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I just got a saturn ready to play burned games, and a stack of 100 CD-Rs, what do I get? ANYTHING is fine, euro, weird jap, obscure non games, weird demos, anything

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Digital Dance Mix Vol.1 Namie Amuro

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Do you like Evangelion?

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Have fun buying a replacement laser then.

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Radiant sIlvergun and sf3 English translations.

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my model 1 saturn has been playing backups constantly in the 10+ years i've owned it.

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it's a Sega Saturn, not a Sony Playstation.

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How often do you play it? Do you play it for than 3 hours at a time regularly?

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Panzer Dragoon games
Burning Rangers
Shining the Holy Ark
Saturn Bomberman
Dark Savior
Bulk Slash

For a weird one, try Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi.

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you expect me to have an accurate measure of this? thats impossible. all i can say is i've definitely replayed some of my favorite like shining force 3 and panzer dragoon saga multiple times which means lots of constant action.

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>Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi.
way ahead of you

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I hope OP doesn't mind me hijacking his thread a bit because we've had so many Saturn threads lately and I don't want to make another one. I'm looking for recommendations for Japanese Saturn games that generally fall under one or more of the following criteria: a) never released outside of Japan, b) Japanese version of the game is substantially cheaper than the English version, and c) there are substantial differences between the Japanese and English versions (e.g., because there's a lot of text to translate for example, so this would push me more towards RPGs than shmups, but I'm open to hearing about shmups too). Basically just any reason that would make it worth my while to get the Japanese version of a game. I already have all the Panzer Dragoon games so no need to recommend those again.

Here are some recommendations for you OP:
Super Puzzle Fighter II
Sonic R
Sonic Jam (has some neat little extras that make it more than just a straight compilation)
Clockwork Knight 1 & 2

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Saturns, regardless of it's a model 1 or 2, are still notorious for having their lasers burn out. In general one should at least import printed japanese discs since they're somewhat cheap.

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Earthworm Jim 2 on Saturn is the best version of the game

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You're thinking of the Sony Playstation.

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Sadly, that's not true, the controls are more slippery, less precise than the SNES and MD versions.
But the Saturn version has the most impressive backgrounds with crazy parallax and stuff (it's still subjective if they actually look better than the 16-bit versions though, I think the original versions have better art direction)

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Here's my small collection, not planning to add to it because these were the only games I wanted.

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And... it's upside down fml.

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it sounds more like you were the unlucky one here.

then im glad to know god gifted me with an eternal saturn that lasts forever. i've even been replaying the langrissier series on it this week.

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here's some decent to amazing games with 3D graphics in them
some are imports, every one is playable without knowing a word of nip

>clockwork knight
fairly good saturn exclusive 2d platformer with polygon stages
>radiant silvergun
pretty cool shoot-em-up, not worth the price it's been selling for
not a game I'd go for a 1cc attempt at, playing casually in Saturn mode is loads less annoying, scoring is a chore and required for survival in arcade mode
handles better than on PS1, runs slightly worse (20fps instead of 30), soundtrack's a little different
worth a play on Saturn
cool mech game, not actually realistic but presents itself somewhat realistically, lots of big jumps and sliding around at speed
>bulk slash
another cool mech game, much less realistically themed than gungriffon, themed a little more like a super robot anime
cute navigator girls to find, more of an arcade-style game, very pick up and play
>panzer dragoon (and zwei)
very cool 3D rail shooter -- when aimed forward, plays like starfox, when aimed to the sides or back, plays kind of more like starblade where you have to shoot everything and can't move, you can rotate the camera freely
zwei is better than the original in basically every way, both are worth playing
>sonic r
controls like ass, but it's probably the best looking 3D Saturn game, with smooth fade-ins, a solid framerate, gouraud shaded environments, etc
music is catchy with hilariously bad lyrics
use l/r to make turning not suck, and don't use forward to accelerate
>psychic killer taromaru
intense side-scroller with 3D backgrounds where you zap enemies with your mind and can control some
plays a lot like a Treasure game with cool bosses everywhere, pretty hard
not worth the money it goes for, but it's very cool
>burning rangers
cool firefighting game by Sonic Team that does actual crazy shit like rendering the scene twice each frame so it can have actual (if low-res) transparency effects

char count reached

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What does one need to play burned cd's on a saturn?

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Modchip, AR cart (with pseudosaturn) or swap trick.

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swap trick, PseudoSaturn, or modchip

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>it's a Sega Saturn, not a Sony Playstation.


Saturn drives are fucking indestructible. I have one that reads a BROKEN DISC.

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OP here, I have a flashed AR. I bought it off Amazon for 30 bucks, the Action replay 4 in 1, then you need psuedo saturn kai lite. But remember, flashing the AR removes its ability to save and cheat. For games that require the ROM cart, your outta luck

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from what i understand the copy protection is apparently on the edge of the disc, so as long as that is fine the game should boot.

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>sonic r
>use l/r to make turning not suck
>use drifting while playing a racing game
I don't get why people always mention this like it's some particularly noteworthy feature of Sonic R? Like, does everyone here not use the L/R buttons while playing Mario Kart or something?

>cool firefighting game by Sonic Team that does actual crazy shit like rendering the scene twice each frame so it can have actual (if low-res) transparency effects
You just reminded me of this cool article on transparency effects on the Saturn, if anyone's interested:

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My flashed AR plus can play the 1mb/4mb ram expansion games though.

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ram games work, but I mean games like KOF that require the KOF Cart

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The 3D controller also improves the controls for a lot of games, especially racers. Which some folks don't have.

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Oh yeah, guess you would be SOL.

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the only kof game that needs a dedicated special KOF cart is KOF 95. the rest of them run fine with the generic ram expansions.

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princess crown

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an action replay and a pseudosaturn kai installer disc is the easiest for most people, especially since most saturn owners probably already have an action replay
an ar is like $20-30 if you don't
>block drive sensor
>boot machine with real game to the action replay menu
>open lid, boot game
>you swap immediately before or after the Sega logo appears, can't remember, timing is different depending on the real game, ignore the first swap if you're looking up any swap trick tutorial, only the second swap matters
>run the installer, you're done forever, region protection and copy protection are both gone
you can even get pre-flashed carts, so all you do is plug it in and play
has issues with a handful of games (namely, Panzer Dragoon Saga needs to be patched)

a modchip is pretty good, but IIRC it doesn't remove region protection, so you'll either a: need an action replay or b: patch the region on all your games
it's basically no effort if you have any soldering skill
costs like $50 or so
>just solder it in, done -- you can fuck it up, but literally only if you have a really garbage iron
it works on basically all games

the swap trick is a pain if you're doing it to boot actual games and not just the PSKai installer, you need to swap the disc twice -- once so the burned game's TOC is read (so that music works), and then another so the real game's security check passes (so boot machine with burned game, swap for security check, swap back for burned game, timing it is awful and there's a long slow way to make the first swap zero effort, but the second swap is still timing heavy)
don't bother with it

>I don't get why people always mention this like it's some particularly noteworthy feature of Sonic R? Like, does everyone here not use the L/R buttons while playing Mario Kart or something?
Sonic R presents itself as a platforming racer, and people expect it to control like a platformer.
mind you, turning sucks all around in Sonic R

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swap trick is easy if you use two hands. you know, keep the disc ready in the other hand to put in to swap while you take out the disc with the other. the laser's loud noises also make the timing to swap obvious.

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there's basically no reason to play KOF95 or Ultraman on Saturn
and those are the only two games that require game-specific cartridges

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>swap trick is easy if you use two hands. you know, keep the disc ready in the other hand to put in to swap while you take out the disc with the other.
really, I'd be appalled if you didn't have the other disc in your hand ready
like, how the fuck would you expect to fumble around for the game when you have a half-second window to put it into the machine, anyway

>the laser's loud noises also make the timing to swap obvious.
swap trick is easy if you have a model 1, where you just follow the light
on a model 2, you have to do it by ear, and it can take ages to get it down if you haven't done it before

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My collection:
Virtua Fighter 2
X-Men Children of the Atom
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Marvel Vs Street Fighter
Deep Fear
Sega Rally
Dead or Alive
Virtual On
Virtua Cop
Samurai Shodown 4
Metal Slug
Astra Superstars
Rockman 8
Dungeons and Dragons Collection
Sonic Jam
Saturn Bomberman Fight!
Saturn Bomberman
Darkstalkers 1 & 3
Radiant Silvergun
Sonic R
Clockwork Knight
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rockman X4
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Burning Rangers
Dark Savior
Street Fighter Collection Disc 1
Diehard Arcade
Magic Knight Rayearth
Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Earthworm Jim 2
Resident Evil
Guardian Heroes
Alien Trilogy
Bugs Too!
Fighting Vipers
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness!
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
Primal Rage
Waku Waku 7
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Fighter Megamix

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Criminally underrated post.

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OP here, another question lads. I'm using IMGBURN for this, and it has an issues with CCD files, most games I download are in CUE/BIN format, some of the obscure japanese games such as random fishing games and shovelware are in CCD/IMG, and imgburn just doesnt want to use it, and nero and power iso burn them, but they don't work/dont boot

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Vanillaware games didn't get good until Muramasa.

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>what do I get?
You torrent everything ever ripped while you were waiting for the ebay sellers to ship.

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I actually bought it from a flee market video game store for 59.99

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Wait 2 years for the translation.

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Sakura Taisen

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that's barely a 'game'

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someone didn't read the OP
he said non-games are fine.

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Shit you're right, Sakura Taisen will fit right in. Still doubt OP will be able to read it.

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>he doesn't 日本語を読む

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Elevator Action Returns if you haven't played it

Best arcade game ever

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Croc lol

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public ccd/img rips are almost universally terrible
one thing I used to do was mount weird images in a disc mounter (you want one that actually handles cd audio tracks properly) and then copy them in your favorite burning program, which tended to produce shit that worked to some extent
if the mounted image boots in SSF (make sure you go to SSF's settings and turn compatibility to max, otherwise some games will crash, like Guardian Heroes), it should burn to disc fine, so try that before writing it to disc

gcdemu on Linux will mount all variety of weird images beautifully, which I've then been able to burn by copying from the emulated drive
wincdemu on Windows should work too, but I've never used it

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Fuck that shit I just take this stupid faggot smartphone and have use it's translator feature on the screen

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wincdemu straight up did not work for me (though it was mounting mds/mdf for the purpose of using imgburn to convert to bin/cue), but Alcohol Portable worked great. Not sure about ccd/img rips tho.