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Currently doing a Fallout 2 Sneak/Unarmed run, and at 103 % Sneak I can't seem to manage to get behind my opponents at all, I keep getting detected.
How much Sneak should I have to even consider getting behind my enemies?

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Fallout 1 has better stealth design as they have enemies doing patrols for example, Fallout 2 the characters are a bit more static. I think the best way to get past things is to smash the combat mode button and using your action points to run past them

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Stealth is almost useless for what you want to do. It's for engaging enemies on your terms, stopping the whole map from aggroing all at once, and for stealing items from lockers, not for ninjaing past everything.

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I want to fight enemies, but I want to be able to start the combat once I'm next to them, not having them detect me from 5-6 tiles away, preferably start the combat while behind them because I have silent killer perk now.

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Play Silent Storm instead

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Get extra movement.
I think if your stealth is high enough they won't see you until you are right next to them.

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I completed Fallout 1 last Sunday and have to say I'm not having fun with either 1 or 2 at all when it comes to combat.

I've basically got the same problem like you. I skilled Small Guns, Sneak and Speech (tagged) in F2 and Unarmed, Sneak, Lockpick in F1, and they're only ever sporadically useful.

Unarmed was dogshit until I got a Powerfist after getting the Brotherhood quest in 1. Now I've got some skills in Small Guns in Fallout 2 and there's not enough ammo to go around. Or I meet a group 8+ raiders/slavers/wolves who fuck my shit up despite having 3 companions.

Fuck how this game handles skill checks by the way. For all the cool shit you can do like talk the Master out of his plan, you have to deal with these games' bullshit. Like using a never documented and never elsewise used game mechanic where you drop a radio into the forcefield computer to be able to toggle yellow forcefields in Mariposa. Or having to repair Mr. Handy to open a door or blow it up. Or having to use lockpick/science/repair at specific points of the game in order to get a desirable quest outcome.

What pissed me off the most was that - even though I went to all the towns and saw that everyone was still alive - I got the ending where the Hub and Shady Sands got wrecked by mutants. Hell, I thought it was some glitch because Patrick the Celt told me that all towns had been overrun but when I went there everyone still lived.

You know I had fun seeing all the shit you *could* do with Speech and other skills, but for being hyped as some of the greatest role-playing games of all time, I'm fucking disappointed. Sorry for the rant, had to put it out there.

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You can use Repair or dynamite the forcefields to take them down. Still works in 2, although you need to be *good* at it if you don't want to spend a minute savescumming each field in one specific area with them since 3 failures on one field triggers an alert.

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well, your build is among the worst I've seen, so I'm not surprised you had a bad experience.

repair and science are simply extremely important in both of the first fallout games. they're not something optional.

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honestly I always tagged outdoorsman in FO2 to give me more control over the encounter rate. Also if you want to play a small guns character, go to the squares around New Reno and look for an encounter call "Mobsters fighting Yakuza", when one of the mobsters dies loots his corpse and take the gun on it
Congrats you have the third best small gun in the game now.

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I used repair copuiously on the forcefields and it did nothing. Granted, either I didn't click on the proper space (the only things I saw where the field emitter and forcefield itself), or my skill wasn't good enough. Still, for being essential skills, the game doesn't telegraph them and doesn't offer much in the way of optional paths for quest solutions.


Well in F1 I went with unmodified Natalia because it seemed like it might be fun to play a sneaky thief character. Then the developers would be guilty of offering one of the "worst builds" possible in their 3 big main character choices.

On top of that, while I can see now that science/repair are essential skills, how is it my fault for not knowing this? The game never says this and never implies it in the main character choices. As a new player who really wants to get into the first games, is it my fault that the game developers are so incompetent at telegraphing something so simple? Why didn't they provide more viable solutions to the quests instead?

Unless you've played this game to death as a kid or you got it in 1997 the original games are really difficult to get into. Like just now I completed the Gecko reactor quest for Harold, but it was just a bitch of a quest to do.

I get the Hydro-whatsitsface from Vault City, which already took a lot of time and substeps to complete, go to Harold and my character just says "I'll guess I'll go repair the reactor then". No quest reward. I go into the reactor and the head of security tells me that I have to pass the yellow door and that either the storage master or guards will open the door. They didn't, because I either couldn't Speech check through them at all, or there was no dialogue option. So I just exhausted every possibility (show of bad game design) until I randomly found a Yellow keycard in some ghouls locker. So finally I can convince some other ghoul to repair the reactor with the item, fine. But getting there was just so arbitrary.

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honestly you should just be looting every chest locker and random container you find anyway.
Just save in case someone gets angry but that usually doesn't happen

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Also my problem with F1 was that I went to Lou, killed him, killed all the other mutants until I couldn't progress past the prison force fields because I couldn't savescumskillcheck through the fields and there were no additional explosives to use. Oh, and either I couldn't find a way to shoot a rocket launcher at the forcefields or its just not possible. Which is retarded considering how surreal that would seem in real life: "Hell, if I had some dynamite I could blow this forcefield. But I only have this rocket launcher. You're only allowed to shoot combat targets with that tho"

Come one. For being hailed as one of the greatest cRPGs of all time, and the constant shitting on any sequel that was ever made to them, F1 and F2 have some serious flaws and shortcomings.

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That's the thing though for me. The game heavily implies that you're not supposed to fuck with other people's stuff - guards tell you to holster weapons, not make trouble, residents will tell you not to touch their stuff like ghouls in Necropolis, but it's completely fucking arbitrary if someone gets mad at you or not it seems. And I don't feel like savescumming my way through every locker and I feel that it's bad role-playing if you're trying to play a hero and just steal everything that isn't nailed down.

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Yeah welcome to the "golden age" of CRPGs. You think this is bad, wait until you try Arcanum where most builds are completely useless.

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Well that's cool, thanks mate. The thing about Outdoorsman is that it seems so passive a skill that I didn't want to tag it. Although being able to avoid encounters is cool.

I'll try that out, anyway. Even though it seems a bit random to get a good weapon like that, I appreciate the tip.

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>not savescumming
HOOOOOO BOY are you gonna have a bad time on the oil rig
I mean I'll be honest 90% of the time there's fucking nothing worth taking in all the random people stuff, but there's a few items that are pretty cool that are just lying around in random containers
Like the aforementioned keycard, and also a lucky 8-Ball in the casino in New Reno

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it's just the sniper rifle
Every random encounter mobster carries one so if you can grind a few encounters where mobsters die in front of you, you can loot the corpses, sell all the rifles you don't need and keep the ammo, helps stock up on supplies for the early game and honestly I kept using that gun until I went into the last stretch of the game with a Gauss rifle
Unless you want to pay for one yourself, if you happened to invest literally all your points in Barter for the first 20 levels

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Arcanum is one of the few RPGs where the combat was so fucking terrible that it made me stop having fun with it every single time.

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Your comment raises my spirits a bit. Listen guys, I enjoyed Fallout for all the good moments I had, like sneaking through the creepy ass Cathedral, convincing the Master to blow himself up andsoforth. I just had to voice some frustrations that the game caused.

Going with what you said, I think that's the thing that frustrated me the most about F1/F2. You can go on youtube or most message boards and people will praise this game as one of the best RPGs where almost any build is viable. But I guess mostly people praise these games for the the low Intelligence runs and some of the more unpredicable Speech check moments. The fact that these moments are very sporadic and that Speech isn't an overall reliable skill to carry you through most situations was a big downside for me.

I want to enjoy these games more than I do now. Reading a bunch of guides or just trial and erroring my way to a good build is not the way to do it; nor a good standard to design a good game. Hell I even beat Ultima Underworld without any help. Why are these games pissing me off like that?

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Fallout would have been better off if they were able to keep GURPS as the system

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Well damn. Guess I'll have to savescum my way through anyway then.

Since I didn't max out my Barter, I think I'll just take your advice and get the sniper rifle off a mobster. Hopefully I'll be able to get/afford enough ammo for it.

Honestly, the combat in Fallout turns me off so badly. Even on "fastest" it takes ages with multiple actors on screen. And I never seem to have enough action points to do anything. You see 5 enemies coming towards you, each one attacking you tediously 3 times in a row, then it's your turn and you've got 8 action points, which is enough for 1 aimed shot and maybe a reload. Boom your turn is over. At least when I played Natalia I got to hit people in the eyes with a power fist a good 4 times before my turn ended. And unless your weapons skill is high enough, targeted shots will just miss anyway. Would you rather shoot an enemy in the torso with a 78% chance, or in the eyes for 18% and the head for 31% chance? Hell, even though Fallout 3 has all the negative hallmarks of a Bethesda RPG, at least shooting people was fun in that game.

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>Fallout 3
decent game, but not a very good bethesda game, and definitely not a good fallout game.

>Would you rather shoot an enemy in the torso with a 78% chance, or in the eyes for 18% and the head for 31% chance?
I can't see the problem here. you'll get more action points later on, especially if your build is good.

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I thought it was an okay-ish Fallout game. Not a great department for the series in a lot of ways.

I haven't got a comprehensive list of all the Perks and Traits you can get in my mind, but as far as I could tell even with 10 Agility you have 10 action points, and you can reduce AP cost with bonus ranged perks or bonus unarmed perks. That still comes out in my mind as 6 AP for a targeted shot -> 5 AP for a targeted shot and therefore 10 Agility = 2 shots per round. I'd be glad to hear how you can improve it beyond that.

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A few weapons use 4 AP per shot(and most of them are really, really good). With 10 AG, that's two targeted shots out of the gate. Two ranks of Action Boy and Bonus RoF, that's 3 shots per round. If you're going for a lategame Sniper build, which doesn't even need targeted shots, you grab Fast Shot. That's 6 shots a round, all of them crits.

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push A, move less than your full AP. Push enter, then immediately keep mashing A.
99% of the time the enemy won't detect you before you re-enter combat.

As long as they haven't had a turn, you can keep doing this.

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If you're going to be doing a combat heavy build in FO2, you should be pumping your weapon skill first thing. Unarmed and Big Guns are exceptions to that for different reasons: there's a trainer who will net you 20% Unarmed but he's gated behind 250 Karma, which is actually very annoying to get early without abusing a certain NPC, and because Big Guns don't even show up until way later in the game. It's very very easy to get your Small Guns to the point where you can nail people in the eyes in every situation but sniping at long range in the dark, and even then there's the night scope FN FAL for that.

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Tip: Combat becomes a lot better when you have high luck. High luck starts making the crit table favor you instead of enemies, cutting down on a lot of bullshit deaths (I didn't say remove; guys like the T-51b power armor guys on the Oil Rig can fuck you up with crits at endgame) and giving you a chance to inflict deadly criticals on them instead.


I've noticed it's a trend that people that play NV first are surprised to see they can't speech everything in 2, and to a lesser extent 1. I think NV people assume that 1 and 2 are very similar to NV beause of NMA-types praising NV, when in realitty it's farther from the truth. 2 requires you to invest in certain skills or making the correct choices in dialogue order to complete quests instead of using speech as an "I win" button that gives you the best ending for a quest without any combat.

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you can loot any other dead mobsters and trade the excess snipers for more .223 ammo at the gun store in New Reno or NCR
That's how I always do it anyway

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I have not played Fallout New Vegas as of yet. I'm planning on buying it in the next few days, seeing how I've completed FO1 and I'm already a bit burnt out on Fallout 2.

I can see that Speech shouldn't be an instant win button, but the thing is that the game will even telegraph possible speech options and fails to deliver, or you'll be sitting there wondering why you can't bullshit your way through this dialogue sequence. There are people that you can't convince, granted, there are enemies that will always be hostile, granted, but to tease me and to let me down is a simple failure of gameplay.

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I don't see a problem with that. I like the idea that NPCs have their own motives and goals instead of folding to you because you went deep enough into the dialogue tree or hit the magic speech option. It makes thing less hokey when people like a dude hell-bent on genocide for his own crazy ideological reasons, an old mafia boss that wants his enemies dead, and an entrenched bitchy leader of a slave-supporting techno-city won't rechange their views and stop their plans because some random person walked in and said the right things.

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OP here, here's the character sheet, maybe I've done everything wrong but it's my first time playing Fallout 2.

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That's playable but optimally speaking you could've done a lot better. EN doesn't matter that much since oil rig enemies will fuck you in a crit from full health anyways, you need PE 6 for Better Criticals since it's one of the best combat perks, Silent Death is a straight up trap option because it doesn't stack with crits and those automatically double damage, and Bonus HTH Damage is outdone by sinking points into Doctor until 60% and grabbing Living Anatomy to get +5 damage to everything that matters from a single perk. Honestly the biggest one is Silent Death because it's pointless when you can aim for the eyes.

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I think I can reload to before I picked Silent Death though, what should I get instead?

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Almost anything.

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Bonus Movement?
I can already go Kenshiro on everyone's ass with my Super Power Fist (3-5 Attacks/Round).

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>Fallout New Vegas

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Except Repair and Science in FO1 can be levelled for virtually free with infinitely restocking books from Hub. FO2 is a bigger game and has many more books per zone, too, so you are also going to easily level it for free. His build was fine, and there's no reason to ever put raw skill points into Repair or Science.

All the default builds are kind of stupid in some way; Max Stone has Bruiser and low intelligence, Natalia has Night Person and Albert has Skilled and his IN isn't even high enough for the most important dialogue choices. Not to say that you can't beat the game with them, but they're a little bit dumb.

Arcanum has a fuckton of viable builds, what are you talking about? One of its great features is the character creation system and you can make character from any spectrum (tech, mage, melee, diplomancer) viable. Hell, it's the only game I know of where max Charisma character really, distinguishably, kicks ass.

>You can go on youtube or most message boards and people will praise this game as one of the best RPGs where almost any build is viable
Because it's true. You can have a lot of fun with the combat system. Discovering the fun properties of Flamer or Rocket Launcher was the highlight of my last playthrough, and those are commonly said to be shit weapons.

Bonus HtH Damage doesn't work properly as it only adds to your Max damage and not your Min damage. It's not good.

Silent Death is kinda pointless because of Slayer. If you wanna fluff yourself as a ninja kinda guy, just get Better Criticals at level 9 and punch people's eyes out.

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Bonus Move is one of the best perks in the game for the sheer versatility it offers. Some of the popular perks and combos are as follows:
>Living Anatomy
+5 Damage to every attack from just Doctor, which you want anyway because of the Vault City quests.
>Action Boy (2)
Two more action points means most of the time another attack per round.
>Life Giver (2)
Endurance is one of the weakest stats in Fallout because at EN2, you can just take a Buffout at level 12 and take that perk. With two levels in that perk you start gaining as much HP as you would with EN10. Yes, you can use drugs to meet requirements for perks (so you can take a Mentat on your current character to get Better Criticals). Drugs are generally overpowered in this game and the only stat you can't raise with them is LK and, virtually, EN (because if you raise EN with drugs, you don't get any bonus HP). It's also more convenient to keep your IN high, because Mentats will only help you for dialogue options and checks like the citizenship test. Anyway, HP aren't the best damage buffer, not getting hit is; however, having a lot of HP is still helpful against burst damage. I like it because I sometimes do Ironman runs, but it's also convenient to have, especially at close range.
>Bonus Rate of Fire / Bonus HtH Attacks
Those are obvious inclusions to any build.
Nice for a first-time player to be able to calculate enemy HP better and there isn't much better level 3 choices (Toughness is nice, Quick Pockets is very nice, but you can do without both). Personally I don't pick it anymore though.
At level 24, you get the ultimate damage dealing perk for either combat build you pick. A must have.

Fallout actually has a fuckton of interesting tricks you can do; the above are just the "cookie cutter' perks, but I've personally experimented with oft-dismissed stuff, like the +skill% perks and Here and Now. Sure they are not top tier, but they can still suit a very specific use.

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Alright, I'll keep this in mind, think I'll go Action Boy and get Slayer eventually.
Also, poor robot.

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That's not what I mean.

What I meant is this >>4171253

Where it is implied that you might talk to people and that the could help you. The head security ghoul in the gecko reactor says that you can try talking to the guards or speaking with the quarter/storage master for a keycard. You cant convince nor even speak to any of these NPCs about getting a keycard. You just have to know that you can loot it without penalty from a random container.

Let me stress this: Speech shouldn't be about people "folding" to you. But characters that it would make sense to speak to and it would make sense to be able to convince, should offer that option if you go for a high Speech run. Both the original games do this very sporadically, unpredictably and unintuitively.

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Too bad I didn't know about infintely restocking books because

a) I don't care for exploits like that
b) time is still an issue in getting a decent ending and books consume time
c) It's my first time running through the game, how would I know this?

Also, why are all the default characters stupid? How is anyone supposed to figure out what a good character is in these games? I mean I'm really trying to get into these games but it's too frustrating. Here I'm told that the default characters are terrible. How would any player now, without tedious trial and error, what a viable character is? I always heard how Speech is a viable playthrough, but it seems unless you know EXACTLY what skills you're going to need for what specific checks in the game, you're going to get fucked sideways.

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You're not the anon I was responding to, though. All I'm saying is that for most playthroughs of the game, you are free to just read books. Intelligent characters read books faster (1 hour for a 10 IN character, and you can eat Mentats before a reading session for maximum use).; I was always able to save Shady Sands and The Hub while reading a lot. The one thing that will affect your score the most is taking +stat surgeries in BoS, because those take weeks.

Also how is it an exploit? Merchants in many video games restock their supply. This one is no different. If you want to somehow limit your books usage, then sure, you can put in a level-up once or twice into Science or Repair. Though really, you also gotta question one thing: if an IN<4 character can beat the game, that means Science and Repair aren't actually a must have. They're, of course, very nice to have. But there are alternatives to using them.

>c) It's my first time running through the game, how would I know this?
Do you believe you should be privvy to a "golden ending" or a most optimal build on your first playthrough of the game? I don't think so, and either way, neither Fallout game doesn't require intimate mastery of the game mechanics to be able to complete it.
>I always heard how Speech is a viable playthrough
Speech is the best Fallout skill because 1) you can't raise it easily through other means and 2) it lets you get the maximum amount of rewards (XP/gold) from most quest resolutions. You can theoretically use it for a low-violence game, but IMO a completely non-violent playthrough of Fallout, while possible, is a bit counterintuitive. Anyhow, you can't make Speech your panaceum for all problems - which is why you supplement it through combat (and hired NPCs) or Sneak (which can do wonders). That's why generalist characters are best.

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>Also, why are all the default characters stupid?
Because each is built with some flavor in mind. I can guarantee you any of those can be perfectly viable for a 100% blind playthrough, if not particularly optimal. At most, you might be unable to complete 100% of what the game has to offer - all the sidequests, all the little dialogue options or alternate ways to complete the game. Even some minmaxed builds might have problems doing certain things. It's hard to make a Fallout character that can get access to absolutely every little thing. But there's enough shit in the game to help you even if you gimp your starting build. I don't think it's possible to fuck yourself into an unwinnable situation, because you can just use drugs, books and any possible piece of arsenal to win.
>How would any player now, without tedious trial and error, what a viable character is?
"Viable" means "capable of beating the game", which the starter characters are. They're deficient in many ways and can be optimized, but they work. You have to actually work hard to make an "unviable" character. Anyway, system mastery comes with time, and if you experiment enough during gameplay there's always a way to "unfuck" your choices. This is not some oldschool Wizardry grindfest or a "gotcha" roguelike.
>but it seems unless you know EXACTLY what skills you're going to need for what specific checks in the game, you're going to get fucked sideways.
That's far from true. If it were, "dumb" characters wouldn't be able to beat the game. Chances are, if something goes wrong, you just need to take a different option.

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Let's think about how to "unfuck" any of the starting characters, based on things you can learn about the game.
We can fire an aimed/burst fire weapon shot a turn. Not too bad. Throughout the game we can find out that action points are fun to have. Buffout and Psycho can help us get those, as well as make us last longer in engagements. We take Action Boy. Or we even Mutate! a shitty Bruiser trait away once we realize it's lack of usefulness. Or we can take Bonus Move and just use it to get behind corner between shots.
is actually really decent. High Agility is good to have, and Night Person isn't too debilitating, just not particularly superior to anything (just do more stuff at night). Has enough intelligence and shit. She can punch rats unarmed decent enough, Power Fist will make her better at it. Sneak is a good skill and Steal is also good to get income and everyone learns to savescum Steal easily. Natalia is a good character.
Likely can get Ian for free in Shady Sands (high Charisma is bad, but gets good reactions from NPCs) and he will save you from your low Agility woes. You are actually able to get a lot of ammo cheap when you don't even know yet how to gather it. He has passable PE and he will raise skills a lot. When you realize that Albert is a talky character, you may end up taking Smooth Talker as your first perk at level 4 (not very good, but still works). Even if you don't, you still don't miss out on too many dialogue options, and many of them will only become available after you've had plenty of opportunities to raise IN. Skilled is kinda shit, but at least you will be able to easily excel in any skill you choose to raise, as you start decently trained in everything, so you can easily detour and sink a level up into something just because it looks cool (Lockpick, Repair, Science, whatever). Later when you go into combat and realize Agility is nice, Barter lets you buy combat drugs in bulk.

>> No.4173594

Oh, and also Max makes early game a complete breeze. Even without tagged Unarmed/Melee, he will have plenty of the skill on its own to dispatch any threat in the early game.

And also, every single thing you miss out on can usually be alleviated by some grinding, which is how every RPG worked since the dawn of time - in that you can make up for skill deficiencies with raw numbers. Not even the time limit can screw you up in that regard, there's plenty of time to do everything. So if you are woed by how your brainless character lost out on XP and gold from not being able to lockpick a safe or talking someone into something, you just go ahead and murder something.

Also, the less combat you do, the less XP you get, but you also need less XP. A pacifist resolution oriented character probably doesn't ever have to do the fairly demanding questlines like the one with Decker's crime ring in the Maltese Falcon simply because XP mostly translates into increasing your combat abilities - there's a point to raising guns skill above 100% whereas Speech above 100% is only a way for low CH characters to become suave talkers in any situation (a flaw in the system; theoretically CH is supposed to determine an NPC's starting reaction to you, but you can just "power through" that mechanic by just pumping Speech more). On the flipside, though, it means that even a crippled blind man can become a decent sharpshooter if he raises his guns skill to over 200%.

>> No.4174963

Well one anon has already trashed Natalia as "one of the worst possible builds you can make". Sure, I beat the game with her, but mostly not being able to rely on her strongest skills and stats. Sneak is kind of useful, and at other times useless. Unarmed is fine if you can kite enemies around corners, and if you've got a powerfist. I still specced into Energy weapons because a plasma rifle kills muties in 2 hits.

> Viable

Theres two different uses of this word. Some people go with the lexical meaning, others mean "optimised" by it. As in, one of those maximally efficient characters.

> Skillchecks

Well it's not what I found the game to be like. The water pumps in Necropolis, getting Gizmo's confession, the Yellow Forcefields in Mariposa, the door to the nuclear Silo, getting past the Masters psychic tunnel, these are all quest objects and objectives that had limited options how to deal with them.

Let me just go with the Mariposa base. I couldn't find the access card outside Mariposa because I blasted the mutants with a plasma rifle, so I just had myself get caught by them isntead and killed Lou and his cronies. So now I can just fight my way out. I go to the yellow forcefield before the vats control room, and my science, repair and lockpick skill all tell me that I can't do anything. I didnt approach the mutants who had the Mr. Handy robot, because fuck aggroing a big group of mutants with a battle robot. Turns out I read online that Mr. Handy is broken and you can fix him to get past the forcefield. That's a counterintuitive quest solution. So I ended up blowing up through the forcefield emitter with one of the explosives I found where Lou was. Stealth is fucked at this point. So I walk up to the door which I now have to savescumlockpick. It's open. I go upstairs and try to clear through the mutant groups, which works alright. Then I get to even more yellow forcefields that I can't turn off. On the prison level I get stuck and used the last TNT.

>> No.4176673

>The water pumps in Necropolis
The junk you find on the floor is not very obvious as "water pump parts", but nevertheless, you only need around 40% repair to complete this quest. You can also just steal the chip and blast your way out.
>getting Gizmo's confession
Steal to plant the Bug. You don't even need Speech to get Gizmo's confession properly, you just have to choose proper talking options.
>Yellow Forcefields
Explosives, Repair on emitter (most characters at this point should be able to just click Repair on the forcefields until they finally open), or radio check.
>getting past the Masters psychic tunnel
Nullifier isn't hard to get if you've been paying attention and exploring. Either that, or you just eat the penalties, which aren't nearly as severe; if you're not super optimized you will be drugged to hell for the final battle, or there will be no final battle at all. It's hard to die in that corridor..
>Let me just go with the Mariposa base. I couldn't find the access card outside Mariposa because I blasted the mutants with a plasma rifle,
Enemies that have a "fallen apart" death animation can still have items picked out of them; they just lie in a pile where the body used to be.
>Mr. Handy is broken and you can fix him to get past the forcefield. That's a counterintuitive quest solution
Have you considered at some point that, if you just approached a dungeon you are completely not ready for (as your science and repair look like they've been abysmal), character-wise, to simply come back to nearest town and buy more explosives?

>> No.4176821

>It's hard to make a Fallout character that can get access to absolutely every little thing.

I always thought that was part of the charm of the game's design - you're not really SUPPOSED to be able to get a 100% perfect playthrough, at least not very easily, and certainly not on your first try. I think this is a difficult concept for people who never played old-school games in general. Fallout can be a punishing game, like a lot of old games, and it's not shy about totally fucking up a quest or locking you out of something due to inadequate skills or choices you made elsewhere in the game.

>> No.4176854

Yes, these games are bullshit but somehow I still have so much fun making 10 characters then playing halfway through the game until theres a massive difficulty spike then quitting. This applies to almost every CRPG

>> No.4176918

I've beat the game four times and you are telling me there's a way to avoid that hallway's attacks

>> No.4177304

Yeah, there's a room on Level 2/3 of the vault containing a bunch of loonies, one of them will give you the nullifier if you talk to them I think.

>> No.4177690

If you're planning on a full-scale assault, you can also get lead to that room by Morpheus, avoiding the hallway attacks, win the battle, and on your way out the debilitating effects will not matter for anything anyway.

>> No.4178378

Fallout 1 gets easier.

Well, it gets easier if you just focus on shooting things in their fucking eyes.

>> No.4178946

In the Sierra Madre base, what happens if I let the viruses free then report back to the Wrights?
Will they die?

>> No.4179123

Admittedly making characters is fucking sweet. Especially when you get into the role-playing of it - like playing a womanizer, an opportunistic/sadistic mercenary, a genuine hero who wants to better the life in the wastes, a smoothtalker, or a low-intelligence "friendly giant" type guy.

It's just frustrating when the combat is RNG central, unfun, and the quests are could be better gameplay wise.

I'm doing some jobs for the Mordino family right now, and I managed all of them pretty well yet I'm stumped at the one where you have to kill Salvatore. I can talk my way into his room, and I found his Oxygen tank, but stealing it doesnt do anything. So I read up the quest on the Fallout wiki. There's a poison tank hidden in the Mordino casino basement, behind a locked door. Why didn't Mordino say something about it? Why is it behind a locked door? Why wouldn't you hand the assassin you just hired the specific item you commissioned in order to kill the target? That's just inexcusable from a standpoint of logic. I tried lockpicking the door, since my skill in it is low I can't do it. I couldn't find a key, there's no speech option to get one, so I bought an explosive. I planted an explosive in front of the wooden door, like I did in the temple for the METAL door, and it didn't blow that plywood piece of shit right out the frame. So yeah, I'll just have to go in guns blazing now.

That is simply not my argument. It should be possible to get a halfway decent ending. I'm fine with imperfect, as long as it isn't plain unfair. The greatest example is that it is simply impossible to save the Followers of the Apocalypse. Due to a cut quest the ending always states that they get killed by the mutant army. Fallout 3 fucks you over with a badly written ending, but Fallout 1 fucks you over with a badly programmed ending.

>> No.4179139

I love Fallout but it's not without its bugs/poor design decisions (like having to steal from party members to swap out items, or your party members being able to block you from moving - both of which were fixed in FO2). Have you tried FO1 with the restoration patch? Might fix some of those buggy quests.

I always liked the combat, though. Blasting enemies in the eyes with a plasma rifle or blowing them apart with a mini gun never really gets old to me.

>> No.4179152

Yeah I went to the sub-cathedral vault first and explored every room because I couldn't find the master. So I found those insane people on the second level and talked thoroughly with everyone - one of them gave me that nullifier.

What sucked was that I couldn't find the door to the master. It just blended in so much with the walls and the background that it took me a few times before I even noticed it.

>> No.4179178

Might be because I'm not a big fan of turn-based combat. The only turn based combat games I played and liked were Final Fantasy 7 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The fact that VATS aiming only really makes sense if your skill is tremendous or you are adjacent to an enemy doesn't turn me on to the combat either.

Having watched some youtube videos of cool Fallout moments and having seen and read a lot of reviews I anticipated a more cohesive and coherent experience. This feels a lot more like an experimental game than classical.

>> No.4179262
File: 637 KB, 1920x1080, jesus christ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this fight with Melchior was unbearable as unarmed.
The Deathclaws kept knocking me down and the Geckos kept bypassing my armor and critting me for 60 or more damage.
Dear God.

>> No.4179324

>I can talk my way into his room, and I found his Oxygen tank, but stealing it doesnt do anything
It does. After stealing it (from his person, not the one he has in his lockbox, obviously), wait a few minutes (use the Pipboy function). If you steal Salvatore's Oxygen tank he will even make funny noises as he dies (but I think he also alerts people).
>There's a poison tank hidden in the Mordino casino basement, behind a locked door. Why didn't Mordino say something about it? Why is it behind a locked door? Why wouldn't you hand the assassin you just hired the specific item you commissioned in order to kill the target?
Eh, I will give you that one, because I always ever did the quest by simply causing him to suffocate with no oxygen instead of poisoning him. Then again, that does make for a neat "Hey, I found this! Wonder how to use it?" moment for people intent on exploration. I like it that the game does those little things.

Like I really like the sidequest you get in Den that you only ever get if you buy your character a drink, which is something you never have a reason to do for reasons other than flavor or exploring dialogue options. It's just neat. For the most part, assassinating each of the Fallout 2 New Reno bosses has some nice things available, but at least two solutions are cryptic as fuck (Bishop's "assassination" is weird and bugged). It's nice design on paper, in practice it has some down-lows. I'm generally not the biggest fan of Fallout 2's quest design in general, but it does have some diamonds.

>> No.4179692

That's why I bring a shitload of NPCs along for that. It's an extremely annoying fight.

>> No.4179738

Who the fuck is Melchior?

Fallout 2 has some creepy, unexplained shit, but that's in the top 3 for me.

>> No.4179763

>creepy, unexplained shit
what you mean?

>> No.4179769
File: 117 KB, 500x350, Kill_the_Chicken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4182326

Melchior is just one of the enclave miner slaves down in Mariposa that got FEV'd the fuck up and turned into a Super Mutant, which is all well and good until Black Isle made him a literal magician that summons Deathclaws. It's the stuff like that that misses the mark compared to Fallout 1, so close yet so far.

>> No.4182813
File: 49 KB, 720x480, 1456877858688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fight Melchior on an old run.
>Remember him overrunning me with monsters and me dying a quick death

>Latest run
>Decide to fight him with my critical rifles build.
>Wreck him before he can spawn more than one enemy.

>> No.4184310
File: 115 KB, 399x580, 16545.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently playing 1 at junkcity and i just maxed small guns to 95%, did i fuck up? I can actually hit enemies.

>> No.4184614

Skills in this game are modified by circumstance, so you can keep pumping guns (up to 200% in Fallout 1 and 300% in Fallout 2). 95% guns skill means that you will almost always hit the torso of a non-armored enemy at a moderate distance in daylight. Roughly something like that. Ranged aim is modified by PE, weapon range, light levels, whether you have the strength to handle the weapon, and stuff like whether the enemy is prone.

This generally means that at around 150% guns with decent (above 6) PE you should be able to hit 99% of the enemies reliably (90%+) in the eyes from a large range with any weapon. At around 120% you should be able to do that reliably at point blank. High PE also adds a lot to aim% (a PE9+ character can get away without tagging guns and still be able to hit torso from large distances).

So to sum up:
>Fast Shot characters don't need too much guns% skill, because they can't aim anyhow, so you only hit torso; Big Gun users don't need as much %skill in their trade as SMG/EW snipers
>long ranged weapons and high PE can make up a lot for bad aim (Hunting Rifle + PE>8 = Vault Dweller can snipe at 95% with untagged Small Guns)
>IN is ultimately the best stat because even if you lack combat capacity somehow from stats, you can just throw skill points at it. I made a tiny little Small Framed lady with ST:3 and made her a Big Gun character, and all she needed to reliably aim with (heavy) miniguns and rocket launchers was simply more skillpoints
>good weapon skill% for characters that will see combat starts at around 120%

This also is, for example, why you might want sometimes to pump Speech above 100% - Charisma is terrible in FO1 (slightly less in FO2) so you want it at 1-2, but such a CH causes abysmal "first impressions" from NPCs, so your Speech roll is modified by that (This is what Presence perk is supposed to help with). If you get Speech to around 120%, you should never ever be able to fail a speech check even if you're ugly.

>> No.4184628

I must admit though that I don't fully understand how those mechanics work, because, for instance, Lockpicking, by all intents and purposes, should be unlocking everything once it reaches 100%, no questions asked, yet I am almost certain there are locks in the game that require much more than that, special lockpicks or not. It fluctuates at times.

So yeah, uh, to answer your question, >>4184310 - keep pumping those guns. Or leave them alone and start looking towards Energy Weapons, the ultimate FO1 combat skill, since they should start popping up already. Whichever works - Small Guns are defiitely a solid endgame weapon, it's just that the Turbo Plasma Rifle is pretty much game over for every threat in the late game of Fallout 1, while Small Guns will require just a little bit more effort.

And just in case: Big Guns are workable, but they suffer from horrible weapon diversity (only three guns), expensive and heavy ammo and overall inefficiency. You can definitely cause mayhem with them, it will require more effort though. They're better in Fallout 2.

>> No.4184656


Big Guns are actually bretty good in Fallout 1. I used them in my latest run and they worked great. The minigun is your short and medium range gun, while the rocket launcher is for reaching out and touching people at a distance. There's enough ammo you can get from vendors and as loot to clear out the Glow, the Military Base, the Deathclaw nest in the Boneyard, and the Cathedral without having to worry about your ammo count. In fact, I actually ran out of inventory space for ammo while taking on the Military Base because most of the mutants use Big Guns.

The only thing I had a problem with was some of the super mutants in the underground portion of the Cathedral because of bullshit crit instakills. This was the first run I fought the Master instead of using the BoS holotape on him and I blew him to pieces in a few rounds with the rocket launcher. Didn't get up close and personal with the minigun like I wanted to because of his miniguns.

>> No.4184676

Oh sure, I'm aware. It's just that Turbo Plasma Rifle is the ultimate cookie cutter solution to FO1 and anything that snipes eyes is generally easier to handle. Not to say a Big Guns character can't make mutant hecatombs - he certainly will - it's just a bit more of a hassle.

As for bullshit crit instakills, the only thing I can think of in this case is to engage from afar and abuse corners a lot. Probably use Sneak a lot to fool mutants. The one time I played Big Guns in FO1, I did the late-game by dancing around corners and stacking mutants together, then hoping to kill them in bulk with a single flame or burst fire. Generally it worked.

>> No.4184896


I agree, it's just that, reading old NMA posts and the like, they made it seem like Big Guns was dogshit compared to Turbo Plasma Rifling everything to death. It was surprised to see I was getting Turbo Plasma Rifle-levels of damage with what I thought were "shitty" weapons.

>> No.4184979

Can I kill everyone in Fallout 2?
Every single person, indiscriminately?
Will it prevent me from finishing the game?

>> No.4185092


In theory, the only "essential" characters are the Arroyo NPCs in either Arroyo itself or the Oil Rig, and that's only because the game will game over you a while after you attack them. Otherwise, everyone, in theory, is fair game.

However, the problem will be that you'll have ammo problems if you go down the firearms route because you can kill every vendor. If you kill the San Fran weapon vendor and Buster, it's gg for most endgame weapons, since they're the only good source of ammo for most endgame weapons that doesn't require killing endgame enemies.

An unarmed or melee run might work for a "kill everyone" run, but there are several problem children; Navarro's turrets and the T-51b Power Armor guys on the Oil Rig. Navarro's turrets are extremely powerful and will wreck you if you try to get close to them. The T-51b guys can and will fuck you over with a critical hit from their Gauss Pistols.

Really, I'd only recommend a "kill everyone" run for the proest of Fallout 2 pros. This isn't NV, where you can easily wipe everyone out with a little bit of planning on your part. You'll run into a ton of bumps in the road, lock yourself out of ammo for powerful endgame gear, or just plain get fucked over.

>> No.4186510

I played a fast shot fallout 1 game and went into big guns. I was very impressed by the bazooka. The mini gun is pretty terrible. I kept my assault rifle instead.

The bazooka was amazing and fun. Blowing like three mutants into chunks at once.

The worst thing is looting. I wish there was a patch to make the body lootable or to drop a single container.

The worst part is picking up items. I wish there was a

>> No.4186653

>Life Giver
Just a slight correction, given the following formula

>HPperLevel = 2 + (END/2)

Each level of the perk is the equivalent of 8 END for the purposes of HP gain.

Simply put taking the two levels of the perk means that you are "winning" 16 END for HP gainz!!

Too bad it doesn't work retroactively.

>> No.4186695

This thread inspired me to do a new Fallout 2 run.

Going for a crit-focused Big Guns build, but will play it fairly and use burst-fire Small Guns until I can get a Big Gun without cheesing the game (like stealing a Bozar from one of Buster's guards ASAP). Will head to the southern part of the map sooner than later, unlike my last game.

First time using Fast Shot, and I can already tell the difference. The Pipe Rifle is much better when you can get two shots off every other turn.

Stats are:

STR: 6
PER: 7
EN: 6
CHR: 2
INT: 8
AGI: 10
LK: 8

Tagged Small Guns, Big Guns, and Science as my non-combat skill.

Finished the Temple of Trials, grabbed the Pipe Rifle, and I'm heading to The Den to kill Tubby and Flick to get their goodies.

>> No.4187214

not retro?

>> No.4187771

Was there an event in Fallout 1 or 2, can't remember, where not having enough money to pay a doctor makes him take your eye out?
I remember something like this.

>> No.4187819

"Nearly Ultimate" guides to Fallout and Fallout 2 cover pretty much everything. I do remember a malfunctioning Auto-doc in Vault-City than can kill you.

Nearly Ultimate guide to Fallout says "If you talk to Morbid while he's in the basement and go along with what he says, he'll cut one of your eyes out. Ouch! Actually, all that happens is that you get a crippled eye, which can be healed using Doctor. If you don't want to lose an eye you'll have to fight him instead." That's in Junktown

>> No.4187984

Make sure to use Flamer and Rocket Launcher extensively, they're some of the most fun weapons in the game and actually are really underrated in the community. Flamer in Wannamingo Mine is just too much fun.

>> No.4188013
File: 17 KB, 346x450, 90b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw doing the wanamingo mine as unarmed

>> No.4188124

Can't you tank the turrets from the edge of their range with HtH Evade until they've expended all their ammunition?

>> No.4188335


Hah, I actually grabbed a rocket launcher and some ammo at San Fran. Blew my cash on an LSW, so rocket ammo is going to be a bit hard to find until the SF weapon guy gets a full money restock and I can rip him off again. Think I might sell some of the Microfusion Cells I have for some extra cash at the Redding cash store.

>> No.4188768

You can just not restrict yourself to either mode and just be versatile, you know.

Fallout 2 gives so many Unarmed/Melee bonuses from random trainers and shit that you don't even have to tag it to be effective, either. So you can take any skills you want.

>> No.4190130

if they have the gog version the restoration patch is in the game files i'm pretty sure.

>> No.4190193
File: 144 KB, 360x400, cat's_paw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the only Fallout 1/2 guide you'll ever need:

- Choose Gifted + Small Frame
- Set EN and CH to 1, AG and IN to 9 or 10, PE to 8 (if you want the Sniper perk which comes very late in the game), the rest doesn't matter much.
- Tag Small Guns, Speech and Lockpick, put all your level up points into Small Guns until it's about 80-100%.
- When in combat, THE ONLY FUCKING THING YOU DO is called shots to the eyes. Absolutely nothing else, especially don't fucking move.
- Save before talking to anyone, explore all the dialog options before you decide on an outcome.

That's it. Enjoy the games!

>> No.4190416
File: 57 KB, 299x299, 1360332779382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>encouraging savescumming

>> No.4190556

I still haven't beaten 2 but from what I played which is most of the game I think 1 is the better game.

>> No.4190580

Don't worry actually I felt a lot of the same things you felt. I think what it is with the games is that they may have rushed to finish deadlines. So some of the stuff in the game feels unfinished or should have been explained better but isn't. I also agree about the combat. It is actually fun for a bit when you first get into the game but eventually the combat did start to get tedious.

The games are still pretty good though. Just because they have their issues doesn't mean they are awful. Just probably not as good to me as the praise I have seen some give the games.

>> No.4190617

> Choose Gifted + Small Frame
Fast Shot playthroughs are very viable, Kamikaze is really good for no-deaths playthroughs
> the rest doesn't matter much.
Luck 6 is necessary for Sniper and way, way too much bad advice on the net tells people to dump Luck to 2, which only works if you won't rely on Better Criticals and Sniper (and you likely will). Any uber-late game build that wants a 100% crit rate wants to somehow reach LK10, too. I'd recommend advanced FO2 players to prioritize LK over AG because AG can always be raised with drugs for important battles and LK can't. Also PE is way more important than just the Sniper perk.
>Tag Small Guns, Speech and Lockpick
Reasonable, but Lockpick is not that big of a deal.
>put all your level up points into Small Guns until it's about 80-100%
>- When in combat, THE ONLY FUCKING THING YOU DO is called shots to the eyes. Absolutely nothing else, especially don't fucking move.
Shots to the groin or legs are very helpful against things that are too tough to take down in one shot and that you'd rather not take risks against. Crippling shot to the left arm makes Deathclaws harmless.
>- Save before talking to anyone, explore all the dialog options before you decide on an outcome.
Eh, sure.

That's just one playstyle you're describing here, really.

Fallout 1 is certainly a more tight, compact experience, which helps it in many ways.

>> No.4190645


I like having AGL and LK at 10. I get 10 AGL at character creation, and use the zeta scan at NCR to boost my LCK to 10. I love having all the APs I can get and having high luck means less chances of getting nailed with a bad enemy crit.

Fast Shot is GOAT with Big Guns. AGL 10 + Fast Shot + Bonus Rate of Fire + Jet = Three Vindicator/Avenger/Improved Flamer bursts in a single round or two rockets and a reload with enough AP to spare to heal if need be.

Lockpick is good for the early portions of Fallout 1, but falters later on and isn't really worth tagging in 2.

>> No.4190652
File: 137 KB, 640x480, Fo2_Myron_Ending.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no doubt about it, but Fallout 1 doesn't have the amazingly written Broken Hills or the detailed Myron

>> No.4190676

small nitpick: you can't set any stats to 1 if you choose gifted.

>> No.4191149

>isn't really worth tagging in 2.
This. Between the electronic lockpick mkII and the advanced lockpick you can lockpick nearly everything in the game without blowing a tag.

>> No.4191286
File: 792 KB, 1920x1080, slavers go boom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I gave the rocket launcher a shot (no pun intended). Let me say that it was a very bad day to be a slaver, as my picture shows. It's really nice so far and gives me a good long range option for my Big Guns character. I'm up to 39 AP rockets, which I think will be enough for the time being.

I like the flamer, but even with the upgrade and improved ammo, I don't feel it has damage potential to quickly defeat anything stronger than dudes in leather armor. It's fun for sure, but it takes up too much inventory space and has too little range for what it does. I have a free spot in my build for any perk, so I'll pick Pyromaniac when the time comes and revisit it later.

I never tried the avenger minigun before, so I'm giving it a shot, and damn it's fun. That thing is a fucking buzzsaw against most of the enemies in the game. I thought it was shit because it wasn't the vindicator, but hell, this thing rocks. The hardest part is finding enough 5mm JHP to keep it fed. The damn San Fran weapon dealer prefers to stock the shitty AP variant instead of JHP.

Also snagged a Bozar because the SF weapon dealer was offering it, but I'm going to keep it stashed in my car until I take on Navarro and the Oil Rig. Don't want to ruin the fun by lol Bozaring everything to death so soon in the game.

>> No.4191418

>I like the flamer, but even with the upgrade and improved ammo, I don't feel it has damage potential to quickly defeat anything stronger than dudes in leather armor. It's fun for sure, but it takes up too much inventory space and has too little range for what it does. I have a free spot in my build for any perk, so I'll pick Pyromaniac when the time comes and revisit it later.

It works very well against creatures with little to no fire resistance, which includes Aliens, Floaters, and Centaurs. The Wanamingo mine in particular is a joy to explore with a Flamer.

Plus I generally enjoyed it to deal with all sorts of otherwise nasty encounters, like those highwaymen with really deadly burst fire weaponry but relatively low armor. I'm not sure if you're having any trouble at all with those because I can see you clearing Metzger's den with an Advanced Power Armor, so you're either way past the point of caring about non-Enclave combat encounters or you rushed Navarro early.

>> No.4192469


I went into Navarro, grabbed the APA, and ran out. I min-maxed my character's stats pretty hard, so I needed an APA to boost my STR to the point where I could use miniguns and have enough inventory space to hold all the ammo I need for my guns.

Didn't know that about the flamer. I think I might find some space for it and some ammo so I can roast some critters.

>> No.4192864

I never go for APA first because that's just the way I play the game (and I'm not gonna call you names for doing your thing), but, FWIW, my last character was a tiny little frail Big Gun lady and all of my ST:3 worries were fixed by pumping the skill higher (weapon handling penalties to aim can be alleviated by just maxing guns% harder) and when a fight was particularly tough, she ate Buffouts anyway (because she also had mediocre AG) and instantly got massive to-hit. Just saying it's doable. Anyhow, I would never consider ST above 5 on any character because of how inefficient it is even for brawlers.

>> No.4193618


I'm too much of a packrat to rely on Buffout. If Buffout quantities were more like the amount of Jet the average drug dealer in New Reno has, I'd go down that route, but I needs my constant maxed out inventory space to carry as much loot and ammo as I can.

However, your build does give me an idea to go for a "gimpy" run, where I can talk, repair, or use a computer to get out of anything, but rely on NPCs to defeat enemies because my combat skills will be terrible. Could be fun and a nice departure from how I usually play. Will have to dig out a "skip Temple of Trials" mod for it, though.

Also, I've realized I've never actually done the Bishop quest route in 2. I've wasted Westin once or twice, but never actually took out Carlson. Going to fix that with my latest run.

>> No.4193846

>I'm too much of a packrat to rely on Buffout.
Carrying space never bothers me in Fallout because of the car fixing that problem entirely.
>Will have to dig out a "skip Temple of Trials" mod for it, though.
Temple of Trials is terrible in general, but you can just run past all the ants and finish it in 2 minutes.

>> No.4193934

How do you rush Navarro?

>> No.4193938

Move south to San Francisco, get the Navarro quest.
Go to Navarro, try to avoid Enclave patrols along the way. Get the power armor and other free equipment.

>> No.4193949

Oh, so the Brotherhood of Steel custodian from San Francisco always gives the quest?
Truth be told San Francisco was the last city I visited and did quests in, and I thought I needed a certain level to get the Navarro quest because all the other Brotherhood custodians told me I'm not ready yet and shit.

>> No.4194121

Can you really do a no kill run of Fallout 2?

I tried to find a run of it online, but can't see one anywhere.

>> No.4194130

Horrigan has to die no matter what. If you discount that, killing Horrigan while not involving yourself pretty much needs you to hack the turrets, which means you have to kill the president somehow.

>> No.4195023
File: 152 KB, 1440x1080, 1501701402477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to break up bar fight in Redding.
>Talk to the woman.
>She attacks when I tell her she's going to jail.
>After she's dead, every black NPC in town, Doc Johnson, the sheriff, and even fucking kids attack me for no good reason.

>> No.4195043

How did you manage to fuck up this very simple task? Sheriff himself tells you not to be a retard and kill anyone and the place has two brawlers requiring jailtime anyhow.

Well, if a town gets angry and attacks, just leave it for a few days and they should be fine with you.

>> No.4195051


I thought it was funny that half the town, including kids, went nuts and tried to kill me after I killed a belligerent miner in a clear case of self-defense.

I reloaded and did it the intended way because I wanted to kill Frog Morton and trigger his brothers' encounters.

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