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I can't find shit out there so maybe /vr/ knows, I've been putting a lot of hours into JA2 1.13 and one thing eludes me that I really want to learn how it works. How to disguise a mercenary as an enemy soldier, searching only turns up results on what you can do, or how you get caught but nothing about how to actually do it. This shit is frustrating, I only learned to how civilian disguise.

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You kill an enemy, then use the knife on his corpse and take his clothes. You'll get pants, a shirt or both. You need to apply both pants and a shirt on your merc (just like the canteen or camo) to disguise him.

Once disguised, press Ctrl + . and use Check Disguise. You need to adjust your inventory so it's not suspicious. You can't carry too many weapons, too good weapons as redshirt or yellowshirt, have too many attachments on your weapon, or carry any backpack (the heavier one only, tactical packs are ok).

When you have the Spy trait, you can walk up to all enemies except Elites. Some mercs can be disguised without the Spy trait, some can't, but I haven't figured out why.

When disguised, you can't be spotted attacking or aiming (throwing grenades is ok though). You can't be spotted near dead bodies or carrying dead bodies.

Might make webms of disguise gameplay some time later.

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I didnt even know this was a thing and I'm a vanilla JA2 and 1.13 veteran

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So the clothes you buy from Bobby Ray's or any other vendor just disguise you as a civilian?

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I just started playing this as of the thread a few days ago. I've been struggling to get it even working right but I got it now and I'm ready to start a campaign.

I hope it's as good as everyone says, cause I been fucking working hard on getting it working right. :\ I'll get back to you guys whether I like it or not. I'm playing 1.13, seems tough to wrap my head around all the mechanics but I watched a 2 hour tips and guide video where he explained all the mechanics and shit.

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post link to the video?

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>encoding at 2.5fps

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Video 0 is him explaining the game mechanics from a programming standpoint, videos 1 and 2 and basically the very first turn in the game, explaining visibility radius, new aiming systems, recoil mechanics, facing, strafing, rolling, interruptions, and character creation.

It's 2 hours until he kills a dude and basically goes through the menu and hot keys. I found it VERY helpful even if a bit tedious.

I was playing it like Front Mission, trying to storm every mob I could see in big groups and taking them down hard but getting rekt every time, but now that I can see these vids, I can see it's much more of a chess game than a fuckin coin pusher how I was playing it.

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Awesome dude thanks.

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didn't even get to the actual disguise part yet
so far the webms show only regular combat

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Dude I haven't gotten past the first walk to the first town, I keep having to restart. I WANT to like this game, I have just had a ton of problems with getting it to run right. I got it now though, so I'm doing a playthrough soon.

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What do you guys think about scifi? What the fuck is it? I'm playing Realistic but I'm just starting out, wondering what scifi is.

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extra sidequest where bugs infest one of the mines and you have to sort it out

never bothered with it personally

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After playing around with the disguises and shit I understand how to do it, and pass but one thing tactically still messes with me. What to do with equipment you drop, just find some isolated spot on the map, or somewhere on another map nearby? Also do throwing knives count towards too many weapons?

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>What to do with equipment you drop
if you mean stuff that is suspicious to spies, i usually have another merc carry it if it's worth carrying
if you mean excess stuff that i won't use, i usually sell it. you can either carry it to an NPC that will buy the stuff, or alt+click in the map inventory view if you can't be bothered but still want a bit of cash

>Also do throwing knives count towards too many weapons?
no idea, with spies i usually use only pistols, standard knives, grenades and bare fists
if i'm using throwing knives, it's usually with Razor, and he's so good with blades that he doesn't even really need a firearm

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Is a spy a good class to play? I was thinking someone who was good with an AR and super high group buffs and high teaching.

Spy seems way cooler! What do you suggest?

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Also sorry so many questions, how's the food mechanic?? Worth it? I loved Survival Mode in New Vegas.

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Sci-Fi has some specific stuff like Trigger Groups that let some weapons get a burst mode, or the rocket rifles plus yeah bugs.

I wanted to have an IMP knife thrower/spy, guess I'll see if it works out.

Machine Gunner/Squadleader is good for straight up combat, and that's most of the game. Spies I have no experience with, but I think they're more for unconventional stuff like blowing up SAM Site computers or recruiting people in occupied towns.

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not a question of what's good, but what's fun. there are mercs for any kind of approach

i enjoy beating the living crap out of my enemies while nicking their stuff. mercs like Bull, Grizzly, Fidel, Malice and Blood are great for this because of Hand-to-Hand/Martial Arts skill and high Strength

a voluntary annoyance
if you think you can be bothered with it, enable it

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>Sci-Fi has some specific stuff like Trigger Groups that let some weapons get a burst mode, or the rocket rifles
all of those are present in Realistic as well. the only difference are the bugs, and afaik some goop you can collect off them

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I have not seen any trigger groups in Realistic, even XML editing and manually changing it to available in Realistic didn't make it appear.

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screenshot is from Arulco Revisited, but i'm pretty sure it's also present in standard 1.13

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Anything good added by Arulco Revisited? New weapons, skills, or map layouts?

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new small towns, bigger standard towns, more objects in sectors, some hidden bases and weapon caches all around

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top tip: standing enemies turn around when you attack them, crouching or laying enemies don't

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When is Stealthy a good skill to have?

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