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So, 'bout to go to college, and one of the consoles I know i'm taking is my Dreamcast. It's one of the models that allows burned disks.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any really underrated/obscure games for the console lying out there on the internet somewhere? It can be from any region.

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>it's a "babby wants recommendations for his first retro console" episode

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I've already gone through and gotten some of the bigger titles, like Code Veronica, Yakuza, Sonic Adventures, etc. Hell, i've even gone through and gotten some more obscure middling games like Nightmare Creatures 2.

I've done some research. But I figure I won't find the really obscure stuff just by taking a browse at whatever top 10 dreamcast games lists IGN has mirrored.

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t. larper

Get gauntlet legends, very fun multiplayer

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Need to shell out for some more controllers though.

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Project justice.

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You shouldn't be taking a console to college you dumbass.

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> It's one of the models that allows burned disks

eyyo, /vr/, y'all been lyin' to me? I thought all Dreamcasts could play burnt games.

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u wot, since when was Yakuza on Dreamcast?
>Nightmare Creatures
i'm sorry for your lots

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They all can.

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>i'm sorry for your lots

Yeah, the sequel kind of blows, but I appreciate the art style.


I thought it was just the models labeled 1, and not the 2 or 3?

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I had a dreamcast in college and people loved it. Iconic games like crazy taxi or multiplayer stuff like worms were usually a hit.

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Shit, Crazy Taxi is a great idea. I have most of the Worms games on my Laptop.

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>all games listed multiple places
>obscure games

He should draw crayon pictures in the ball pit like you?

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Seventh Cross Evolution
E.G.G. (Elemental Gimmick Gear).

You're welcome.

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All the ones made before the year 2000 or 2001 can take burned discs I believe. You're more likely to encounter one that can take burned discs than one that can't.

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I'll give them a search. Gotta put all these blank disks to good use.

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How did people get around the 700something megabyte disc limit?
It seemed like most of the games I really wanted to burn for my dreamcast were 800mb so I couldn't.

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Thank you almighty satan for these dark gifts you bring me this day.

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This thread is here just to torment me. I snapped my Dreamcast's power supply board in two last night and am now very sad.

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Some of my best memories of college are from playing Mario Party and Melee with people.

Even the most alpha chad can't be banging girls 24/7, you gotta have some downtime too.

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if your talking about pirates, it's mostly removing cinematic's and lowering the audio quality to make it under 700mbs

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Already got my game cube with a few controllers primed and ready to get my ass handed to me in smash.

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I heard about the indiegogo of a new smaller and more efficient PSU for the Dreamcast. Maybe I can combine it with a GDemu and one of those transparent shells they were selling back in the day. All I would need is your motherboard for the Dreamcast you no longer can use.

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You overburn in DiscJuggler...

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Lovecraft would have been proud.

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I use 900MB discs. That's be underburning.

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Nobody wants to sit around a laptop and play a game though. Even if you plug it into a TV or something, if it involves a computer you will scare most people off.

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I fucking loved playing Star Wars Demolition with a friend or 3, but the game gets shat on a lot and the most well known YouTube videos of the Dreamcast version are by faggots that can't play for shit and blame the game.
>Selecting the Snowspeeder and picking up the tractor beam to drag your buddies around and into environmental hazards for the whole match just to piss them off
Good times.

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One of the games I actually burned already. I really wanna get the controllers to play with some friends. Seems like it would be mental.

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I didn't know that was even possible..

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In my DC silly

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Fuck police coming straight from the underground

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>Dat Last Shooting

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>I didn't know that was even possible..
It is.

Pic related are the toggles I always use for burning DC games. Perfect results every time.

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Tokyo Xtream Racer 2 is a good game to burn time on

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DiscJuggler is pretty obsolete FYI. Imgburn with default settings should work to burn any self-boot cdi. It's handled everything I have thrown at it.

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Wetrix+, an upgraded port of Wetrix, a great little n64 title. It's kind of a falling-block puzzle game, but the pieces you drop modify a true 3d landscape, complete with surprisingly advanced water physics. The versus mode is also one of the best in any puzzle game.

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Bring an n64 (or gamecube) instead of a Dreamcast

N64 is the killer multiplayer machine. That's how you make friends

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Anyone else have some problems with a burned version of Maken X, Techromancer and D2?

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>t. Nintendo Switch shill

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Dreamcast has much better multiplayer than N64.

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In college my Dreamcast got more play time than any other console I had in part because I could just download and burn any game for it at a moment's notice. So if somebody said "hey I used to play..." we could actually play it. I guess you can do the same with an ED64 but that's a bit of an investment compared to how cheap Dreamcasts are.

I strongly discourage even owning a Gamecube in college unless you just want unsociable Asian kids to play Melee in your room 16 hours a day. I saw bringing retro games to the people as an opportunity to let those of us who didn't want to play Melee and fucking FIFA all the time get a piece of the fun.

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Don't get it, sorry. The switch obviously wasn't out when I was in college.