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Series that mattered or seemed to matter but are now completly forgotten and dead.
Yu Suzuki said, around the time VF4 console port was released, that he wanted to top Soul Calibur with a Fighting Vipers 3, but to this day the series remain dead.

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Fighters Megamix is too good to be forgotten

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Fighters Megamix isn't Fighting Vipers.

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It is if you play it only using the FV characters.

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Look, these character designs are so dated, seriously look at them, it screams 90s. This series could never receive a sequel without some major overhaul. Do we really WANT a sequel that's gonna look nothing like the original?

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These AM2 fighters are so fucking technical you could spend the rest of your life playing them at moderate to high level and not even scratch the surface of everything's that possible in the engine.

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This heap of trash here actually sold millions, but no one cares. The series died after four main games, some Saturn ports and four spin-offs, but was already irrelevant when the second game arrived.
The first game is bad, the second game is bad, the third is bad but fun as fuck and the 4 is better but less fun than the third. Nitoshinden is abominable.

It seems that not every success actually lasts.

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Fighting Vipers never mattered, and I say this as a Sega fanboy. Because non-fanboys don't even know it ever existed.

The first Toshinden was great. Shallow, but great. Don't tell me you never hummed the music under the shower, or weren't amazed by the graphics back then, or never had fun playing it with friends. It was great.

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The music is amazing, everything else is shit, even the graphics. We already had Virtua Fighter 2, anon.

I don't have friends.

And yeah, no one actually cared about Fighting Vipers.

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Also, all the other series you mentioned in your post (Virtua Fighter and Soulcalibur) are sadly dead now.

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>We already had Virtua Fighter 2
Huh? It was released on console one year later. Or, as one may put it, one year too late.

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a man of great taste i see

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whats wrong with the 90s? bring it back!

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The world has moved on, it's a relic of time like you and me. It can't come back (unless it's ironic in a tumblr way)

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This game was ported from the arcades to the dreamcast then back to ps1. It's kind of amazing it held up so well to the arcades and dreamcast version.

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>This series could never receive a sequel without some major overhaul. Do we really WANT a sequel that's gonna look nothing like the original?
Well, we got a sequel, and it looked pretty much like the original with better graphics and weirder characters.

Not Sonic The Fighters.

Yeah, I noticed that. Soul Calibur/Edge is pretty much dead, isn't it? I believe VF is just dormant, but SC is dead.
Soul Calibur 5 failed and no one cared. I don't see a Soul Calibur 6 selling more than 500k, not even with all the stupid fanservice they crammed in the 5 create-a-soul.

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>Well, we got a sequel, and it looked pretty much like the original with better graphics and weirder characters.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJr1yJpTghQ [Embed]
Oh I'm very much aware of the Model 3 and Dreamcast game, I'm talking about a MODERN day sequel, that shit would never fly no matter how much you fags say you'd totally play it. That's not how the market works, sweetie.

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You know if they released a game in a cel-shaded style like that ala Jet Set Radio or Slaphappy Rhythm Busters, I could totally see it working.

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And make it a tribute to the 90's.

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Fighting games are an old (dated?) genre that's not making easy money anymore, so the publishers will only focus on the biggest sellers and abandon the rest. Also it's always the same old thing, really. You can't sell the same game with Siegfried and Voldo doing the same thing again and again.

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Missing aleste games. Perhaps its even a good thing as i couldnt stomach a polygon aleste.

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The only downside are the downgraded graphics and the huge loading times, because all the extras make it better version of 2012.

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Shame the Saturn never got VF3. I still enjoyed the (rushed) DC port, but I have a weird fetish for heavily cut down ports, like Doom on SNES and the Game Boy Mortal Kombats.

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>Blaming the consumers because you make shitty games.

Skull girls did ok and it's not that good.

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What the fuck did Skullshit miss? It emulated MvC gameplay perfectly. They even added 2 male characters because the gay fans asked.

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This doesn't look like a Saturn port, but a really fucked up emulation.

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No series fits this description more accurately than Sakura Taisen. It was a a big deal enough to come bundled with both the Saturn and the Dreamcast, yet they only ever localized a spin-off nobody wanted.

The game is translated but strangely enough you can't play it in English on any platform. It's a travesty.

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> It emulated MvC gameplay perfectly
Ant that's one of the problems. The game is just a copy. Even the characters attacks are just copied from games like Darkstalkers.
West can't into fighting or beat em ups.

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>Series that mattered or seemed to matter but are now completly forgotten and dead.

I could say this about a ridiculous amount of games. As a kid there was so much new unique games/series that I always figured a ton would still be around or that they actually sold well. I used to have a ridiculous amount of games in the 90's. Especially PS1 games. I think I had over 50 different games at one point for PS1 and this is taking into account I also had the Saturn and N64 as well as buddies who had different games that we would trade/borrow all the time. So I did a whole lot of playing different games but not necessarily beating most of them. It wasn't until Pokemon really where I truly got hooked on one game like I never got hooked before.

I guess one game I thought was and should have gotten a sequel (that was actually good) was Guardian Heroes. Easily my favorite Saturn game and I played a ton of it as a kid. Holy crap did the sequel suck major balls. It is the perfect game to say that how did you go from this to this meme.

We also need to remember that back then if a game sold under 1 million copies it still could have been seen as a great success. These days due to inflated budgets, costs, hype culture and marketing a game selling under 1 million will likely be a massive failure unless it is an indie game. A lot of these smaller game companies weren't ever going to be able to compete with the insane rise in costs to develop their games.

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It was a numbered main entry into the series, don't act retarded.

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Accordingly to Wikipedia this shit here "sold a combined total of over 15 million copies for all platforms", with the third game alone "shipping over 6 million copies".

The games had a good marketing, but they weren't hyped. Games like God of War and Halo sold way less on their first iterations and were hyped as the greatest thing ever and went on to become actual gaming juggernauts (altought I believe this will not last forever), while Gex was just forgotten.
And I understand why. It's just another mascot platformer. And the "TV/Movie worlds" trope is really tired. We had Gex, Garfield Caught in The Act, the two Bug! games, Conker, Cool Spot...

Is this still a thing on Nippon?

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No it isn't, just sorta fell off around 2005.

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Why do people say the Dreamcast port of VF3 was rushed? I see almost no difference:


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When Sega was irrelevant and the old anime style was dead and buried.

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It was rushed by an outsourced dev who only had 6 months to cook up a port. If they had double that time they could have made it perfect or near perfect. As it is, the Model 3 version stomps the DC in terms of background detail, textures, particle effects, and shadow quality. The character models are close, but DC's are clearly cut down on some characters like Akira where you can see limb oddities when he does his winning pose. The DC also has reduced or missing clothing details on some characters.

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>Even the characters attacks are just copied from games like Darkstalkers.
Speaking of dead series...

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So it's just graphical details then? Who cares.

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But that's not a series

Also, Fighting Vipers was excellent and gave rise to the amazing FIGHTERS MEGAMIX.

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>But that's not a series
>Guardian Heroes (SAT)
>Guardian Heroes 2 (GBA)

Looks like a series to me.

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Handheld is where franchises go to die.

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Capcom have plenty

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This one is perhaps "too late nineties"

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Most Enix games. They're stuck in copyright hell forever.

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Lies, the first game was good. Better than VF1 or Tekken 1, anyway.

Then they kept developing it backwards. They changed the game formula for every entry instead of sticking to something and fine tuning it. And they never fixed the real issues the game had, the unresponsive controls.

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Virtual Pro Wrestling 3 is a dream game for me.

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Bushido Blade. An open arena samurai fighting game where if you don't maim or kill by the rules of Bushido, you lose. If it didn't matter, it should've by virtue of being a Samurai simulator (sort of).
Also, Tenchu.

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The game gave you a loss if you attacked without honor? What does that entail, even?

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well, you could run around killing the shit out of everyone (which is pretty satisfying)
but when you got to the "end", the game just told you something along the lines of "yeah, fuck off and fight with some honor" and booted you back to the title screen

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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
lovely rpg released for the ps2 when it came out
started playing it again recently cause got re-released on the PS4 and if your curious its only 15 bucks
love it to bits even though it has problems sure (almost all the cinematics) still good tho

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Gameplayer s gave it a 98% score when it came out (not that I think it deserves it)
That and SSF2Turbo New Challengers for the SNES is the only other game to score that high at the time.

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I think konami did make a newer parodius which was pretty stupid, at least compared to sexy parodius.

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Its a shame there is not enough of this kind of gameplay, except shovel knight which is a fucking ugly shit game. Fuck shovel knight so much. Man how I hate it. FUcking nes graphics, lazy fuckers...

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Another one I miss alot. Odallus, Oniken and I think LastManOnEarth (the submarine metroid game) are pretty neat, except for the nes graphics.

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RIP Clayfighter

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Otomedius, yeah.

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I got Fighting Vipers on my Xbox Live Arcade library. I wish Fighting Vipers would of had sequels. But fighting games like Tekken & Mortal Kombat overshadowed Fighting Vipers. It's a shame too because people really missed out.

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There is fighting vipers 2 aswell as fighters mega mix. But I agree, this franchise could have kept comming. I prefer it over dead or alive. But I like dead or alive too.

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Came here to post this. It's a fucking crime Konami are sitting on Bloody Roar, especially considering how hot fighters are currently. It isn't even getting the pachinko treatment.

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Literally The Best. MoA is still fun to play after you've collected every hidden part, done every mission and beaten every Arena opponent in the original series games

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I was playing the original just the other day. Holy fuck is that game deceptively fun

Played this with a friend the other day. He was quite impressed

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Such a great series at the time. I recently found Syphon Filter 3 in a stack of disks, thought about giving it another run through but I imagine it hasn't aged very well. Much like Tenchu

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I was under the impression that BR wasn't a big hit in Japan

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From announced last year that they are working on a new Armored Core, so the series may not be dead yet.

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it always galled me when metroidfags whined about other M or federation force like they were the olny ones to have nintendo shit on/ignore their favorite series and shuffle it off into smash bros. purgatory

>f-zero was ultimately replaced by the newer mario karts
>the last good starfox game was SF64
>punch out & kid icarus haven't had a new game since their revivals and the former is getting replaced by ARMS
>custom robo is essentially a dead franchise
>and don't even get me started on EBA/OTO

a part of me kinda hopes the new games suck just to see those faggots suffer

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It hurts so much.

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Had a version of this for gb and it was pretty entertaining at the time

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It's also been eleven years since the last entry in Virtua Fighter that wasn't just a revision of 5.

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A lot of people you passive aggressive cunt. I will fucking kick the shit out of you if you post in that style again god you're annoying bet you think you're just soooo damn cool when you made that post you smug dick. Yeah we'll see who is smug once I castrate you and force feed the leftovers.