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ITT: Underrated gems

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Shouldn't underrated games be ones that were shat on or shunned back when they came out, as well as now?
TF4 was neither.

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>Slowdown Force IV

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>not playing on an overclocked megadrive

get a load of this pleb

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>Speedup Force IV

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rush N Attack.

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>mutilating your systems to get some hack work done and accomplish nothing

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Why are yanks so afraid of modifying their hardware?

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I don't have any issues soldering or fixing my consoles if they stop working. But modding? Nah, unnecessary shit for nerds, usually PALcucks that need to make up for the 50hz stigma.
As developers intended, always.

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Sometimes modding is the most practical way to play the game as the developer intended. For example, master system games with the FM sound, it's easier to mod the FM sound into an easily available Master System than import a Japanese SMS or Mark III.

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gtfo. IV is overrated, II is harder, especially since it was the built in game on early model 1 pal Megadrives. Poorfags in australia/new zealand mastered the game because it was all we had.

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Is thunder force 4 underrated? I never owned a genesis until recently and only got into shmups within the last year so I didn't grow up with the game or anything, but it's on pretty much every single goat shmup list that I'm aware of. Seems pretty well regarded, and deservedly so.

I also think it's pretty interesting because a lot of the music thata not hard rockin metal sounds like it could be on the snes, and the graphics in the I've stage have a very snes look to me. Technosoft were fuckin wizards man

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>As developers intended, always.
Seeing as the devs cut the slowdown for the Saturn version, it's safe to say they intended for there to be no slowdown, but had to deal with it because of the crappy hardware. Don't use shitty memes as an excuse to not improve your vidya playing experience, lad.

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go mod some more consoles faggot. put it some led lights while you're at it.

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Not underrated. Easily the most well-known shmup on Genesis for its soundtrack alone.

The Saturn version really butchers the SFX, sadly.

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Yeah okay there Mr. held the hot end

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It's a brilliant shmup and worth playing for the OST alone. They really put the Yamaha YM2612 to good use, and the boss themes are metal as fuck. A deservedly well-appreciated game, I'd say, not underrated. And slowdown is something you'd expect, not especially severe in my opinion and sometimes it can even help you in a tight spot.

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thunder force 4/lightening force was never underrated so lets get back on topic. so what makes an underrated game op?

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Thunder Force's popularity exploded about 7 years ago. I remember buying it boxed off ebay for a couple bucks because I was just trying to build up a shmup collection. I was blown away by its quality and the fact I'd never heard of it before.

Now it's going for $50 on ebay and I can't stop seeing it everywhere on /v/ and /vr/ (not that that's a bad thing).

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>I've never heard of it before
>that means its popularity explored RIGHT when I learned of its existence
you're the biggest faggot in this board. Thunderforce series was pretty popular in my country in its time.

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>he literally posted a graph showing the price and thus interest in the game exploding and shooting up to previously unheard of levels
>ha ha ur a fag the game was popular in my 3rd world favela so you're wrong

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Did the game come out 2008 you retard? It was well recieved when it came out on genesis/mega drive so its not underrated. What has that do with its cost in 2008?

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Underrated doesn't mean it was hated. It doesn't mean people thought it was bad.

It means it was rated for less than it deserved. This is mathematically evident in the fact it used to be worth peanuts and then people suddenly got turned on to it from the internet and realized it was great and the price spiked.

Please post more of your favela anecdotal evidence that the game was NOT underrated, beyond a magazine article claiming the game was an 8 but derivative.

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Not Retro.

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If you check the second post you will see it being reviewed in its time with good reviews but thats not good for you, but a fucking graph from were 2008 is the earliest is? Are you retarded? Retrogames skyrocketing in price is pretty recent, genesis/mega drive have always had low prices before, they rose to popularity recently.

underage get out

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