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Search your hearts, you know this to be true.

Along with Doom, Goldeneye, and Turok, these are the defining FPS of the 1990s.

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You forgot Quake. And the huge multiplayer/mod community that spawned. The best Team Fortress is still Quake TF. MegaTF was awesome too.

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Nah, the level design isn't up to par. It's still a great game.

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Perfect Dark > Golden Eye

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Blood was better than all of those.

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No way. Duke hasa way more charismatic main character (not even a contest in that area), better weapons, more interesting enemies, less labyrinthine levels (the early Zaibatsu crate area in SW, jesus).

It goes Blood > Duke > SW (with Blood and Duke very very close).

Don't get me wrong, SW is a great game, it's just that the other top-tier build-games are better.

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>better weapons

The weapons are the worst part of DN3D

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Wasn't Shadow Warrior a ninja game on the Nes?

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This is one of the most plebeian opinions there is and is always an instant giveaway that the poster is a retard.

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Better level design, more interesting setting, better weapons, no bullet sponge enemies. I've always preferred this one over douk.


Aside from saying 1 of 5 lines every now and then, Duke isn't all that present as a character in the game. If anything Duke Nukem Forever had way more Duke as a personality than 3D ever had.

Most weapons feel weak because most enemies are bullet sponges even on low difficulties. You'll be running around with the shotgun most of the time. Octobrains are not interesting, they're just a pain in the ass and bring the level flow to a grinding halt.

I got stuck way more often in Duke because of underwater puzzles, barely recognizable switches and shrink ray puzzles than in SW.

Douk has mostly "Duke Nukem is fucking awesome" going for it, when comparing it to SW or Blood. And 3D doesn't feature Duke as a shittalking, action protagonist parody as much as people make it out to be.

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octobrains die in 1 devastator shot; blowing them up is something that will ultimately happen anyway to prevent them from respawning

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taking out a group of octos with devastator never gets old m8

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If you have a devestator and if you have ammo. Otherwise you're stuck tossing pipe bombs and rockets at them, which takes long, and really isn't fun. Especially since a lot of levels like to put them in claustrophobic spaces.

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>duck to dodge everything the game
bosses cant kill you if you stay permanantly crouched 10/10 game design

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Objectively wrong.

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You sure are

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>running out of devastator ammo
you don't sound like you manage your ammo very well m8. RPG doesn't take long the fuck is wrong with you?

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>>duck to dodge everything the game
not really. it's not that easy to do against cultists. crouching helps but you still can and do get shot while crouching. to purposefully crouch dodge consistently requires a more nuanced understanding that depends on cultist positioning and yours. I don't even see people using this technique (and I got shit about those webms until I had to spell it out for people).

homework assignment: load up episode 5 (post mortem) right now on well done difficulty and go crouch strafe around inside the e5m1 shopping area and see how well you do against the cultists. make a webm of it, let's see how invincible it makes you.

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*and btw it's even easier to dodge standard hitscanners in duke than it is in blood

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Not an argument.

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haha I totally I know that too, I love blood myself but I am just sick of people over rating it on this board like a million times better than duke or shadow warrior when it all boils down to personal preference. I love all 3 and don't have a definite favorite between the 3.

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don't show that to the doom babbies they think dodging a hit scanner is impossible. Doom is better because duke has too many hit scanners even though most of the basic cannon fodder enemies are not hit scanners, and they are in doom lol

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>bringing up you stupid le doom baby drama from nowhere
Why don't you go back to your general nigger?

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you're fucking stupid why would I be in the general if I was making fun of them. one of them stated in the last thread that its impossible to dodge hitscanners I cant let them live that down

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Among the bosses that only happens with Cheoghs. It does also happen with Cerberus but only because of the way his boss fight is set up (you're really close to him). Like I've encountered Cerberus in Blood addons like Death Wish and you can't just crouch to make their blasts useless from far away; at least I remember him blowing me the fuck away when I tried crouching in that fan made Bioshock Blood expansion. Unfortunately however it is definitely a bad oversight and it also applies to standard gargoyles and ghosts. The guy making BloodGDX should fix it (and he can apparently).

However it's not like these enemies don't affect combat dynamics when used in combination with the other enemies so all is not lost. And it's not like a gargoyle will never scratch a huge chunk out of your health every now and then when you're caught with your pants down. Even with this shit Blood is still my favourite single player FPS if you don't include community made addons. It's mostly about Caleb vs Cultists with some other faggots getting in the way and the mechanics and gun satisfaction are ludicrously satisfying. The weapon balance, ammo management, setting, atmosphere, sound design, art style, Caleb himself... I love the fucking game.

I agree. I don't think Blood is "objectively" better than Duke or SW, or that a best exists among the three. I think they're actually "objectively" equal; what you like more simply boils down to preference. Personally Blood is my favourite of the three simply because I enjoy blasting the fuck out of it the most, but it's of course fine if someone prefers another one. That should be obvious. Don't know why we gotta argue about this shit all the time. Discussion is apparently impossible on 4chan video game boards unless another game is being shit on.

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it doesn't even matter if a doom babby sees these webms and knows these enemies are dodgeable. he won't be able to do it consistently because he simply doesn't have the reactions for it. if a doom babby can't react in time for doom hitscanners, which have far slower reaction times than duke's enemies, he will never be able to strafe out of danger when an enforcer sees him even if enforcers are dodgeable. he just can't react fast enough. for any decent duke player however that shit is trivial and standard.

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Blood used to be my favorite as an edgy kid but playing them as an adult I realize Duke is the best one, probably because it sticks to the fundamentals and doesn't have any glaring flaws. Blood comes close and Shadow Warrior... well it's okay.
Also, why does every build engine game have scripted explosions that go off for 10 seconds straight and have a massive damage radius that pretty much instakills you. That shit is so unbelievably annoying.

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yep and when they try and say doom is better they give bullshit reasons like "duke has too many hitscanners herp derp" instead of just admitting they like it because of the lower skill ceiling than a build engine game

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Im not going to lie, I love those explosions. The one in the vent in the first level of episode 4 on duke 3d is great you turn around and escape once it starts going off. I was playing coop with my friend the other day and he got his ass blown up and I had a good laugh

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the only scripted explosion I can think of that unfairly causes you damage (and only a little bit at that) in the BUILD trilogy is that one before the end of E1M1 in Duke 3D. other scripted explosions are either far away or you have significant time to get away from them as they creep closer to you.

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eh, 2bh I think Doom's skill ceiling is higher (particularly doom 2/final doom). this is only because of nightmare difficulty. that is definitely harder than build games on their top difficulties. however doom babbies can't play the games on that level. UV and below is absolute piss in both Doom and Doom II, but I've seen doom babs even complain about Doom on UV that's how shite they are. many of them play on HMP.

while build games have lower skill ceiling in single player, I think doom has a much lower skill floor than build trilogy and that's why they're able to play it. an average doom babby that plays doom on UV or HMP can't handle the build trilogy on medium to higher difficulties.

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I always thought damn im good was way toughter than nightmare

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Is there a reason why Powerslave on PC is completely different than the console versions? Is it because of the engine differences between Build and Slavedriver?

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