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Post pics of your Atari 2600. Games you like to play. Horrible games for it. TV's you use with yours. Basically anything Atari 2600.

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> Told 2600 is cheap
> entered rediculous snipe of $40 for Flashback 2 with AV ports and cartridge port switch
> ends at $47, where the fuck do these rich people come from?

> went to local retro store
> standard 4 switch woodgrain = $66
> Sears Tele-games system = $77

WTF is happening?!

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That's still cheap as hell compared to anything Nintendo. Once you have the console, finding games for <$5 is ridiculously easy.

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>Games you like to play.
Joust is the fucking shit, even if it's not as good as the arcade version

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sea quest, mouse trap, and frostbite

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Yeah I bought all my games for .99ยข, the one I got for free. Getting multiple so you can have backups just in case one game would fail is cheaper in my case than if I were to buy any other console.

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Got mine for a steal. Not many games though. Need to get a Harmony cartridge.

The RGB mod was easy.

Didn't even have to drill holes. The existing hole for the RF cable is now doing triple-duty of RGB cable+ +Audio cable+RF cable. RF still functions as usual.

Quality from the RGB is SO much better than RF! The difference is astounding! So clean, so sharp! Especially on a PVM-14M4. Really wish I had a 20L5 though. Those things are rarer than hen's teeth and priced like gold now!

Fixed up all four switches (Vader model)+DC-in port with new-old-stock from Best Electronics.

Refurbished the controllers with new stalks+rubbers and new PCBs also from Best Electronics.

After a clean, everything looks stock on the outside, but functions better than new on the inside.

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Cant find a 2600 in my country so i play my XEGS which 90% of the catalog are 5200 ports which are 2600 ports.

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This is my tiny collection. I know I'm missing a few essentials, but I think it's pretty decent. What does /vr/ think?

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Video Pinball
Demons to diamonds
Anything from Activsion/Imagic
Midnight Magic
Ms Pacman
Tac Scan

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Atlantis is good
Centipede is great
Swordquest is interesting
Nice collection. You have some good ones!

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Once you clean the controllers they work 80% better.

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