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Does anyone have pictures of Mana-sama's game collection?
I can only find the ones from game inferno, which are recent, but I remember seeing pictures of his game and watch collection, as well as other weird handheld games, I remember him having a weird handheld Dracula game (not sure if it was actually related to akumajou dracula or not, never saw that one again outside of that picture).

This guy has been collecting video games since the 90s, his collection must be huge. And he's also a fan of weird systems like the 3DO.

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I appreciate his eclectic taste for everything from playing Ms Pacman on the Atari Lynx to having a PC Engine LT.

Castlevania is the Rosetta Stone for the music of Mana.

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>collecting video games since the 90s
>weird systems like the 3DO
Sounds super hard core. lol

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Well, I found this.

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What games music do you think he was inspired by

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Obviously Castlevania, I think his favorite CV game is Castlevania IV/Akumaju Dracula SFC, and I can hear a lot of similarities between the soundtrack of that game and many songs he composed for Malice Mizer.
Also, Gekka no yasoukyoku (the japanese title of SOTN) was also the title of a Malice Mizer song, although that one wasn't a Mana song, but a Közi song.

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More hardcore than 99% of collectors, who started during this decade.
But if you're close to being Mana's age (45), it makes sense it wouldn't seem like much to you.

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Honestly I'm stoked that being 45 is super hardcore.

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Mana really does have an eclectic, unusual taste in games and systems though.
3DO is only one of the many weird systems he likes to collector for, but as other anon said, he's also an Atari Lynx fan.
It's even weirder when you have into account he's japanese.
I wish I could find that picture of his handheld collection again, he had a lot of obscure shit there.

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>More hardcore than 99% of the kiddos who started calling themselves collectors during this decade.

Shit like this is why shit like this is so kekable. It's in no way rare or obscure to anyone who's been here more than half a summer.

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Oh yeah, I remember all those people collecting Lynx back in the 90s.

By the way I never said "obscure", just unusual and weird, people usually don't collect these systems mainly because they aren't that great in terms of library.
Anyway, what's your purpose in this thread? To call out "kiddos"? Well okay, you did it.
I'm still looking for these old pictures of Mana's collection, I want to find that weird Dracula handheld.

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I refuse to believe you are 18+

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>he had a lot of obscure shit there
>By the way I never said "obscure"

>purpose in this thread?
You'd have to ask OP. I have my suspicions. Honestly I just clicked on a pic of a freak because I'd already clicked on all the other interesting pics in the catalog. I stayed mostly for the laughs but also was hoping that your herowiener might actually have interesting vidya.

That's what's call projecting. No one expects you to get it on your first summer.

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Who is he and why is he hot?

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best way to handle hot heads, nice job.

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If you're into japanese drag queens, I guess.

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Is he dressed like yurika misumaru in that pic?

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Japanese musician.


Yes he is.

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Hey OP, check out the site posted above. There's a lot of Game Inferno scans with translations under the Translations - Moi Dix Mois tab.

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>Shit like this is why shit like this is so kekable. It's in no way rare or obscure to anyone who's been here more than half a summer

In the context of the Japanese scene, you bet your ass Lynx is some obscure shit. Atari never had much traction over there, from the failed 2800 on. Jag most successful Atari in Japan?

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He invented the term EGL that lolita fashion uses, along with much of that fashion worn by /cgl/ (and models his dresses too). It's interesting to consider that basically the god of cgl girls is a Japanese dude pushing 50...who is really into vr tier gaming.

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>>he had a lot of obscure shit there
In the picture I can't find. He really has obscure handheld games I've never seen before.
Why do you take so much time to shitpost? Anger issues?

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First and foremost, he was one of the guitarists and main composers of Malice Mizer
Later on, around 1999, he launched his own clothing line and came up with the term "Gothic Lolita" (mixing elements of the already existing lolita trend in Japan, coupled with gothic fashion), it's rather sad that today he's more known for his fashion than his music, but he's a really talented composer and producer, but I guess he never reached Malice Mizer-levels of fame again, his project Moi dix Mois has now been around longer than MM ever did, but Malice Mizer is way more legendary.

Rare picture of Mana smiling.

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>In the context of the Japanese scene
The ironing

>I've never seen before
Because you aren't a hard core bad ass who has rare obscure shit like the lynx and 3do

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>It's interesting to consider that basically the god of cgl girls is a Japanese dude pushing 50...who is really into vr tier gaming.
This seems like a totally normal thing to me.

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>Because you aren't a hard core bad ass who has rare obscure shit like the lynx and 3do
Again, I didn't say 3DO and Lynx are obscure (just weird to collect for, and since before the whole "retro collecting" fad started).
Do you know what dracula handheld I'm talking about anon? It was like a Game and watch, but only 1 screen, and it was japanese. I don't believe it was actually related to akumajou dracula or konami.
If you're not gonna help, then go shitpost somewhere else, poser.

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Is it not the one in >>4126658?

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Doesn't look like it. I remember her had it boxed, and it had a picture of dracula on the box. I'm almost certain it was called simply ドラキュラ (Dracula) or something-dracula, but again I don't think it was related to the Konami series.

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Doesn't look like it. I remember he had it boxed, and it had a picture of dracula on the box. I'm almost certain it was called simply ドラキュラ (Dracula) or something-dracula, but again I don't think it was related to the Konami series.

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>i didn't say that
>i replied and defended the post anyway
sounds legit

No idea what dracula game you're talking about because you don't seem to be able to remember anything about it. I do have a The Dracula. An actual obscure game.

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Why are you still replying?
>I do have a The Dracula. An actual obscure game.
Pics or it didn't happen.

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Are there any places people still talk about visual kei in. Monochrome Heaven is full of retards obsessed with fashion

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To be honest, visual kei fandom was always kind of like that.
/cgl/ has a visual kei general that's actually kind of neat, but it's mostly pic dumps, although occassionally there's some discussion going.
The only forum that I think it's still alive and has decent discussion is -scape- (scapeforums.com), although the userbase is pretty small now, they still always discuss the latest news on the ex-Mizer guys, but because of the small userbase and because there isn't nearly as much interest in VK as there was 10 years ago, the forum is really slow, sometimes it can be days or weeks without a post on the main forums.
All of the other forums I knew that were half-decent are dead by now.

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Because the butthurt crying of LP babies like you is like sweet nectar. Watching your head explode when faced with the possibility that someone has something more obscure than a 3DO or Lynx is pure gold. I bought it for ¥200 at a flea market a few years ago. The box isn't in the best condition.

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Post pics.

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I wish I knew what was going on in this thread because I really like androgynous singers and video games

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Visual Kei more like Very Gay

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the fun thing is that Mana is most likely hetero, actually most people think that Mana is actually in love with his female-image, as he sees himself as more pretty than any girl, probably. But he likes girls, and never mentioned liking guys. In one of Malice Mizer's videos Mana is being naughty with a nude lady (while Gackt, who admitted to being bi-sexual, actually appears in the same video fooling around with both naked men and women).
I think the only actually gay guy in malice mizer was Kami. And he was a great drummer, much respect for him.

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bump for interest

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>praising a mentally ill guy like Mana

plebs. I always found it funny but this is the same culture that faps to traps so Im not surprised.

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chill anon.

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Someone jelly of success.

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Amy Lee looks so lame with that casual look next to Mana-sama.

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I didn't even notice that was Amy Lee. I thought that was just a fan.

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Lmaoo Amy Lee straight outta hot topic

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and uh have fun

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What system is he using here?

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>mana was never brought in to make a track or two or something like that for a main CV game
>just wrote something for a throwaway CV mobile game that doesnt exist anymore

wasted potential imo.

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>most people think that Mana is actually in love with his female-image
this seems too ridiculous to not be true

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This thread is completely ludicrous but I do like Malice Mizer.

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You got into it thanks to this thread, or you already knew about them gramps?

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Never thought I'd see Malice Mizer on /vr/.

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Mana gets posted sometimes on Castlevania threads. That's where I found out about this whole Mana-/vr/ thing. Didn't know he was one of us.

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>Didn't know he was one of us.
I didn't either. Also Gackt era Malice Mizer is the best.

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Tetsu>Klaha>post-Kami instrumental era>Gackt

I still love Gackt era though

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All the eras are great but Gackt era had the most bangers imo. Ma Cherie is still my jam.

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DID YOU KNOW Ma cherie was actually a Tetsu song? He wrote the lyrics for it, but they released the single with Gackt.
I agree Gackt era has a bunch of some of the greatest MM tracks, but so do the other eras, and I'm more lean toward Tetsu-era as my favorite, then Klaha, and Gackt last in terms of vocalists.
My opinion is unpopular though, most people don't like Tetsu.
But even without Tetsu on the picture, I like Klaha better than Gackt as a vocalist. He was the perfect vocalist for MM, too bad they never got to release a full album with him. The last 3 singles were brilliant.

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>DID YOU KNOW Ma cherie was actually a Tetsu song? He wrote the lyrics for it, but they released the single with Gackt.
I didn't know that. I never saw Tetsu credited for the song. I have to reevaluate my tier list now.

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I already knew about them. although I prefer Dance or Die. I had no idea one of the members was responsible for the goth schoolgirl street fashion though or that he collected video games.

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Yeah he wasn't credited on the single (I think it says "Lyrics: Malice Mizer", heh), but ma cherie is indeed a Tetsu-era song, thankfully there's many live recordings of it, both audio and video:
I highly recommend watching old Tetsu era bootleg live videos, they did a lot of songs, but on Memoire they only got to release 7 of them, they have at least another 10. 16 no solitude and Hakuchuu no waltz are great classic MM songs that is criminal that were never done on studio.
There are some other Gackt songs that were originally Tetsu's, Shi no butou for example.

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Will do. I'm gonna listen to their whole discography too while I'm at it.

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This is the last thing I expected to see on /vr/, sadly this thread is full of plebs. Merveilles is the best Malice Mizer album easily, not only based on its superior musical content but as a cornerstone in the Japanese music industry. I'll admit it is harder to appreciate without knowing Japanese as some of the tracks seem out of place without knowledge of their lyrical content.

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>superior musical content
I don't know, it has classics like Bel Air, Gekka, and masterpieces like Syunikiss, but then there's some filler tracks like S-CONSCIOUS that don't really add much, I might prefer Voyage to Merveilles if I had to pick one, but both are good albums.
In terms of musical content, I think nothing beats Bara no Seidou. That album goes beyond anything else Malice Mizer ever did, it's like their testament, their magnum opus.
And lyrically, I'll give the nod to Tetsu, his writing style is more personal and somber than the lyrics by Gackt or Klaha, who were more standard vk band lyrics. Merveilles holds a concept with a story within the album, which is connected to the Bel Air movie, but the same can be said about Tetsu's songs, Kioku to Sora, Seraph and Baroque, are all connected and have a story with different characters.
But I mean, every MM album had a sort of concept behind.

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That Dracula game you're talking about might be DRACULAJOH, he's got one on this picture, although it's hard to see, couldn't find a bigger pic.

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A better look at it, in this case the english version, called Vampire.
There were other versions as well, but the one Mana has seems to be a Donkey Kong clone with a vampire theme.
It's from ban dai from 1982 or 83, so I doubt it's related to Castlevania.

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There is also a SHMUP game named Darwin 4078, that was made by the vocalist of the jrock band Guniw Tools.

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coincidentally here's a picture of Mana and the guy from Guniw Tools together. I think it's from an interview in a magazine.
I don't know about those two ever working together on any music though. Perhaps they talked about video games?

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>the guy from Guniw Tools
Fancy Pink is a good song.

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Ive always been more partial to Klaha myself. had a great voice for the sort of operatic thing mana did with him.

Shame he dropped out of the business. He shouldn't have gone into pop. it was a waste of his deep voice, not to mention got him compared to Gackt, which ultimately, is probably what fucked him.

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Klaha is good and he definitely shouldn't have gone into pop. No idea what he was thinking.

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I mean, maybe he liked pop? but his overnight shift from gothic rock to light pop reeked of trying to cash in on what was popular, after all, Gackt DID do it successfully, and defined pop for quite a while, so many people followed in those footsteps.

it's just a shame Malice Mizer didn't keep going, because it seemed that they mightve been going in a lighter direction themselves, with gardenia, and it was pretty nice. Sort of gothic pop rock


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Well, before Malice Mizer, Klaha was in Pride of Mind, which was a synth pop band, very reminiscent of Depeche Mode.
But PoM was still sort of darkwave, like Velvet Eden and these kind of bands. It's true that in his solo effort, he tried to sound as mainstream as possible. I won't lie though, I actually enjoyed some of Nostal Lab (Red Room and Chameleon no seppun were awesome), but the mainstream pop/hip hop-ish beat in Scape always felt cringey to me.
It's a shame really, recently Mana tweeted about him, saying he couldn't contect him. I assume Mana was thinking about getting Klaha to sing for them in the upcoming MM 25th anniversary (which most likely will be a short session band with Mana, Kozi and Yu-ki, like in the past 3 or so years they've been doing the reunion), this time Kamijo from Versailles might join in on vocals. I know they've been talking about doing songs from Memoire (which already happened in 2003, when Mana did a session band where Kamijo sang Baroque, Mana was on drums by the way). But this time it's Malice Mizer for real, I actually prefer Kozi on vocals rather than Kamijo (even if the logic for having Kamijo is that he was a roadie in the Memoire days).
But yeah, it's a shame, but Klaha doesn't seem to be coming back anytime. He probably has moved on and working outside of the music business at this point.
>because it seemed that they mightve been going in a lighter direction themselves, with gardenia
They always had a lighter side, Gardenia's b-side, Houkai Jokyoku, is a harsh industrial song similar to other Mana electronic songs. The last single trilogy released with Klaha were perfectly balanced. You get Gardenia, the poppy goth song, Beast of Blood, the dark, vampire-themed goth metal song, Houkai Jokyoku and Baptism of Blood both industrial, harsh-sounding, Garnet, a pop-rock song composed by Kozi, and Gensou Rakuen, a brutal, dark track by Mana. In all, there's more heavier songs than pop.

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>recently Mana tweeted about him, saying he couldn't contect him
that's a damn shame. I mean he really did just drop off the face of the earth when his pop career didnt go well. i always felt that despite malice mizer really ending after the drummer died, they COULD have gone forward when they brought in klaha, because he really worked out well, and having a lead vocalist is kind of important, even if you just keep using session drummers.

mana should put out an APB. like "hey, if you're alive, gimmie a call"

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>They always had a lighter side, Gardenia's b-side, Houkai Jokyoku, is a harsh industrial song similar to other Mana electronic songs. The last single trilogy released with Klaha were perfectly balanced. You get Gardenia, the poppy goth song, Beast of Blood, the dark, vampire-themed goth metal song, Houkai Jokyoku and Baptism of Blood both industrial, harsh-sounding, Garnet, a pop-rock song composed by Kozi, and Gensou Rakuen, a brutal, dark track by Mana. In all, there's more heavier songs than pop.

see this is what my beef is with Moi Dix Mois.

it started out ok, but eventually it just started sounding the same. by the time they were at like, album 3 or so, and it sounded exactly the same as 1 and 2, I just couldn't keep listening to them. Malice Mizer was way more varied and rich, while MDM was just way too one note. there's only so many ways you can arrange organs with metal electric guitars and chorus vocals before it stars all blending in

(Also I never really liked Seth's vocals. I always felt Juka was better)

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>It's been 16 years since Malice Mizer went "on hiatus"
fuck me where does the time go

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Most likely, MM ended because Kozi and Mana wanted to do different things. When you look at Moi dix Mois and Kozi's solo stuff, you can tell how different their vision was. Both had still Mizer-y elements in the music, but at the same time totally opposed, Mana went full death metal while Kozi pursued a more goth-rock/electronic sound.
There was a rumor about Malice Mizer's 5th album being in the works before they broke up. I don't remember where it came from, but I remember people back in the day saying some japanese sites listed a new untitled album for MM, and one of the new tracks being titled "Maria" (some think this was later transformed into "forbidden" in Moi dix Mois), the rest of the tracks would have been all of the tracks from the previous singles with Klaha and maybe a couple other new tracks. But alas, it never was.
As for Klaha, I think the best way to contact him would be Yu-ki, he was still friends with Klaha since before he joined the band, and was still in contact during the Klaha solo days, but who knows, maybe even Yu-ki lost track of him, or maybe the truth is that Klaha just isn't interested. Maybe music is just a thing in the past for him, which would be sad, but what can you do.
At any rate, I'm happy to see Mana and Kozi getting along so well now. I remember back then, it seemed as if there was a sort of tension between them. Maybe it was just them wanting to move forward with their new projects, but now they seem like they're good buddies again (Mana already invited Kozi and his band ZIZ a lot of times to perform in his events), and they seem like they're nostalgiafagging hard about MM, talking about it frequently in their twitter accounts and doing the session lives practically every year.
Kozi is quite busy with ZIZ and all his other bands, and Mana is taking forever to release the new album, so a MM actual revival is unlikely, but I'm not losing my hope.

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>where does the time go

Kuuhaku no toki no naka de

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Yeah, that was a problem with most people regarding Moi dix Mois. I don't think all their albums sound the same though, Dix infernal is the one that sounds the most "same-y", but at the same time, I think it has a high production value, and a couple songs actually stand out from the rest, like Solitude, which is a more mid-tempo song and features a little bit of Mana's trademark harpsichord-like guitar melodies, which was absent in most of MdM songs in favor of "wall of sound" metal riffs, which was the majority of that album. Dix infernal was like one long death metal song.
Now, Nocturnal Opera was different, it had more variety, stuff like vestige sounded like it could be a soft Malice Mizer track from the Voyage era, or Perish, which sounded like a post-punk/goth rock song more similar to Bauhaus than to Slayer or other metal bands Mana obsess over.
But, overall, yes, Mana's music was exposed as being very formulatic in MdM. By the time Lamentful Miss released, I was really tired of Mana's compositions. I also think he kind of stopped trying, I mean his Bara no seidou compositions are incredible, he was at his creative peak there.
Still, Mana did a good variety of music in MM, he has a lot of poppy songs like au revoir, or calm songs like Eege, but the real reason why MM was so variated and always sounded fresh was Kozi. I love his solo works a lot more than Moi dix Mois. MM was both Kozi and Mana, that was the magic.

>> No.4141415

As for Seth, he's actually a talented vocalist, I was already a fan of his back when he was in Amadeus and Brain Hacker.
But, I admit his work in MdM was never really as brilliant as it was in his other bands. I mean, he's still competent, and honestly, I always thought he was the best fit for a Mana band after Klaha, but he seems bored in MdM, he isn't giving his all. Juka seemed to give more of his soul while in MdM, if that makes sense. But at the same time, Juka seemed like a very shy kid, it was obvious he wasn't very experienced to be on a stage, even though his performance was good, but for example the growls always felt awkward for Juka, like "ugh, why is Mana making me growl like this".
Seth has a lot of experience on stages and has more of a "rockstar" attitude. But yeah again, he is boring in MdM, at least what I've heard/seen of him in the band.

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funny you should mention that, MDM's first two albums DID really feel like the leftover fumes of Malice Mizer pumped full of 90% more death Metal.

Even stylistically there were some vestigial Malice Mizer elements. I mean, just looking at Juka, you can see Mana was channeling klaha's look something fierce. It's uncanny. And Mana is usually really careful about image. fuck, Mana is ALL about image and visuals and fancy elaborate costumes and shit.

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I got my hands on one of these a few years ago.

No regrets.(Not that they are hard to get)

though the CD is annoyingly hard to pry out of the case. Fucker doesn't want to come out

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I remember reading about this... how old is that guy anyway? If he's around Mana's age, he was still in his teens during the 80s when that game was developed.

>> No.4142154

Thanks, I thought it was a computer from that tiny pic.

>> No.4142804

OP here. Hmm, that one is interesting, but I'm sure it was a different picture, and a different Dracula game.
The picture I remember was a sort of display where he had a bunch of boxed handheld games, and the game I'm talking about was a regular handheld (like a single-screen game and watch).
I'm still looking for it, I think it was a scan from a ma cherie issue.

>> No.4143292

you should check out Yomogi no Kokoro

>> No.4143510

I'm not sure, I can't find his year of birth online.
The other members of Guniw Tools were born in 1971, so I'm guessing he's to born sometime in the late 60's?

>> No.4143520
File: 66 KB, 736x392, GuniwDarwin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wasn't sure if he even made the game, because he had to be so young. Also his real name is Satoshi and not Tomo.
So I tought for a long time that it had to be some other guy. but I finaly found evidence straight from the source.

>> No.4143708

Then he's older than I tought I guess. This is pretty cool, never played that game, will check it out when I can.

>> No.4145862

why it matter if he old

>> No.4146926

This is pretty damn cool.
Who's knew jrock/vk and /vr/ were actually connected in ways.

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