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the N64 was good for platformers
the Saturn was good for space shooters and NiGHTS
the PS1 was good for ___

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Everything including what the other two consoles are good for

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N64 was ace for 3D games in general, Saturn was ace for 2D games in general.
PS was a middle-ground... its strenght was actually the FMV encoder.

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I honestly like Panzer Dragoon Saga and Paper Mario more than any RPG on Playstation.

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>the PS1 was good for ___
Overrated dogshit like pic related.

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you're entitled to your opinion. haven't played PDS because I'm a poorfag, what makes it better than the final fantasy games?
wow that's a very contrarian thing to say, here's a reply for your troubles.

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cause if there's one thing videogames needed, it's FMVs.

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having the best controller, jrpg's, fmv's

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>fmv is a pro
seriously, kek. no wonder modern games are movies with occasional quick time events

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>best controller
Not with that d-pad.

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It's not even a d-pad. It's just four unconnected buttons. To me it feels terrible.

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so all the n64 games and saturn games with video clips in them are worse off for it? ok

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yeah actually, except maybe the ones in NiGHTS

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Fighting games

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>fighting games

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pretty contrarian. games have featured unplayable cinematics in them since nes. fmv is just an easier and seamless way to achieve this.

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>innuendo arrows

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it is and always has been shit unless you like ugly old CGI with bad voice acting and terrible compression

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PS1 is good for 3D gaming. However the Saturn is good for 2D & 3D being done at the same time, but it was hard to program for because of Quadrilateral Polygons.

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if you enjoy the art style and the characters there's nothing ugly about dated cgi. bad voice acting compared to what? no voice acting? do you honestly think every video game character being mute would be a good thing?

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literally everything

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Monkey island proves that voice acting isn't necessary. Shenmue and Resident Evil 1 prove that cheap voice acting cheapens the rest of the game

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Yeah it's a jack of all trades, it doesn't excel in anything, but it can do everything.
Well, a lot of 3D games on playstation have issues, but the same happens on Saturn.

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>It's just four unconnected buttons


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Wacky acting was a highlight of Resident Evil

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2D games (a lot of which weren't sold in burgerland)

Fun 3D games

I won't go through the trouble of listing all the games, because some vr contrarian edgykiddo Nintendo ' drone will just respond with "all those games suck tho". It's literally pointless to discuss this with Nintendo ' drones.

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>N64 - shitty, ugly games that aren't fun at all, except smash.
>Saturn - literally nothing but anime trash games for manbaby weebs.
>PS1 actual games that are good.

Faggot SEGA and Nintendo losers assblasted their lame consoles got BTFO

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Saturn - virtua fighter =shit

N64 - nothing

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Smash Bros. is the best fighting game of all time

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>actual games that are good

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Why do you think that anyone who doesn't fellate Sony's system is a "nintendo' drone"?

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Ape Escape is better than any platformer on N64

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In what way? It's a fun game but control-wise I wouldn't call it better than Mario 64.
At least Ape Escape is unique with the whole monkey-chasing thing, and one of the very few PS1 games that used the analog sticks.

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I remember someone saying the N64 can display 480p but when it's using Scart and ingame it's set to HIres would a tv really see it as 480p?

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>one of the very few PS1 games that used the analog sticks.
that's fucking wrong though.
shit thread full of trolls. ps1 is a very solid system and only a fool disagrees.

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Prerendered backgrounds

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Playstation was the jack of all trades with all different kinds of developers, publishers, genres, and fun. You can count all of N64's STGs on one hand while sucking the thumb.

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It's one of the few games that used the actual analogues, instead of just mapping the d-pad to the left stick.
Why are you so defensive? Let people have different opinions, not everyone need to like the ps1, a lot of people don't even like console games.

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Melee at best is a fighting game, Smash on 64 is straight up a party game

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This, Parasite eve is a prime example.

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Nobody take this bait please.
Only a nintendo autist would actually believe this

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>best controller

Saturn model 2 controller won that gen

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Saturn had superior ports of all capcom and snk figters, it also had DoA

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N64: 3D platformers, FPS, racing
Saturn: space shooters, 2D fighting games
PS1: JRPGs, 2D platformers

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Are you saying only one of those offer decent racing options?

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I think they're saying that's what the systems are best at. The PS1 had some really solid racers and much better sim racers thanks to GT, but the N64 hardware was better for racers in general and it has an incredible library of arcade style racers.

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For real, like others have said, it's a jack of all trades, master of none. My personal ranking is N64 > PS1 > Saturn.

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Saturn > N64 > Playstation X

The only true ranking.

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Man I dont think I'll ever not despise yet continuously be amazed by Nintendo fanboys who still engage in their little circlejerks and echo chamber discussions, they literally have zero integrity as gamers.

I'd love to know how Nintendo made total brain dead loyal nutcases out of so many people but the more I think about it these subhuman shitstains were probably weak to begin with who would've joined any cult who showed them the lowest hanging fruit first.

The N64 was a fucking garbage console, it had no games and bombed globally and you will never rewrite history. Great games are far more important and worth being recognized and celebrated far more than your continued loyalty to Nintendo and such a shit console you sad, pitiful subhuman cockroaches.

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Dont you have a general to make?

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Hmmmmmm yet the best platformers were on ps1 (Crash and Spyro)

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Shut up Wario, you're just butthurt you didn't get a console title until the Gamecube.
You should be grateful Nintendo decided to put you on Mario Kart 64 instead of Kamek.

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D-pads: Saturn > PS > N64

I've never liked Nintendo's cross d-pads. They feel really stiff and make my thumb ache after a while. My favourite d-pad is the one for Mega Drive and Saturn, but basically any d-pad I've used except the Xbox 360 and Master System ones are better than the Nintendo one.

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TG16 has a pretty horrible d-pad.

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I've never played one (or even seen one), to be honest. Looking at pictures it looks like a good d-pad, but obviously I couldn't possibly tell without using one for myself, so I'll take your word for it.

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>the N64 was good for platformers
Collectathons are not real platformers.

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To me it's Saturn>N64>PS

I never liked the sony d-pad, I know it's basically the same as the SNES but the segmented form of it makes it feels less comfortable.
The SNES/N64 d-pad stops feeling stiff once you give it some use. Most SNES pads are very used by now, but the N64 d-pads are still stiff because most people who only got a N64 to play games like Mario 64, OOT or Goldeneye, never really gave the d-pad any use, so it's still brand-new, 20 years later.

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I think OP means Mystical Ninja 2.

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When i was a kid, anime was expensive and not plentiful. anime fmv in an rpg like lunar was a big selling point. even though it was compressed, at the time i thought it looked crazy good. I even played through the ps1 ff remakes for the cgi cutscenes. you knew shit was going down or getting interesting in an RPG when the fmv started kicking in.

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is this buzzword still a thing?

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>remotely criticizing sony makes you a nintendrone
fanboy mentality

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Go from point a to point b.
There's your level, have fun looking for shit.

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it is fun though. PS1 is only good for RPGs and Racing, everything else was done better elsewhere

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PS had more traditional platformers tho. It just that it was pretty shitty with the whole collectathon branch. It had like what, Spyro and Ape Escape?

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you know, I gave spyro a try and it was charming, but overall it was fairly bland. even the worst rare platformer on n64 is better. that said, I only played the first one. crash bandicoot can get pretty engaging, but frankly it's terribly mediocre, especially compared to mario - and the awful 90's 'tude shit doesn't do it any favors. I get that for some people crash was their childhood but honestly it isn't very good

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>better on ps1

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For games.

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GT x2
Ridge Racer x4
Wipeout x3

Need I go on?

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I prefer Spyro to Conker and Glover

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Disregard glover in that context

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Why are ps1 fags so fucking delusional?
It was an horrendous port machine for the third world. It's just a snes with fmv rpg's. That's it.

It didn't push any shit for the industry. Having cd's with such weak hardware didin't help no one just hollywood fags to turn videogames into movies.

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b-but 6000 games

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N64 - smash bros, killer instinct gold, rakuga kids (only europe and japan though). I prefer the fighting games on the N64 than on ps1 or saturn

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yes, you do, cause your list is shit.

mario kart
diddy kong racing
star wars racer
bettle adventure racing
f-zero x
wipeout 64
rush x3
wave race
road rash 64
excitebike 64
snowboard kids x 2

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A little bit of everything. If you're going to pare every console down to one standout genre, I'd say the ps1 had the market cornered on stealth games, vehicular combat games, jrpg's, survival horror, and extreme sports games (snowboarding, dirt bikes, skateboarding and bmx)

Although I regularly play my saturn and n64 and don't even own a ps1/2 these days, there's no denying that the first 2 PlayStations have some of the absolute best libraries

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If anything I'm a Sega fanboy, but there's no denying that Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye are 3 of the most enduringly popular and influential games of all time. If that was it's entire library the n64 would still be a kick ass system.

Sure, the library is pretty small for a major console and gas what feels like a disproportionate amount of shovelware, but the 20 or so good games on the system are bona fide, stone cold classics.

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>Duke Nukem 3D
Go from point a to point b.
>Deus Ex
There's your level, have fun looking for shit.

>implying one of this concepts are bad

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>bettle adventure racing
If you want to include games of that caliber:

Dare Devil Derby 3D
Street Racer
007 Racing
Sesame Street Sports
Renegade Racers
Walt Disney World Racing
Rally Cross x2
Test Drive Off-Road x3
Test Drive x3
NASCAR x 10^12

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>games of that caliber

Dude, do you realize bettle adventure racing is one of the best racing games ever made? No, you don't, cause you haven't even touched the damn thing. Take your shitty list and get out of here.

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Being the best goddamn console ever created by man

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Resident evil series, Tomb Raider, Caslvania, Skull Monkeys, Omega boost
Also huge list of Rpgs. I'm still finding ps1 gems even to this day.

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Ape escape.

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N64 is one of the worst consoles of all time

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Interesting choice for a example.

It's not a bad game, but I think it was a bit unpolished.

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saturn was good for arcade ports. ever play xmen vs streetfighter on ps1?

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saturn > ps1 >n64
the 64 was Nintendo's shark jumper

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>the PS1 was good for ___
It had Rhythm games. You can buy a dancepad for DDR for PSX.

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>Play Spider-Man on PSX
>uses FMVs
>Play Spider-Man on N64
>Had to turn FMVs into screensshots.

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Been a fan of rpgs since the nintendo first launched and my path took me from nes, snes, sega cd, saturn, ps1, and ps2 after that things just seemed to go downhill.

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Trying to find a game that I rented as a kid on the PS1.

>It was an RPG of sorts
>one of the first party members you meet is standing in a field and uses a scythe as a weapon.
>It also had lockpicking mechanics in it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Sometimes this was for the better.
On Shadows of the Empire, I much prefer the sprite art on the cutscenes (remind me of classic LucasArts graphics from adventure games) rather than the ugmo CGI FMVs from the PC version.

I never played Spider-Man though so I don't know how these compare.

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Can you narrow it down anymore? Was it turn based? was it strategy like? Can you describe the scythe wielder with more detail?

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I likes me some CTR, but it's not better than Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing

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That's the thing. I can't remember it too well, because it was an overnight rent.

I believe it was turn-based, and the scythe character kinda looked like a scarecrow, and you meet him while he's out in a field.

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The only thing that even comes to my mind it tactics ogre.

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Silent Hill 1
Symphony of the Night
Resident Evil 1-3

The first two are legit one of my favorite games to this day.

>> No.4137959

it's shadow madness
not a very well received game

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This. Video cutscenes have the same problem CGI from the 90s and 2000s have. Cutting edge for its time but utterly laughable when seen just years later. Spiderman on the even stronger Dreamcast just is a mess whenever it goes into video.

Opinion. The less FMV, the better the game will age. There's a reason the SNES and 64's (very) small list of hits will just be far more relevant in the future than anything released on early 90s CD consoles, with exceptions like FFVII.

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You're absolutely correct!
I remember that shitty cover art!

>> No.4138060

I'm actually really happy that I can play this again. Thank you so much anon!

Do you have snapchat so I can show you my tits as a sweet little thank you? x

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N64 MK4 made PS1 MK4 look like dog shit. Played better too.

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glad you're enjoying yourself, but I'm not into manboobs

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Smash 64 is actually closer to a traditional fighting game than Melee.

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That's because nintendo fanboys are fucking insane who build their entire value system on nostalgia and Nintendo's branding.

>Zelda 64
Runs at 20 FPS and has huge open fields of nothing to "impress" people.

Have you seen this game lately? It looks like shit, it runs like shit, it plays like shit. It's worse in every possible way than Doom or even Wolfenstein is. It's a bad game only loved because it allowed multiplayer on a console.

>> No.4138398

>do you honestly think every video game character being mute would be a good thing?
Yes. Text is fine, but voice acting has no place in video games.

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Imagine being this mad at a video game console.

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SM64 has some of the best and deepest platforming options in any video game.

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PS1's pretty ace for racing and RPGs.
even pre-DualShock games have analog support if you get a neGcon or a compatible wheel (and since the device launched with the PS1, it's widely supported)

>never actually used a PS1 controller
it physically is a true d-pad in one solid piece
the dualshock 2 (and the 3, but it's less of a problem there) has issues with diagonals because they only generate a digital input when the buttons are pressed at max pressure, but the original digital PS1 controller and original DualShock do not suffer from that problem (actually, due to the design, it's too easy to hit diagonals sometimes because you'll be pressing entirely on down, rock your thumb a little to the side, and bam, accidential down+left/right)

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>Everyone who doesn't like something must feel extreme emotions because I only work on an emotional spectrum.

>> No.4138748

No, I'm just referring to you.

>> No.4138778

yeah man you suck and are unstable. Look at what you're saying.

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I'd say Playstations strength would be it's library. Both Saturn and N64's libraries consist of around 200 games whilst PS had almost 1000 titles to choose from.

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>people are actually this vehemently hateful towards the n64
>despite it unarguably having the best games

why are they so mad?

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name a better console shooter than perfect dark

name a better console platformer than sm64

name a better console party game than mk64/mp/ssb

name a better console adventure game than ocarina of time

>> No.4139652

>name a better console shooter than perfect dark

all the others I agree with though.

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>mario kart is their first listed
and into the trash it goes

>> No.4139682

Possibly? I know a select few games like Rayman 2 could display resolutions higher than the N64 standard if you had an expansion pack.

>> No.4140293

>you knew shit was going down or getting interesting in an RPG when the fmv started kicking in.

And this is why RPGs are shit.
The gameplay is the worst part of the game.

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>people are actually this vehemently hateful towards the ps1
>despite it unarguably having the best games of its gen

why are they so mad?

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>despite it unarguably having the best games

>> No.4141946


>and fighting games

im a playstation fag and I suggest u watch this: