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why doesnt yu suzuki get the same amount of recognition and praise that miyamoto gets?

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Suzuki's games are basically designed as thrill rides (and he's explicitly said that this was a design goal). As such, they don't fare as well outside of arcades and people ended up playing inferior ports of them.
Shenmue is the exception, but it's a relatively niche game.

In contrast, Miyamoto's games are meant for the home market.
As such, they did well there and it's a lot easier to remember something you had more consistent access to than an arcade cab.
didn't help that when Sega's home systems could recreate the visuals his games demanded at home (Saturn, Dreamcast), Sega was busy fucking up completely in the home market

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arcade ports are just a waste of time in general. nobody wants to play something that was designed to be turf you off the cabinet as quickly as possible by being completely cheap, tacky and frustrating. being able to push start and get more credits only adds so much extra.

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because hes black

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>some of the best-selling games of the retro era were a waste of time

10/10 post

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most people that played his games and loved them have no clue he made them or had some part in it. you have link them his wiki page 1st. then they go "oooh, i loved that game, and that game and that game....."

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Because he got his career axed by Sega.

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Because on is like Microsoft and one is like Apple

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Because segafags let the games speak for themselves unlike nintoddlers who idolise the developers.

See rarewareposting for further evidence of this.

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Sega fans see a man who made some games they liked

Nintendo fans see their own personal Jesus

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Miyamoto is more of a public figure. More people know him therefore he gets wider praise.

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Fucking this, and even Sega fans are fucking cynical about Shenmue

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Pretty much this. Sega fans also had Yuji Naka, by the way.

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only nerds know who those people are and daytona is still popular in locations to this day

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How do you measure how each of them receive X amount of recognition and prise? And ultimately, who cares? Both are legends, regardless of if one receives 1000 praise shekels and the other one 900.
Is there a bigger quality picture of OP's pic?

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Suzuki arcades all have a reasonable learning curve. That was his whole philosophy as an arcade designer, to make a piss easy first stage so even retards could enjoy it and people didn't feel they wasted a quarter, then escalate from there.

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>Sega fans also had Yuji Naka, by the way.

Yuji Naka was a egotistical moron who contributed nothing to games, though. The games he coded are all buggy as fuck, and he didn't contribute anything else that would matter for them - and then he goes on about how he is the father of Sonic, and nicknamed himself as YU 2 (as in, the 2nd yu Suzuki).

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>nicknamed himself as YU 2 (as in, the 2nd yu Suzuki)

Maybe he's just a big fan of Bono?

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>yfw all those Iwata tributes full of grown men crying for somebody who they didn't know.
>Many of them apparently think Iwata and every big name in Nintendo are like kids in adult bodies or something
What is the appeal of creating a cult based in a group of men doing their work?

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Stan Lee is a public figure that doesn't mean people go around treating him like Christ

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He did at least by Sega. He got to make a game that was the most expensive game of all time at that point in time.

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You clearly haven't been in contact with some autistic Marvel fans.

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lol look at any comic book convention.

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Stan Lee is the epitome of public consciousness attributing successful products to a single individual, who has admitted to playing some rather minor roles.

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I concur, these nintoddlers are obsessed with him for some reason.

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>who has admitted to playing some rather minor roles.

Eh, I don't know about that.

What was the alternate title Neil Gaiman suggested for Stan Lee's autobiography? "How I Created Everything All By Myself and Why I Am Great"? Something like that.
Or maybe it was Alan Moore.

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Arcade games had much faster hardware adapted to one specific game in most cases. They had better graphics and sound, and only in some instances were designed to rape your wallet. Arcade ports never worked like that at all, you need to stop playing mame.

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>only nerds know

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>and only in some instances were designed to rape your wallet.
Mostly US versions. Never play the US versions of arcade games, play the World or JP roms.

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because sega truely appeals only to hc gamers, where as nintendo appeals to kids and average idiots. Nintendo gets the fame and sega gets the true glory.

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Not even nerds give a shit about yu suzuki.

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