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Who is best girl?

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Lucca. I wish there was more hentai of her or at least a dakimakura.

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Yikes, this art is terrible. Bubblefaces with no resemblance to model.

That said it's obviously Ayla.

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Ayla but you have to be highly intelligent to understand, so not many agree.

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One fucks like a tiger

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probably Marle. Love you unconditionally, is loaded with cash, and a virgin.

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No... Not Lucca...

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I used to not like Ayla at all but after playing the game recently in Japanese my estimation of her changed dramatically. I think the "cavewoman" accent she had in the English version of the game totally ruined her for me.

That being said Flea is the best girl.

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traps are gay

just sayin

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One is very cute girl-next-door childhood friend.

Next we have the rich and loyally loving one.

Then there's the buxom sexpot.

How can you choose just one?

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I'd plant my seed in her fertile soil if you know what I mean.

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> Who is best girl?
Pic related

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My nigga.

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best theme


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That CG set was actually the first thing to come to my mind when I saw this topic.

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Any answer other than Ayla indicates you should see a doctor for low testosterone

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you must of loved sgdq this year

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Use saucenao you troglodyte

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You mean the trannies? Nah, it's just not the same in real life.

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If you answered:

>Lucca: underage nerd
>Marle: kissless virgin with "muh purity" fantasy
>Ayla: high test alpha, probably appreciates 80s porn and tasteful bush

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I was mostly into Marle. Being twelve at the time I was probably a kissless virgin with muh purity fantasy.

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snek pussy is the best

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Lucca, she's smart and I could persuade her to embrace her feminine side more.

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There's more to life than sex you normalscum.

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you know it

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I want to suck Flea's dick.

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That's easy, Ayla is strong and caring.
Despite being an alpha female she loves Kino Lol, kino and reserves herself for him.
Perfect wife with a funky 80's hairstyle, that's a /vr/core if anything else

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it's called a feminine penis, anon, SHEESH

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I'm a sucker for a cute girl in glasses

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>There's more to life than sex you normalscum.

That would make Marle the best. You get to be a king or at the very least get royal treatment for the rest of your life, if you marry her.

And given all the adventures they went through with Lucca and Ayla? I wouldn't be surprised if she'd be up for a threesome.

Robot girls are unfair to use here.

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Only correct anwer

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What did Schala even do in the game? I remember her being an NPC in Zeal, then getting killed shortly after appearing.

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>Marle being pure

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Notable for being Magus' older sister and being necessary to power the Mammon Machine. She comes and saves you from prison in Zeal at one point. The Pendant is also hers (or she has one just like it).

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take a look at THIS

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oh shit my nigga

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so that's how time travel is formed

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I want to impregnate Lucca so she doesn't have to raise random space babies!

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that npc that looks like Android 18 or the Cavegirl dancer npcs.

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Well the bitch on the left is annoying needy bitch plus she invented a time machine which ruined the plot of the game by including time travel which is never not retarded story wise.
Middle is a stupid rich bitch who plays into retarded plot.
Right is a booze handling party animal ferocious leader who fucks shit up by being physically beast and isn't retarded like her splergelord of a genetic spawn in the middle, how is this even a question?

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The one from the sequel

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>cavegirl NPCs
Absolutely patrician, anon. Now the real question is, Ioka....

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Or Laruba?
Ioka best tribe Laruba a shit

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>never not retarded story wise.

you need to go back in time and fix your post

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Death by snu-snu

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Lucca obviously.
Short bobcut and glasses are the winner combo.

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loka a best

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Luruba woman look alive, but dead on inside

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Only interested in SilverRock

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I ship all the party girls with someone else which leaves Schala as my waifu
Also best theme ofc

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Don't be silly anon, Arche isn't in Chrono Trigger

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like a tiger

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Honestly, this is really a case where all three are pretty god tier honestly.
>lucca- cute nerdy girl and best friend since childhood
>marle- naive but loyal tomboy princess
>ayla- giant amazon woman you are literally gay if you don't like muscles on a girl
Seriously, they did pretty good with all three.

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Lucca without a doubt.

Ayla is a very close second after you read the material she was inspired by.

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>read the material she was inspired by
Do share.

They definitely knew what they they doing making her.

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Clan of the Cave Bear.

Ayla is a human raised by Neanderthals and ends up with magic powers. In all other respects it's a remarkable attempt at describing what life was like at the dawn of civilization. The rest of the series after the first book is largely panned because the author felt the need to describe with some detail every time the characters had sex.

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Fuck Ayla, Marry Lucca any day

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Step aside

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It's been a number of years, but I don't recall her having magical powers. If anyone did, it was the Neanderthals, who had a racial memory/hivemind that was passed on to each generation. Ayla was just otherwise uncannily talented and damned good at herbal medicine, iirc.

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>must of

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She became a meme.

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