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>you will never be as cool as Mana

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naw I'm making a comeback soon

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Wasn't he a fan of Castlevania.

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who is this semon demon?

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She's already taken, bro.

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I'll settle for not being a faggot instead

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Mana likes girls, and in fact has a lot of pretty fangirls that would die to spend a night with him.
What do you have?, other than shitposting habits?

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I know, I've spent many years coming to grips with this truth.

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A positive personality. I think things are going to work out good today, and I hope everyone here has a good day, too!

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same except I don't hope that the jews or the muslims or the rapists or child abusers have a good day

yeah I know, kind of a redundant thing to say

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Who are your favorite visual kei artists, op? Do you like Mirage?

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Not really, not a Kisaki fan.
Other than Malice Mizer and related, my favorites include Lareine, Laputa, Aioria, Luna Sea, Kuroyume, many others.

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With a hardcore, badass stage persona like that, I'm sure back home without all the makeup she's a shockingly sweet and nurturing woman.

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He wears a Snoopy pajama at home, there's a picture on Twitter.

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I'm trying anon, but making music is hard as fuck ;_;

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tfw Mana passes better than I do

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No shit.

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I take solace in the fact that you're going to end up regretting your poor life decisions like the majority of trannies and will kill yourself someday soon.

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I normally would tell you to not be so mean but he's using a trip which eliminated all good-will I had

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did they just release one album and a couple of cassette tapes?

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if he's so cool, why hasn't he starred in his own game yet?

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I wish Mana-sama would be my Mama-sama

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Yep. And what a great album it is.
Sadly it's one of those short-lived bands that are common on VK, but then there was babylon which was the band lead by the main composer of Aioria, and they released a bunch of stuff.

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>You will never suck his feminine penis and fuck him right in his boipucci
Feels bad, man

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>you will never suck a 50 year old japanese dude's tiny dick
Who the fuck dreams of that, other than freaks who self-insert as the succubi from Umemaro 3D?

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Misa has been in a tons of band if I remember correctly. Klein Kaizer is the only name I remember right now. I found a dedictated fanpage for him a couple of years ago that had his entire discography. Sadly most of it was rare demos on tapes.

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Is this thread even /vr/? Can I not escape faggot tranny shitposting even on VR now?

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>cooler than Mana
>ever in any plane of existence

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Mana is a man, not a tranny. He just dresses as a girl because he can.
>Is this thread even /vr/?

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Kids these days dont even know of visual kei anymore
I feel old now
Well one would need to know of jap stuff in the first place

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>faggot tranny shitposting

Still stuck in that closet I see. Here you go.
Manly stuff for manly men

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all my jrock folders are from 2004. I feel you man

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Yeah Klein Kaiser was one of his bands where he was the vocalist, in Aioria he was the guitarist, same as with Babylon. A lot of his stuff was released in tapes, but there's more CDs. I know Klein Kaiser has at least 3 CD releases.

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I'll give that Aioria album a try. I'm not a big fan of Kisaki either but Mirage are a lot more than just another "Kisaki band" imo, songs like Moon Light Dance and Nadir really have that classic VK formula down back before the genre started taking a darker turn at the tail end of the 90's. I guess that does mean they sound pretty traditional though.

Are there any places left people still talk about VK in? Last.fm is dead and Monochrome Heaven is as bad as ever and filled with complete retards, it seems like people's interest in the older stuff has really died out since 2012 or so, even 2ch have stopped talking about it.

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we could always try /mu/? But they are to busy talking about kpop I guess.

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has anybody tried this game?

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Yeah actually it's not that I hate Mirage or the other Kisaki bands, it's just that, as you said, they're too traditional, or generic, there's nothing special about them, at least to me. I actually liked some Syndrome songs though, and I haven't heard much of Mirage but I remember some good guitar work there, but there's many other bands I'd rather listen to, just my taste I guess. I'll take a listen to these Mirage songs you named, it's been a while.
I'd be up for a /mu/ thread.
Yeah, it's like an FMV game where you go around the backstage of a concert, and it lets you edit your own X Japan videos, it's kind of a neat novelty but not really a game.
By the way, has anyone played the Seikima II game on Famicom or MSX?

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I once had a weird dram, I was playing a fighting game similar to KOF, but all the characters were vkei artists. I specifically remember seeing Mana in his Gardenia outfit. The graphics were 2D but highly detailed and animated sprites.
I wish it was real.

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Away reddit, away!

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Where the FUCK do you think you are, Redditor?

Fuck right off

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>tfw when when a batch job gone wrong nuked the meticulously hand-filled tags on all my mp3s and i deleted my 100+gbs of 90s and early 2000s visual kei albums in a blind rage afterwards
Still regret it ten years later...

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>Are there any places left people still talk about VK in?

Do you remember how those awful those forums were. Hundreds of fangirls talking about their vk-band of the week like they were children.

>YAAAAH Mana Sama is soooo kyyyoot! fan-gasm!!1 ^__^
>Poooor hide-kun ;__; Those other guys in Zilch looks so ugly and mean, while hide looks so gorgeous!!
>"random french word" vk band is better than "other random french word" vk band
>ad me on gaia online

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Yeah VK fans have always been ugly and obnoxious

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There were good places to discuss VK, inertia's visual kei board and -scape- come to mind, those forums were mostly civil and you could tell people posting there were at least over 18. Inertia's board is still online but completely dead, and -scape- is still up and the regular members still post, but it's a tight knit community.
But yeah, sadly, VK fandom is and always was terrible. I love VK (well, not all of it, but many of my favorite artists ever are or were part of the VK scene), but the fangirls were terrible. Most of them have now moved to K-pop, or JoJo or some other fad.

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>but the fangirls were terrible. Most of them have now moved to K-pop, or JoJo or some other fad.

this is over ten years ago, most of them are probably married and have children already

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*phew* pressure's off.

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Forgot to ask why is this thread here?
Never thought I would see people talking about visual kei on /vr/
Even on /a/ is something that I haven't seen mentioned in ages

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He's a J-celeb like Arino.
Mana has a huge /vr/ collection and has even released a book about video games. He also worked with Konami to promote Castlevania HoD by composing a ringtone that was only released for japanese mobiles
He's a cool guy, I like his music and I'd like to read that book.

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Indies Közi was a dreamboat

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Maybe I should say, why make a thread here
When this place is mostly males, and are not interested in this kind of stuff

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I'm male and I haven't had a place to talk about this in over half a decade

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Reminds me of an idea I once joked about for a "Mizervania" game, where you fight vampires and rescue your band mates.

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I don't think there is any females in this thread. You're on 4chan after all

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When I saw Moi dix Mois live it was 50/50 when it comes to male/female.

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