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There's something special about the Neo Geo Pocket Color. I don't even like fighting games and this is my favorite handhed ever.

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I always really liked the clicky stick.

I had Card Fighters and I loved it and played the shit out of it.

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I really for the life of me can't imagine why they chose to go with two buttons but they adapted their games to that just fine the same way they adapted all the other elements of them down to a smaller scale and the hardware design itself is solid as fuck.

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Just realized I don't know where my copy of Sonic is. Oh no.

I'm pretty curious about Card Fighters. I should check it out eventually, but I'm normally not too interested in card battle games.

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>there are fans of this series who still haven't played Virtual Off

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>it uploaded sideways
I'm never phoneposting again.

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Is there any point at all in owning a Neo Geo Pocket Color if I don't like arcade ports or fighting games?

Yes, I'm aware that I just asked "should i buy a car if i'm not going to use it to drive", I'm just curious to see if there's any sort of variety beyond that.

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Did you see the picture in the OP?

Did you notice how none of them are arcade ports or fighting games?

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Whoops, I probably should have specified arcade-style or home versions of arcade series like Metal Slug, not specifically arcade ports.

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Here's the games in the OP, in case anon isn't familiar with any of them. From left to right, top to bottom:

>Faselei: Strategy RPG and mech programming game where you control one mech and preprogram its actions every turn as you go through and blow stuff up.
>Ganbare Neo Poke Kun: Humorous tamagotchi kind of game and amazing minigame collection. Very surreal humor with great artwork, tons of animations, and some minigames that are on the level of full retail games. Great stuff.
>Dark Arms: Beast Buster: Top down action-RPG with a gothic theme and lots of guns.
>Melon-chan's growth diary: A raising sim with adorable artwork where you raise a girl over the course of 12 years.
>Cool Cool Jam: Rhythm RPG. Really unique game.
>Nigeronpa: Very cute RPG where you collect allies, but they all have different personalities. If they disagree with the things you do, they can get fed up and leave you forever.
>Puzzle Bobble Mini: It's mini puzzle bobble, and that's great
>Delta Warp: Super stylish puzzle game with awesome music, developed by IOSYS. Videos and pictures alone don't do it justice, it's way more fun than I anticipated.
>Densha de go! 2: It's a train sim, but strangely relaxing and fun. Great graphics, and overall a very worthwhile game.
>Super Real Mahjong: 18+ strip mahjong game with very high production values. I know most people would ignore it for being a mahjong game, but it's probably the only official handheld eroge ever made, the story is hilarious, and the music is great.
cart-only games:
>Metal Slug: Actually completely different from the arcade games, it's way more open and varied. It's more like an action adventure run and gun game, except the action is consistently on par with the actual metal slug arcade games. Fuckin' great.
>Tsunagete Pon! (AKA Puzzle Link): Cool puzzle game where you link up any panel to any other panel of the same color to start chains. Good stuff.
Comment too long, so I'll stop there.

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Sounds cool, thanks anon. I guess I was always under the impression that it was an arcade-focused handheld for the most part, since I know very little about it.

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There's no question that there's more fighting games than anything else on the system, but there's actually a pretty varied library of really great games on the thing.

Despite the library being relatively small, there's a relatively high number of good-great games on the thing. With the exception of the slot machine games shit out by Aruze (incidentally the same company that bought out SNK and shut down all works on the NGPC worldwide so they can use SNK characters on their pachinko machines), pretty much every game on the system is good-great.

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>>Melon-chan's growth diary
Looks like it has potential

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>cart-only games
Arent all games cartridges?
Is the console region locked?

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I meant games that were outside of the box (as in, I only own the cart) in the photo.

Not only are all games region free, but some are even dual-language depending on what you set yoyr system language to. (Beast busters, metal slug, etc)

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Ive always been intrigued by this system. I'm thinking about getting one soon.

Recommendations on the best model to buy?

also, is the battery life really as good as people make it out to be?

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The plain ol' Neo Geo Pocket Color (as in, not the slim) seems to be the most popular, and is quite cheap to boot. It's true the screen isn't backlit, but it looks amazing in comparison to other unlit screens.

Also I'm pretty sure the battery is actually infinite.

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>there was supposed to be a melon-chan 2 but it was canceled with everything else thanks to the aruze buyout
>we will never have melon chan in color

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I love that opening so much.

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Sounds cool
Maybe I will get one, a shame the company had to die, the AES is great too

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Anybody played the Battle de Paradise games? Are they any good?

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I love the system too, but the games are so expensive. I would love to get the Flash Cart, and it looks like another batch got sent out since my place on the waiting list is at a better standing but still probably closer to the tail end. I know every youtuber got one now as they have been showing it off everywhere just taunting me, possibly jumping the line. However, I will be very happy if I get the flash cart as there are still so many games I want to play on the system.

I would say choose a color one. The original B&W ones have nice color shells, but cannot play the color games. Whereas the color systems are backwards compatible. I know there was a slightly smaller/slimmer version of the color, but I have not tried it (nor could I tell the difference until someone showed the difference to me).

The battery life is pretty good. Know that the systems also will need a CR2032 battery too which is covered up by a piece of plastic which you are supposed to turn with a coin. I would recommend you find something softer, as metal on plastic can tear the softer plastic.

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I really like mine but the screen is so fucking dark, it gives me a headache every time I play.

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I know the one guy was shilling it but personally, I'm not into Puzzle Link. I prefer the wonderswan for puzzle games on the go, though I admit I haven't played the other games mentioned, beyond Dark Arms, which is as cool as he claims.

I also don't see any magic to Card Fighters, you start with almost no cards and get almost no cards from battles, so I don't know how you're supposed to progress other than play the very dull starter deck until you get cards and can build a deck that's actually worth using. Granted I only played a few hours but what I played was excessive grind.

Not meaning to come off too harsh, I have and enjoy my NGPC, it's just the ones mentioned that I found wanting.


Lot of interesting games mentioned here. Wish I had a flashmasta.

And incidentally, I'd love to see an also-ran throwdown between NGPC and Wonderswan on who had the better Densha de Go port.

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>I'd love to see an also-ran throwdown between NGPC and Wonderswan on who had the better Densha de Go port.
See for yourself.
WS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWchWF1e4lU

NGPC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b06o0Kh4kXQ

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Is it possible to play Japanese Neo Geo Pocket Color games on a North American system iwth out hardmodding?

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Yes, the system is completely region-free.

Here's a good guide to remember which handhelds are region free:
Literally everything except for the 3DS (and 3DS variants)

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Yes, there's no region lockout

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What about the Vita?

>> No.4150456

BUMPING for life and an answer to this
Also PSP had region lockout, just not for games. The lockout applied almost entirely to movies on UMD and some music albums.

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Vita is definitely region free. I can verify.

Most handheld are region free because there's no typical restrictions of television consoles (wall power or TV signal or redesigned hardware or whatever). 3DS was region free to prevent Japanese from dodging their high cost games locally in favor of cheaper copies from the US (which was frequent in the case of the DS as I understand it).

Thankfully they realized how much that discouraged sales and encouraged piracy, so now we have no locks on switch (and even worldwide simultaneous releases).

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Sorry, region locked I meant to say about 3ds

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The clicky d-stick was godly, I'm amazed its never been copied.
And I played an embarrassing amount of CardFighters Clash.

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Kind of amazing that the clicky stick has yet to be beaten by any portable or home console.

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yeah, i feel the same way with the dreamcast
>tfw both companies went third party in 2001
sad, we didnt get to see either systems full lifespan. there were probably a ton of great games that got cancelled that we will never see.

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Oh god that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

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>I don't know how you're supposed to progress other than play the very dull starter deck until you get cards and can build a deck that's actually worth using.
That's pretty much it.

>Granted I only played a few hours but what I played was excessive grind.
Unless I'm missing something, the game isn't much longer than a few hours. I've played for about 6 hours and I have the first 5 coins, now I'm at the "semifinals" so I assume I'm near the end of the game. You have to beat three very tough opponents in a row though without saving, and they all have better decks than me, so it looks like I'll need to put in some more hours grinding, if I decide to finish it at all.

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>I really for the life of me can't imagine why they chose to go with two buttons
Same reason they decided to go with no backlight and four colors per sprite in 1998, they were trying to beat Nintendo at their own game. I love the system but am not surprised it didn't work out.

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I enjoyed grinding in that game.

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The games are identical in all regions. The language is actually selectable ON the system.

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Does that mean that some games were censored?

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not exactly true, here's some exceptions:
The Japanese version of these Europe/US released games will not play in English:
-Biomotor Unitron
-Cotton [just the story; menus are English]
-Dive Alert Becky's Version
-Dive Alert Matt's Version
-Gals' Fighters [it is not overly difficult to learn the Japanese menus]
-Last Blade [it is not overly difficult to learn the Japanese menus]
-Magical Drop Pocket [it is not overly difficult to learn the Japanese menus]
-Picture Puzzle [it is not overly difficult to learn the Japanese menus]
-Pocket Reversi [it is not overly difficult to learn the Japanese menus]
-SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Capcom Version
-SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash SNK Version

Of the Japanese exclusive games, these will play in English:
-Big Bang Pro Wrestling
-Delta Warp

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Fan translation when?

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is that fucking scribble a を?

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I want to hook up my ngpc to my dreamcast, but I have the ntscu versions of most of my dreamcast games, and japanese for my ngpc stuff.

It would be pretty fun to make homebrew that makes use of linking the two systems, though.

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You bet it is. Be glad they're not using kanji on such a tiny screen.

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Can you record some gameplay of Densha de Go?

>> No.4156289

There's already some on youtube if you just search it. Anything in particular you need?

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Anyone have any information on/have played Mizuki Shigeru's Ghost Photo Gallery?

It sounds pretty cool (or at the very least very interesting) but it's also absurdly fucking expensive like all the other japanese exclusives.

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i have two of them
a bunch of games
and a flashcart
so i can play whatevs on it, including the english patched Cardfighters Clash 2

>I'm pretty curious about Card Fighters.

get it. i own it and it fucking owns. the gameplay is solid and deep, even though the game kicks my ass in 50% of battles

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There's a lot of emulated gameplay of the game. And one shitty recording of the actual game running. Which is what I'd like to see. Some good footage of the game running on a real NGP.

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What do you think SNK will do for the system's 20th anniversary?

>> No.4158914

Absolutely nothing.

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Funniest feature was the horoscope in the system menu you got if you turned it on without a cart.
Also some carts that weren't backwards compatible with the monochrome would play a simple mini game instead.

>> No.4159589

Emulated them just for the unlockable artwork. It's just a party mini game collection.

>> No.4161095

NGPC doesn't have region lock, one other unique (for its time) feature is that starting it up without a game in the cartridge slot will take you to an options screen where you can set (among other options) the language you want the games to use (English or Japanese), set a built-in alarm clock (it uses a CR2032 battery for this purpose) or even get your horoscope

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my favorite game was train station attendant simulator

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I loved Card Fighters, even got all 300 cards on it back in the day. Ended up buying the SNK version later on mainly because I wanted to play it again and not have to delete my old save file.

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Is that a Shintaro Kago print in the background of this picture?

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It's a very sexy portable system, probably the most comfy I've had in my hands.
It's a pitty the games are becoming more and more expensive.

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>TFW only a hanful of RPGS on the NEO GEO Pocket Color.

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the greatest thing i think i have ever bought

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>tfw <100 NGPC games
>tfw carts are small
>tfw a handful of carts is 10-20% of the library
Maybe the WSC is more your thing.

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Good eye! Four different shintaro kago clear files that I picked up at his exhibition in Nakano.

>> No.4165416

You're not sure if you bought it?

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Why do people do this?
You don't immediately recognize or comprehend what you are looking at, your immediate impulse is to manufacture a story about it that matches what you had previously imagined about the subject?
Sorry to be rude, but jesus christ man. You didn't even think to say "what is this stuff?" you just leaped straight to a dismissive attitude that already knew what it was.
Do you feel bad about doing this? You really should. That man showed you something that specifically met your demand and you displayed the most ignorant fucking dismissal, and he's nice enough to make clear what these are for you anyway.

Honestly, he should have told you to piss up a rope, you arrogant fucking dissembler.

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Wait, I take that back. 3 shintaro kago clear files and one for pingu.

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How'd you manage to get that from "thank you for talking about these games, as I had made incorrect assumptions due to my lack of knowledge"?

I'd hate to see how angry you get over things that actually matter if you got so furious over that.

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But anon, this thread is to help people learn more about the Neo
Geo Pocket Color, in addition to more laid-back discussion with people who already own one.

I was completely anticipating people who thought the system was all about fighting games (note the text in the op), so I appreciated the opportunity to explain the games in the op.

>> No.4165494

Probably due to the way this proceeds. I woke up too early, and perhaps that response at the bottom is to himself earlier and not to the list as it appears.
If that's the case, my apologies-- been seeing people do ridiculous hypocritical and/or intellectually lazy bullshit irl all week.

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Forgot pic

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Well I'm sorry if my post >>4147309 here came off as ungrateful or condescending to you, in hindsight I could've phrased it better, although you kinda flew off the handle there.

>> No.4165515

I wasn't worried about it's condescension, it's not even that-- the willful ignorance.
The man gives you a list meets your specs and you pretend he didn't.
That's fucking mental slack, sir.
And disrespectful to some dude helping you out.
It's probably the least shitty thing I've seen people do on this board this week, so there's that.
To be clear: I'm not even that upset by it, as you didn't even do it to me. I'm just an emphatic writer so it always reads like I'm Lewis Black.

You must understand, I'm legit curious why your initial reaction was to outright ignore what he said and claim the opposite-- that he was giving you ARCADE STYLE if not PORTS.
This was demonstrably bullshit, sir.

>> No.4165529

>The man gives you a list meets your specs and you pretend he didn't.
Will you accept that I didn't mean to be a rude ass about it? He said "those aren't ports" and I responded with "i meant arcade-style" because I was under the obviously incorrect impression that the Neo Geo Pocket's library focused primarily on arcade-style games and fighters.

Can I just say that they were stupid posts in general? Genuinely didn't mean it, I just wanted to know more about the handheld's library and asked it in the dumbest way possible.

>> No.4165531

Whoops, forgot to add, he didn't give the list explaining what the games were in the OP until AFTER the "i meant arcade-style" post, so >>4147309 was meant to be admitting that I made the previous post out of ignorance.

>> No.4165557

I think we've all learned valuable lessons today, probably

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Looking to buy Gals Fighters. Cant seem to find a good US cartridge, especially one in box. Does the Japanese one have the option to switch to English guys?

>> No.4166906

I am pretty sure the japanese game is already mire expensive than the US release, so I'd just hold out if you could.

It is not dual-language either way.

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I want to propose an idea to SNK for the 20th anniversary.

A rerelease of the NGPC, but as a 'creators edition,' with the following features:

1) backlit screen
2) devkit/compiler
3) make a special usb cable for the serial port so that it can plug into the computer, that would allow for instant testing of games upon compilation
4) a special cart with an SD card slot for homebrew games (this would be backwards compatible with all models of the NGPC)
5) rechargeable battery (but if that makes the kit too expensive, the thing already lasts forever on two AAs)
6) A number of games pre-packed in and playable from that boot screen with the horoscope
7) wireless multiplayer for the hell of it

And at launch, there would be a contest similar to what they did with the Wonder Witch, where every completed homebrew game submitted by a certain timeframe gets archived to the contest page, and the best games submitted get a low official print run version.

Would seriously be the ultimate system for me. What would be the best way to present it? With a whole bunch of retweets? Change.org (except that's kind of an irritating medium)? Send SNK Japan an email/big letter with the contents, and then asking how many retweets it would take to get them to think about it?

I don't care how impossible it is, I want to at least try. This would actually be my dream system.

>> No.4167747

>tfw they do it and we end up with an NGPC-X emushit turd

>> No.4167754

There's no escape from the monkey paw ;_;

>> No.4169527

We can always wish it away into the cornfield.

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Anyone else feel like NGPC prices have skyrocketed in the past couple of years? Systems aren't that bad but even common stuf like Metal Slug or KoF are expensive.

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How muchh Japanese would I need to know to play Ogre Battle?

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