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What Japanese games that were never brought over to the West does /vr/ recommend? I'm currently studying the language and feel comfortable enough to finally get around to playing some.

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None worth playing. They're all Visual Novel Harem shit.

Check out Community Pom

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Wonder Tracker/ Wonder Trek

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSlGv9aFk4o

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Can't recommend Mizzurna Falls enough, off the charts amazing game, the script has been translated but no one knows when it's gonna get inserted since the hacker is a hack who juggles multiple projects at once with zero communication.

If you want something solid to play and practice your Jp, look no further.

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All of them as our superior Japanese overlords cannot do wrong.

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I remember being intrigued by the Capcom Japan only RPG on Dreamcast called El Derado Gate. It was on SEVEN GD-Roms and was released over the course of a year with each disc being it's own chapter.

Each chapter was 1-2 hours or so of game play and story. So roughly 10-14 hours of game play total.

Moral of this story? There is a reason that vr games that didn't make it out of glorious Japan never made it out...They usually suck.

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You're basing this on one bad game you played? That's bold. Of course there's going to be a lot of bad games but I figure we're all interested in the actual good ones.

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This game's never getting translated, is it.

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there was a project once that seemed to be pretty promising and making regular progress and updates, but after a while it just went completely silent.

OP, play a few throwaway games to make sure your moon is good before you start getting into the stuff you actually want to play. Also, make sure to put Gunparade March on your list.

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I know. I was pretty excited about that project. Hence my despair.

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NES games. They're usually only kana and are very simple.
Look up the /djt/ thread on the /jp/ board. There are suggestions of games per study level.
Now get out.

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>They're usually only kana and are very simple.
That actually makes them harder imo

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>Moral of this story? There is a reason that vr games that didn't make it out of glorious Japan never made it out...They usually suck.
Agree, most of these games are merely a fair 7/10 experiences at best, hardly any amazing "hidden gems".

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Ni no Kuni (PS3) has furigana, and you can pause the cutscenes.

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Well, it's not like the vocabulary you're gonna learn from games is that big.

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Why does furigana matter, it hardly helps unless you can already understand spoken Japanese. It's also localized in English so what's the point?

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The simple kiddy vocab from Pokemon totally bodied me.

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>what's the point
To practice japanese, isn't it?

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Give it up like I did, you'll never learn Japanese.

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When you said "I'm currently studying the language", I thought you already knew some basic stuff. The vocabulary in games is so limited that sometimes you can infer a complete sentence just from the first kanji, because those phrases are repeated across various works.

Like "doushite koko ni" or "zen zen shiranai".

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>How does a useful guide for reading / recognizing Kanji help?

What, did you learn how to form complete sentences with the majority of words in the English language before learning the alphabet?

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Kanji reading is bonkers, I'd much rather memorize them visually. If you don't already know the readings, furigana won't help you at all.

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>you can infer a complete sentence just from the first kanji,
No kanji at all in pokemon.

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I meant in general, not just Pokémon.

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It's even worse when Famicom games use Kanji, it all looks like squishy dots, you can't make out the radicals at all by looking at it.

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>I'd much rather memorize them visually. If you don't already know the readings, furigana won't help you at all.
You've lost me completely.

Furigana is made exactly so that people can read and eventually memorize Kanji or even recognize some of the bullshit hard ones.

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Whatever nerd, Japanese is a primitive backwards language and weebs should be chemically castrated.

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Furigana doesn't help unless you're learning kanji along with words, I learned kanji in isolation first and skipped the readings. So yeah I'm retarded.

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you what

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I can tell what the symbols for 破壊力 mean: destructive power. Knowing it reads as Hakai-ryoku doesn't help me at all. Furigana is useless.

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I said I rape afeminated tiny weebs for breakfast.
I said I did the Heisig's RTK - remember the kanji first instead of learning vocab, you fucking retard.

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Either way works I suppose, I've just never really heard of too many people doing otherwise.

>What is context
It's Dragon Ball. What else could they possibly be talking about here?

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You also said you were retarded, don't forget.

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How does Hakai-ryoku help in context? It just sounds as gibberish

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I'm a retarded homosexual pedophile scum of the earth weeb for learning Japanese in the first place. Only losers care about Japan.

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Read the manga nigga. I shouldn't have to explain shounen nipspeak to someone who claims they know shit about Japanese.

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I never claimed that, I fucking hate Japanese. Even in context furigana is gibberish unless you already have a decent grasp of the spoken language.

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Ain't you a bit too old to be reading children's comics if you weirdo faggot?

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do you have aspergers?

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Start with Emit on some platform you're interested in. It allows you to switch between English and Japanese independently for text and audio and easily go back and forth so it's great for early learners.

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Moral of this story? Don't base your opinions on one shitty obscure game.

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Ain't the CD player addon that came with this thing on the Snes version unemulated?

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Byuu said he was working on it but it will probably take years. It's still on PS1, SS, 3DO, PC98 and others.

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what are some snes/psx untranslated games with cute girls? anything is fine

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Dragon Knight 4
Doukyuusei 2

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Open vndb, filter by platform -> playstation

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Love & Destroy
Langrisser 5

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>Love & Destroy
Oh that is a very cool game, thank you for reminding me.

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Segagaga please

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So next year I'm moving to Japan. (Study stay, all in Japanese.)

Just saying. I'll probably get PS4 Pro and one retro console. Saturn or something. Never had any consoles until now, actually.

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your screenshot is perfectly legible so it's a bad example, but I know what you mean. It's real bad on the GB/GBC. If you already know the kanji you can recognize it with little to no trouble just by the shape and context, but if you run into one you don't know it's very difficult look it up since it's missing most of the strokes.

Here's a transcription of the text in the screenshot in case you can't figure out some of the highly mangled characters.

特殊能力 ダメージスワップ

カードが「ねむり マヒ こんらん」

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4chan fucked up my file upload, here's the screenshot

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The main problem I see is the Dakuten/Handakuten being a separate character for whatever reason.
And the 工 could be larger to distinguish it from a エ

It's a bit squished together but still readable.

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>still readable
Not to a second language learner.

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You think I'm a native?
It's all rather common kanji and words. With a bit more experience on your back it shouldn't be an issue.

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How many years have you been studying?

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isn't it the same kind of garbage as Undertale? Good it isn't transated, then.

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It hasn't been found out by hipsters yet that means it's still cool. It's good to go.

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2.6 years.

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Passed any JLPT?

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Didn't try yet.

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7 years studying here. This is absolutely perfectly readable.

I don't understand why you'd think so.

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That's where you hit the dictionary/Google Translate, you challenged cactus, so you punch it in and see what it means. Good luck trying to type in that bullshit without knowing how it reads first

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Fair enough, I guess there's no point to it unless you need it for some application or something.

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>That's where you hit the dictionary/Google Translate, you challenged cactus, so you punch it in and see what it means.
But that's too slow it completely kills flow and puts you off from playing when you have to stop and check every other word. Besides I can't stand VNs and I'm not as interested in generic JRPGs anymore so there's very little incentive to practice in the first place.

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I'm the guy who posted the screenshot, like I said it's perfectly readable IF you're familiar with the characters already. Like >>4113309 said, they're all common kanji and vocab so recognizing them isn't a problem if you already know how to read those words and characters, but if you're using it as a learning aid I have no idea how you're supposed to reverse engineer some of those squished blobs. Many of the strokes and entire radicals get eliminated or mangled. Look at 状態

It's actually an interesting phenomenon, I think it's a related mental process to how English speakers can read English words even if the order of the characters is randomized, as long as the first and last characters are correct and the number of characters stays the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typoglycemia

Imagine you were trying to learn English and weren't familiar with the words already. Trying to figure out what the words in the scrambled passage were would be a nightmare, but a native speaker can read it almost as fast as the regular passage.

you should be able to read the screenshot I posted with just a couple months of study. I played through the whole game at around 3 months of study without any trouble. Of course I was consulting dictionaries and references along the way for unfamiliar vocab or grammar, but if you feel totally lost looking at it and have been studying for a length of time there's a deficiency in your studies somewhere. It's intended for a small child to be able to read and understand after all.

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Not a chance, I could read your typed text just fine though. You fags underestimate native speakers too much, even if they are only children.

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Also notice how annoying is this.
>why don't you learn Jap, anon? It only takes a couple years of study!
>what you still can't read this simple children's game with all your studying? YOU MUST BE STUPID!

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The main problem is that the borders blend together.
Your best bet is not to go by radical decomposition but context. You see ねむり・マヒ・こんらん and take a wild guess that it's talking about conditions. Then you look up the translations for condition and realize that the 状 character seems correct and use that to narrow down the search even further.

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Crying of the inept.

The reading vs. time studied thing is a matter of how much dictionary assistance you want to rely on.

Personally I want to read for enjoyment, so if something is clearly above what I can read enjoyably (= with minimal lookups), I wait before reading it.

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Dude I want to fucking destroy your weeb pedophile face.

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Seek mental help.

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You can't go by context if you don't already grasp the language. So you're back to square one.

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Go learn a useless language to masturbate to little children.

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Tell me about your failure. What defeated you? Grammar? Vocabulary? The usual - kanji?

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Funnily enough I have no problem with that, unless it's in mangled resolution or in a weird font.

>> No.4113408

But you can read Hiragana and Katakana. The words I mentioned are perfectly legible and unique.
There's no confusion about what こんらん means.

>> No.4113409


Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I was just trying to give an indication about the level of the passage because that one guy implied it was impossible for non-native speakers to read when it's really not. I wasn't insinuating anyone was stupid, just that it doesn't take long to get to a level to understand the text in that screenshot, and if someone has been studying for months but still has trouble they're not studying as effectively as they could be. There's a weakness somewhere that should be rectified, in kanji study, or grammar, or whatever.

I meant it to be encouraging more than anything I guess I just put it the wrong way.

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Vocab is the worst, grammar is confusing but it's only bad for expressions that group bunch of unrelated words which after all are just vocab too. I mean most of the grammar nuance in DoJG is really complex but it's not entirely necessary to understand a simple rpg plot by context.

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Read more porn games, they help with vocab.

>> No.4113416

I'm gonna completely forget what こんらん means a few minutes from now because that word is gibberish to me and I can't be arsed to add to my Anki deck .

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混乱 (konran) - chaos as in "disorderliness", "confusion".

混沌 (konton) - chaos as in "the primordial chaos from which the world arose".

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You can practically automatize the process to add things to Anki from Rikaisama.
Other tools like Kanjitomo also make things easy.

>> No.4113439

Rikaisama is not supported by Firefox anymore, I'd rather stick with Rikaichan than switch to a Google botnet browser.
My anki is already bloated as it is, I already have 10k words to review I don't want anymore.

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Works for me in FF5.4.0.1.
What's keeping you from deleting words you don't want? How do you not know 混乱 in the first place?

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I don't practice enough because I can't stand VNs and I rarely find a Japanese game worth playing.

>> No.4113472

It's actually card number 2287 in Core6k so yes I should have known that.

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>doing Anki

>> No.4113479

>doing duolingo

>> No.4113480

I'm not doing any such thing.

>> No.4113481

>doing rosetta stone

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File: 2.19 MB, 2968x1725, 1484919084840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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None means none. I read porn games and remember.

>> No.4113492

Seems hard to believe. Even discounting adventures you still have over thousand retro games to choose from. Not to mention media beyond retro games.

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Addie no Okurimono: awesome puzzle solving game where you play as a little girl.

>> No.4113507

Looks nice.
Lol at how simple the kanji font looks compared to the kana.

>> No.4113508

Porn games have horrid writing.
Most of them are generic harem VNs

>> No.4113510

It's better that way, bubbly kanji only makes things harder.

>> No.4113513

That's the thing, if you're playing an rpg or action game reading is such a slog it's only a matter of time until you say fuck it and go follow a guide or walkthrough video.

>> No.4113515

Learn to read.

>> No.4113518

You weebs lied to me, you said I would be fluent in 4 years.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1601x750, 4umTOAX.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The joy of cumming inside.

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You better enjoy your shitty porn and retro games because the only thing Japan will be doing in the future are subpar モバゲ and パチンコ titles. Fuck you.

>> No.4113530

Yeah, if Gemini keeps up the current pace, we'll be able to play the game somewhere around 2020.

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Usually kanji with the same shape have the same sound. Once you get over the initial barrier its not so bad.

>> No.4113541

>Usually kanji with the same shape have the same sound
Yeah I believe that's what they call radicals. Reading is still completely random and breaks its own rules all the time.

>> No.4113542

awareness of the rikusho sure helps
can't guarantee it is helpful in the early stages though

>> No.4113543

Very salty.

>> No.4113551

There are enough untranslated retro games for a lifetime so I'll be okay

>> No.4113556

Your asshole will be salty once I'm finished cumming all over it, weeb.

>> No.4113559

Name 10 of them that's not a shitty vn or generic jrpg.

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>> No.4113571

I'm not surprised, every single time these supposedly hidden gems that stayed in Japan end up being average to ok experiences at best, hardly worth learning an entire new language just for them.

>> No.4113590

I feel like you need to be relatively young to enjoy jrpg stories. Learning Japanese takes so fucking long that the sad truth is by the time you're finally decent at the language you'll have grown out of your anime and weeb hobbies. At least that's what happened to me.

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Luckily not all nip games are juvenile jrpgs or intended for a young audience.

>> No.4113708

>Segagaga isn't translated
Wow, so much for one of the most "fanatical" fanbases around.

>> No.4113712

Your personal experience really isn't a ruler for how these things go.

>> No.4113843

Did anybody check out some of the titles from the bikini armor thread?
A lot of them looked fun but I didn't have the time to play any.

>> No.4113874

Keep telling yourself that, EOP.

>> No.4113917

Not every jrpg is angsty teen melodrama. Look into the genre more, it's much more then that.

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>you'll have grown out of your anime and weeb hobbies

>> No.4114414

Why do these threads always devolve into DJT-lite?

>> No.4114965

Depends on which part of DJT you mean. Talk about learning from games or general tips should be fine.
This isn't even a derailed "games you want to see translated" thread.

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>Langrisser 5
A sequel of Langrisser 4, so go play 4 first if you plan to play it.

Since you mention Langrisser, Why not try the original Growlanser? PSX or PSP, take your pick, neither is translated, which is quite sad for me, as the next Growlanser games until 5 was translated, and 6 was not. Whats worst is that 6 is the sequel of 5.

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I'm getting decent. I hope to eventually translate some shitty PC98 smut. I figured out how to edit the text into English on X-Girl and translated a few screens. At my current rate I'd say it'll take about eight years.

>> No.4115168

>At my current rate I'd say it'll take about eight years.

>> No.4115169

I've been thinking about learning Japanese for a while but I'm a bit scared off since the language is so different grammar-wise?
I already know hiragana and katakana from my weeb days and I have a small vocabulary of stuff I recognize but not enough to play games.

Is it really worth learning the language to read/play untranslated stuff? It seems like a lot of work and I'm not sure I can keep up since I'm not very good at languages in general.

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I always wanted to play one of the Angelique games

>> No.4115336

If you also like anime, manga, Japanese literature and movies, Japanese culture in general? Yes.
Otherwise, probably not.

>> No.4115347

Kanji really breaks my balls.
I don't know why I have so much trouble learning Japanese. I've tried several learning methods but none has clicked with me so far.

>> No.4115359

Same, I just can't remember Kanji for some reason. The only thing I recognize is the two kanji for Nippon and that's all

>> No.4115375

Just play Chulips.

>> No.4115814

I learned japanese and i'm still learning, it has been 3 years and I've been enjoying every second of it, fat fuck

>> No.4115925

Don't worry about grammar. Unless you go into legal texts or high brow literature you'll be fine.
It's worth it even for things that are supposedly translated.

>> No.4116226

When did you guys try playing untranslated games? I keep trying to but because I can't use a text hooker I give up because I usually need to look up at least one word a sentence if context doesn't help

>> No.4116254

After I finished the Core6000.
The first steps were slow but then I learned about Kanjitomo and it helped a lot.

>> No.4116259

>Is it really worth learning the language to read/play untranslated stuff?
Not really unless you can stomach porn VNs.

>> No.4116536

>bitter fag screaming about how everything that isn't translated is shitty or a porn game

Dekinai-kun, it's gonna be ok. You'll get to play them in the next 20 years or so when the patches are finally completed.

>> No.4116847

Furigana helps you quickly look up kanji that you've never seen before. If you see an unknown kanji without furigana, then it's a pain to try and look up.

>> No.4116863

Why don't these faggots use furigana for proper names is beyond me. Japanese is an ass backwards primitive language.

>> No.4116867

>You'll get to play them
I can't stomach VNs, bro. I tried pirating some of the shit on Steam and I couldn't stomach them at a fast reading level, I don't even wanna imagine having to slog through with my elementary level japanese. At least RPGs break the reading with some battles and grinding.

>> No.4116883
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>> No.4117441

They typically do. At least when somebody is introduced for the first time.

>> No.4117539

>helps you
>without furigana, then it's a pain to try and look up
You're projecting pretty hard there my young weeblet

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