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So I really want to experience NES and SNES games, but I don't own either console. Are there any good clone consoles I can look into buying? The aftermarket prices for the originals are retarded but at the same time, plenty of reviews for things like the Hyperlink 2 in 1 complain about them not lasting long or just outright now working.

I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but if it's my only option for consoles that won't shit the bed in a few years, so be it. Any insight would be appreciated, guys.

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yes a good emulator box a shitty laptop or a raspi3 retrobox!
don't purchase gargabe clone system

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Just get a real snes

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I bought one for my wife's boyfriend after he beat the shit out of me as an apology. They like it very much.

So yes, buy it friend :)

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My fiance likes watching me play games so I figured something for the television would be best. I currently don't have any computer or laptop, and fuck the cost of buying either.
Just a SNES alone is like $80 used at the least on eBay though. Are there really no reliable clone consoles?

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it looks cool to normies i would think

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I have a Retro Duo it was worth every penny of the $6 I paid for it.

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SNES emulation in software is superior to any existing SNES hardware clone.
NES has some actual good hardware clones these days (RestrUSB AVS, Analogue NT mini) but those good ones cost more than used NES's do.
In your situation, you should look into getting an HDMI cable and Bluetooth controllers for your phone.
Or wait and buy that SNES Classic from Nintendo. It's got a cute mini SNES plastic shell on it that will make your friends go d'awww.

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>I currently don't have any computer or laptop, and fuck the cost of buying either.
How do you people even live? You can get used ones for like $50 and even a new one is less than $200 nowadays.
Connecting them to a TV via HDMI is trivial.

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>Or wait and buy that SNES Classic from Nintendo
Good luck getting one of those before they're discontinued.

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At first I thought you were just pulling my leg but all the reviews for this one are really positive. How'd you manage to snag it for $6 though?

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Get a raspberry pie. Roms are free.

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Thrift store, console only no power cord or controllers.

At the $20-$30 price point I absolutely would recommend a modded Wii.

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What's the mileage on it and how good has it held up?

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>Are there any good clone consoles I can look into buying?
idk. one time I showed the bull of my house a retron 5 in a shop. i wanted to get him a birthday present. he spat on the floor and walked out, told me to get him an xbox one.

i dont think those guys like retro games after all

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I leave it on literally 24/7 without any surge suppression and it's chugged along for years now. As I mentioned in the other thread I had a Coolboy 400-in-1 burn up in it running Recca overnight and the Retro Duo itself was fine.

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Shit, not bad. The QC seems iffy with these things but what I'm gathering is that if you get a good one, it's great for what it is.
Oh hey, bud. I was worried you stopped lurking. Glad to see you're still here.

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get a SFC and play comfy cheap Japanese games since noone knows Japanese.
> bonus points:
> get a flashcart and apply translations to original SFC carts

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While I typically like to play on the original hardware as much as I can, I like to use the Retro Freak to translate my famicom/super famicom games or as a lazy way to play games in HD. That being said stay away from the Retron 5... every Hyperkin console I've bought ends up with bent snes/nes pins.

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Don't pay for an emulator.

Go get a raspberry pi 3.

You'll save money and you can emulate more things with it.

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Before even thinking about buying video games you should be thinking about getting a $50 laptop. Connecting them to a TV is extremely easy and there is no reason not to have one. Better than buying a shitty, limited clone console.

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Just buy a wii and mod it.

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