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Noob from /tg/ here. Where are the huge image files/wiki articles suggesting a huge list of classic games by category and genre?

I just got a Dimension 3100 (Yes, it's quite a big steaming pile of crap, thank you very much) hooked up to my Apartment's TV, and I'm using it for streaming and as a cheap retro-console. Thus, I need suggestions, both for good Multiplayer and epic storyline games.

Apologies in advance for any offenses/inter-board conflicts this thread may incur... But at least Shadowrun SNES was a great game, right?

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The classic games will be like "Sonic, Mario, Street Fighter lol".

Now, there's a ton of god-tier games (Alien Soldier, Windjammers, Tobal 2...) that may not be considered classics because only retro gaming nerds know them.

So, what do you want?

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Play Shadow of Mystara on MAME

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The /vr/ road-trip through 16-bit era multiplayer classics for me and my roommates to enjoy would be a good start, specifically with the backwoods tour of unsung classics. I can get the classics from any top ten list or most downloaded under the "Multiplayer Roms" category.

Besides that, I'm also looking for completely original and unique experiences. Games that have an incredible atmosphere or story that hasn't been replicated before or since.

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forgot my pic

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I'll start dumping the ones I have cause I'm a nice guy and also an ex fa/tg/uy.

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any second now some frothing autist is gonna come in and say how one of these images is wrong cause it contains a game they don't like.

ignore them. these are suggestions.

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>from /tg/
>Dimension 3100
>asking for lists of great games
Also, I fucking hate you /tg/ faggots. Fuck off.

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/vr/ is full of non-discussion and is practically /v/ tier atm thanks to people like you.

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In the "unsung multiplayer classics" category, please include Pocket Fighter, Waku Waku 7, Violent Storm, Windjammers, Uniracers, and even famous games like Micro Machines or NBA Jam (famous back then, not even discussed today).

I suppose the images above do already mention Bomberman or Gunstar Heroes, thus no need to go there.

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Dumping charts doesn't generate discussion either, dumpass.

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it's what OP asked for, he didn't ask for discussion. don't you have an amiga thread to feign superiority in?

btw OP, this is probably the wiki you want.

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Source on original pic?

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>listing every game released on the console as recommended

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>no Quackshot
>no Alisia Dragoon
>no Landstalker
>no Eternal Champions
>no Puyo Puyo
>no Moonwalker
>no early classics like Strider, Wonder Boy or Out Run


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METAL SLUG 3, play the first two metal slugs first along with X.
Wave Race 64. Best wave physics EVER.
Space channel 5 part 2. One of the funkiest rhythm games ever. Play the first part too obviously
House of the dead 2. Personal favorite lightgun game.
Twinkle star sprites! The most hardcore versus puzzle shmup ever. Quite a bit of fun.
Megaman Legends. In my experience it's the best 3d character exploration game. Fun.
F-ZERO X. HARDCORE RACING HELL YES. Takes practice to reach first place on the first race but it's all so satisfying.

Splatoon, and Elite Beat agents are not retro.

Also recommended: Lords of Thunder. Awesome shmup with an amazing soundtrack. Play the pc-98 version, that version's soundtrack is so much more ROCKIN'.

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Rustle aka meow you fucking newfag.

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Mieow / Rustle draws some cute girls, but they are not kosher for 4chan.

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lolicon's very kosher ala 4chan standards

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No /l/ because it's illegal.

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not in the land of the FREE

.... i have american lolis but they're not very retro-related

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Is there an image for the best arcade games?

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not in every western country. In some American states its completely legal. ditto for Argentina, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, and I think also Norway.

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It should be illegal everywhere. pedowebboscum should be gassed.

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I mean, this is a blue board, but still
>being concerned over pedos on an anime website

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If looking at anime helps pedos coping with their illness and make them stay at home instead of raping little girls irl, why not?

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All this fun in a single post, nice job.

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Work in progress but games are being added.

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This site sucks

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it's actually legal everywhere in america. though some states will try to jump through some hoops to get you arrested anyway. just don't go flaunting your fetish everywhere.

anon, that kind of thinking will get people in jail for the stupidest crap.

even if you're not into lolis, imagine having your computer confiscated for one reason or another in an alternate universe where America HAETs lolis. Now, you being the no-loli man you are might think you're safe, right? However, the gov guys come back and say that these huge boob'd anime ladies say they're 17! 18 is the legal limit! so you get thrown in jail because drawings have rights.

Australia has it worse since a legal-aged small-boobed lady could get you thrown in jail too! A crude drawing of a stick figure giving another stick figure a blowjob and proclaiming that the stick figures are only 8 years old will get you thrown into jail!

It's this type of thinking that'll have the popo harass dumb nerd losers rather than catch actual rapists, murders, and general scum-bags.

So you see, even if you don't wanna tap it, that loli butt stands for freedom, integrity, and trust. It is a foundation in which we understand one another and aim for a cleaner and more responsible society.

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Tangentially related to this, are there any lists showing how well games sold each year or such?

I'm interested in seeing what titles were actually popular at the time, as opposed to those that have survived in memory for actually being good.

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There's vgchartz but if you quote it on 4chan people will bitch it's inaccurate.

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Clock Tower (SNES) [single player]
Pig Out (arcade) [multiplayer]

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Did nobody notice that there's already a big chart thread here? >>4114553

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Lists are more often than not junk. Just filter by what you need and play through the games.

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Who is this (literal) semen demon?

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Kitty's dream course. I prefer shadowrun on genesis.

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yes that's the actual name

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This. Remember, it's easier for the Police to arrest someone for loli than it is to actually arrest real rapists.

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This picture always makes me cringe.
I'm okay with the 32-bit extension and shell for a 16-bit operating system, that's basically what Win9x was.

But no, DOS was never a "patch" for an (CP/M) 8-bit operating system. DOS nor CP/M was never made for a 4-bit microprocessor.

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>But at least Shadowrun SNES was a great game, right?

Play the Genesis version if you're really into /tg/ . It's got all the stats and shit and the semi-open world mechanics.

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>I'm okay with the 32-bit extension and shell for a 16-bit operating system, that's basically what Win9x was.

Win2000 and XP are also 32bit. But they're worlds apart from Win98. Win 2K in particular has great performace.

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Needs Shadowrun obviously. And Langrisser 1 and 2.

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>Win2000 and XP are also 32bit.
Win2k and XP have nothing to do with that saying though, Win9x is literary a graphical shell for DOS with 32-bit extensions, Windows 2000 and XP are already pure 32-bit NT and don't run on DOS.

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Wtf google shits itself when you search for that, got another name?

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