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Where is my 30th Anniversary remake?

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it's on PS2 and it SUCKS

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Fine then. Where's my IV remake

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Might as well remake Chrono Trigger.

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(not OP)
Phantasy Star 4 is unironically my favorite game series ever. I've even gone back to the game to check if it's just nostalgia, but I still think it's great. I tried the earlier games and while I like them they are in need of a real remake. Not like porting it to the PSP or some shit, but genuinely making a new game from it. For instance, PS1's first person thing needs to be scraped in favor of traditional movement. PS2's balance needs to be fixed so it doesn't take as much time grinding, or at least allowing good players to cut down on it through skill. PS3 was just a game that tried to do too much and couldn't execute, although I love the concept of multiple generations and the fantasy/sci-fi twist. PS4 is literally the one game that absolutely doesn't need a remake.


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A remake would only ruin it, you know this to be true. This glorious artwork would not make it. The music would be the worst remixes imaginable. The cutscenes would be visual novel style.

If you seriously think a remake would do anything positive for the game after considering Sega's current state, you need a brain transplant.

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>PS1's first person thing needs to be scraped in favor of traditional movement.
Look at this homo erectus.

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>Wanting the game to be sanitised by some 400lb pansexual pink-haired sjw

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The things you want to change about those games are the very things that make them good, you doof

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>first person thing needs to be scraped (sic)
Why would they scrap the best part of the game? What good is an RPG if it doesn't have 1st person dungeon crawling?

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>PS1's first person thing needs to be scraped in favor of traditional movement.

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>muh remakes

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Best way to put it.

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First person movement IS traditional movement.

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Are there any novels that are like phantasy star?

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It's Science Fantasy, so absolutely.
Basically looks around some old bookstores in their SF section and you'll find plenty from the 70s and 80s.

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SEGA cares more about their MMO weeb-bait PSO spin-off than the original games. When they did a 2 hour concert for the 25th anniversery, the old games got a 6 minute medley at the beginning.

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m8, we're talking about Sega, not Beamdog. It would only get MORE sexualised. Thing is, it'd also come with shit art style, and all those amazing comic cutscenes would be replaced by visual novel style still portraits. Because that's how you do a JRPG now. Games that previously had real cutscenes now emulate VN-style on purpose.

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>Might as well remake Chrono Trigger.
They did that. Twice.

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