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Tactics has a difficulty that both spiked in the middle and plummeted near the end, once you get Cid you can just bulldoze your way through the rest of the game

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>playing rpgs
i spent at least 20 hours on this shit
should've spent it playing an actual game and not an rpg

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I know where you ragequit

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Fuck that fight and fuck how far it was from a save point, I had to back track 2 hours from an alternative save to grind more

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I just yelled and accumulated during the first phase of the fight

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I just won that fight by not being complete shit

Even when I was 10 years old I won easily with some stupid set up like Ramza as a lancer with punch art and hp restore using jump to skip wiggy's attacks and out-range him

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Could you imagine Secret of Mana with a lesser focus on magic? Maybe elemental dual charge attacks based on charge level.

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Yes I can. Just watch the Game Grumps videos of it. They almost never used magic and get their ass beat.

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>Watching Game Grumps

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I remember I got to a roof of a building and could not for the life of me even hold up a decent fight. I gave up there and hated the game ever since.

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Seiken Densetsu 3?

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FE4 has a couple, but the most impressive one is Lakche with a glitched Balmung.

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>Ninja + martial arts + attack boosting equipment

Use this for an easy 2-turn win

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Not character, but class rather.
Mime from FFV

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SD3 with any party combination that doesn't have Angela or Carle?

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What SD3 did right was to make special attacks charge on successful hits.

What SD3 did wrong was all magic pauses gameplay while being fired off.

The result is a complete nerfing of magic in favor of physical attacks. A Hawk, Lise, Kevin team fucks shit up in seconds.

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>What SD3 did wrong was all magic pauses gameplay while being fired off.
I think that might have been a limitation of the engine? I mean that was how it was from Secret of Mana. I agree that it does suck having to stop gameplay, but magic was very powerful in SD3. Especially buffs and debuffs

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>Replaying Exile 3
>Get my hands on the Knoweldge Brew recipe, a super-powerful potion that can permanently raise your stats
>Spend the next 32 in game days running merchandise to buy more and more of the ingredients needed for the potion, making a bunch, and guzzling them between my 6 party members
>Now have almost everyone with maxed out stats
>Nothing can possibly threaten me
>Knew this would happen when I did my stupid arbitrage
>game is now bleh and boring
>Don't load to the earlier save I had and just not pump myself up to invincibility. The one I made specifically because I knew as soon as I got the recipe I would do that even though I thought it would ruin the game experience.
I think there might be something wrong with my brain.

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Move over, little shits

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But Cid's unique class is objectively worse than what core classes have.

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