such a stupid thing.

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Threads don't have brains, dummy.

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>should have component-in at least.
Why? Nothing retro supports component and it is vastly inferior to RGB for retro consoles. Just get one with RGB SCART in, they're not hard to find.

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Why does it need to be a BVM/PVM? Why not just a CRT?

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Can't really give a shit, I enjoy the picture, I'm fine with it.

It was meant to be played to have fun, not sperg out, seek help.

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We are talking about the SNES here, it outputs 240p.
Fuck off if you imply playing it at 480i.

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>Although they did make some big Trinitron SD televisions in the past... those could be quite interesting.
It's hilarious to see people wasting hundreds on "professional monitors" when there are big, 24", 28" Sony Trinitron consumer CRTs that accept RGB over SCART, have PAL/60 and have real proper calibrations menus (hidden under service menu).

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you are like the guy forcing his fetish onto everybody else, you can't stand it when someone does not like composite

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I have a 20" multiformat PVM-20L5 and it's by far the best image I've had for anything gen 6 and earlier. Let's me play RGB for retro consoles and component for gen 6 consoles. Granted, I found mine for $50 at an auction. They go for ~$900 online and there's no way in hell I'd pay that much.

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I've owned several RGB monitors and in the small sizes and resolutions the difference in image quality is trivial. A dozen other factors are more important.

It doesn't take much signal bandwidth to transport a 240p video signal, and composite is fine for the task as long as you have good quality equipment to create the signal and then decode it. The composite video from the Gamecube is way better than that from the 1st revision 16-bit hardware is a good example, and lots of televisions have differences in their internal circuitry and decoding.

I have a JVC TM-13U I play games on with my Wii in 240p (in composite) and it looks just as good as my PVM 1271Q (in RGB). At 13" and 12" you'd have to stick your face 3" from the JVC to see flaws in the image, especially since the JVC has a very coarse dot pitch and dot triads screen.

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>component and it is vastly inferior to RGB for retro consoles.
That is not accurate at all. RGB can be converted to component video with near-lossless quality.

>> No.4195709

Most of the people you see talking about these things are from the US.

What is actually a bit funny is how s-video is disregarded even though it is quite a capable signal format and I've seen people pass up gorgeous mint condition 36" CRT televisions because
>muh PVM muh RGB
when that 36" TV would simply look glorious playing retro games through the s-video port, which is also quite a bit more convenient to use with some systems like the original PlayStation.

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I mostly agree with the sentiment of your post, but there is an appreciable difference between s-video and RGB. Not as big as the difference between composite and s-video, but a difference nonetheless.

That said I do only use RGB for SNES, as all of my other retro consoles require modding to do RGB and I don't want to put effort into that.

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Raspberry pi is shit.
This. Also get the white wii with gamecube retrocompatibility.
A fucking snes can't run comfy videos from a harddrive or emulate like 10 consoles in 1. Also wii virtual console is worth checking. You can play Castlevania Rondo of blood.

Real consoles and 2 games because they are expensive as fuck and also shipping fucking rapes you in the ass. It's a cool option but it's expensive my man.

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Fucking sony PVM aren't that sharp. The gas inside the screens is fucking dying with each year.

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You sure showed him!

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Setup A
Having the power button on the controller, playing scumm games and rpgs with just the wiimote while lying down on the couch is comfy as fuck.

>> No.4195791

What should I use for this, I have a crt with component in

>> No.4195803

Real hardware + any crt. I'm fine with my dinky sv2000 shitbox with composite and rf input only. NES games look really good on it.

Scart to component converter. Look at MLiGs videos on this shit.

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That image has been passed around for years and it's bullshit. Keep in mind the site it originates from is in the business of selling RGB adapters.

>> No.4195812

you're forcing your fetish onto him

>> No.4195814

The very last image is bullshit, but the first four are pretty on the mark in terms of my own experience.

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True masterrace:
>$20 medical PVM from the mid 2000s
>retro consoles owned since childhood or bought for cheap prior to 2012 bubble
>hooked up via their best native signals
I would've accepted a consumer CRT if I hadn't gotten this PVM so cheap. If you were lucky enough to invest in hardware before the retro bubble then you're set on a budget.

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Pi can output 240p tho senpai, through either composite port or the HDMI

>> No.4196749

Now tell me how it's better when you have to use composite or a HDMI to RGB converter?
Fucking joke.

>> No.4196753

Sorry, I didn't know you had perception problems, I on the other hand can see pretty well that the composite guy posted first, even when it was irrelevant to OPs post.

>> No.4196758

Try it, S-Video vs RGB, not even on a professional tube, just a consumer Trinitron. The difference is remarkable, especially good for PS1, N64, etc where a crisp picture is much better and not slightly better.

>> No.4197091

I have tried it side by side and the difference is minimal. The unit in question was a Mitsubishi AM-3501, which was part of Mitsu's line of Megaview media and production monitors sold in the 90s.

>> No.4197101

I want to see him show s-video on a PVM. All the images on the left have a filter running over them (televisions have comb/notch filters that are supposed to "improve" the image but are completely unnecessary for modern usage).

>> No.4197127


The only sixth gen console locked at 480i was the PS2, complete non-issue for the Wii/Gamecube even unhacked.

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How about setup C stop caring about if the AV club kids think your cool and just play your damn games.

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>being too poor to afford component cables for 480p

LMAOing @ your life

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>It's hilarious to see people wasting hundreds on "professional monitors" when there are big, 24", 28" Sony Trinitron consumer CRTs that accept RGB over SCART, have PAL/60 and have real proper calibrations menus (hidden under service menu).

You're saying Trinitrons have another secret menu beyond the already hidden service menu?

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I don't care if you don't like composite. Composite accomplishes the sole function a video cable is supposed to accomplish: moving a video signal from output to input. Being an elitist about what cables people use to hook their consoles up to their TVs to play video games means you care more about the cable than you do about playing video games. So yes, you're forcing your fetish on people.

That's not even mentioning that RF and Composite were the dominant video signal carriers for game consoles in the 80s and 90s in America.

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retrorgb doesn't sell anything. it's pretty much an information dump site.

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>Why not both?
Sony BVM 14" for SNES, N64,Genesis and PS1, Wega Trinitron for GBplayer, Wii,Xbox and Ps2 = profit

For Dreamcast I use a Samsung 17" crt monitor flat screen, not in the picture

>> No.4197481

At this point it sells the youtube channel, but I think it had adapters and such for sale in the past.

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File: 14 KB, 872x172, thats like 6 cents in youtube adbux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but I think it had adapters and such for sale in the past.
no it didn't. stop making up things to be angry about. as for "selling" the youtube channel, wow, that's like 6 cents in ad revenue.

>> No.4198590

he said "hidden under service menu"
that's pretty logical, the calibration menu is hidden away, not accessible from the normal menu, it's under the service menu

english to first language?

>> No.4198594

you are being the elitist here, nobody asked you to join in with your composite, you started posting about it
not only a elitist but an attention whore also

people where talking about playing games over RGB here, you started talking about cables instead

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