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This game is the true heir to Adventures of Lolo, and nobody knows about it despite it being far superior. It was released in Japan only for SNES and GBC, but there is a translation patch out there (and the only important text is in the main menu).

Basically it is sokoban plus Lolo-esque enemies and an incredibly creative game mechanic that leads to intricate tricks. You can blow bubbles of three different sizes (amazing right) . Each size takes a different amount of time to tick down and pop, and when a bubble pops it pushes adjacent bubbles/blocks one tile away. There are 3 difficulties, totaling 100 levels.

This game is obscure enough as is, but is also VERY VERY difficult once you get to the master levels, and to succeed you have to push the game mechanics to their limits. I have never played a puzzle game that made me so thoroughly master the mechanics of every tile, enemy, and bubble trick. For an example of a late-game level solution, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCgeuGB9Nzk

The levels in the two different versions are nearly identical, but there are a few important distinctions between them. The SNES version has the advantage that you can view the entire level on screen without scrolling, but the GBC version is superior imo thanks to actual saves instead of a password system, level selection screen, and HIDDEN 20 LEVELS.

Let me emphasize that: there are 20 extra hidden levels in the GBC version that I don't think ANYONE (other than the devs) knows about... I played through the GBC version a while back, and after completing the 3 story modes a 4th difficulty was unlocked in Free Play mode with 20 additional extra-hard levels that I have yet to complete. I can find no mention of these levels online. Not to mention the difficulty level was untranslated by the patch I used, indicating that the translator was also unaware of these levels.

Anyways, this thread can be about this hidden gem, or about action puzzlers in general.

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Here is some more info on the game: https://snescentral.com/article.php?id=0990

Apparently there was a prototype of the SNES version for Europe, but it was never released.

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My niece was playing that recently on her PS2 (she had a pirate SNES emulator disk.)

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This is exactly the sort of game I've been looking for to play on the go

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I do. Made a comparison to show how fugly the SNES version is. It's hilarious.

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Well, what do you expect from early 90's anime.

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>what do you expect from early 90's anime.
What does that even mean?

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he was baiting, but seriously fuck anime

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that was just bait dude, I don't actually hate anime.

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