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Should I start with the SNES games or the PlayStation ones?

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2 is best

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I have 0 experience with any of the other breath of fire games but breath of fire 4 is pretty damn good so far

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Playstation, probably with III. I like all of them other then VI so I suggest looking into all of them but maybe try the ps1 games as the snes games are a bit rough. For BoFII play the retranslation, the original localization is infamously bad.

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GBA. Seriously

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such a rare (and correct) opinion

gba is a fine version

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Objectively false.

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Maybe for 1 but 2 still has the garbage translation as well as the problems snes to gba ports had. Retranslation is the best way to play BoFII.
This guy gets it, BoFIV is maybe my favorite game ever made.

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Yes, retranslation is the best. but any way you can play it is great.

4 is a close second for me though.

Even though it looks like garbage and it's such a slap in the face, I still kind of want to play 6

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Release order.

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I think Breath of Fire II is the best one too. I always found BOF1 to be a bit lackluster.

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it begins

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VI is just trash. I hate to shill but this guy is a pretty big BoF fan and he made a video of his experience playing VI.
With BoFI, and BoFII to lesser extent, you can see how capcom was still kind of getting their footing with making a rpg. They can be pretty rough but to fans of the genre I feel they are enjoyable enough.

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1 will seem pretty dated if you don't start from it. Although it's not a fantastic game, so you may just skip it straight to 2.

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Jesus Christ. with these fucking threads!
LOOK. Either play in order or flip a fucking coin.
Stop asking retarded shit!
Is asking what game to play first a meme?
What did he mean by this?

Fuck off SUMMER

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Yes. 2 is the best. Stop making these threads please.

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it's funny how mad you spergs get. im just using this thread as an excuse for a BoF thread now

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BoF is dead. No one cares.

Also Nina is garbage.

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haha you care enough to waifu war about it. I like katt too, but as soon as she's posted nobody wants anything but else

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can't help if people find her the only good thing that came out of this series

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unfusing on critical health no more


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Put that shit on romhacking.net pls.

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not ready yet

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what begins?

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Dragon Quarter.

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Play them in order. Later games add so much to the gameplay that the older ones will be difficult to play if you start on PSX.

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There are so many interesting rpg series and you go for this. Only redeemable aspect is IV sprite art, besides that everything is bland and mediocre

Well at least you didn't go for Lunar or Grandia

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Is that a whale cake?

Shit has absolutely no use but the game tricks you into believing it has.

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What's wrong with BoF? I actually agree with you too, I never saw how people can like lunar and grandia beside nostalgia.

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I was actually thinking of giving Grandia a shot since I love Grandia II so much. Is the first one really that bad?

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Skip 1 and 2 because they're actually boring as shit. If you must play them, play them first so you don't have to deal with the step down from 3 and 4. Frankly 3 and 4 are pretty boring too but at least they're cool.

5 is the best one by far.

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The localization ruined the game

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Stay mad fags

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where is her arm

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Nothing to be mad about Katt having most fanart and porn.

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I seriously don't know?

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Fuck off back to your slav imageboard, faggot.

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1-3 all take place in the same universe, so if you start with 3 you won't understand a lot of the references or lore of the game.

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Source? Sorry but leotards are my fetish.

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Behind Ryu

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There is an undub that fixes the awful voice acting but there are no subtitles in the FMVs.

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Thanks anon.

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I played all the games and 1 is absolutely horrible. After lurking more I learned it's widely regarded as the worst in the series. Yet to play Quarter.

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Identify this semen demon.

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Katt/Rinpoo Chuan from Breath of Fire II
You are welcomed.

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all the mainline games*
my bad

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Too lazy to look up. Got some good stuff on her?

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You better finish that up, m8

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What spinoffs are there? All the games have a number in the title. And if you want to be a smartass I'm aware of that town sim they made for cellphones in the 2000's. Dragon Quarter is called "Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter" in Japan and, as sad as I am to say this, the mobile game is in fact called "Breath of Fire VI".

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Not him, but whale cakes do nothing. Those are Bait items, and their purpose is to level up requirements for spells given by one resident from the dream sequence.

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Where the number?

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Was going to refuse to spoonfeed, but then I remembered some guy got away with posting a dozen of pictures so can I.

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And that's all for now.

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Literally read my post.
>Dragon Quarter is called "Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter" in Japan
Read a post before you look like a idiot.

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I started with GBA 1 and it made me want to kill myself despite there being cool ideas for it. A dude I know once described it as an NES RPG with nice graphics, and that's not a terrible description.

Thinking of going straight to 3 from here, myself, since I heard 2 SNES has a pretty bad encounter-rate.

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And simply Dragon Quarter in the US and EU which is a fact.

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BoFIII is a much better starting point. BoFI isn't a terrible game but I feel it really came about as Capcom was taking interest in jrpgs as they were popular in Japan at that time. It kind of took time to figure out what exactly they were doing.

BoFII is a better game but it still has its rough spots with some annoying aspects. The English BoFII has maybe the worst localization for any videogame ever, if you play it play the retranslation patch.

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>this assblasted
Dragon Quarter is BoFV, why else would BoFVI be called BoFVI?

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>BoFVI be called BoFVI
because calling it something entirely different than BoF wouldn't have made them as much money banking off of nostalgia

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Yeah, and its still Breath of Fire VI. Does it suck, yeah, but it is what it is.

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is it time to cry now?

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3 is inferior to 2 and 4 in my opinion. I have PTSD from the lighthouse segment and it pisses me off that the plot hid itself for good last half of game hours. Plus stupid minigames.

Also, 2 has Katt, 4 has Ursula.

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it's time to cry now.

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If you want. Honestly when I heard the announcement I was already cautious since Capcom had already gone to shit. When I saw that "that" was Breath of Fire VI I wasn't even disappointed, I just expected shit.

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Play them all in order.

The first game is pretty barebones and cliche, but it tries its hardest to be more than that by throwing you into all kinds of crazy scenarios. Zombies, stone mecha, burglary, underwater volcanoes, jumping into dreams along with every town having some sort of gimmick, plot-related or not. The anthropomorphic races also help making the game more than what it is. The music is also pretty damn great.

The second one is an all-around improvement and my favorite in the series next to IV. It feels ahead of its time, almost, with every character getting their own arcs and time to shine, leading to a very likable cast and a plot that you've no doubt seen before, but still manages to be intriguing. It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it just gets better and better.

BoFIII was alright. While I liked the jazzy soundtrack, it made the game feel almost sleepy. The dragon fusion system is hyped up when in reality there's only a couple fusions that are worth using. Like two, the prologue lasts way too fucking long and the game has some very annoying portions, being one of the more egregious examples in all JRPGs I've played. At the very least, the faerie town sidequest is addicting.

BoFIV is fantastic all around and I really wish that they kept that far-east aesthetic from IV onwards but we know how that goes.

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Which one has the best dragon mechanics?

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Arguably III, though even as a fan each system has it's flaws. III has a gene system where you can pick one, two, or three genes from a total of 18 to create a dragon. This sounds great in theory but has a problem. Some fusions are simply so much better then others that using them are more a hindrance then anything. Also using the dragon genes outside of boss fights is both pointless as battles will never be difficult to justify it and annoying as a five second animation always plays when you change forms.

As I said, I like the games, but the transformation aspects are pretty underwhelming. Great games though.

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1's is flat out broken. Fixed magic damage is such a confusing decision, I really wish it got remade with that done away with but that's impossible. I don't think you even gain logical weaknesses when you transform into a dragon form (fire dragon weak against ice, etc.).

2's is just summon magic that consumes all your AP (as well as having its damage output be based on the amount of AP used) so you're forced to just use it for boss fights unless you want to AP farm. Spoilers: supposedly story-related as Ryu is half-dragon in this incarnation

3 is covered pretty succinctly by >>4135351.

4 has you transform into cool looking mini-dragons and I can remember them each being suited to one thing in particular, so you're not forced to just use a couple like in 3. Each form has a larger transformation that again acts as summon magic.

I haven't played V but I've read that the game makes it overpowered but also super expensive to use as it takes up a big chunk of what is basically a countdown to game over. It sounds cool though, adds tension and forethought when deciding to use it.

When you consider, usability, variety and balancing, I'd say 4 does it the best.

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Is the III remake on the psp a good starting point in the series?

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Start with BoF 1. Those games are numbered for a reason.

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I started this series for the first time just last month.

1 is bad. Not Lufia 1 bad, but not fun. Character balance is a wreck and the story was forgettable.

2 is okay. Pretty weak in general, but leaps and bound's better than 1. Don't think I'd ever replay it again, and that cave/dungeon music is annoying.

3 is amazing. About 40 hours in and just got the boat. Man, is this game good.

That said, I suggest thay you still play 1 and 2 though since 3 is in the same world, if you care about rpg stories that is.

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>3 is amazing. About 40 hours in and just got the boat. Man, is this game good.
3 is the second worst game in the series after 1. Terrible pacing, terrible plot, ugly as fuck, unlikable cast, abysmal writing, cringe dialogue ("Ryu is not a bad dragon!", >>4134967), minigames. I'll give you benefit of the doubt and assume you are baiting and not being a hopeless idiot. Have a nice day.

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III on psp is fine but I suggest emulating the ps1 version, psp runs ps1 naturally anyway. The psp port has a bit of censorship or edits and has some slowdown issues. I have never been able to hear it myself but I also believe that in this version the music is better though as more instruments are used, but as I said I can't really say.
Yeah, release order.

III is a good starting place, the older two are a bit rough and it's not like the story of III is not understandable if you haven't played I or II.

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Hey, I respect your other points but "I don't know much of God or naked girls" is a funny line, it genuinely great.

I love IV so much more then any of the other games but I still try to get discussion in on all of them because I don't want my bias to come across. Honestly I do agree with your complaints but even still III is a solid rpg.

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fuck off you deranged animal fucking slav subhuman

>> No.4137761

Are you okay?

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SNES games, really play them in order. I know too many people who started off with 3 and then told me they couldn't stand playing the first two.

>> No.4137823

But bof 1-2 are like, really bad.

Haven't played 3 though. 4 looks beautiful to this day

>> No.4137835

Gladly everyone is smart enough to predict all of your posts correctly despite the anonymity, and ignore them.

>> No.4137839

The irony...

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I don't know, I think some people, it they play a game with graphics that are enhanced, when compared to earlier titles of the same series, just get turned off to the earlier titles. I see the same thing happen with people who started playing Final Fantasy with number 7 and then try to go play 1-6 or start at 10, 12,13, or 15 then tell me that everything before that entry is garbage and they won't even try them.

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Should I play the snes or gba version of BoF1?

With a retranslation hack or just stay with the original?

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You're welcome to your opinion, even if it's wrong.

>> No.4138114

i don't think there is a retranslation hack for BoF1?

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That's not a retranslation. That's a text cleanup. It just fixes up terminology to be more in line with later games (i.e. characters share same names between games now), makes the items less retardedly named, and fixes typos. Otherwise the core dialogue is the same.

It's like saying FF7 PC is a retranslation.

But yeah, sure, whatever, use it. Or don't. That's up to you.

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>> No.4138221

I'm totally serious.

3 is ugly as fuck? What the he'll are you smoking.

1 had characters so badly balances that there is no way you should use them (Mogu) and the items didn't have description's that tell you what they even do.

2 had an encounter rate so high that it was frustrating to explore and dungeon, and the translation was an absolute Ness with even some dialog options being completely backwards!

>> No.4138227

it's kattfag, ignore him he's retarded

>> No.4138443

>the items didn't have description's that tell you what they even do.

to be fair, the game came with a detailed chart of all the items and equipment.

>> No.4138569

That post was most likely made by the same worm who prolongedly called BoF2 terrible throughout the whole thread without any reasoning. You don't have to be smart to figure that out: after 3 posts following this heart attack >>4137742 IP count only grew up by 1 which hints that >>4137823 is the same monkey who had a fit, but >>4137819 is a new poster. Moreover, these kind of posts were happening here all the time before this, which gathers even more dirt on the pathetic being who is responsible for them instead of having a life.

>> No.4138602

3 is not that pretty. Sprites are OK at best, but comparing them to 4 is like comparing night and day. 4 has godly sprites and they are very well animated. 3 has many weird-looking sprites (like green birds in the beginning) and I will go as far as say that 2 has better sprites on average.

Honestly, with the fact BoF3 likes open but empty areas so much and that battles happen on map, it hurts the game in prettiness. Battles in 2 and 4 are rendered in special areas, that's why those look prettier, even 2 who has many open, empty, only-grass-or-dark-stone-filled areas as well.

There's a re-translation patch for 2 and regarding item descriptions, I am making a hack for one, as well as I would like to make a random encounter patch >>4132419. Notice that "Description XXX" - a placeholder for 31-char string describing item with ID XXX.

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No, after playing most SNES rpgs I just think BoF 1 and 2 are really mediocre and boring. Could name like 20 more worthy of my time

Having a grudge against games or opinions is pitiful

>> No.4138640

There's no such thing as a wrong opinion, brother, get a grip and deal with others having a different point of view.

>> No.4138641

You can stop replaying to yourself, man, it is pitiful now.

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>he says to me
>after the guy I responded to already indirectly insulted people that like 3
wew lad

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>> No.4138656

If you want to validate yourself as worthy of anyone's time, you are not going to be copying the list of SNES RPGs here from WIkipedia, you better work hard making the reason for your claims, or disappear. Honestly, that's don't even matter as most people in this thread are positive towards the game from the very beginning.

>> No.4138662


stop samefagging, you illiterate moron

>> No.4138667

You certainly are not indifferent to the case, don't be shy, baby.

>> No.4138669

Now I have to explain to you why I dislike those games? No thanks.

If people like them then I'm glad they didn't get bored like me. You're too invested in people's opinions dude

>> No.4138687

I respect your opinion although I disagree with it. Gladly, it was possible to counter-balance opinions regarding BoF2 by having enough people on both ends of dispute. Have a nice day.

>> No.4138736

what did he mean by this?

>> No.4138894

I still haven't gotten to 4 yet (as mentioned, just got the boat in 3) so I can't compare. It's quite pretty compared to 1 and 2, at least to me. I'm a huge fan of combat happening on the field instead of the special combat screens. If there were no random battles, it would be even better.

I respect that others may like the SNES installs more, but that wasn't me. I just couldn't wait to be done with 1 and 2, but it's the complete opposite for 3 in that I don't want to finish it because it'll end. Good to know that 4 might be better though.

>> No.4138901

Cont. Oh, which has the best fishing? I like 3's so far.

>> No.4139429

It doesn't matter they're not related. They're all pretty mediocre to be honest.

>> No.4139475

IV naturally has the best fishing. III's is good but IV has more variety in it's locations and fish. It's pretty fun.
III is pretty good and IV is phenomenal, don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.4139663

Shit guys I'm actually starting to think nina is a better girl. Wat do?

>> No.4139676

You make your own fuck decision. Even as a lover of tomboyish characters I have to say Nina is better.

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Love both at once.

>> No.4139974

Always preferred Nina.

>> No.4140774 [DELETED] 

If she had been better, she would have had more fanart, which isn't the case. Simple as that. As a matter of fact, the only time people look up to these forced threads is because of Katt pictures, and to troll, because they realize how important Katt is to them. Only 42 posters when there are 129 replies, now divide that number based on the fact that mobile posting gives a new IP every time and the fact trolls compose half of this thread, and realize how dead and forgotten this series is. No one cares, games were spammed enough everywhere, but still no one cares about them as they are fucking mediocre. Not to mention some pathetic beings go out of their way to troll here out of all places, they create retarded threads and they post in them, because it's the only fun they'll have in the entirety of their lives.

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