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What are some hidden gems for the Game Boy Color? I really love the lightly-shaded color aesthetic

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Are you ready to play the best gameboy platformer, op?

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I don't know about hidden gems but the Mario sports games on gbc were amazing. Dave Mirra BMX kicks ass. Power Quest is very fun and somewhat unique.

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Medarot series. Actually not gems, just decent, but with lot of character, good music and they look really nice.
Comfy games.

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Samurai Kid.

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This was my favorite of the 3 released on the GBC. All that games are really fun. The other games in the series are a bit hit or miss.

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Harry Potter games

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My nigga. Vermin master race reporting.

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The whole system is underrated.


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Lufia 3

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The second one is a damn good jrpg-style game.

Aliens - Thanatos Encounter is apparently pretty good, while Alien 3 for the original GB is a neat little game.

Dragon Warrior 1&2 is (according to some people) the best version of those games. It's definitely my favourite way to play DQ1.

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This is a pretty damn good game too.

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Nothing else related to this franchise is good.

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Road Rash was surprisingly good, other than that racking my brain i honestly forgot most Gameboy games. Some caveman platformer, and some samurai vs aliens puzzler was decent.

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Someone here said they found the encounter rate too high, I don't remember that being an issue. It's a cool weird rpg with a billiards inspired battle system.

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Tomb Raider on GBC is interesting. TR is like Prince of Persia in 3D, so it ends up being like a TR themed PoP game in some ways. Getting lost can get easy in later levels because they get huge and everything looks so similar. But other than that it's a fun game if you're into that sort of thing.

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How does it compare to 2 ?

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Survival Kids

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It was surprisingly deep

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can you play as Sasuke?

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the only thing that pisses me off is that you can only unlock like 25% of the museum.

For strictly Color games, SMB DX is fucking great (except the screen is slightly too small).

For GB/GBC games, Shadowgate and Pokemon Pinball were the tits.

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The tomb raider game was actually pretty fun

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No more puzzles and capsule monsters, but more difficult battles, playable characters and better combat. I preferred it.

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Azure Dreams
Survival Kids
Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2
Dexter's Lab
Rayman 2

Honestly, GBC beats NES in terms of having an awesome library, and the colors are Master System good

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>the colors are Master System good
More or less. It has the same color palette as the SNES, 15-bit, but does not have as many colors per sprite as the Master System, which could do 16.

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>Honestly, GBC beats NES in terms of having an awesome library

I can't see that myself. I personally found the Game Boy Color to have the worst library of any Nintendo system (excluding oddities like Virtual Boy or Pokemon Mini) with lots and lots of shovelware. What is good on there (first party titles, jRPGs and a weird third party game there and here) is pretty damn good, though.

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>Honestly, GBC beats NES in terms of having an awesome library
Please dont go full retard

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You just described NES. CB/C is much better.

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That's in OP's image friendo

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I wouldn't go that far. By virtue of its short life alone the NES had quantity over it. I'd say the GBC is overall more consistent, every good game is really good, but the NES has more legit 9+/10 games as opposed to "8/10 for a handheld".

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If you combine them sure, but the GBC alone is still worse than the NES. Most GBC games were licensed shit.

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The Spider Man games were good.

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SFA for the GBC was aesthetic as fuck

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Star Ocean
Dragon Quest 3
Tomb Raider
Bomberman Quest

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Meh. I still prefer the Super Deformed art style.

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Beg to differ I suppose.

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More like overrated.

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That's not a very good pun anon

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There was a game where someone shot fire arrows to lighten up a dark cave or something, forgot the name.

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Daikata for the GBC is great. Honestly one of my most underrated games

It's kind of like Zelda in the future with both swords and guns

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Serious question here. It's always baffled me how a GBC costs $40-60 dollars today. Why is this? Like is it for collection purposes or something?

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its because people will pay those prices - gameboys and other 90s retro aesthetic became super popular a few years back

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That's really dumb considering getting a GBA SP is waaayyyy more cheaper and more efficient. Are hipsters this stupid that they don't know they can play a ton more games, plus they won't have a backlit screen on the GBC.

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Some collectors don't give a shit. It's a "piece of history".

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GBC has slightly different colours compared to running the same game on a GBA, I think, and some people just prefer the device. It's also still not really that expensive as a piece of hardware - they're hardly rare, unless you want one in mint condition.

also carts sticking out bugs me

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Fuck that noise. If they want to drop $99 for a GBC and 3 shitty games they deserve to be swindled.

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Got me there. Also the missing audio jack is weird. I'm just looking at the efficiency of it. Also really? In my area people are trying to sell these for ridiculous prices and the regular GB is just going for $15.

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Hey guys! Hidden gems are always one of my favorite things to talk about, especially on a super cool system like the GBC! I'd recommend Wendy: Every Which Way for platformer fans.

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There is an adapter for headphones.
I never used headphones on a handheld anyway. I'm either at home and the speaker is good enough, or just go without sound if you're in public.

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Having said this, I don't currently own a GBC, and if I do get one it'll probably be a fancy backlit one with an aftermarket screen or whatever. Sometimes the vertical form factor is nice and comfy. I love my DMG.

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Every game is a hidden gem to that guy

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Little Nicky is an amazing GBC platformers. Probably the only good licensed GBC game..

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Merlin and Robin Hood are surprisingly good games.

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don't know if it was mentioned, but Grandia: Parallel Trippers is nice

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>GBC tit physics

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Bun nu nu nu nu nu nu nu duh duh
Bun nu nu nu nu nu nu nu duh duh

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My understanding is that GBC looks its greatest when played in the sunlight

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the Harry Potter games for GBC are surprisingly solid turn based RPGs

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Earthworm Jim 2

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Isn't this supposed to be shit?

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Not GBC, but this is just making me sad I sold my Boktai.

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Fuck you. Those were some great license games.

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