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i'm sorry guys

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It wasn't your fault, DC. The world just wasn't ready for you.

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This list was clearly made by someone who just browsed Wikipedia.

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It was made in this thread a few months ago.

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Says alot about the userbase here then. Weak list, multiplats and shovelware, barely scratches the surface of DC library.

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It's just basic well known titles. It's no supposed to be a list of obscure games or something.

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>multiplats and shovelware
So the entirety of the DC's library.

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You went in, gave us a bunch of good games and went down fighting. It could have gone a lot worse, but if nothing else your games live on.

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Make your own damn list then and pick the games yourself.

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he has a point tho, like 50% is multiplats

hey atleast its better then n64

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Sorry for what?

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Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our Dreamcasts. Especially since they’re such good consoles and all.”

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DAMN! You beat me to it!

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I love elemental gimmick gear.

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I'm sorry I didn't buy you, but nintendo was the dominant company here and I didn't know much of sega

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I always thought you were cool, I just pretended you were gay because Mom wouldn't let us get once...

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>Bass Fishing instead of Marine Fishing

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It's a sequel so it's covered by the "check out sequels" icon. Same as Shenmue 2, SA2, etc.

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OG Xbox was basically Dreamcast 2.

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Except with 1/10th of the good games, and cancerous pay4online, and a shittier controller, and the fact that you were giving your money to Shekelsoft instead of an actual games company.

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you were so perfect

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>buying microsoft shit
Kill yourself

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Xbox was more like Dreamcast 1.5 because it's the same generation. Xbox 360 is Dreamcast 2.

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DC was dead by the time the Xbox was released and ended up getting a bunch of Sega games that would have been on the DC.

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>DC was dead by the time the Xbox was released
Last first-party game released for it was in 2004, lad.

Just because it got killed in America doesn't mean it didn't live on elsewhere.

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>ended up getting a bunch of Sega games that would have been on the DC.

PS2 got more, therefore the PS2 is the Dreamcast 2.

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I don't recall the PS2 getting House of the Dead 3, Crazy Taxi 3, Gunvalkyrie, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue 2, or Sega GT.

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>trusting (((wikipedia)))

Would a "dead" console still receive officially licensed game releases? No.


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>this is what Dreamcucks think an "alive" console looks like
Wew indeed.

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>hey atleast its better then n64
>this delusion

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This port only happened because the game was originally developed on Naomi arcade boards and porting over would be inexpensive. I mean, fucking puyo puyo, really, that is candy crush levels of casual gaming, barely qualifies as a "game".

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>muh collectathons and console fps

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>I don't recall the PS2 getting House of the Dead 3, Crazy Taxi 3, Gunvalkyrie, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue 2, or Sega GT.

Because it didn't, but PS2 did get VF4, VO Marz, two Shinobi games, two Yakuza games, both Space Channels, Ecco the Dolphin DOTF, the entire Sega Ages line, Altered Beast, a few Shining games, Seaman 2, Blood Will Tell, both Gungraves, F355 Challenge, both Headhunters, Rez, a NiGHTS remake, Sakura Wars V, and Sega Rally 2K6.

Face it, PS2 is the real Dreamcast 2, not your shitty microsoft box.

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I bet you can't even 1cc a Puyo arcade game. Fuck outta here, normalfag.

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>all those inferior ports
Enjoy your table scraps, I guess.

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Even if you remove the ports, that's still more original games than Xbox. Also, Shenmue II was an inferior port.

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>muh quantity
Makes sense, since the PS2 is the shovelware machine.

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>Dreamcastfags unironically survived their genocide and are shitposting in 2017

Did the steady trickle of Sonic games keep you alive?

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>1cc a puzzle game
What's even the point?

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>Shenmue II was an inferior port.
>better graphics and performance

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>and a shittier controller

Can't wait to break out my DC and *CREAAAK CREEEEAK* use that *CREEAK* great *CREEEEEEAAAAK* analog stick! Sure, I have to *CREAK* manipulate it with a vise-grip, but *CREEEEEEEAAAAAAK* it sure is worth it to play that great Dreamcast lineup of games 90% of which *CREAK CREAK* I had to import at a higher cost because of the insulting disparity in terms of quality between the US and JP system libraries!

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>Nintencucks detected

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was the joystick ever creaky? Its made of hard plastic sure and it hurts after playing for awhile but I never had my analog stick make any noise.

The only thing I ever had make noise was the triggers when the springs started going on one of my controllers.

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>awful english dub instead of beautiful native voices
>can't transfer your stuff from the first game to II

Fucking Xbots are even worse than Nintendildos.

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>muh sub
t. weeb

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He's not wrong though, the Xbox version also has worse lighting and borked textures in addition to shitty dub. The Xbox version isn't even immune to the FPs drops that plagued the DC version, although they are fewer.

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While I agree, I do love the shitty dub. it has a certain charm to it like HOTD2

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>worse lighting
>borked textures
>it has a certain charm to it
This guy gets it.

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No, this isn't some fanboy rant, this an objective fact. Alot of textures are missing or broken in the Xbox version, as is a lot of the shadowing and lighting. The DC version is objectively the better looking game.

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source with images/videos?

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I'm not your personal Google. The Shenmue fanbase is one of the more obsessive, look it up yourself.

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I'm modding my DC as we speak. Just got done soldering a new battery holder and a resistor to the 12v pin so it will be ready for when my usb-gdrom gets here in the mail. It's a damn fun console.

Not to be a downer and focus on it's demise, but it was killed by PS2. Sega had troubles, but PS2 made it difficult to justify buying one. I was a sega kid. I got a PS1 as saturn was basically unheard of where I lived. I saw it in magazines but never in a store. Cousins got burned with a 32x and naturally got a PS1 after that shit show. I got mine about a year or two after them.

At the time I just thought PS2 was a natural transition. I heard about DC, looked like it had some neat titles, but PS2 was supposed to be like a supercomputer at the time. Backwards compatibility made it so I could play the games I had since I was a poorfag til I could afford new ones. That and having a DVD player was a fucking huge selling point. DVD was expensive shit back then.

I remember one friend I had with a group of siblings that were legitimately mentally retarded. Different levels, but they were all fucked up other than him. They had a dreamcast. The sister was obsessed with sanic so all she played was sonic adventure, shit looked a little neat but lame at the same time. I knew of crazy taxi, but literally sonic adventure was the only thing I ever saw played, she was fucking obsessed, like 6+ hours every day for several years.

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Shining games? You shut your dirty whore mouth. Those ps2 ones were abominations. All except shining tears, it was ok for an adventure game, but still not shining.

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>it's USB 2.0

a swing and a miss

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2.0 but meh, still gonna play some games.

I wish it was usb 3 but where it comes from I'm just lucky it's not nixie tubes or some shit!

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tbf shining games were never great, always hovered on the mediocre side, even the tactics ones were just poor man's fire emblem

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>Alot of textures are missing or broken in the Xbox version
Severe exaggeration. A handful of very tiny textures are gone. Meanwhile, the Xbox version added some textures.

>as is a lot of the shadowing and lighting
The Xbox version has more lighting and shadows, so no. In fact, you could argue it has too much lighting and the bloom is overused.

>The DC version is objectively the better looking game.
Not at all. Also worth mentioning the Xbox version runs at 30 FPS as opposed to the Dreamcast's 20 FPS.

A lot of people in the Shenmue community would never admit that 1) Their investment in importing the Shenmue 2 Dreamcast all those years ago was a waste and 2) A Sega game is better on a non-Sega console.

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Go try to buy a GBA sometime.

THAT"S the shovelware machine.

For every good game the GBA got, it got at least five shitty titles based on bad TV shows, bad cartoons, Barbie, Disney and games that NO one would have ever put on any other console.

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>calling those games he listed shovelware


>> No.4176409

No Blue Stinger? What kind of a list is this? At least you have Dynamite cop and CV.

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>weak hardware
>look like a washing machine
>terrible joypad
>loud as fuck
>VMU retarded as hell
Sorry, i will never forgive you

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All trash.

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I had shit with the triggers too but not the analog.

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Is EGG worth a playthrough?

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>>weak hardware
Upon release it was the most powerful console of its time.
>>look like a washing machine
Sleek, beautiful, and simple two button design. Iconic logo and startup sound.
>>terrible joypad
Excellent Joypad (far superior to the N64). It is literally an Xbox controller without the right analogue stick or should buttons.
>>loud as fuck
>>VMU retarded as hell
VMUs allowed you to play mini games, transfer saved data on the fly to friends, and displayed logos of some games on the screen. The only problem with them is the short battery life.

Also the game catalogue for the console is so incredibly strong. The dreamcast features so many excellent titles as well as many creative and innovative games that we will never see studios have the balls to make again. On top of that, the Dreamcast is the best console for both 2D and 3D fighters.

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I know how you feel inside, I've. I've been there before.

>> No.4176652

thats all kinds of awesome, is that an actual thing?

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>shitty microsoft box
this meme needs to die

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also FUCK your XBOX

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>>>weak hardware
>Upon release it was the most powerful console of its time.
yep, too bad DC was a 6th gen console, weak as fuck compared to PS2, GC and XBOX
>>>look like a washing machine
>Sleek, beautiful, and simple two button design. Iconic logo and startup sound.
like a washing machine
>>>terrible joypad
>Excellent Joypad (far superior to the N64). It is literally an Xbox controller without the right analogue stick or should buttons.
>>>loud as fuck
>>>VMU retarded as hell
>VMUs allowed you to play SHITTY mini games, transfer saved data on the fly to friends LIKE A MEMORY CARD, and displayed logos of some games on the screen, THE FUTURE

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>It’s technologically inferior to other consoles

so much delusion

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If he wouldn't be delusional he wouldn't have purchased an xbox in the first place.

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its more of a followup saturn or neo geocd

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I'd take a load of Seaman anytime

>> No.4176797

>Pink Bullet

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I really wanted to like the Dreamcast, but my console literally stopped working within 6 months of purchase.

I really loved the games on the DC; I had Power Stone 2, MvC2, Grandia 2, Third Strike, Project Justice, PSO, and a few others. For whatever reason though, the sound on every single game just stopped working. Later on, the video stopped working as well, making it impossible to play.

I tried everything a 12 year old could try to see what the issue was: try my friends different AV cables, try different tv, different games, but nothing worked. It's like the gaming gods smited me down and didn't want me to enjoy the short time the DC had left on this Earth. Embittered me got a ps2 and FFX from my grandparents that next summer and never looked back

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Sega GT 2002 was awesome. Great game to have out of the box

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>poor man's fire emblem
Why do FE cucks keep acting like their shitty series is anything special?

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Xbox gave us the hard drive in consoles.
>But muh memory cards
Memory cards were just another purchase and another thing to keep track of. At least Microsoft had the brain power to see a hard drive was a good idea. Otherwise we'd still be stuck with those stupid cards

>> No.4176987

>Xbox gave us the hard drive in consoles
No it didn't lol

>> No.4176990

PS2 had it already in 2001.

>> No.4176994


Sega Saturn bro

>> No.4176995

Yeah but only a few Online games used it.

>> No.4177097

>Bashing on Xbox
>Not realizing that Xbox paved the way for certain features other consoles didn't have at the time.

Xbox gave us a hard drive, so we wouldn't have to waste money on memory cards. That hard drive also gave us the ability to rip music CD's onto the hard drive. Which was useful for games that included custom soundtracks. For example if you were playing a WWE game, you certainly want your own custom theme music for your created wrestler. Or what if you're playing a Batman game based on one of the movies, but the soundtrack on the game doesn't match the soundtrack on the movie? You're going to want to use a Batman movie soundtrack to go with your Batman movie game. This is what made multiplat titles on Xbox the premium version.

>> No.4177165

Exactly. Pretty much every thing on Xbox used it's. And it didn't become common place till after Xbox did it. Sonyfags need to quit blowing play station.

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Microsoft was never good, and neither was the MountainDewBox. It started many of the cancerous practices on modern consoles and western video games. First it was DLC and paid online with the hueg, then cheevos, nogames, chad shooters and grrrrl gehmurz with the 360, and the Xbone thankfully was a joke with no redeeming qualities, so it didn't bloat consoles with even more cancer, but that's only because the pajeets at M$ finally realized that PC is where the normalfagbux are at now, and the bone still sold well as a DVR goytrap anyways.

Of course, Valve, Sony and even Nintendo eventually copied or helped these Judaisms and became almost as bad as Microsoft, but Microsoft is still standing there to study new ways to fuck over the western gaming industry, be it on XBOX or Windows 10.

>> No.4177228

microsoft entering the console business was another nail in the coffin

>> No.4177238

They discontinued production of the system, not games released on it. There's a difference.

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ITT: Segafags super MAD because SEGA's console are long DEAD for good reasons when Microsoft XBOX is still alive and well

>> No.4177250

It was totally optional, great difference
Ironically that was one of the wrong choice for 360 (stupid core)

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If you are actually happy that sega doesn't produce consoles any longer you probably picked the wrong hobby. Try knitting, looks like trolling wasn't for you either?

>> No.4177275

>not being Sony+Sega master race.

Sony for the great consoles and Sega for the great games. If Sega weren't so retarded with their hardware they would be perfect, but alas. Now Sega just needs to start paying attention to their old awesome IPs again, and go back to that quirky '90s style of innovation.

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DS was just as bad desu.

>> No.4177548

difference is that shovelware on the gba are charming little platformers but on DS they are downright unplayable touch control shit

>> No.4177585

Microsoft may not be perfect but it's not like the other companies were perfect either. I'll tell you what their problems are...

With their Disney-like business practices, they certainly weren't friendly to their fan base. Just look at what they did on youtube. They want to force fans to partner with them on YouTube for Nintendo related content. So whatever profits they make on Nintendo-related videos, Nintendo gets a cut of that profit.

Their Playstation Plus subscription has 1 fatal flaw. Once you stop paying for their subscription, whatever free game you got from them is no longer free. At least Microsoft lets you keep the free game after you stop subscribing to Xbox Live Gold.

They spied on their users browsing history. Apparently to look for anybody trying to cheat. But I don't buy that excuse from them. It's a blatant invasion of privacy.

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File: 341 KB, 892x1200, segaisdead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shhh its thinking...

>> No.4177694

panzer dragoon orta and gunvalkyrie are a big deal, as there was no equivalent released on the Dreamcast itself. Shenmue 2 PAL or ntsc-j is superior on the Dreamcast itself, and the sequels to Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio didn't add too much to the originals.

>> No.4177695

Name 1 bad thing about those games.

Protip u cant

>> No.4177698

i would fuck this dreamcast

>> No.4177712

the world didn't deserve you

>> No.4177732

The good thing about platforms with a lot of shovelware is that there usually are enough good games available, so you can just ignore the shit. True for both GBA, DS and PS2. The only console where you have to really dig through the dirt is the Wii.

>> No.4177936

How 2 stop Dreamcast fan from raping my ears everytime it powers on?

>> No.4177949

Change your VMU batteries, dingus

>> No.4178241

>can't tell the difference between a VMU and a fan
>calls others dingus

>> No.4178254


If you mean the CRRR RRRCC sound, thats the disc drive

>> No.4178478

I'd say so. I have yet to beat it, but what I have played is pretty good.

>> No.4178785

If the fan bothers you, then you shouldn't own a Dreamcast. I personally love the fan.

>> No.4178820

that sound is pure eargasm and guess what a playstation does it sometimes too just moar eary

>> No.4178869

Rape the Dreamcast back

>> No.4178879

No, I mean the loud VRRRRRRRRR
I have a GD USB ROM so it can't be the disc drive.

>> No.4178936

Sega should have ported more of their titles to Xbox systems.

>> No.4178938

Fun fact, every PlayStation port of a Sonic game runs worse than all the others. Especially Sonic 06.

>> No.4178951

Maybe the blade of your fan is loose or something. The fan noise is very quiet compared to the drive noise on my Dreamcast.

>> No.4179383

Makes more sense business-wise to port to the best selling console of that gen, PS2, though.

>> No.4179873

why? none of them sold well.

>> No.4180150

If I was standing in your room right now, I would legitimately feed you your fucking heart for not listing PSO.

>> No.4181813

Porting them to Xbox is a death sentence to great Sega franchises. Look at what happened to Jet Set Radio & Shenmue 2.

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File: 1.85 MB, 3262x1053, 20170811_213056_HDR-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4184537

It's okay, you did your best

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You gave us the best fighting games and sports games. You knew of the internet before it took over the world. The sports edition was S.L.I.C.K slick.

>> No.4187295

sorry for what

>> No.4188762

Beautiful, beautiful game:


>> No.4188797

>You knew of the internet before it took over the world.
The internet was pretty widespread by 1999.

>> No.4189093

The internet was pretty divorced from normalfag life until about 2004.
>we'll never go back to a time when having friends you solely knew from the internet was considered weird

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>that bent cable

>> No.4189940

I was too young to choose which console I'd get. I had a master system and a lot of fun with it, but my parents bought me a Playstation 3 months before you were released....

>> No.4190017

>my parents bought me a Playstation 3 before Dreamcast was released
So your parents work at Sony?

>> No.4190087


lol I read it that way at first as well.

>> No.4190140

You're just a pleb with shit taste. Everyone knows that's a great game adaptation of the best anime.

>> No.4191298

They are time traveler, but they lost their licence because they were drunk once, so now I can't even know when Sega will come back.

>> No.4191787

im playing shenmue right now and the shitty english voice acting is my favorite thing about it.

>> No.4191794
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>No, I don’t own an Xbox, never have and never will. No, I don’t like Xbox

i stopped reading there. the fact someone made a whole website about disliking a console theyve never played is the saddest most pathetic thing you could waste your time on.

>> No.4192298

is there a single game that uses the 4 controller ports?

>> No.4192326

This must be some kind of bait. There are tons: anything with the "party game" icon in this chart for example >>4175257
Power Stone 2, Virtua Tennis (and sequels), etc., not to mention others like Gauntlet Legends, Ooga Booga, and Bomberman.

>> No.4192330

90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
Fire Pro Wrestling D
Godzilla Generations
Hoyle Casino
Looney Tunes: Space Race
NBA Hoopz
NCAA College Football 2K2: Road to the Rose Bowl
Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
NFL Blitz 2001
NFL Quarterback Club 2000
Planet Ring
POD SpeedZone
pop'n music
Power Stone 2
Pro Pinball: Trilogy
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Red Dog: Superior Firepower
Rush Rush Rally Racing
Rush Rush Rally Racing (Deluxe Edition)
San Francisco Rush 2049
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000: Euro Edition
Slave Zero
Sonic Shuffle
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack
Spawn: In the Demon's Hand
Star Wars: Demolition
Striker Pro 2000
Stunt GP
Tetris 4D
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Toy Commander
Toy Racer
Unreal Tournament
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
Virtua Athlete 2000
Virtua Tennis
Wacky Races
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Worms World Party
Worms: Armageddon
WWF Royal Rumble

>> No.4193406

>Worms World Party
>Worms: Armageddon

lol no

>> No.4194257

Both support four controllers (although you can play with 4+ players even with only one controller since it is turn based).

>> No.4194268

Also Quake 3, Chu Chu Rocket, DOA2, Propeller Arena. I'm sure there's even more.

>> No.4194491

Sins of a Stolar Empire.

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