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What's the best version of Snake?

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i dont know

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Great post.

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Snake II on a Nokia 3310.

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Age hasnt slowed you down one bit.

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The one you posted. Spent many hours in high school art class playing that game.

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Sorry pal. Took my book away.

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Are there any good emulators for the Nokia 3310?

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QBasic Nibbles

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Snake '97 is probably the best one.

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Not that I'm aware of, but they're really cheap anyway.

There's plenty of flash versions around, but nothing can beat playing on that little green screen. I used to love playing it in the car when it was too dark to play my Game Boy.

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I agree, this is a very Solid version of Snake

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That's the worst version yet.

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Intellivision version

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>anons joke
>your head

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Best snake coming through

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I tried it and it's an unplayable garbage. My grandma could put together a netcode better than this crap.
Inb4 my net sucks, it's good enough to play action games online, but this shit doesn't? And that's not getting into the fact that controls were made by someone who was really high.

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theres a really good port for android
you can even change the design of the phone

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>there is a Snake thread on /vr/
We are truly barrel scraping. What's next, Tiger handheld thread?

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As a kid, tiger handheld were fucking awesome. Made bus rides a lot of fun.

As an adult, they suck badly. I recently found my double dragon one.

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Time splitters

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