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We all know that Saturn got the best Bomberman, but how about the games released for the SNES?

imo 3 has the funnest single-player while 5 probably has best MP.

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Why bother with anything on the SNES when the PCE version exists?

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>not Power Bomberman

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Too bad this one is japan-only and expensive as fuck, but those with an everdrive should def check it out.

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Reeee not retro

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t. friendless nigger who didn't have 10 other friends

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>tfw summoning motherfuckin godzilla in widescreen mode

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Of the classic ones, Super Bomberman 2 is my favorite.

I loved the mushroom stage where you could hop around.

Overall Bomberman 64 is my favorite in the series. Its so good. The music, the battle mode, and there is nothing like adventure mode. It is such a unique take on 3D platformers. Post Mario 64 everything was trying to be like that, but Bomberman 64 went in a different direction.

God I love it.

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NEAT! I didn't know about this little bonus.

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How do you cause that?

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Super 4 is pretty fun with all the mounts and (unbalanced) character special abilities.
Ayy, 64 is my favorite too. I always found it sad that they truly never tried to replicate it again. Don't get me wrong, TSA was good but it went into a different direction rather than expanding the mechanics from 64. Then there's Generation which in attempt to streamline shit just feels boring and safe, and because of that it's a very forgettable game.

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Skip to 8 minutes, it's a special item in the bonus minigame

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Not retro, but Jetters is an excellent anime.

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this was the best thing
too bad bomberman games will never do anything as crazy as this anymore

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93 and 94 are the best ones

the snes games are cool but each one has some kind of annoying issue

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saturn, 94, and atomic are the holy trinity of bombermans

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In conclusion, whatever version you played when you were 12 was the best evar.

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I was actually emotionally crushed when Bomberman wasn't in Smash.

I remember Pocket Bomberman was one of my most played GBC games back in the day

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super5>super4>mega bomberman>neo bomberman>super 1>world>feces>super2
never played the others besides the platformers, racing and b-damans.

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Just a shitty port of 94

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it doesn't have the annoying coin rush at the end of the levels like in 94 so it's automatically superior

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enjoy your crappier graphics, slowdown, and lack of 5 player multiplayer!

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it's ok since I have no friends anyway

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No one on earth actually had a TG-16 back then anyway so the Genesis version is better by virtue of actually getting played.

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That's something only a pleb would say.

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No, he's absolutely right, only japs and friendless kids played the PC-E

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But he said it wasn't played but you say it was played those people so in fact it WAS played. Checkmate.

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It was never released outside Japan, so yeah, no one played it overseas

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Not retro I know but Bomberman 2 on the DS was a fucking masterpiece.

I remember the SNES ones feeling slower than other ones. If that actually the case or was I just a spastic kid with no patience?

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gee friend, if only there was such a thing as importing?

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2 DS is great, a breath of fresh air when the series was becoming somewhat saturated
>I remember the SNES ones feeling slower than other ones.
I mean I guess the first Super is kinda slow but the rest felt mine to me.

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I don't know, did the Turbografx have region lock? I'd honestly like to know.

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Hu-Card = Region locked

CD games = Region free (but you must have the correct System Card to launch)

Bomberman 94 was a hu card game.
So yeah, importing won't help you either.

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Real talk, what's so great about Bomberman 94 that makes it stand out over Super Bomberman 3 and Mega Bomberman?

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Mega Bomberman supports only to 4 players, has less colorful graphics, and worse music. There's no reason to play it over 94 unless you really want to play Bomberman on your Genesis. Super 3, while similar, is a more of a spiritual successor to 94 rather than a port.

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>It's a /vr/ pretends that emulation doesn't exist episode.

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Mega is an oddly botched port. the graphics have colors and details removed, animations are missing and other small changes that add up to make Mega a shadow of what '94 is.

Which makes no sense. There's nothing about '94 that the MD couldn't handle. It's strange that the port was flubbed so bad

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Gee, if only it was possible to import game consoles as well as games

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The PC-Engine is too busy hanging out with Bomberman and the Caesar to be imported.

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I wish the Factor 5 Bomberman had been released instead of Westone's.

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Honey-chan is a qtpi she can lasso my heart

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5 is the one i played the most on emulators and USB controllers. Is a blast with friends.


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>we could've had 8 player bomberman on mega drive of all things
>instead we got a botched port of '94
it hurts

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How is bomberman 94?

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The thing I hate about 94 is that everytime you clear a stage the blocks turn to coins and you have to wait 10 seconds until you move on to the next level. Lives are useless in that game due to the password system.
But other than that it's a great game.

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You have ADD, kid.

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you know you can run around and pick the coins, right

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The Dreamcast one is the pinnacle of the series

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For some reason i actually prefer the music from Mega Bomberman

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What's the best Bomberman game to play with my friends? I was thinking into buying a Mega Drive to play Mega Bomberman but maybe i could save a little for the Saturn version

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Saturn Bomberman is way better. You could burn a CD-R copy if you want to save a little cash.

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I only have 2 controllers, i'll have to spend with that too

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I'm so glad I bought Saturn Bomberman back in the day. The prices now are crazy.
It's my most played Saturn game of all time.

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Dont have any friends like me. I dont have any friends or Saturn Bumberman.

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I would become your friend to play a match of bomberman

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aww ur sweet

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I've got a Bomberman on PSP and it doesn't really seem to follow standard Bomberman rules.
What other ones try to break the traditions? I like that because Live and Blast seemed to play it too safe.

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I only had one multi-tap for the Saturn in those days, so it was a 7 player plus 3 bots for the 10 player widescreen map.

It was fun adding some chaos to the field. I wish there were more map variations than the 1 for the 10-player mode. That's why more often we all opted for the 7-player plus 1 bot 8 player mode instead for the variety of maps.

Yeah, all my friends no longer play Bomberman with me. They've all moved on and play Overwatch or Bioware RPGs exclusively, so even if I get the Switch with the new game, they'd rather stay at home. They all abandoned the Bomberman series, but I guess if they get drunk enough, I will at least have the controllers ready for a go.

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I think this one deserves a mention

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There's a lot of Bomberman games that change the formula. Just to name a few, Quest and Tournament are RPG-Zelda clones. 2 DS/Custom Battler has you fitting Bomberman with various types armor to raise stats and gain special abilities. Saturn Fight!! is Bomberman played in a strange isometric view. And of course the 3D-adventure style games like 64 and TSA.

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Is it normal for some of the maps in Power Bomberman to make the game run slow?

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the optimization isn't that good

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Loved 1-3, though it was a shame that 2 didn't have co-op option in the normal mode, and its AI in battle mode was horrendous. Part 4 was super weird and short, and it reused too much stuff. 5 was good and had a great battle mode.

I mostly stick to Power Bomberman nowadays, but I still revisit all the SNES parts every so often. They still hold up well.

I don't experience any slowdown while playing it. What maps are you referring to specifically?

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>I don't experience any slowdown while playing it. What maps are you referring to specifically?
Might just be my crappy laptop then, the party stage caused slowdown.

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>blocks turn to coins
I don't remember it.

>password system
Isn't the same for the Super series?

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every block you didn't destroy changes into coins and you have like 15 seconds to pick them all for bonus
this feature didn't appear in any other game than 94 and mega

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>I don't remember it.
Then you haven't played the game.

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Lives would have been cool if they let you keep your powerups.
I think passwords take you back to the beginning of the world but you can continue indefinitely in the same level you've got a game over on.

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Super 3 and 4 a shite
1, 2 and 5 is where it's at

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weren't some of them PAL only?

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Oh, I think I get it now. I always destroyed every block before going back to the ship. So that's why I never see those coins.

On another note, final area is giving me nightmares.

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western cover done right

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Hey it's Summers Aron.

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Same here. I prefer the alternate tracks to the ones on Bomberman '94 even though I'm not sure if the alts on Mega are even by Jun Chikuma, but either way that game absolutely shaped my taste in music, I feel like it somehow lead me to appreciate shit like King Crimson later in life.

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I could be wrong but that might be Japanese art. Dino Riki had Japanese artwork on its label is why

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Well actually

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Bomber King fucking rulez. The gameboy version is the best since they made killing youself harder. I always felt Hudson shouldn't have abandoned bomber king.

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super bomberman 3 was japan/pal only

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Not retro, but any of you have played Power Bomberman? It's a fangame with online multiplayer

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the game wasn't all that good but ost was fine