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PSX graphics look like THIS???

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by the end of the PSX lifetime squaresoft had figured that thing out backwards and forwards and were overall graphics wizards. FF8 and FF9 are gorgeous too.

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I think it was around 1999 or so where some kind of developmental tool was made to help them optimized and budget better, and everything from Square to literal nobodies started making some crazy looking shit towards the end of the PS1 life span.


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The graphic leap from Tobal No. 1 to Tobal 2 was amazing too.

Tobal 2 looks magnificent, even today.

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Goddamit new /vr/

It is an emulator with texture filtering and scaling. It is FAR from that.

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Search for perspective correction.


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It looks more like this.

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Isn't Tobal 1 graphically bad because they went for smooth 60 fps at all costs, and dropped that requirement on the second game, allowing prettier graphics?

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This a ps1 gif thread?

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I think Tobal 2 is 60 FPS too. It's very smooth as far as I remember.

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And this.

It's like how those Nintendo DS games look amazing upscaled, but it's not how it looks on real hardware.
The drawback of these is that the backgrounds and the 2D bitmaps still look bad at such high resolutions, best way to play old games will always be on SD displays.

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emu-fag = pic

even RGB doesn't look like that. That's some PC shit there.

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That doesn't make textures more detailed retard. It looks good in HD because they used texture resolutions that are way higher than what the game actually needed and what you could actually see on real hardware. Yes OP's picture uses processed textures, but if you turned that shit off it would look even better unless you're a pleb that hates pixels.

>The drawback of these is that the backgrounds and the 2D bitmaps still look bad at such high resolutions, best way to play old games will always be on SD displays.

So because not all the elements look equally good in HD, the best way to play is for it to all equally look like shit? Nah senpai.

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Yeah, it does when you're playing it on a emulator running at 1080p with texture perspective correction.

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This particular battle runs at about 2 FPS on the real console

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on one hand, texture mapping in screen coordinates without the perspective divide is a total cop out, but on the other hand the console could push a lot of polygons and it ended up being a good compromise. I would never had been convinced it would have worked, and I would have been very wrong.

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This is emulation man... with perspective correction and everything, PSX doesn look even close to that. Look at this:


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That shot of Gran Turismo is corrected

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The thing is also that emulators run all games in 32-bit color. Gran Turismo on a real PS1 runs in like 8-bit color mode so it has heavy dithering up the ass.

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True, that was just an example of bad it looks.

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This looks prettier, honestly

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dafuq, 8bit color would be 256 colors, I doubt it would ever go that low

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It's definitely more dithered than your typical 16 bit color 5th gen game.

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>all equally look like shit?
I don't think you know how SD resolutions work.

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Like this?

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I'm still amazed how square achieved this on the ageing psx. Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story teams had some top programmers and artist on them.

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which tool are you talking about?

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I also remember hearing something like this, I think it was developed for GT2 specifically but cant remember for sure.

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They've just got really good art style. Technically speaking they are nothing special.

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Wow that actually looks like a pretty sweet PSX game. Thanks anon, never seen this one before.

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I think he means the Performance Analyzer. It was a tool that could measure how much of each component (cpu, gte, gpu) did you tax, so you knew where needed to optimize.

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Which game is this?

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>He's never played Chrono Cross
poor soul

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Even back than there were (very) few games, that let you select if you wanted to play 30 or 60 FPS. Of course at the cost of effects, like for example Toukon Retsuden 3 (the early WWE Smackdown games were based on that engine): Only two characters on screen at once but the game was smoother. So in 60 FPS mode the referee was gone.

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Cross sucks though, Trigger is where it's at, and always will be. Yea it looks nice, whoop-dee-doo.

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>Performance Analyzer
I thought that was for the PS2, so the PS1 had one as well?

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Okay so how did >>4098480 get it to look so clear? Mods or just great filters? Hook me up.

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No mods.

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>because trigger is better cross has to suck dicks

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I thought it was cool what Parasite Eve II could do to make the pre-rendered backgrounds "move."

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>trigger does things very well across the board
>sequel changes EVERYTHING and throttles your progress while doing it
People dislike it for a reason. The game was too experimental for a sequel to a franchise that was helmed by titans of the industry.

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Isn't that a cutscene ?

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That's in-game models over an FMV. They did it in FFVIII as well.

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Yeah but they moved the camera dynamically and added lighting effects. It was a step forward.

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>triggerfags shitting things up as always

Anyone so much as mentions Cross for any reason and they appear. Chrono Trigger is not a sacred cow. Cross did not ruin Trigger. The two games are not in competition with each other.

I mean, I know being a whining snob isn't much fun without an audience, but this thread's not even actually about Chrono Cross.

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Trigger is my most rented SNES game - but you people make me ashamed of ever liking it. Trigger told a light story that appealed to me as a kid, Cross told a great story for me when I was a teenager.

Maybe grow up like I did?

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Since this is basically a chron thread now I'll contribute.

The game is lost potential in my opinion. The plot is conplecated but convoluted and the resolution is dissapointing. The large number of party members is meaningless when only about six or seven of them have relevance after getting them and being useful in battle. Soundtrack and graphics are beautiful though, the soundtrack is the best ever made for a videogame.

It's a interesting game, but not a very good one.

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the story in cross makes zero fucking sense whatsoever. give it a replay sometime, it's fucking bonkers. the characters are fucking boring and the plot has no flow whatsoever. it's pure anime garbage. it's a fucking gorgeous game with amazing music though

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No the game without any plot flow is the game where characters literally have access to a time machine but still end up doing stupid shit.

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To be fair, neither of you actuall m responded to>>4101675's criticism. Both are good but Trigger is better, at least iny my opinion.

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That's not really a criticism - what's wrong with being experimental? It kept what worked about the original, but excised being fan wank shit both in mechanics and plot/story/characters

The type of people that want a 1:1 direct sequel to Chrono Trigger are the kind of people that like garbage like Advent Children

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I don't think people wanted a 1:1 chrono trigger where the cast is level 1 and fights a new cosmic evil. I think people were pissed as CC is one of those sequels that kind of diminishes what had happened before.

Let's look at what happens to the cast of CT according to CC
Crono/Marle- Porre invades and takes over Guardia. At best they survive and live as outcasts who hide thier identities or at worst died in the invasion
Lucca- Kidnapped by Lynx. Probably tortured and eventually killed as indicated by her ghost on the beach.
Robo- Deleted by FATE, dead
Magus- Loses memory and becomes Guile
Frog- Nothing bad happens to him, or at least nothing indicated, but the Masamune becomes corrupt
Ayla- Nothing, perfectly fine because comedy relief I guess

CT was a game that a lot of people loved. People cared about the cast and what happened to them. I'm not saying writing is phenomenal, that is a opinion, but people did care. With CC it diminishes the events of CT while now having a confusing plot with a pretty rushed and unsatisfying conclusion. Seeing a Japanese woman in a blond wig walk around Tokyo was a pretty weird ending the game, and what we can assume, the series.

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It makes sense. Watch a youtube video if you didn't understand it when you played

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>It makes sense
I can only imagine the extent of mental gymnastics required in order to make sense of CC's story.

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>Robo- Deleted by FATE, dead

This was even said to happen at the end of CT

Tbqh, I liked that. It made them more human. Most of our heroes and villains of the past die with their boots off. When I first played CC, I was a CT fan chasing after ghosts of the past aka the game I had spent so many hours playing on my SNES. I wanted to find those connections - to justify CC being the sequel to CT.

But time goes on, heroes fade like sand in an hour glass. Or on a beaches tides.

>Seeing a Japanese woman in a blond wig walk around Tokyo was a pretty weird ending

Loved it - gave me weird feels. Like the game had transcended past itself and could be part of our reality.

>Watch a youtube video if you didn't understand it when you played

I'd say his generation should stick to watching Let's Plays in general and leave the games to gamers.

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All I'm saying is for alot of people this feels like a total asspull. To hear Crono and Marle, who defeated fucking Lavos, probably died from a nameless mook of Dalton is pretty surreal and feels out of nowhere.

More then anything it just bummed people out. As I said, of course people were goimg to have a bias for the game they already played and loved. I think with a better budget and schedule the game would have been much better. It's not a total mess like xenogears but a lot of aspects are underdeveloped, the fact Kid is only relevant for like a 1/4 of the game despite being the second most important character is pretty shitty.

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>All I'm saying is for alot of people this feels like a total asspull. To hear Crono and Marle, who defeated fucking Lavos, probably died from a nameless mook of Dalton is pretty surreal and feels out of nowhere.

Could be they just fell out of their training.

Or that the adventure was more of a metaphor and they never had minding bending powers like LUMINAIRE

Also the art direction of CC is a HUGE step up over Toriyama and if you say otherwise you're fucking wrong.

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>Or that the adventure was more of a metaphor and they never had minding bending powers like LUMINAIR
Would mean CC never happened either or that.
>Also the art direction of CC is a HUGE step up over Toriyama and if you say otherwise you're fucking wrong
What? I like both but don't pretend your opinionated view here matters. I will say the decision to change Schala's design was pretty confusing.

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*that it is also was a metaphor which is just stupid.

>> No.4102072

There's more to stories than "dude I leveled up to 99"

It's like saying The Matrix Reloaded is good because Neo is still super powerful - when it makes the story fucking boring.

>What? I like both but don't pretend your opinionated view here matters.

As opposed to yours that keeps trying to blast CC with nonsense.

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I like CC, there's more then you and I here. I just feel like you might have some kind of bias here.

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>that FMV where she is taking a shower

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Kind of reminds me of Toshinden 3, which let you choose between 30 or 60 FPS, if you preferred detailed graphics (by 1997 console standards) or fluid animation.

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>PSX graphics look like THIS???
When using the shittiest upscaler possible... yes.

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Leena is fucking cute. That is fact.

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I mean, Cross really did fuck with Trigger's happy ending

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Looks nice but the texels on the pillars make the scene extremely inconsistent.

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didn't know PS1 games ran in full HD, wow so THIS is how it really looked? wow

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And that's the tech they were using for "Fear Effect" and "Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix" throughout the whole game.

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Someone is triggered.

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Isn't that the game where the two girls made out with each other or some shit? That's all I remember

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Many games did this. Even Time Commando.

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>can't recognize it's Cross
>shits on Cross
literally exposed for parroting

>> No.4102674

>game where CT and CC never happened but are metaphors for what was really happening to the world at the time.
Deepest lore sequel in the making there desu

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wtf I love psx now


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That was "Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix"

But what you don't see in most of the gameplay videos is, that the game suffered from horrible compressions artifacts. Because pretty much every single background in the game is a FMV and the PS1 couldn't handle better video compression methods and/or they had to lower the quality so the game didn't spread over more the 4 discs, this is very visible when the gameplay video isn't processed due to emulation, scaling, interpolating etc.

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PS1 can't decode video with anything but the built in MJPEG hardware decoder, which is a pre-MPEG form of decompression.

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it look good in some places

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It's surprising how good some ps1 games look when upscale and at high resolution, and smoothed out jaggies

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What emulator?
Also, which of all those options are the bare minimum required to only get rid of the texture warping while leaving all the other unnecessary enhancements off or to the lowest settings so that it can still run on a shitty old netbook?

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what game is that?

>> No.4104090

Either newfag or phone poster scum.

>> No.4104274


star wars racer

>> No.4104292

Filename, you dirty illiterate piece of shit.

>> No.4104729

don't listen to that fag, the medievil series looks great.

>> No.4104820

ridge racer type 4, now leave this board

>> No.4104824

stale bait still works wonders dayum

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Unfortunately they had almost forgot how to make good games by that stage, as chrono cross, ff8 and ff9 are garbage.
Luckily they did manage to release Musashi and Vagrant Story before they completely shit the bed and the good creators all ran away.

>> No.4107246

i don't see any texture filtering in that screenshot

>> No.4107513

>This was even said to happen at the end of CT


If you got the cat ending you see him and his gf sitting on the cliffs in the future. He was fine in CT's end.

>> No.4107608

you guys have zero humor. i was leading up to this classic. guess you may not remember this particular opening?

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How do I emulate PSX without texture wobble?

>> No.4109610

There is literally an anti-jitter option easily accessible.

>> No.4109625

texture wobble aint even that bad, polygon shaking is much worse

>> No.4109669

Man playing Trigger was such a disappointment after being blessed by the perfection that is Cross. Oh well. Flowers grow from dirt, too.

>> No.4109689

PGXP. Several emulators have it, here's a tutorial.


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No, they look like this

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