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Am I the only one who played the Final Fantasy Legends series?

I don't think so.

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Silly American, they are called SaGa games


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we've been having threads about these games for the past like3 days.

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Of course, they were also my first RPG's as well.

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FFL2 was actually my first JRPG. I found a copy of it laying around my grandad's house after he died (it had belonged to my uncle over a decade before that point in time; he was an avid Nintendo gamer back in his teens/early 20's). I had always been intrigued by Final Fantasy so I gave a shot. Never made it past Odin but probably played through the game a good two or three times (that is, I played up to Odin, where I always got my ass kicked). Eventually I got into the other FF games. I was ten when I first found the game. Twelve years later, I'm glad I did. It was the start of an amazing thing.

Cool story, I know. I know.

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Currently playing FFL3. Plan on collecting for the entire series.

Just today my Japanese copies of SaGa 1, 2, and 3 came in the mail. Got them in an Ebay auction. As well, my brother finally gave me back Romancing Saga for PS2... without the fucking manual. He lost the goddamn manual and I'm mildly upset.

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FFL2 was actually my first JRPG. I found a copy of it laying around my grandad's house after he died (it had belonged to my uncle over a decade before that point in time; he was an avid Nintendo gamer back in his teens/early 20's). I had always been intrigued by Final Fantasy so I gave a shot. Never made it past Odin but probably played through the game a good two or three times (that is, I played up to Odin, where I always got my ass kicked). Eventually I got into the other FF games. I was ten when I first found the game. Twelve years later, I'm glad I did. It was the start of an amazing thing.

Cool story, I know. I know.

Had to revise this post. It had some spoilers in it. I don't wanna ruin anything for anybody.

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>tfw FFL has fuck all to do with Final Fantasy

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I'm in the Post-Apoc wasteland area of FFL1 right now. I like it a lot.

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I'm not too keen on the history behind it. Did they give if the FF name to improve sales?

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Yes, RPG's used to be hard to market in the west

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Did you sell your FFL2 cart? I remember in another thread that someone bought a cart and all three saves were at that boss.

And yeah all of the gods were a huge pain in the ass. They could easily one shot people and were worthy of the title gods.

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I love how future and medieval technology mix together and it's just so natural that nobody questions it. Sword wielding knights are awesome, and minigun wielding robots are awesome. So we have both combined into one big awesome pudding.

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I lost the cart years and years ago and it eats me alive every time I think about it. I would give anything to have it back in my collection. Especially the original cart that I grinded my teeth on all those years ago. I could buy a copy from any old sap on the internet, but it just won't ever be the same.

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Some of my favorite RPG's as a kid


>And God is a tiny Amish man on the Game Boy screen

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Do you remember what sort of party you rolled with? It could be worth emulating to finally beat it. Though be warned, two bosses after that one you were stuck on are even harder. You were also close to the end of the game as well.

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All right /vr/. Do I play Sage Frontier one or two?

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Goddamn, I love that bit. As an avid fan of stand-up, that woman won my respect twenty times over the first time I heard it. I love you too, for post that.

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Why not both? They are good games

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Play SaGa Frontier 1, it is a bit of a mix between the old SaGa games (Final Fantasy Legend) and the SNES Romancing SaGa games.

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FFL3 was awesome.

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>assigning personalities to each character
>Imagining the situations in the game playing out in cinematic, action-packed ways

Best games to use your imagination with.

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>I called the Nintendo Game Counselors

Right in the feels.

When was this recorded, anyway? Had to have been mid 90s.

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Monsters can and will make the game much easier if you know how to level em right.

Tip: Eat the Watcher enemy's meat in the Dragon Race to get a big jump in evolution. The DS Version allows you to retake the Race as many times as you want. (Time Trial)

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>Eat the meat at the races.
>Get a god damn dragon out of it.
I was amazed at the time. I thought monsters were useless. Right there I got a rape machine.

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I played the first one a long time ago. I thought it was pretty fun, but holy god it felt so klunky to me. I think I got to the power plant level where you have to disable the forcefield and couldn't figure out what the fuck to do.

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When I started the first game, I really wanted a skeleton companion so I chose one. I didn't figure out how to level it up until I was already in the tower.
By then, he was my comedy relief who died in every serious fight.
He ran out of hearts and I had to replace him. Godspeed, Mort.

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I tended to lean toward robots and mutants, though I can hardly remember. I mean, it's been over twelve years since I played the game.

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"i talked to eric, he's twelve.... he makes fun of ya"

can't believe i haven't seen that one i used to watch Comedy Central presents everyday.

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Poor Mort, he will be missed. I don't remember my first character perma-death in FFL1.

Robots are great, but they can get their ass handed to them against anything that uses magic since there is no way to boost their magic defense. Though I still put them in front because you can make them into godly physical tanks.

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>couldn't figure out what the fuck to do.
Wait until you play the later SaGa games. Even more so from Romancing and on wards it is to be expected to not know where the fuck to go and be lost. Though Final Fantasy Legend is fairly linear.

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Minor spoilers in the video.

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> Chainsaws everywhere
> Not having a robot made out of chainsaws
I'll give you partial credit.

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I didn't really enjoy the Gameboy at the time due to the dependency on batteries, but I'm curious about it now. Which would be the best Final Fantasy Legends game to start with?

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While 1 is very buggy and unpolished, it's nice to play the three in order to watch how they expanded on each game, fixed mistakes, and improved.

And if you play 2 or 3 first, you might not be able to get used to 1.

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The second one, but don't call them by that name, they have nothing to do with FF

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I would hardly call 3 an improvement. It is a SaGa game without Kawazu in it and it doesn't play like one other than in name

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OP here. I said before in my anecdote, the second one was what got me into JRPG's entirely. The first one is great and I can appreciate it for what it is, but the second one is something of a masterpiece in my book, as far as Gameboy RPG's go.

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The second one is the best of the three. Final Fantasy Legend III is the easiest to get into since it is the most familiar.

Pretty much. It really shows that Kawazu wasn't behind it because of how standard it was.

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Not the guy you responded to, but since it's been brought up, should I play the DS remake of this? I have it sitting around on my flash cart, but never got to it.

Same goes for the PS2 remake of the SNES game.

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All depends if you want to go with the original source or not. Though the DS remake gets rid of random encounters which is a blessing. For Romancing SaGa there is no fan translation for the original so just play the PS2 remake, then again the PS2 remake is phenomenal and easily my favorite JRPG.

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They are different enough to be almost different games, but if you want to play them over the other, then by all means, they are both ways to play the same game

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Did someone translate the DS remake?

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Yeah, it's fully translated or at least near fully translated.

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>By then, he was my comedy relief who died in every serious fight.
>He ran out of hearts and I had to replace him. Godspeed, Mort.

That sounds awesome, Anon. Giving him a specific personality and "story role" based on what happened. Sounds Like Good Memories.

Closest experience I can compare is when in Legend II, my Monster character finally managed to get a hold of some good meat and promptly changed into a Medusa. The whole time I'd seen the Monster, named Tony, as a dude and now suddenly he was a snake-haired woman. Later on he also became a fairy. I got a lot of funny feelings from both situations.

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I don't think 1 is buggy OR unpolished.

There are a couple of glitches that work in your favor (going beyond 99 stats), but nothing that hinders you.

..and I don't think it's unpolished, just very very basic.

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It has a very laughable translation, though

>Go to the guild
>Try to remove the Starting character from the party
>"He Don't"

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Yeah, I agree with that.

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I mean I agree with THIS..

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It's also kind of funny that the game gives you the option to have under 4 characters, but if you do have less, there are strange conversation bugs.

Often in conversations other folks in your party will talk. But if you are alone or just don't have 4 people you will have the invisible XXXX person talk.

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You know.. for the amount of time I invested in the game.. I never was brave enough to try a sub-4 group.

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You gotta try a solo run, man
It's actually pretty easy if you grind in the first world. The King's Equipment is great and won't break so you can grind as long as you want.

Unless you play the Wonderswan Color version. Won't let you equip it...

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There's a guide for doing a one character run. iirc, Humans are the easiest thanks to grinding potions, mutants are difficult but do-able while one monster is impossible because you just can't do enough damage to beat Creator.

I still want to try a Single Monster run one day, though. Monsters are actually my favorite characters to use. I wish more games did like SaGa and Final Fantasy Tactics and let you be able to use the same basic enemies that the computer has to use.

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I think I heard a rumor that someone did beat the Creator as a monster. Couldn't it be possible if you got many critical hits?

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I guess so, but that seems pretty impractical to rely on outside of Tool-assisted stuff.

There's a few monsters that have the Saw, too, but relying on that's not much better.

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I love FF Legend 2 so damn much. 3 robots/1 mutant was my team of choice. Monsters can't kill me with magic if they're all dead.

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>mfw contraband bananas.

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I personally never bothered with strength based robots. I always went pure weapons like tanks, missiles, and lasers. You have no clue how crushed I was when you equipped a Nuke to a robot the durability would go down to zero.

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but that picture is of the first one.

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i could never understand saga frontier 1. I remember choosing red then just running around a casino for an hour with no where to go.

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It never holds your hand in telling you where to go. Though you were on the rails section of it. You just had to explore he hell out of the casino. Mostly locate the Black X guys, then eventually they all leave and you follow them to the parking garage.

I suggest doing Emilia's route as a starter route since hers is a bit more understandable on where to go next.

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That perfectly explains my experience with it, as well.

>Cool, this guys a Super Hero or something
>Hey this Story's pretty neat
>Now I'm not working on the ship anymore
>.... now what?

I never even played the other scenarios. I really need to go back and play that some more.

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this was years ago. i also remember playing as a green squirrel and a mage. I remember hating the mage

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Yeah, it is a love it or hate it sort of deal with SaGa games. Some people love the fact that they just need to go around and talk to everyone and explore the new places to figure out where to go, finding the quests, then figuring out how to complete the quests. It is understandable if you like other RPG's that give you more guidance on where to go because SaGa tends to go on the extreme end in letting the player figure out where to go.

Rikki the monster is pretty hard to do for a beginner, mostly because of how monsters work in SaGa Frontier (much harder to get transformations you want since it is less likely to stumble upon one you like since it is all based upon his move set). Blue the mage is actually a good route as well since all you do is collect magic. It is also a pretty good route because you do have a duel with your brother and even if you die your brother takes your place for the rest of the scenario and absorbs all of the magic you obtained for the entire quest. You can still win against your brother as well and in the developer room it shows how many times you've completed the game and it has one for Blue and another for his brother. Though if you decide to try Blue again, prepare for one hell of an ending. Personally I didn't mind the ending, but for many others it was VERY disappointing, but I cannot blame them since the way it ends is very unexpected.

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I've played all the final fantasy legend games and loved them. But i feel like frontier just wasn't very good

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I am curious as to why. Is it because of how open it was and the lack of direction? If so then they weren't the games for you then and there is nothing wrong with that. Personally I loved ALMOST every SaGa game I've played. I liked the original FFL trilogy with the second one definitely being in my top ten JRPG's, I rank Frontier above that, and I love the Romancing SaGa remake. So far the only one I didn't care for is SaGa Frontier 2, I even like Unlimited more than it, especially since I get a bit more freedom in screwing around in adventures and that I get to piece the sparse story together.

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These games are fucking fantastic

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>play SaGa Frontier for the first time
>pick Lute to be the main character without knowing what that would entail

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>Get to the final dungeon within ten minutes.
Surprise mother fucker.

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One thing I really liked about this game was that the different races were very different and that there was a reason to try different races and that you weren't forced to make a balanced party of one of each. If you wanted to roll with all humans because you didn't like how the other races developed then more power to you.

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They obviously stopped trade with South America. They just wanted to starve their economy.

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I know this is a bit of a long shot but I need to ask.

In the three FFL games, what was everything included in the boxes? And what were the differences between the original Square releases and the Sunsoft releases later on?

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Game game manual and and box for all of them. There were no differences except the sunsoft rereleases had sunsoft written on the box.

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Bitch please.

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your legend 2 did that pink thing too? i was wondering why that happened to mine when i take great care of my games.
Also, i'm jelly of your final fantasy legend. I never got that one.

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Yeah, sunlight I guess? There was a time when I actually played outside.

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Don't some of them have maps and stuff too?
I was hoping to know exactly what.

As for the Sunsoft and Square differences, it's just my rampant autism. For my collection, if the cart says Sunsoft on it I want it in a box that says Sunsoft, too...

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Probably more just friction and oils from your grubby dirty fingers pulling the game out

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Only the first three games were fun. The ones with branching storylines on the PSX were clusterfucks.

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no maps. Only in the game manual. Er wait 3 might have had a map.

>> No.427048

My bad, i forgot about these. Yea they all had foldable maps. I guess i just kept it in the game manual because they're so tiny

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i got this and FF legend at GS years ago, like 2003-04.
totally complete if not for those damn price labels...

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they had maps and shit, like little info sheets and such. i know the ffl 2 manual even gives you good examples for what parties NOT to use and why even.

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Alright, thanks for the information. I ask because I want to collect these particular games. And sometimes I can find people selling parts of it (like, game + manual, manual + map) and it would be cheaper than buying CIB. Of course, I don't want to end up buying parts of a set and realize later that I'm missing a map or something.

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this should help, its everything that is included in ffl 2 and ffa.

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and the reverse of those maps are item/spell lists.
like the dragon warrior games had.

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I wish this was translated.

>> No.427483

That does help. Thank you.

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no problem man, always glad to help.
kinda wish i also picked up the FFL 1 they had too, but i only had 20 bucks on me at the time.
next time I went, it was gone...

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My moon is so weak that I can barely understand it but I gave it a shot. Top right, going left:

*Chainsaw noises*
Creator: Gulp...

Creator: Uhm... Is it alright to ask you a question?
That... Perhaps...

*Chainsaw noises*
Creator: You're going to... murder me?
Party: YES

Party: YES

*Chainsaw noises*

Creator: You...

Really plan to do this, huh...

*Chainsaw noises*

MIddle Text: This is the Mortal's Saga
Female: Zzzz...
Monster: *chewing noises*
Male: Sigh... we win.

My translation is shit but that's the gist of it...

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